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new jersey murder suicide: gerald larence kills son, jeremy larence, then self

edison police have identified the two men found dead sunday afternoon as middlesex county prosecutor andrew c. carey and edison police chief thomas bryan said gerald larence shot his son, jeremy larence in the head and then turned the weapon on himself. gerald larence, 71, was found dead at the home on loeb court at 4:46 p.m, pronounced deadof […]

jessica griffith wrongly believed she was dying from cancer revealed in new report on utah murder suicide

a utah family was found dead in a murder-suicide last year and police say the crime was carried about because the mother became convinced she had cancer. jessica griffith, 43, believed she had a terminal disease and texted her husband last year about picking a “good time to leave” so they would be together and “love for […]

‘jurassic world’ trailer reveals the full plot, more indoraptor, dinosaurs set to rule the earth

the new jurassic world fallen kingdom trailer gives fans an up close and personal look at the dangerous new dinosaur hybrid cooked up by the scientists in the jurassic world sequel. director j.a. bayona revealed the name in a tweet: indoraptor. now owen and claire face off against the indoraptor on a rainy rooftop, just as its about to pounce. but this isn’t […]

thr’s tim goodman proves why trump won, attacking ‘roseanne’ viewers and ‘ignorant’ trump voters

so many on the left bemoan the results of the 2016 election, clinging to russian scandals and beliefs in a stolen election, blinded by their own hatred, snobbery and elitism for “fly over country.” the latest, and possibly one of the clearest proofs of this, can be found in the new thr column by tim […]

core benefits of puzzles for children

puzzles for adults are considerably different compared to those designed primarily for kids. why is that? well, the fact of the matter is that most of those you’ll find available for children have a very important learning aspect, which means that they can assist the young ones to develop social skills, and many others. let’s […]

james cameron likens ‘avatar 2’ to ‘godfather,’ hates on superhero films, talks ‘terminator’ reboot

james cameron may have a resume of blockbuster success, but his remarks at times leave fans scratching their heads. this may one of those times as the terminator director likened his avatar films to the godfather and basked the superhero genre. at the press day for cameron’s upcoming six-part docu-series james cameron’s story of science fiction, cameron […]

kevin feige: marvel skipping sdcc, new major updates until after ‘avengers 4’ and update on ‘black panther 2’

marvel studios is ready to drop the biggest film in….well, movie history this week with avengers: infinity war. marvel studios president kevin feige was candid at the press day about a ton of details not associated with infinity war. for example: collider spoke with feige asking if coogler will definitely be back for black panther 2, and while it’s not a done […]

rand paul casts key vote, mike pompeo moves towards confirmation as secretary of state

cia director mike pompeo has been approved by the senate foreign relations committee to be secretary of state in a party line vote. rand paul switched his vote late in the day, enabling pompeo’s nomination to advance to a vote by the full senate. two democrats who sit on that committee and who voted for […]

thr’s tim goodman proves why trump won, attacking

so many on the left bemoan the results of the 2016 election, clinging to russian scandals and beliefs in a stolen election, blinded by their own hatred, snobbery and elitism for “fly over country.” the latest, and possibly one of the clearest proofs of this, can be found in the new thr column by tim […]

pakistani christian girl, asma yacoob, dies after acid attack and being set on fire

a 25-year-old christian woman has died following being set alight for refusing a muslim man’s marriage proposal. asma yacoob was doused in acid before being set on fire by rizwan gujjar, 30. she been working as a beautician for the last two years and was making a good living due to her expert knowledge. her brother […]

4 basic tips for protecting your computer

when you purchase a computer everything is brand new and running smoothly.  the performance is fast, there’s nothing bogging down the system, and you don’t have to worry about anything for a while.   however, this won’t last forever if you don’t take the proper precautions to ensure that you maintain your computer’s performance and […]

rifftrax’s live ‘space mutiny’ comes to theaters june 14, june 19

rifftrax is set to kick off a sidesplitting summer in cinemas nationwide with 1988’s “space mutiny.” the film was panned by eccentric cinema as “quite possibly the worst science fiction/space adventure film made in english,” which makes it ripe for the hilarious mocking of rifftrax’s michael j. nelson, kevin murphy and bill corbett (of mystery science theater 3000® fame). in addition to the full feature, […]

4 benefits of having an obd scanner in your car

when your car breaks down, it could turn into a real nightmare especially if you were not prepared. this is made worse by the fact that you may be out of cell phone range or too far from the mechanic’s place. it is very frustrating if you don’t know what is wrong with your car. […]

top ways in which an immigration lawyer comes in handy

immigrating to the united states offers immense opportunities for work and education. the best way that you can fully reap the benefits of this move is by getting legally recognized as a us resident by following laid down procedures. getting the required visas and documents will see you happily living in the country without fear […]

‘misfit garage” new season premiers may 2 on discovery channel

the oddball crew at fired up garage shifts into high gear for an all-new season of “misfit garage”, returning to discovery channel on wednesday, may 2nd at 9pm et/pt. the fast n’ loud spin-off series is back with brand-new episodes, and the misfits are ready to change the game. this season the team takes on their […]

fox covers ambush and murder of police officers noel ramirez and taylor lindsay twice as much as other networks combined

in a shocking analysis by newsbusters, the extreme media bias has been illustrated in the coverage of the ambush and execution of florida police officers, noel ramirez and taylor lindsay. according to the report, “various fnc shows have spent almost twice as much time on the story as abc, cbs, nbc, cnn, msnbc, and pbs combined.” […]

billy wilder’s ‘sunset boulevard’ returns to theaters on may 13 and may 16

cast aside by an industry that no longer sees her as youthful or desirable, a once-glamorous movie star plots an unlikely comeback in billy wilder’s darkly mesmerizing sunset boulevard – a movie that remains as mysterious, compelling and surprisingly relevant today as when it was released nearly 70 years ago. on sunday, may 13, and wednesday, may 16, fathom events […]

obesity linked to irregular heartbeat, study finds

people who are obese are 40% more likely to have atrial fibrillation, or rapid and irregular heartbeat, than people with a normal body weight, a new study has found. atrial fibrillation can cause heart failure, stroke and other complications. the study, which was conducted by penn state and published in the american journal of cardiology, […]

tennessee shooting: travis reinking attacks waffle house, kills four, but stopped by customer, james shaw

an illinois man from outside peoria, morton, illinois, travis reinking, attacked a waffle house in nashville, shooting six and killing four people and escaping police. metro nashville police department stated that reinking, 29, allegedly was wearing only a green jacket when he opened fire at about 3:30 a.m. sunday on the waffle house in antioch, just outside […]

‘west side story’ returns to cinemas on june 24, june 27

one of the most beloved and captivating musicals in hollywood history, “west side story” will return to movie theaters for two days only this june as fathom events and turner classic movies expand the yearlong tcm big screen classics series, which brings legendary motion pictures back to cinemas across the country every month. further enhancing this big-screen […]