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reports: blackrock acquires stake in european robo-adviser

blackrock inc. has acquired a stake in scalable capital, a european robo-adviser, according to sources familiar with the matter. the fund giant has purchased a minority stake in the company after leading a 30 million euro funding round. the funding round was conducted alongside scalable’s two german venture capital investors. the investment is expected to […]

7 key tips to living a happy life

“this is america,” we so often hear, “the land where everyone has the right to engage in the pursuit of happiness.” how is it then that so many millions in this country are chronically depressed or utterly unsatisfied with life? we cannot pretend that everyone will find that elusive happiness in the same exact way […]

design your own web portal: smart tips to follow in 2017

initially, the term ‘portal’ meant popular internet search and navigation websites which offered a starting point for consumers to discover and get access to vast information on the world wide web. these days, several businesses are taking resort to web portals as the ultimate goal of categorising information and making access much easier. users can […]

trends that will revolutionize the digital marketing industry for 2017

every year the analysts and researchers come up with trends for the entire year ahead. digital marketing is an industry which is constantly evolving and if you are a web developer who is eager to set your website online and keep profits rolling, you have to increase your knowledge on the changes to digital marketing […]

the positive effects of multivitamins to your daily fitness and health

as one of the hotly debated issues in modern nutrition, multivitamins are often misunderstood as a waste of money or as a source of excessive vitamins and minerals. rita galloway, nutritionist at yeswellness, points out that a person’s body can only absorb a certain amount of vitamins and minerals, but that does not mean that […]

fbi reveals virginia shooter james hodgkinson had storage unit of ammo, rifles, targeted freedom caucus republicans

the details surrounding the virginia shooting continue to unravel and reveal that the attack could have been much more lethal. wednesday the fbi said what they discovered in a storage shed that the shooter, james hodgkinson, had rented before he put his plan into action. prior to this the fbi said that they had discovered a […]

democrat leader bemoans millennials living with parents as ‘hard to reach,’ parents get ‘ugly’ when ‘targeting their child’

a precinct captain for democratic candidate jon ossoff’s congressional campaign complained recently that many of his constituents are hard to reach because they still live at home with their parents. “those were the angriest people,” jessica zeigler told slate, referring to the republican parents of the young democrats. “when you are targeting their child, or heaven forbid […]

elizabeth banks was right about steven spielberg and ‘sexist’ casting in hollywood

the latest liberal spat making headlines was elizabeth banks calling out steven spielberg for not having female leads in his films. “i went to indiana jones and jaws and every movie steven spielberg ever made, and by the way, he’s never made a movie with a female lead,” she claimed. “sorry, steven. i don’t mean […]

alabama rapper bam bam carter found dead in the trunk of a burning car

a body found in the trunk of a burning car in alabama has been identified as a local rapper named paul matthew carter, better known as bam bam carter. carter, 32, was identified by  the jefferson county coroner’s office and police revealed details in the case. birmingham police sgt. bryan shelton says carter’s body was […]

alabama college paper op-ed editor, marissa cornelius: ‘if you’re white, you’re probably racist’

the opinions editor of the university of alabama’s campus paper, the crimson white, made headlines with her article which began: “if you’re white, you’re probably racist,” she writes in her recent op-ed, “white people must examine their own racist attitudes.” those are the words from marissa cornelius, and yes….she’s white. titled “white people must examine their own racist […]

camille paglia: democrats ruined journalism, clinton to blame for losing election, ‘i don’t see chaos’ with trump in white house

during an interview on  sean hannity’s radio show yesterday, camille paglia destroyed democrats, the media and journalists for their collusion and bias against republicans and president trump. “it’s obscene,” pagilia said. “it’s outrageous, ok? it shows that the democrats are nothing now but words and fantasy and hallucination and hollywood. there’s no journalism left. what’s happened to […]

directors phil lord, chris miller exit ‘han solo’ film

fans may be shocked and concerned to learn the big news that the new han solo film is without a director as phil lord and christopher miller has exited han solo due to “creative differences.” lucasfilm president kathleen kennedy said tuesday that the star wars spin-off was losing the lego movie creators due to different creative visions […]

florida: atheists rejoice after judge agrees that bayview cross in pensacola must be removed

atheists are celebrating their presumed success at getting a cross removed from a public park in pensacola, florida, as noted by fox news’ todd starnes. “i am aware that there is a lot of support in pensacola to keep the cross as is, and i understand and i understand and respect that point of view,” […]

jack black confirmed for ‘goosebumps 2’ set for 2018: ‘goosebumps horrorland’

goosebumps was a surprise hit both critically and commercially, so it’s no surprise that a sequel has been planned and now fans learn that jack black will indeed return for the film, reprising his role as writer and goosebumps creator r.l. stine. director rob letterman is also set to return and the film will arrive […]

missing dc man ariel espinal identified as body found in april

a dead body found in allegany county has been identified as a young father who went missing from d.c. last october, police said tuesday. ariel espinal, 27, has been identified by the office of the chief medical examiner in baltimore. espinal was reported missing from the washington, d.c., area on oct. 8, 2016. examiners used medical records […]

florida woman, amber warner, arrested after ‘giving baby away’ at restaurant

police say a woman just left her child behind at a restaurant in vero beach, florida. amber warner has been arrested after trying dump the child saturday morning at the kountry kitchen on old dixie highway. warner, 31, walked into the restaurant, handed over her 2-year-old child to a couple saying “i can’t do it,” and left the […]

chris matthews likens trump supporters to bigots, archie bunker

monday on msnbc’s “hardball,” host chris matthews said the combination of the hollywood’s sensitivity to lgbt issues and the archie bunker parody of conservative views has caused president donald trump’s supporters to embrace the bunker stereotype and bigotry. “hollywood, the news business is very careful about gender identity, about sexuality. we are very careful with the […]

it’s a ‘clown show’ says chris matthews on sean spicer, like ‘generalissimo franco’

on tuesday’s hardball, msnbc host chris matthews moved away from the recent calls for unity after the shooting in virginia, mocking the trump administration and white house press secretary sean spicer as a “clown show” with spicer’s rumored departure from the briefing room podium reducing him to a horrible comparison spanish dictator generalissimo franco. “plus, we’ve got — […]

court rules to uphold university of michigan’s campus gun ban

the university of michigan can ban guns on its campuses, the state appeals court said, rejecting arguments that the school is overstepping their power from the legislative branch. in a 2-1 decision, the court said a 2001 ban doesn’t violate the u.s. constitution. the court also said the university isn’t covered by a state law that […]

sweden’s human microchip: ‘rice sized’ capsules, ‘replace keys, key fobs, business cards’

swedish biohacker hannes sjöblad implants rfid microchips into the hands on employees on a voluntary basis, marking it easier to access data, gain entrance to the company’s facilies and speaks out to offer up other uses: “replace keys, key fobs, business cards.” sjöblad calls these microchips “first-generation implants,” and says they’re “about as smart as a key […]