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march for life 2018: texas right to life’s rachel bush details the rally, speakers and photos

texas right to life’s rachel bush spoke with the dispatch on the brandon jones show about the 2018 march for life, detailing her experiences and those of 19 students, dr. joseph graham fellows. “this was my third experience at march for life,” rachel says. “there was so much joy and zeal for life. there was a […]

how to improve handgun accuracy

everyone reacts differently in dangerous scenarios. if you ever find yourself in a situation where the use of deadly force is the only way to protect your life or the lives of others, could you imagine aiming, pulling the trigger and missing your target? many people don’t think about the real life application of self-defense […]

minnesota filmmakers, carl and angel larsen, headed to appeals court to fight being forced to film gay weddings

alliance defending freedom attorneys representing a pair of minnesota filmmakers filed their opening brief on appeal friday in a lawsuit challenging a state law that allows the government to control the stories they tell. the law allows minnesota to punish the larsens with fines and jail time if they create wedding films consistent with their faith while […]

democrats ‘lost the shutdown’ but attack the gop with requests for more spending

while the polling on the government shutdown suggested that democrats were poised to benefit politically from the latest battle in washington, it was the american people who spoke and sent a different tune to their leaders. all but 16 of their 48 democratic senators voted to reopen the government with a three-week continuing resolution and put an […]

‘schumer shutdown’ ends: ‘democrats put illegal aliens before’ our military, says liberty counsel

the democratic-led shutdown of the government ended. democrat minority leader chuck schumer reversed his blockade of the continuing resolution that would continue to allow the federal government to operate. the arcane senate rules require 60 votes before most bills can be voted on, and this rule allowed democrats to shut down the government. the senate […]

illinois governor prohibits lawmakers from handling property tax appeals

illinois governor bruce rauner is prohibiting lawmakers form handling property tax appeals, ending a property tax system that he calls unethical and immoral. rauner was joined by homeowners in chicago at a news conference, where he announced the executive order that prevents lawmakers from arguing cases in front of the illinois state tax appeals board. […]

coconut oil for dogs

​fats are often perceived as being one of the biggest causes of health complications. despite their bad reputation, there is evidence that fats are essential in leading a healthy lifestyle. omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most well-known fats found in many things from flax seeds to salmon. however, there is another fat that […]

best gym tips for female beginners

women’s health: gym tips for beginners when you go to join a gym, there are usually a few things that no one tells you to expect, and for beginners that can be off putting. which is a real shame, because if you are serious about getting fitter and improving your health, there is nowhere that […]

get up-to-date news about mcquarrie surrey

you will often read or watch news about different issues and concerns, as well as difficulties that people deal with today. whether it is in terms of their employment, family, personal concerns, real estate or business, it seems that people always have something on their plate. but, when things get tougher and even more difficult, […]

5 reasons to wear cashmere in 2018

cashmere is known as the luxury fabric of any generation because of its difficulty to obtain the fibers to make the wool. it’s made from the undercoat of the capra hircus goat in the himalayas and mostly around mongolia. the winters are extreme and the goats grow the undercoat to survive. the most traditional way […]

keeping your belongings safe in stormy times

for most people, having clutter in our homes is not desirable even if it is more and more common. therefore, as we accumulate more and more stuff, we have to find solutions to our acquisitions. some of these solutions are as exciting as new and bigger homes with more space. more often, we have to […]

‘the situation’, michael sorrentino pleads guilty to tax evasion

former jersey shore star, michael “the situation” sorrentino, along with his brother marc both plead guilty to tax crimes friday, where each face years in prison. michael, 36 and marc, 38, pleaded guilty to one count of tax evasion and to one count of aiding in the preparation of a fraudulent tax return, respectively. “what the defendants […]

florida sheriff grady judd to church: ‘reality is there is human trafficking in polk county’

florida’s polk county sheriff grady judd brought a serious message about human trafficking sunday to the first united methodist church in auburndale, calling for more active participation in the battle against this modern sex slave industry. “christians picketed and declared they (sex businesses) were morally corrupt while most other people stood by,” judd said in […]

are you planning a boat party? here’s what you need to consider from the start!

if you are planning to organise a boat party, then you must be wondering about the various details that are involved. but boat parties are easier to organise than parties on land. although the same basic parameters exist here as in any other party, boat parties are relatively cheaper to organise and require less effort […]

it only takes 6 steps to buy an automated teller machine

owning an automated teller machine is a pretty easy way of bringing extra revenue into the business. in the event that you buy an atm cash machine, as the owner of the atm, you get to keep all the service fees and profits. so, if you have a business that is always busy with clients […]

useful tips to pay for homework and get extra benefits

don’t kill yourself with homework to a point where you are incapacitated to do anything else. today, you can excel with the many benefits of buying academic papers or paying someone for doing homework. homework assignments online help services have increasingly grown and are available 24/7 to help students manage their time well and lead […]

cnn’s maeve reston discusses the network’s obsession with russia even though voters ‘don’t care’

cnn political reporter maeve reston confessed that her network is obsessed with all things russia, a russian conspiracy, but but at the same time conceded the voting public simply doesn’t care about the “russiagate” conspiracy. reston was discussing voter sentiment with cnn’s white house correspondent sara murray on sunday’s ‘inside politics’ show when she made the […]

failures of the metoo and timesup movements: time is up hollywood, what are you going to do?

in the wake of president trump’s inauguration was the 2017 march for women, which became far more political than focused on women’s health or women’s issues. then in 2017, the harvey weinstein sex scandal birthed the metoo movement, which now has evolved into the timesup movement and the new march for women. high-profile hollywood celebrities, […]

alicia vikander brings lara croft to life in new ‘tomb raider’ trailer

warner bros. has released a new tomb raider trailer and alicia vikander looks poised to bring it as lara croft. the video game-turned-big screen hero was brought to life by angelina jolie in a pair of films as the wb looks to get back on track with vikander. “her destiny will be fulfilled. alicia vikander is lara croft. see tomb raider in […]

david harbour discusses ‘hellboy’ shoot

following the success of stranger things, david harbour has landed the key role in the hellboy reboot and opened up about the experience during his interview with collider. “it was the hardest shoot i’ve ever done, primarily because there are just so many stunts in it. it’s a very action-packed movie,” harbour told the outlet. […]