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gene therapy and leds help boost effectiveness of cochlear implants

researchers are using optogenetics to help improve cochlear implants, which work through nerve stimulation. the implants work, but the sound is often muffled and distorted. implant technology can only distinguish a dozen sounds, while the human ear can distinguish 2,000 sound frequencies. optogenetics is being studied to find new wants for implants to work. tobias […]

gkids, fathom events brings ‘kiki’s delivery service’ back to cinemas on july 23 and july 24

studio ghibli fest, a six film monthly series of anime classics, continues in july with its second title, the iconic “kiki’s delivery service,” from hayao miyazaki and studio ghibli. this event will play in movie theaters nationwide for two days only on sunday, july 23 (dubbed) and monday, july 24(subtitled). this is the beloved coming-of-age story of a […]

andrew garfield stars in nt live: angels in america, arriving in theaters on july 20 and july 27

fathom events continues to offer the best theatrical presentation for audiences across america and the next nt live is next week. andrew garfield (“silence,” “hacksaw ridge”) stars in “angels in america,” a story set in new york during the 1980s aids crisis in a conservative america, as people fight for their lives. “angels in america” will be […]

‘spider-man homecoming’ is sensational and amazing

spider-man is back! tom holland returns as peter parker/spidey after his introduction as the new spider-man in captain america: civil war, with his first standalone film, spider-man: homecoming, which is connected to the marvel cinematic universe. following the events of civil war, peter finds himself trapped in the rut of his life as a high […]

top tips for writing a strong admission essay

what is an admission essay? and why is it so important for us colleges and universities? while most european universities offer their future students to take several exams, us teachers and professors ask their entrants to prepare and present an admission essay. an admission essay is a piece of writing, which shows your ability to […]

binary options trading strategies for beginners

binary options trading strategies range from very simple to relatively complex with a large number of signals to consider. starting simply allows you to get the feel for binary options trading without a huge upfront investment in time or money. suggestions for basic and efficient binary options trading are below. getting started trading in order […]

tucker carlson battles max boot over russia, calling disagreement ‘nazi sympathizing’

the divide in the republican party is growing, not shrinking with president trump in the white house as neoconservatives are attacking non-supporters of action against vladimir putin. after a clip showing ralph peters likening dissent to being a nazi sympathizer, tucker carlson interviews max boot over the moral debate, the attacks on like-minded voters. “i’m […]

5 email marketing terms you need to know

starting a new marketing campaign can be a little daunting, especially if there is a lot of technical jargon that makes the process even more complicated. to help you get off to the best possible start, we’re looking at the email marketing terms you need to know. marketing automation marketing automation is the use of […]

how to seek the right legal representation

the lawyer you choose will often determine the outcome of a legal case. never pick the first attorney you discover at the top of google and instead extensively research to find the best firm for your needs. to ensure you receive a positive outcome, we are providing informative advice on how to seek the right […]

tips and tricks for stellar summer grilling

the heat is on, and so are the fun times.  summer is here, and it is time to get outside.  swimming pools, outdoor sports, and the distinct flavor of dinner on the grill are some of the very best aspects of summertime.   where there is free time and beautiful weather, there is an opportunity […]

‘lupin the 3rd the castle of cagliostro’ coming to theaters in september for 50th anniversary

lupin the 3rd is one of the most recognizable animation series in japanese history, and now u.s. audiences can experience one of the most notable titles when the 1979 japanese comedy-drama animated adventure, “lupin the 3rd thecastle of cagliostro,” comes to movie theaters nationwide for the first time, to commemorate lupin’s 50th anniversary. co-written and directed by hayao miyazaki as his feature film debut, “lupin […]

what to look for in a custom essay writing servic

many college students become overwhelmed with their workload, forcing them to drop out of school or seek assistance from a reliable source. the solution is not to leave school, since this would only leave you in debt with no way out. you should set your goal on hiring a custom essay writing service, which is […]

killin’ it at the prom

prom night is one of the most fun nights of your high school life! it’s full of eating, taking pictures, and dancing the night away with your best friends. memories from prom night will be around forever, so make them good ones! here are some ways to make sure you feel and look your best […]

future is now as 3d printing makes additive manufacturing a practical reality

naysayers who once scoffed at 3d printing technology for anything more than one-offs or low-volume manufacturing are increasingly being forced to eat their words. new methods of the technology are proving its versatility for everything from athletic shoes to metal parts, with production times, quantity and quality at levels that may well give traditional processes […]

california democrat brad sherman introduces article of impeachment against trump for obstruction of justice

rep. brad sherman (d-calif.) formally introduced an article of impeachment against president trump on wednesday, accusing the president of obstructing justice during the federal investigation of russia’s 2016 election interference. sherman argues that trump’s abrupt firing of james comey as fbi director in may amounts to obstructing justice and “high crimes and misdemeanors” amid the probes of whether […]

more home owners are using credit cards to fund renovations, but should they?

according to a lightstream survey, around 59 percent of home owners plan to spend money on home renovations this year. in addition, around 42 percent of those home renovations are estimated to cost around $5,000 or more. yet, around 29 percent plan to pay with those renovations with a credit card as opposed to 7 […]

top 3 traits of a good criminal defense attorney for your case

criminal lawsuits are complicated, and if you are the accused individual, you must hire the best defense attorney for your case. interpretation of the law and knowledge of your legal rights become the need of the day. whether or not you come out of the turmoil scot-free depends on the skills of your lawyer. that […]

ciaran hinds on steppenwolf in ‘justice league’: it’s all motion capture

game of thrones alum ciaran hinds will play steppenwolf in justice league and fans still know very little about the character, costume, but now hinds reveals some details about his fully cgi character. hinds tells the bbc that he never actually got to spend any time with the movie’s stars. “i don’t know whether they’re all afraid to come and meet me […]

d23: ‘ant-man and the wasp’ banner reveals evangelline lilly’s wasp

ant-man and the wasp may or may not be coming to d23, but a new banner hanging in the hall of the anaheim convention center showcased evangeline lilly’s wasp in action. stephen stanton, who has done voice work for star wars rebels and was the voice of admiral raddus in rogue one, posted a picture to his twitter that shows some […]

north carolina mom, tiffany johnson, discusses miraculous survival of shark attack

tiffany johnson was snorkeling off the coast of the bahamas when she felt the “bump on her arm” which didn’t hurt at first. shockingly, that “bump” was a shark and her arm was inside of its mouth, glaring at her. that bump turned out to be a shark, and her arm was in his mouth, […]