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hollywood bad idea: all female ‘lord of the flies’ film, written by men

warner bros. is moving ahead with an all-female remake of the literary classic, lord of the flies — written by two men. hollywood’s bizarre effort as political correctness with a gender-swap misses the point of the william golding, a novel about the barbarism stemming from systemic toxic masculinity. to make the situation more bizarre, scott mcgehee and david siegel have struck […]

ohio: akron couple, darren townsend and pearl coffey indicted on human trafficking charges

an akron couple was indicted friday on several human trafficking charges, authorities said. darren townsend, 37, and pearl coffey, 34, are charged with multiple counts of compelling prostitution, trafficking in persons, promoting prostitution and corrupting another with drugs, according to the summit county prosecutor’s office. the summit county prosecutor’s office worked on the case with the […]

mrsa: antibiotics and biocidal cleaners may spread multidrug resistance

antibiotic use on people or pets, and use of biocidal cleaning products such as bleach, are associated with multidrug resistance in methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (mrsa) in the home. this contamination of the home environment may contribute to reinfection of both humans and animals with mrsa, and to subsequent failure of treatment. the research is published september 22nd in applied […]

ohio state teaches white students how ‘not to be racist’ because ‘only white people can be racist’

ohio state university made headlines this week as details emerged from a workshop held tuesday which taught white student attendees about their “privilege,” how to not act racist, and that it’s impossible for white people to be victims of racism and only white people can be racist. the event, titled “interrupting racism: tips & tools for […]

princeton newspaper boots editorial board over conservative opinions

in a shocking move of censorship on a college campus princeton university’s student newspaper leaders disbanded the publication’s independent editorial board over a series of right-leaning opinions, including denouncing the women’s center for its radical feminist agenda and arguing in favor of due process. “the top editors of the prince have no involvement in what we write,” said jack […]

how to use the mattress reviews for the best buy

are you looking for the best mattress to buy? whether you are looking for a kid’s mattress or one for your bed, you need to make the right choice. recent findings by health experts continue revealing the importance of good sleep for high quality of life. according to the national institutes of health (nih), good […]

all that you need to know about shrink machine and their types

the packaging industry is slowly and gradually evolving and improving with time. one of the main requirements for a well packaged product is that it stays safe and unscathed. this is often difficult when the packaging is loosely bound. this is exactly the reason why the same has evolved and led to the introduction of […]

philippines: dr vicente soco is the latest physician murdered

for years we have been reported on the rash of murders of journalists on the philippines archipelago. now it appears the public health physicians are the latest targets of violence in the country as another doctor has been murdered. in march, we reported on the tragic murder of former doctor to the barrios (dttb) volunteer, 31-year-old dr. dreyfuss […]

los angeles human trafficking task force rescues three ‘commercially sexually exploited children’ arresting 36

from compton comes news that a multi-agency human trafficking operation has arrested three dozen and rescued three girls this week. l.a. county sheriff’s deputies worked undercover as part of a los angeles regional human trafficking task force and 36 people were arrested during wednesday’s raid: 16 were men who were soliciting undercover l.a. county sheriff’s deputies for sex while another 13 women […]

sony picks up rights to reboot of ‘the crow,’ will be titled ‘the crow reborn’

sony has acquired distribution rights for the crow reborn, a reboot of the 1994 film based on the comic book by james o’barr, according to variety. “the film had been in development at relativity media with various directors and actors for nearly a decade. it’s been in limbo since the company went bankrupt…jason momoa and corin hardy were last on […]

‘han solo’ adds paul bettany as ‘star wars’ universe grows ‘wilder’

han solo director ron howard tweeted out a photo of paul bettany with the message, “the outer rim just got a little bit wilder #paulbettany #force friday”. seth rogen responded to howard on twitter saying, “if he’s just visiting he dresses funny.” howard followed it up with the second tweet: “it’s my third opportunity to work with paul. he’s a […]

‘x-force’ to be directed by drew goddard, deadpool to lead mutant black ops team

deadline has the news that fox’s x-force finally has a director. “fox has set drew goddard to write and direct x-force, the x-men universe pic that revolves around deadpool and cable leading a black ops force of down and dirty mutant warriors who are far more ruthless than their x-men counterparts. simon kinberg, ryan reynolds and lauren shuler donner are producing. goddard […]

first look: david harbour in ‘hellboy’ and it pleases mike mignola

filming is underway and the creator of the hellboy universe mike mignola took to twitter to share the first look at david harbour as the titular character in the new film. he posted a picture with the caption, “holy crap” — which probably means that he likes what he sees. check out the photo below. the stranger things star leads the reboot directed by neil […]

‘gotham’ season 4, episode 2 teaser: bruce gets suit upgrade as gordon heads to arkham to face scarecrow

gotham season four made its triumphant return and next week, jim gordon (ben mckenzie) returns to arkham asylum for a showdown with the scarecrow. meanwhile, bruce (david mazouz) gets his new suit. bruce wayne gets a serious upgrade as lucius fox gifts him with what we can only assume is an early prototype of the batsuit. […]

‘the accountant’ director gavin o’connor set to helm ‘suicide squad 2’

gavin o’connor is on board to write the sequel to suicide squad, and is also in talks to direct the film that stars will smith, margot robbie, and jared leto. the shocking success of the accountant would set to setup a perfect relationship for the sequel. o’connor directed ben affleck in the accountant at warner bros. and the studio is […]

margot robbie praises glenn ficarra and john requa on joker and harley quinn project

while in london for the goodbye christopher robin junket, comingsoon.net spoke with margot robbie about re-teaming with writer/directors glenn ficarra and john requa, who she previously worked with on focus and whiskey tango foxtrot! for the joker and harley quinn film. the wolf of wall street star had great things to say about the prospect: “i heard that too,” robbie said. “they’re […]

mississippi man chris sevier wants to marry computer, joins polygamists to sue

a mississippi man, chris sevier, self-described as a “machinist,” has joined with  polygamists to file a federal lawsuit that same-sex “marriage” is part of the religion of secular humanism, and since it is of a religious nature, the state has no right to recognize it over other faith-based “marriages” such as polygamy, zoophilia, and machinism.” if gay […]

roy moore leads luther strange in alabama senate race as he speaks out against ‘crime, corruption, immorality, abortion, sodomy, sexual perversion’

u.s. senate candidate and former alabama supreme court justice roy moore blasted the “immorality, abortion, sodomy,” and “sexual perversion” that “sweep our land” in a debate thursday night. “i wanna see virtue and morality return to our country,” said moore. “god is the only source of our law, liberty, and government. you know our first president said that […]

joker and harley quinn film moves forward with glenn ficarra and john requa attached to create

thr reports that glenn ficarra and john requa, the directors behind crazy, stupid, love, focus, and the tina fey dramedy whiskey tango foxtrot, are in final negotiations to write, direct, and produce an untitled movie centering on joker and harley quinn, with jared leto and margot robbie reprising their roles from suicide squad. the film is described as a “criminal love story” and will revolve around the two […]

fake evolutionary science in school textbooks is ‘disgraceful’ ‘appalling’ and ‘evil’ says jonathan wells

reviewing dr. jonathan wells’s zombie science: more icons of evolution for salvo magazine, denyse o’leary asked the question (the title of the new post on evolution news): “why do biology textbooks retain discredited evolutionary icons?” the answer to wells is “disgraceful,” “appalling,” even “evil.” o’leary recounts that “about fifteen years ago, i read jonathan wells’s icons of evolution (2000). the sheer brazenness […]