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tensions mount as al-aqsa remains closed

palestinians have denounced the closure, which follows a deadly shooting attack, as a violation of religious freedoms.

uk acid attack survivors demand government action

thousands join calls demanding harsher punishment and tougher measures to buy corrosive substances amid rise in attacks.

turkey's failed coup attempt: all you need to know

an in-depth look at the key issues surrounding the deadly coup attempt that shook turkey in july 2016.

why is neoliberalism back in latin america?

neoliberalism destroyed latin america in the 1990s. today it is being reintroduced - and it will wreak havoc again.

two tourists stabbed to death, four wounded in egypt

the assailant was arrested immediately after the attack in hurghada, in which four foreigners were also wounded.

the atlantic to kinshasa: a journey on the river congo

travelling inland from its mouth, the river congo holds many stories of slavery, colonialism and independence.

israel shuts down al-aqsa mosque after shooting

israeli police briefly detains jerusalem's top muslim cleric and closes al-aqsa mosque after deadly shootout.

turkey marks one year since failed coup attempt

ankara declares july 15 a national holiday as president erdogan leads events marking the defeat of coup plotters.

castro blames trump for 'setback' in us-cuba relations

trump announced tightened rules for americans traveling to cuba and reaffirmed existing us trade embargo last month.

body of china's nobel laureate liu xiaobo cremated

liu died from multiple organ failure on thursday, having not been allowed to leave the country for cancer treatment.

supreme court asked to overturn muslim ban ruling

federal judge in hawaii expanded list of family relationships needed by people for us visas from six muslim countries.

trump: we will maintain good relations with qatar

us president also rules out moving the us airbase from qatar despite the blockade by the saudi-led group.

week in pictures: from battle for mosul to liu's death

a photo round-up of some of last week's key events, including the venezuela crises and srebrenica massacre anniversary.

what's behind the demand to shut down al jazeera?

the saudi-led group appears to be backing down on its demand to shut down al jazeera.

attackers kill saudi soldier in qatif

a shooting attack on the military patrol vehicle in the shia-majority province also injured another soldier.

un calls for release of bahraini rights campaigner

nabeel rajab must be released 'unconditionally and immediately', says un human rights office.

turkey dismisses thousands of police and civil servants

a total of 7,563 people, including police, have been dismissed in the latest purge, the anadolu news agency reports.

isil leader in afghanistan 'killed in us raid'

pentagon says abu sayed was killed earlier this week in a strike on his headquarters in kunar province.

israel shuts down al aqsa mosque after shooting

israeli police briefly detains jerusalem's top muslim cleric and closes al aqsa mosque after deadly shootout.

scores killed in india floods and landslides

large swathes of assam, arunachal pradesh, nagaland and manipur are submerged after days of torrential rain.