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assassin’s creed rebellion spins the series into a strategy rpg

ubisoft has just announced they are teaming up with behaviour interactive to bring assassin's creed rebellion to android and ios. 

this fidget spinner takes things to a whole new level

called the world's first bluetooth fidget spinner, bluespin might hit the market in september if it reaches its crowdfunding goal.

would you use google assistant on your chromebook?

a new chromebook is reportedly in the works, and it’s said to be a high-end device with a fingerprint scanner and a dedicated button for google assistant.

loot crate is a geeky goldmine

treat yourself to a monthly bonanza of exclusively curated geeky gifts and goodies with a loot crate. extra savings on offer for aa readers.

google play music is crashing for some users – here’s the (temporary) fix

some handy new features have just made their way to google play music, but what isn't so great is the pesky bluetooth bug the update brought along with it.

facebook now boasts 2 billion monthly users but what about its app?

mark zuckerberg announced that facebook has reached yet another milestone with 2 billion monthly users, but its android app is still nothing to boast about.

how stable is the third android o developer preview?

the third android o developer preview might not be for everyone, but it's still pretty stable. here are my experiences with it so far.

refurbished galaxy note 7 coming soon, but should you buy one?

samsung will reportedly begin selling refurbished galaxy note 7 models in south korea on july 7, but should you consider buying one?

users with g suite accounts can now sign up for project fi

if you're a g suite user and have been waiting for the chance to sign up for google's project fi service, today is your lucky day.

lawnchair is a highly customizable rootless pixel launcher

created by a senior xda member “deletescape,” lawnchair is essentially a highly customizable pixel launcher that does not require root.

powrtabs are smartphone salvation

having zero battery when you just need a bar a few % is one of modern life's most common annoyances. powrtabs are the affordable solution.

use your samsung smartphone to unlock any windows 10 pc

as long as you have a samsung smartphone running android marshmallow or higher, you can now unlock any windows 10 pc using samsung flow.

where do you get your smartphone wallpapers? [poll of the week]

where do you usually get your smartphone wallpapers? do you download them from a specific app, or do you simply use the stock wallpapers on your phone?

five new phones added to amazon’s prime exclusive list: nokia 6, moto e4, and three new alcatel phones

starting today, amazon is adding the nokia 6, moto e4, and three new alcatel phones to its prime exclusive lineup - the alcatel idol 5s, idol a50, and a30 plus.

sony xperia xz premium review

join us for the full sony xperia xz premium review, taking a closer look at its hardware, design, specs, price and features.

honor 9 and honor band 3 global price and availability revealed

the honor 9 and honor band 3 have been launched in europe at an event in berlin, germany. find out all the price and availability details here.

google fined record €2.42 billion ($2.7 billion) over search results abuse

the european commission has penalized google for giving its shopping comparison tool an illegal advantage over the competition.

google home is way smarter than amazon’s alexa-powered speakers – research

according to a recent research, google home is six times more likely to answer your question than amazon's alexa-powered speakers.

samsung focuses on 6 nm to win back foundry customers

with tsmc racing ahead with 7 nm production, samsung is reportedly accelerating its plans for 6 nm chips to win back its biggest customers.

galaxy note 8 renders and video show dual camera design

check out these renders and video of the upcoming samsung galaxy note 8.