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halloween bento boxes

i'm so inspired by these halloween bento boxes. not sure i could stomach eating some of them though!








the mnt reform: a modular, open source hardware, blob-free laptop inspired by classic pcs

lukas f. hartmann grew up on pcs like the sinclair zx spectrum, commodore 64 and amiga 500, and while he appreciates the power and portability of modern laptops, he missed the character and invitation of experiment in these classic pcs. (more…)

toner explosion

this photocopier's already had enough monday. [origin unknown; via cursed images]

previously: what is a photocopier?

update: this is from a subreddit called tech support gore! bb reader grey_devil has found more.

enamel pin for artists tired of being asked to work for free

cwilock, tired of people who make use of others' artwork without permission, made this enamel pin to celebrate the best response to entitlement of the relentless quality that artists must deal with online. (saying "no", as the addictive twitter account @forexposure chronicles, often invites a stream of bigoted abuse.)

it's not for sale just yet, but keep an eye on their etsy store for updates.

the sackler family: best known for philanthropy, they made billions promoting oxycontin

purdue cynically created the american opiod epidemic through a combination of bribing medical professionals to overprescribe oxycontin, publishing junk science, and aggressively lobbying regulators at every level to turn a blind eye to the destruction of the lives of millions of patient; while the company settled a record-setting criminal case, the name of the secretive family of billionaires who run purdue and profited from the oxy epidemic is best known for philanthropy, not profiteering: the sackler family. (more…)

tech support gore

my new favorite subreddit is r/techsupportgore, where people who fix computers post the nightmare scenarios they find themselves in. it's not always the grand-guignol horror of playstation 4 cockroach farms or, as pictured, loaves of solidly-baked dust. some of them are subtle problems that can take a while to spot or which might even be invisible to nontechnical folk. sometimes, the name is literal.

previously: toner explosion.

jeremy corbyn to european left-wing parties: you won't win until you abandon neoliberalism

the europe together conference in brussels brought together party leadership from "centre-left" parties across europe; jeremy corbyn got two standing ovations for a barn-burning speech in which he called on european left wing parties to abandon blairite anti-union/pro-bank policies and embrace policies that helped working families and reduced inequality. (more…)

spanish government announces plan to seize power in catalonia, remove elected government

yesterday, spanish prime minister mariano rajoy announced plans to remove the democratically elected regional government of catalonia and replace them with direct rule by the national government in madrid. (more…)

republican lawmaker doug cox tricked legislature into exempting "christian" forced-labor camps from regulation


christian alcoholics & addicts in recovery is a scandal-haunted forced-labor program that addicted convicts in oklahoma were diverted to; they were put into back-breaking, unsafe labor for long hours with little or no pay and no care or compensation when they were maimed on the job. rather than meaningful addiction counseling, prisoners were directed to pray and work. (more…)

the ibeamblock is a projector, tablet, and external battery rolled into one


this innovative, ultra-portable display system combines a tablet, an hd projector, and a 13200mah power bank, and it’s currently being offered in the boing boing store.


projectors allow you to instantly turn any dimly-lit room into a movie theater or presentation space. but ensuring device connectivity usually means maintaining a collection of video dongles. to simplify the whole process, the ibeamblock hands over media playback duties to an integrated tablet. despite it’s small size, the tablet section is actually a full windows 10 pc that’s capable of playing anything a normal desktop can. it wirelessly streams video straight to the projector, so you can sit back and browse media without worrying about cable clutter. additionally, it works with other pcs over hdmi, and includes a host of options for hooking up external storage: usb, microusb, microsd card, and wifi.

the battery section of the ibeamblock provides up to 2 hours of playback time on a single charge, making it perfect for outdoor movies or unexpected power outages. you can pick up this modular video projector here for $699.

the tombstone house was built with 2200 discarded gravestones

i bet this petersburg, virginia home is the last place local trick-or-treating children want to hit up for candy on halloween.

the tombstone house" was built in 1934 using the lower half of marble tombstones procured from poplar grove, the nearby civil war cemetery. there are 2,200 discarded headstones in total, all from union soldiers.

atlas obscura shares the house's story:

the soldiers all died in the siege of petersburg, which lasted for nine months at the end of the civil war... after their original wooden grave markers rotted away, the government installed upright marble headstones to take their place.

however, during the great depression, maintaining the cemetery and the headstones suffered because of scant funding. the city decided to cut the tombstones in half and lay the top halves, which were engraved with the soldiers’ details, on the ground so they no longer stood erect. these makeshift flat graves saved money on mowing and maintenance costs.

the bottom halves of 2,200 slain tombstones were then sold for the princely sum of $45. their new owner, oswald young, used them to build his house, chimney, and walkway...

the house is located at 1736 youngs road in petersburg, virginia.

thanks, greg wright!

how to play a hammond organ

i have a 1956 hammond m3, youtube and this here book. wish me luck!

i bought hammond organ complete because i literally had no clue how to even turn on the hammond m3 i decided would complete my living room.

took me a while to figure out it wasn't broken, just that all the drawbars were pushed in and there were no tones. let us not dive into the whole dual switch run/start boot-up sequence either!

i've always found music to be non-intuitive. the keyboard layout of notes really appeals to me and music theory, in my old age, makes a lot more sense than it did before i knew it was just science.

time to practice scales.

hammond organ complete via amazon

share anything from your mac instantly with dropshare 4


dropshare is a dead-simple file sharing utility that doesn’t tie you to any specific cloud service. a license for the mac version is available now in the boing boing store for $12.99.

sharing files with other people usually kicks off the same tedious dance: deciding which proprietary cloud vault to temporarily stuff the thing that’s too big for an email attachment, only to later realize that you didn’t set the right access level for whoever’s on the receiving end, which then leads to unnecessary back-and-forth to sort things out.

dropshare aims to vastly simplify the process. it works with private servers, as well as most cloud storage providers, including rackspace, amazon s3, backblaze, and google drive. once you’ve chosen where to keep everything, just drag any file or folder onto the icon to quickly get a download url. it can upload from your clipboard, so you don’t need to poke around in finder just to send an image. dropshare also provides a better way to share the contents of your display. you can take screenshots and screen recordings right from the menu bar, and even capture screens from your mobile device when it’s connected to usb — it works with android and ios alike.

if you are looking for a streamlined but still highly configurable file sharing solution, pick up the mac version of dropshare 4 here for $12.99. take an a

kids' smart watches are a security/privacy dumpster-fire

the norwegian consumer council hired a security firm called mnemonic to audit the security of four popular brands of kids' smart watches and found a ghastly array of security defects: the watches allow remote parties to seize control over them in order to monitor children's movements and see where they've gone, covertly listen in on them, and steal their personal information. the data the watches gather and transmit to offshore servers is copious and sent in the clear. the watches incorporate cameras and the photos children take are also easily plundered by hackers. (more…)

vote for the best halloween candies, for science

remember last year? remember the above figure (direct link), where all was laid out? this is how science ranks your halloween haul. kit kat and actual cash at the top, dental floss and anything whole wheat near the bottom.

well, now it's time for the 2017 candy ranking games. go and fill out this 10 minute survey into the best and worst halloween candies. do it for science. do it to fight #fakenews. go forth, go go!

note that data will be collected for analysis until noon, pst, oct 25th.  this year’s candy hierarchy will be published on october 27th.

things to consider

you probably thought all we’d talk about this year is david s. pumpkins and candy corn. ask david s. pumpkins to guest co-author, they said. he’s got a wikipedia page and you don’t, they said. just because that’s a year-old and only half-interesting reference, still, it’ll never get old and it’ll never die, they said, and by then they’ll forget you said something about candy corn in the first sentence. because what the hell is going on with candy corn debates this year? how did 2017, of all years, become the one where candy corn blew up? it’s not a bell curve, it’s bi-modal, you know. people love it or hate it and never the twain shall meet. no twain meeting. you do know that don’t you? this comes up every year, obviously, given its importance, but wow, it’s all over the place this time. and then some dude told us they’re making hershey bars with candy corn in them? what the dip-shit is that?

we don’t care, that’s what the dip-shit it is. we leave it up to you. that’s where we were headed with this. it’s up to you. because david ng and b.r. cohen (that’s us) are again re-presenting the official universal survey about your candy favorites for the 2017 candy hierarchy.

if you want to spend your boingboing time reading about our vaunted methodology and sharp insights about survey logistics, if you feel like you need more debriefing on our statistical acumen and scientific ambitions, if you like talking about longitudinal studies and you’re not thinking of maps, go on ahead, read the back catalog. you’ll find that in just the past two years, we’ve tabulated 6000+ individual responses with over 600,000 preferences. but maybe you don’t care for numbers. maybe you care only for the enormous skill the industry has for congealing sugar into bar, disc, dot, glob, cluster, dud, chip, wafer, cup, jack, cap, egg, or donald petersen. if you’re just here to define a candy hierarchy, that is, then have it. we give you the fourth annual candy hierarchy survey. go forth. rank. we’ll be back next week to present this year’s hierarchy in full.

sailor tattoos decoded

tall ship sailor-turned-cartoonist lucy bellwood's gorgeous "the art of the sailor" is an informative guide to the meaning of sailor tattoos. it first appeared in vancouver maritime museum's traveling exhibit, "tattoos and scrimshaw: the art of the sailor."

it's available as a signed and numbered letterpress print for $40: giclée art prints are available directly from the artist for $15 to $20.

this site has vintage photos of some of these tats (and others).


previously: buy a random permanent tattoo from this vending machine

another truck rips its roof off on the infamous 11foot8bridge

a train trestle in gregson st. in durham, nc has a clearance of 11' 8". despite the warning signs and flashing lights advertising the lower-than-normal clearance, trucks collide with the trestle often enough that an enterprising person has set up a video camera to catch every spectacular collision. the latest incident, which happened on 10/14/2017, is a doozy.

a new iot botnet called reaper could be far more virulent than mirai

in 2016, an internet of things worm called mirai tore through the internet, building botnets of millions of badly designed cctvs, pvrs, routers and other gadgets, sending unstoppable floods of traffic that took down major internet services from paypal to reddit to dyn. (more…)

take a look at the gonzo gizmo author's favorite tools

my guest on the cool tools show podcast this week is simon quellen field. simon is a chemist and former google software engineer and is the author of over a dozen books, including gonzo gizmos, return of gonzo gizmos, culinary reactions, why is milk white, elements vault, why there's antifreeze in your toothpaste, electronics for artists and, most recently, boom!: the chemistry and history of explosives. he's the author of the science toy website scitoys.com and several novels.

subscribe to the cool tools show on itunes | rss | transcript | download mp3 | see all the cool tools show posts on a single page

show notes:

taylor wharton ld10 aluminum liquid dewar ($638)
“i’m often asked to demonstrate scientific toys and things at different science conventions, like the google science fair … and one of the things that they love when i show off is all of these fun things that you can do with liquid nitrogen. and, of course, it lasts a lot longer if you keep it in a big dewar. so, i’ve got this thing, it’s about 2 feet tall, about 10 inches in diameter, and holds 10 liters of liquid nitrogen, which i get locally from a place called nitroderm. and we do all kinds of fun things with it. put some liquid nitrogen in a bowl and squirt some whipped cream out of a spray can into it, freeze it really hard. kids pop it into their mouth and crunch on it and fog comes out their nose like a dragon.”

mastercool 90066-b vacuum pump ($130)
"i have a vacuum chamber, and this vacuum pump, this one does six cubic feet per minute, which is pretty good. it used to be that vacuum pumps were really expensive, but once the smog dealers needed them in order to take the freon out of your air conditioner for environmental reasons, everybody needed one and they got cheap. but, with this vacuum pump, i can put some liquid nitrogen into a small thermos and put it in my vacuum chamber and start sucking the air and the nitrogen vapor out of that chamber. and after about a minute or so, you get solid nitrogen … and then you disconnect it and let the air rush in and in about 3 seconds, it’s liquid again.”

tekpower tp3005t variable linear dc power supply ($80)
"it's got a nice lcd display on it and you can set the current or the voltage to be constant. and what i use it for is electroforming. you take a solution of copper salts and a few other magic ingredients. usually, it's a proprietary mix, they don't tell you exactly what's in it. but you can start electroplating something and if you let it go, it will make a thicker plating … so, for example, suppose i took an egg. i could paint conductive paint in a pattern on the egg, like a filigree or a tree or whatever. and then i could submerge that in the plating bath and plate it for 20 minutes or so and get a thick enough copper plating that i can dissolve the egg away and now i can hold this filigreed fabergé egg-like thing in my hand.”

baofeng ham two-way radio ($35)
“i picked this up recently, when i was going up to see the eclipse up in oregon, and we knew that there would be so many people in these little towns that only had cell phone bandwidth for a tenth as many people as were going to be there and so, we wanted to stay in touch and be able to chat with other hams on the road about traffic conditions, which we also expected to be a nightmare. … and this little gadget … it’s got 128 memories that you can easily program with all of the repeaters for all of the ham radio repeaters on the mountains and stuff and it just works … it does everything you want and it’s tiny. … it’s probably good for anywhere, 5 to 20 miles. but once you hit the repeater, now the repeaters are networked, so i can talk to people in portland, oregon or in san diego.”

another truck rips its roof off on the infamous 11foot8bridge

a train trestle in gregson st. in durham, nc has a clearance of 11' 8". despite the warning signs and flashing lights advertising the lower-than-normal clearance, trucks collide with the trestle often enough that an enterprising person has set up a video camera to catch every spectacular collision. the latest incident, which happened on 10/14/2107, is a doozy.