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loveland rescuers help stranded llama cross big thompson river

one llama was rescued after becoming stranded on the south side of the big thompson river and a second is still missing after both were spooked by a bear.

colorado rock climbers help track down bats to save them from devastating disease spreading across the country

in colorado, bat biologists and land managers tasked with protecting wildlife are enlisting rock climbers as allies in the mission to track down and ultimately stop the spread of white-nose syndrome.

photos: today in history – july 15

a selection of photos from around the world of events that happened on july 15.

bear breaks into car near nederland, but leaves on foot

a bear invaded the car of a homeowner outside nederland on friday morning and became stuck there before finally being released, and wildlife officials say it's just one example of increased activity by the animals in boulder county and elsewhere on colorado's front range.

“it’s an affirmation of his life”; deceased boulder man’s liver saves another’s life

more than 119,000 people in the united states are currently awaiting an organ transplant, and 22 of them will die on any given day, according to the united states department of health and human services.

in memo, trump administration weighs expanding the expedited deportation powers of dhs

the trump administration is weighing a new policy to dramatically expand the department of homeland security's powers to expedite the deportations of some illegal immigrants.

70-year-old youtube hit redefining beauty in south korea

one of south korea's hottest youtube stars is a 70-year-old grandmother whose cool, undaunted style and hilarity are a breath of fresh air in a social media universe that exalts youth and perfect looks.

these animals can survive until the end of the earth, astrophysicists say

tardigrades have a reputation as the toughest animals on the planet.

u.s. women’s open: trump visits, china’s feng leads

shanshan feng increased her lead in the u.s. women's open and lost the spotlight. it happens when the president of the united states shows up.

defense bill calls climate change a national security threat

the republican-led house decisively approved a defense policy bill on friday that declares climate change a national security threat, demands rigorous oversight of the pentagon's cyber operations and rejects the trump administration's bid to close military bases.

colorado springs police release photos, video of murder suspects

police investigating a murder in colorado springs released video and photos friday of the suspects in the case.

jon gray blasted by mets as rockies open second half with a road loss

the rockies' 14-2 loss to the mets at citi field on friday night got so ugly, so early, it conjured up some classic quotes from legendary football coach john mckay.

teen sentenced to 6 years in youth detention for assaulting 71-year-old lefthand canyon woman

the 16-year-old boy accused of severely beating a 71-year-old lefthand canyon woman last year struck a plea deal with boulder prosecutors and has been sentenced to six years in a youth detention facility.

judge throws out conviction of activist who laughed during jeff sessions confirmation

a washington judge on friday ordered a retrial in the case of an activist who was arrested after laughing during attorney general jeff sessions's senate confirmation hearing in january.

moon bounce injuries are more common than you might think. here’s how to avoid them.

the consumer product safety commission says 82,203 people were injured on inflatables between 2008 and 2013, more than 90 percent of those on moon bounces.

overturned truck of “slime eels” transforms oregon road into highway of nightmares

whatever you call them -- slime eels, hagfish, nightmare fuel -- an oregon highway was drenched with 7,500 pounds of the sea creatures after a five-vehicle collision thursday.

amazon’s deal with whole foods should be scrutinized by congress, lawmaker says

a house member is urging congress to hold a hearing to analyze amazon's proposed $14 billion acquisition of whole foods, a merger that critics say could cramp innovation and hurt workers.

where did the rapids’ dennis castillo come from?

“i feel that it’s just been a process that has been building up,” castillo said. “thankfully, (coach pablo mastroeni) has given me the opportunity.”

the avocado has a sweet side, too — and it’s delicious

the creamy texture of ripe avocados makes it a natural ingredient for rich desserts that are deceptively healthful, because, although there's up to 28 grams of fat in a medium-size fruit, it is largely monounsaturated fat, which can lower ldl cholesterol.

get cooking: french toast

what we call “french toast” may well be one of the oldest recipes in our culture. a collection of recipes called “de re coquinaria” (“the art of cooking”), dating from the 4th or 5th century, calls for dipping stale bread in milk and frying it.