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comment on 6 signs to know that he wants to marry you by jason clarke

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comment on 35 inspiring quotes by the great scientist albert einstein by ajay kumar

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comment on eat amazing (and healthy) for $50/month by jim sklin

this was written over two years ago, and you don't use a ing semicolon in the contraction "it's", you moronic . here's a list for lazy, dumb ing es: meat and vegetables huh? 1: go to the grocery store 2: grab less than $50 worth of meat and vegetables 3: purchase said meat and vegetables 4: go home, eat some meat and vegitables 5: stop being a lazy ing

comment on 10 life changing tips for successful and happy life by debadeep biswas

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comment on 8 tips to make better decisions in your life by jilal

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comment on the truth about why men aren’t romantic anymore by jesse james

lol. i'm actually glad i caught this. you madam, are an idiot. you basically just pointed out your own ignorance, and double standard. you gave to men that didn't care about you. and despite the fact that you personally made poor choices in men who gave nothing back, you blame them for your inability to choose well. but i'm threatened? and "pee wee"? as in pee wee herman from the 80s? hahahahahahaha let's get something straight. i'm married with kids, to a woman that was a model, and also has an engineering degree. i got laid far more than my share before that too. i'm not missing you. feel free to kick rocks on your way out the door whiner.

comment on the truth about why men aren’t romantic anymore by jesse james

lol. you still have not learned after all the hard core dick downs you received, that your method doesn't work. hopefully, for your sake you're not past the wall. word to the wise hon, take care of yourself, and be good being alone! if you can't be alone, and obviously you can't, you can never be able to be with someone else. good luck. and for your own sanity, don't comment here further! lol

comment on craigslist code words: do you know what they really mean? by starling

a few more terms i see all the time: "go fast" or "clear bomb" mean meth

comment on 10 life changing tips for successful and happy life by richard cates

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comment on 10 steps to handle relationship conflicts by gloria abbey

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comment on 7 ways to make money from your smartphone or tablet by alaa omran

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comment on how positive writing will help you to live a happier life by shashank shekhar

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comment on 16 websites to super charge your english vocabulary by spencer

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comment on the ‘dos and don’ts’ when going through a divorce by ken patrick

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comment on eat amazing (and healthy) for $50/month by natalia serafin

you didn't give any specific tip as what to buy exactly, just ranted about taxes and proteins. unfortunately for me this article was a waste of time. you could make an effort to write down an example of your grocery list for a week/month. it was like a clickbait; it;s a disaster dude

comment on the truth about why men aren’t romantic anymore by ms gribbly

what a stupid analysis. i'm a woman. i just don't care about men anymore. i see you're threatened, pee wee.

comment on the truth about why men aren’t romantic anymore by ms gribbly

you're a complete idiot to talk about other women like that. do you think it ingratiates yourself to men? it would only ingratiate you to really stupid ones. have fun with that.

comment on the truth about why men aren’t romantic anymore by katyll

no, stupid, i'm not trying to ingratiate myself with anyone, especially not stupid womyn like you. i'm telling the truth, which is why you're acting so y (that and your crotch rot.) but what's it to you, anyway? suddenly ugly dykes are interested in men?

comment on the truth about why men aren’t romantic anymore by ms gribbly

omg what a huge post. your effort is admirable but it made me laugh. you are trying to display intelligence and knowledge of statistics while insulting my intelligence. it also makes me laugh that you call yourself a "nice guy". do you realize that in most feminist circles there are a plethora of articles warning women away from these idiots who call themselves "nice guy"? but hey, even though insulted my intelligence and suggested i post from the toilet, maybe you are a "nice guy"? ahaha! right! you are not a nice guy. you think you're a nice guy, which puts you in a really icky category of men. i didn't say all men were the same, by the way. i simply expressed an opinion about my individual experience with men, specifically in the romantic sense. i just broke up with a boyfriend of several years. he loved to go down on me but .. he was still a kind of parasite in other ways. i've had generous male friends, very nice friends, but it's my experience you have to keep them in the friend zone. and of course, dad is great! maybe i just compare all men to dad and they can't live up to my expectations because my dad has always been so selfless and generous, putting me at the center.

comment on the truth about why men aren’t romantic anymore by ms gribbly

you have no knowledge of iq statistics. you're seriously just a dumb . look in the mirror when you say "most members of my have the iq of a rock". calling me ugly when you've never seen me is another weak, nonsensical, stupid attack. i mean at least think of good ones if you're going to insult almost your entire gender's intelligence.