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how chief marketing officers can innovate with direct mail

the sweet spot of digital technology plus direct-mail effectiveness is out there, just waiting for you to find it.

the best new app for entrepreneurs to record podcasts

start recording and distributing your podcast!

simply hiring more women isn't enough to fix tech's gender issue

sap, for instance, increased its percentage of female managers from 18 percent to 25 percent by examining its "blind spots."

what netflix habits reveal about your target audience

viewers' "recently watched" lists offer insights that can help marketers deliver highly targeted messages. "santa clarita diet," anyone?

how to motivate your team during the last months of the year

with the fiscal year coming to an end, how will you set up your organization for 2018?

you're making scaling harder than it needs to be

the path to scaling smart only takes two steps: knowing what needs your attention and prioritizing those tasks.

colorado study links marijuana legalization to decline in fatal opioid overdoses

overdose deaths increased annually from 2000 to 2013 but have declined 6 percent since marijuana was legalized.

what i've learned from spending $10 million on influencer marketing

here's what you need to know to make the most of an influencer marketing campaign.

jeff bezos just posted this weird, kind of badass video of himself on top of a wind turbine

the amazon founder is really jazzed about green energy.

amazon has triggered a $5 billion bidding war -- here are the craziest proposals for its new headquarters

the company's new campus, called hq2, will bring 50,000 new jobs, amazon says.

how a volunteer fireman found success in a bottle

stranahan's co-founder jess graber's passion for whiskey was born in a barnyard fire fight.

5 ways stock art might be killing your small business brand

you could get sued. your image could pop up on a competitor's site. it can't be trademarked. so, stop defending stock art because it's "cheap."

3 reasons why influencer marketing produces incredible value

still on the fence about influencer marketing? it's time to join the trend.

this successful entrepreneur shares the trick that helps her tell the difference between being productive and being busy

tradesy founder and ceo tracy dinunzio swears by relentless list making.

we can all agree these 16 things make us miserable at work

from unfair pay to working on vacation, here are some of the most common complaints of workers.

how i defined my brand language using this secret tool

in our latest episode of 'tough love tuesday', brand strategist jennifer kem talks about how entrepreneurs must focus on archetypes to find a brand that resonates with their audience.

10 companies that are getting creative with cryptocurrency

the question entrepreneurs need to be asking now are: when will this technology come to the masses?

win-win: this founder is using extra restaurant food to feed the needy -- and save businesses money

in our latest episode of 'how success happens,' an entrepreneur and chef shares how he turned his side hustle -- bridging the hunger gap -- into a growing non-profit in just a year.

after 30 years of experimenting, an education franchise is finally at the top of the class

the owner of the learning experience explains how his plan for small, sustained growth slowly grew into a robust franchise operation with a national presence.

how this entrepreneur went from cleaning bathrooms to cleaning up on 'shark tank'

robbie cabral was able to lock down a $200,000 investment for his company, benjilock.