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4 things to remember when you're recruiting goal-oriented talent

think that work-life balance, remote work opportunities and unlimited pto are primarily what candidates are looking for? you're wrong.

how 2 entrepreneurs wrote their business plan on a napkin at a bar (and why the plan worked)

the zinepak co-founders had a simple strategy, and they stuck to it.

strengthen your team by getting on your employees' level

work isn't a vacation or a playground. so, de-emphasize the perks. perks can attract employees, but they won't keep them around.

the 5 ingredients of content that supercharges your advertising effort

content optimization is taking over as the more effective advertising medium.

10 must-see ted talks for entrepreneurs

some of the most valuable online resources in recent years have been ted talks.

mexico joins canada in making cannabis legal, leaving the us far behind in marijuana policy.

our neighbors to the north and south see the war on drugs as a failure and legal cannabis as an opportunity.

amazon's whole foods deal will remake strip malls

what happens to small businesses if grocery stores shut down?

the top cities for minority entrepreneurs (infographic)

from houston to new york, here are the best cities for aspiring minority business owners to set up shop.

phishing in all it's forms is a menace to small businesses

phishing, smishing and vishing (seriously) are cyberthreats harried business owners need to watch for.

what's happening to early startup magic?

profit margins are becoming more important than values.

5 ways to make a strong impression with every audience

show up like a celebrity, and use these key techniques to guarantee a strong first impression with every presentation.

lessons from a scrappy business: 3 roles you can sacrifice in the early stages

beware "preparation paralysis." the truth is that you just need to get up and just start climbing the rock face.

3 tips navy seals offer that every entrepreneur can use

adopting some of the same "supermen" tips and mantras seals practice will help you tackle the most difficult business challenges.

4 reasons you need a mentor who is younger than you

the reverse mentoring trend can help older employees stay up-to-date on skills and trends, and introduce new ideas to your company.

3 lessons entrepreneurs can learn from designers

successful entrepreneurs have an additional role they play: that of a chief designer.

ask the etiquette expert: how to deal with the anti-social co-worker

don't take offense that a competent-but-shy member of the team keeps to himself.

know what you're worth: how to maximize your freelance paycheck

one writer explains the opportunities and challenges of working as a freelancer.

the 11 books on j.p. morgan's summer reading list

from politics to cooking -- there's something for just about everyone.

the invisible threat of 'black hat' seo to your company's reputation

while you are diligently using good-guy tactics to boost your online presence, a malicious competitor can be undoing it all.

6 ways to become a millionaire while working for someone else

a steady paycheck is a better start to achieving economic security than you might think.