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omg! only 7 days to christmas! 4 ways to find the perfect gift for a relative stranger.

know that that gift will be appreciated and maybe make you stand out to a new client or prospect.

the real reason why elon musk is a twitter power user

and how you can use his approach to boost your own social media profile.

want your employees to be high performers? tie goals to rewards like extra days off or cold hard cash.

follow these tips to align rewards with goals to achieve high performance.

jump start your 2018 with a personal action plan

find out how to make next year your best year yet.

bad credit? even an entrepreneur in your shoes can score a loan. here are 3 options.

ten years ago, entrepreneurs with bad credit were usually out of luck. thankfully, times have changed, thanks to non-bank lenders.

what to do when you make one of these 5 common interview mistakes

these simple tips will help jumpstart your marketing skills. here's a wonderful new job out there with your name on it, and the only way to get it is to take a risk, submit the application and do your best in the interview.

15 lessons from this year's online wins, scandals and top videos, tweets and instagram posts

these top moments reflect larger cultural trends that anyone building a brand can tap into.

6 things you need to do before activating your "out of office"

physically leaving the office is one thing, mentally leaving it takes a lot more work.

3 ways to make a commitment to sustainability your customers want to see

sustainability is no longer a distant cousin of business. consumers want it from their favorite brands. so, get started.

check out the bombshell letter in the uber-waymo trial

this letter delayed the trial between uber and waymo.

how a late-night monopoly game led to our big deal with shark daymond john

you never know when you'll find your next big opportunity.

3 tips to turn your brand into a religion

how to make your customers addicted to what you have to offer.

the new wave of innovation will bring tech disruption -- will your business be ready?

big data and cloud computing are changing the game.

tech that will (probably) die in 2018

these apps, companies, and devices have flown too close to the sun. the tech grim reaper is coming for them, and he is without mercy.

steve jobs invented the iphone but warned it was no substitute for networking face-to-face

science is repeatedly confirming what jobs knew intuitively -- people need to be in a room together to really accomplish great things.

seeing is believing: step inside warby parker's headquarters

get out your reading glasses! the eyewear brand loves books so much, their offices include a library and a secret reading room.

investors saved this company by tapping a food industry veteran to lead it

incredible foods had started as a different company and underwent a big pivot when its backers asked the former coo of ocean spray to step in.

stop trying to be 'mindful.' it might be killing your creativity.

research shows there are benefits to letting your mind wander.

how this meal kit company fulfills its mission by putting other companies in the spotlight

purple carrot has a network of artisanal suppliers to get plant-based food items into more consumers' diets.

stop fixating on the 'artificial' in ai because it's actually an evolution of our own intelligence

systems that work alongside human intellect will make the most of technology to improve lives, safety and performance.