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the best iphone camera apps

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the best iphone camera apps

apple’s camera app is just fine. it’s fast, and simple, and offers a few nifty features like panorama shots and slow-motion video. but if you really want to make the most out of your iphone photo and video experience—if you want more than “just fine”—you’re going to want a third-party camera app. from precise expert controls to top-notch filters and the ability to save raw images, there are lots of great reasons to keep a couple of camera apps on your home screen.

a lot of these apps cost a few bucks, and even the free ones usually have paid add-ons. don’t let that scare you off! snapping photos is one of the most important features of our iphones, and the ability to do it better is worth a few bucks. we tested over a dozen popular camera apps, and while many of them are great, we feel these are at the top of the pack.

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