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carolyn hax: my boyfriend is not allowed to marry outside his religion

unless you can truly believe, converting could lead to problems down the road.

bay area solar entrepreneur works to woo architects, builders

suvi sharma, 43, a solar entrepreneur, leads the fremont-based solaria. the company makes high efficiency solar panels and solar cells that can be embedded into windows.

motorcyclist hospitalized in crash on interstate 580

the motorcyclist received only minor injuries, according to the chp.

shooting in antioch leaves man in critical condition

officers found the man bleeding from a gunshot wound in the driveway of a residence on cashew court.

survey: strong support for medical marijuana sales in concord

in a recent poll of concord residents, 69 percent of respondents support allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in the city.

justin timberlake still owes janet jackson respect and much more, her fans say

janet jackson's fans have vowed to launch a social media protest over news that justin timberlake will headline next year's super bowl halftime show.

cost-effective transfer of retirement savings to beneficiaries is a tricky business, but worth mastering

a massive transfer of wealth is in the cards, as the total amount in retirement plans is now more than $30 trillion. it's important to get it right when setting up an orderly transfer of retirement savings to your beneficiaries.

weekend wrap: rise of the arizonas, fall of troy, qb woes, no-shows, cooling seats, breakdowns and breakthroughs

for postseason/playoff commentary, check the hotline’s updated bowl projections, which will be published at 8:30 a.m. … theme of the season: cooling seats. ucla’s jim mora, arizona’s rich rodriguez and arizona state’s todd graham were 3-0 saturday and continue to make life difficult for constituents yearning for a coaching change. the hotline’s view: the coach […]

scared of spiders? it’s time to get over our fears and make peace with arachnids

most people are uncomfortable with spiders, but that emotion and stronger fears have been handed down, one generation to the next, for eons.

uber driver shot on freeway after picking up passengers at san francisco airport

a uber driver was shot on interstate 380 in san bruno overnight sunday shortly after picking up two passengers at san francisco international airport, according to abc7.

roadshow: the pedestrian ‘wave’ can pose risks

plus: mr. roadshow's pedestrian experts do not recommend waving at drivers in order to cross.

horoscopes: oct. 23, 2017

libra, contemplation will not get you where you want to go.

bridge: oct. 23, 2017

daily bridge club for release 10/23/17headlines only

tv tonight: ‘dancing with the stars’ welcomes shania twain

also, things heat up on military dramas 'valor' and 'the brave;' and 'scared famous' debuts

justin timberlake invited back to super bowl halftime show

justin timberlake has finally been invited back to the super bowl halftime show, 14 years after the "wardrobe malfunction" with janet jackson caused a national controversy.

mixed results for 49ers’ new middle linebacker vs. cowboys

reuben foster gets a big hit on ezekiel elliott, but is also hurt in his return to the 49ers' starting lineup on sunday

38 accuse writer/director james toback of sexual harassment

los angeles (ap) — writer and director james toback, who received an oscar nomination for writing "bugsy," has been accused of sexual harassment by 38 women in a report published sunday in the los angeles times.

trump urges house gop to move quickly on budget, tax cuts

washington, d.c. (ap) — president donald trump warned house republicans on sunday that 2018 would be a political failure for the gop and disappointment for the nation if they fail on tax overhaul.

49ers icon dwight clark: ‘i need your prayers and thoughts’

fighting als, man behind "the catch" delivers his lou gehrig moment

democratic gubernatorial hopefuls make their case for state’s top office

policy distinctions were largely a matter of emphasis and nuance, as the four all took staunchly pro-union postures while calling for statewide universal healthcare and vowing to fight white house-backed efforts to crackdown on those in the country illegally.