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as trudeau’s liberals look for their next big idea, pharmacare takes centre stage

halifax — as the federal liberals start their search for the big ideas that will fuel their reelection campaign next year, their policy convention in halifax this weekend has made at least one thing clear: pharmacare is front of mind. even before delegates voted the creation of a national, universal pharmacare program as their top […]

five dead, more than 50 missing after two dragon boats capsized in china

the boats had been rehearsing for a race in the taohua river in the city of guilin when the accident happened, the broadcaster said

‘we are drinking for the holy ghost to come into us’ : new south african church celebrates drinking alcohol

the condemnation by other christian organizations did not bother the 30 worshippers attending a recent gabola service, held in a bar south of johannesburg

what you need to know about the ongoing influx of asylum seekers in canada

so far this year 6,373 irregular migrants have arrived in canada illegally, 128 per cent over the number who arrived in canada between january and april 2017, which was 2,784

india introduces death penalty for child rapists amidst public outrage over recent sexual assaults

it will require the approval of parliament within six months to become law. but in the meantime, suspects can be prosecuted under the order

north korea to suspend nuclear tests and missile launches for summits with seoul and washington

kim will attend summit talks with south korean president moon jae-in, set for next friday, and u.s. president donald trump, expected in late may or early june

queen elizabeth to celebrate her 92nd birthday with british pop concert

the queen celebrates two birthdays every year. her 'official' birthday usually falls on the second saturday in june, when she joins the trooping the colour military parade

jeb bush to eulogize mother barbara at private funeral saturday

thousands of people on friday paid respects to barbara bush, wife of the nation's 41st president and mother of the nation's 43rd. bush,92, died tuesday at her houston home

kim jong un announces surprise suspension of nuclear, missile tests ahead of historic south korea, trump meetings

both south korea's moon and trump have been saying north korea is now willing to 'denuclearize,' but the term means different things to the different sides

antler chef refuses to display vegan slogan, so protesters attempt to shine it on restaurant with projector

'we're not going to — there's no way,' chef and owner michael hunter said. 'it's like eco-terrorism, extortion, whatever you want to call it'

chris selley: constant ford-trump comparisons only make ontario liberals look more desperate

if you're in the market for someone to compare doug ford to, the glaringly obvious choice would be rob ford, who brought chaos and incoherence to toronto

colby cosh: albertans may feel like canada is ‘broken,’ but canada isn’t the problem

canada as a political scheme still has much to be said for it. the truth is that the conflict over trans mountain is, at root, a matter of nimbyism

andrew coyne: supreme court beer ruling ties the constitution in knots, and the economy with it

canada will not merely be stuck with hundreds of existing provincial barriers to trade indefinitely: the provinces have been given the green light to put up more

antler chef refuses to display vegan slogan, so protesters attempt to shine it on restaurant with projector

'we're not going to — there's no way,' chef and owner michael huntersaid. 'it's like eco-terrorism, extortion, whatever you want to call it'

doctors remind pregnant women and those breastfeeding about the dangers of cannabis use

potential dangers include pre-term labour, low birth weight, lower iq scores and impulsivity and hyperactivity in childhood

picture-perfect forgery? art world awaits court decision on alleged fake norval morrisseau painting

since the early 2000s, persistent allegations of a fraud ring peddling fake norval morrisseaus have cast suspicion on countless paintings hanging in public galleries and in private collections

the hard lessons that can be learned from the humboldt broncos crash

better signage, a crackdown on inexperienced drivers and seatbelts on buses have all been raised as ways to prevent a similar tragedy

north atlantic right whales will be extinct in 25 years, scientists say — unless we act now to save them

in an era when species are vanishing 100 times faster than usual, 'the whales are a metaphor for what we have done to the planet'

‘easy targets’: spree of atm thefts hits ontario, opp reports

the loss of the atm averages about $10,000, plus repair costs and loss of revenue while the store is closed, police said

grassroots liberals pressuring trudeau government to be more progressive

one resolution, proposed by the national caucus, calls for the country's universal health-care system to be expanded to include coverage of prescription drugs