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battle royal: under the spotlight, harry and meghan are friends with william and kate but not equals

markle, a divorcee, is able to enjoy the high-watt glow of a royal romance, fully endorsed by the queen. she and kate are friends, not equals

unifor president calls toronto protest against union ‘bullying’ amid accusations of raiding other groups for members

talk of a protest against labour union unifor prompted president jerry dias to throw around terms like 'intimidation,' 'thuggery,' and 'bullying'

if you have a cold nose, a new study says your brain is working too hard and diverting blood

scientists have discovered that a cold nose is a sign of thinking too hard. a study found that the nose temperature of those feeling overwhelmed dropped by around one degree centigrade

ontario auto shop owner says police visited to track down alleged killer’s van and found traces of blood

investigators may have been on bruce mcarthur's tail as many as three months ago, according to dominic vetere, owner of dom's auto parts in courtice, ont.,

ahead of new nafta talks, u.s. is angry and frustrated with canada for being obstructionist

the trump administration is making known its displeasure about canada's contributions to date and demanding progress over the marathon 10-day session

they’ve been quiet about it, but liberals are furiously tapping experts to craft new paternity leave policy

ideas under consideration include creating an entirely new leave benefit similar to one that exists in quebec, and setting aside a portion of the recently expanded parental leave for new fathers

king of jordan urges mike pence to ‘rebuild trust’ after donald trump’s jerusalem pivot

pence tried to reassure the monarch that the u.s. was committed to restarting peace efforts and to a two-state solution, if both sides agree

trudeau to push middle class interests as he heads to davos for world economic forum

the prime minister plans to send a message that canada's doors are open for business and that now is the ideal time to invest

james regan, toronto’s alleged ‘society crasher,’ is cleared of assault on former landlord

james regan is accused of being a gentleman conman, talking his way into toronto's high society. but he is not violent, his lawyer says

taliban’s attack on kabul’s intercontinental hotel ends with at least 18 dead

the militants, who wore suicide vests, pinned security forces down for more than 13 hours after the attack began at about 9 p.m. saturday

pope francis wraps up latin america trip haunted by chile sex abuse scandal

his comments that there was not 'one shred of proof' that a protege of chile's most notorious pedophile priest had known of abuse caused uproar

ohio lawyers say death by firing squad must be an option for a condemned killer

the state unsuccessfully tried to execute alva campbell by lethal injection on nov. 15, at the southern ohio correctional facility in lucasville

taliban’s 13-hour attack on kabul’s intercontinental hotel ends with 18 dead

the heavily-guarded hotel is popular among foreigners and afghan officials. the interior ministry said the 18 killed included 14 foreigners

how the canada summer jobs program became a freedom-of-religion controversy

the government is refusing to back down in the face of a growing outcry. here's how this all started, and where things go from here

molly kiniry: trump may hope to rebuild america — but right now he’s proof of the problem

every revelation of misconduct brings hope for some on the left that trump's base will disappear. but that base has only been emboldened

a taliban attack on a kabul hotel ends after 13 hours, with 18 confirmed dead

the heavily-guarded hotel is popular among foreigners and afghan officials. the interior ministry said the 18 killed included 14 foreigners

twitter tells 677,000 users they were conned by russia’s u.s. election propaganda

numbers are the latest sign of how widely the online effort to undermine the vote permeated twitter, facebook and google

galvanized by #metoo, global female empowerment marches enter second day

marches are set for miami, melbourne and munich, with a rally in las vegas launching an effort to register one million voters to target swing states

british airways pilot cuffed, removed from plane amid fears he was about to fly drunk

sussex police say a 49-year-old man from west london has been arrested 'on suspicion of performing an aviation function when the level of alcohol was over the proscribed limit'

p.e.i. legion to apologize after video shows woman threatening to ‘rip’ off sikh man’s patka

meawhile, a patron at the bar was making an obscene gesture and saying the garment must be removed because 'it's the law'