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jonathan kay on the tyranny of twitter: how mob censure is changing the intellectual landscape

without intending to, twitter’s culture warriors have created a sort of crowdsourced ideological autocracy ― and paradoxically, it’s left-wingers who are often targets

what you may have missed from the madness of the last few days of the parliamentary session

the session was fraught with procedural bickering, including debates over the senate's role, the length of elections and a rare agreement on mps housing funds

two jurors who refused to convict reason behind bill cosby’s mistrial

jurors initially voted overwhelmingly to acquit cosby on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault, the juror said

yuri drozdov, soviet spymaster who planted agents across the west, dies at 91

drozdov oversaw the kgb's illegals program, a decades-long plan where spies planted in u.s. suburbs and bustling european capitals would develop fictional identities

former wimbledon winner files for bankruptcy after series of financial disasters

former tennis star boris 'boom boom' becker failed to convince a judge he could pay an undisclosed sum he owes to london bankers and his assets will be liquidated to pay his creditors

trump says there no tapes of talks with comey, a month after making suggestion

trump himself raised the question of whether he was taping oval office conversations: 'james comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations'

valedictorian kicked off stage for unapproved speech gets to finish on jimmy kimmel

the late-night host let peter butera finish his speech on tv after school administrators cut him off after he veered from an approved text into criticism of the administration

‘our business opportunities are so promising’: wall street journal fires reporter over ethics breach

one email indicates jay solomon served as an intermediary for a us$725 million contract between the uae and farhab azima, a business mogul who was also the reporter's source

canadian sniper makes history by killing isil insurgent from more than 3.5 kilometres away

the distance is longer than most canadian downtowns, and 40 per cent further than the last titleholder for longest sniper kill

editor of your ward news — the paper canada post is banned from delivering — facing criminal charge

the publication, which is posted online, routinely contains articles maligning women, jews, muslims and the lgbtq community

prince harry says no one in royal family actually wants to rise to the throne

in an interview, prince harry made candid remarks about being a royal — and his determination to lead as ordinary a life while fulfilling his duties

the privilege of deafness: for chantal deguire, the absence of hearing isn’t a problem to be fixed

'i’d found my true language – a mode of communication that matched my brain’s wiring perfectly'

citing ‘misunderstanding,’ tory senator drops $250,000 lawsuit against house of commons over cafeteria fall

fabian manning has scrapped his lawsuit, saying there was a 'significant misunderstanding' between him and his lawyer about the amount of damages to be claimed

woman wins landmark ruling after suing el al, israel’s national airline, for sexism

el al denied that it discriminated against women. but the court found that asking people to move because of their gender violated israel's anti-discrimination codes

funeral for muslim teen killed in brutal attack near virginia mosque draws crowds

'we heard about this type of hatred. we never thought it was going to happen in our neighborhood. muslim kids and christian kids in this neighborhood grow up together'

stephen hawking calls for a return to the moon as earth’s clock runs out

'we are running out of space, and the only place we can go to are other worlds. it is time to explore other solar systems'

robert campeau, from backwoods of northern ontario to owner of bloomingdale’s, dead at 93

campeau had been known for extravagant parties at his faux chateau in toronto, but his ownership of bloomingdale’s elevated him to a new level of fame in new york

saudi arabia deports 15,000 qatari camels as diplomatic feud simmers in persian gulf

saudi arabia broke off relations with qatar, closing the border and thousands of camels unable to cross are left starving and stranded

nato fighter jet approached plane carrying russian defence minister over baltic sea, reports say

it's the latest in a string of aerial incidents that have marked rising tensions between the west and russia

isil militants destroy famed 12th century mosque in iraq’s historic city of mosul

'isil's bombing of the al-hadba minaret and the al-nuri mosque is a formal declaration of their defeat,' iraq's pm said