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u.s. federal officials notify 21 states they were targeted by hackers during 2016 elections

for many states, the calls friday from the department of homeland security were the first official confirmation of whether their states were on the list

puerto rico rushes to evacuate 70,000 people from shadow of ‘extremely dangerous’ failing dam

more than two days after the category 4 hurricane maria crossed it, officials still have no communication with 40 of the 78 municipalities on the island

last-ditch republican health bill looks likely to fail, and john mccain again dealt the final blow

‘i cannot in good conscience vote for the graham-cassidy proposal. i believe we could do better working together, republicans and democrats’

u.s. federal officials notifies 21 states they were targeted by hackers during 2016 elections

for many states, the calls friday from the department of homeland security were the first official confirmation of whether their states were on the list

christie blatchford: ex-cop’s impartiality as expert witness questioned as gas plants trial begins

in the same courtroom where lawyer marie henein once tossed bombshells in her successful defence of jian ghomeshi, her law partner delivered one of his own

andrew coyne: the odd merger of bombardier and the canadian government

it is increasingly clear amid the current bombardier- boeing dispute that the federal government, at least, views itself and bombardier as being one and the same

deletion of liberal gas-plant emails deliberate attempt to keep info secret: crown

the ontario liberal government’s decision to shut the power plants — and the $1.1-billion cost incurred — had become an issue of 'intense public scrutiny'

not a veggie-saurus: dinosaur dung reveals giant plant-eaters ate crustacean meat

'they would have had the ability to spit out or avoid those crustaceans,' a palaeontologist said. but that doesn't mean they weren't herbivores

‘a step forward’: theresa may says britain will pay to smooth departure from eu

the cost of such an implementation phase could run to about 20 billion euros, but the so-called brexit bill could stretch to five times that in gross terms

nasa’s asteroid chaser osiris-rex swings by earth to slingshot onto space rock

osiris-rex will go into orbit around the asteroid and seek the best spot for grabbing a few handfuls of the bite-size bits of rock

what is a ‘dotard’ anyway? what kim jong un meant when he insulted donald trump

'i will surely and definitely tame the deranged u.s. dotard with fire,' kim declared in an unusually direct and angry statement

police have the shoes, but not the man: ‘shoeless’ suspect wanted in eight toronto bank robberies

the man was dubbed the 'shoeless' suspect after leaving his sneakers behind while fleeing to a waiting taxi after the first robbery

royal welcome: prince harry arrives in toronto for the invictus games

a smiling harry, wearing a blue blazer, white shirt and black slacks, greeted and posed for photographs with athletes

her son vanished 25 years ago, but n.s. mother is still pleading for information on what happened to him

allan kenley matheson was 20 years old and two weeks into his first semester at acadia university in wolfville, n.s., when he disappeared in 1992

happy equinox! here’s how quickly the days are getting shorter where you live

many of us in the northern hemisphere start noticing the days get shorter right about now, although in truth this has been happening for months

in defiance to trump, iran unveils new missile capable of striking israel

it was the first time that the khoramshahr, with a range of 2,000 km, was displayed in public. iran vowed to press ahead with its missile program

tiffany trump may be schooled by her dad’s nemesis, sally yates — a new lecturer at georgetown law

awkward: after trump fired yates, the white house said she 'betrayed the department of justice. not to be outdone, yates said trump was 'attempting to dismantle the rule of law'

how do you prepare for a nuclear attack without freaking everyone out? hawaii’s figuring it out

'now it's time to take it seriously, not to be an alarmist but to be informing people'

russia threatens retaliatory strikes against u.s. troops and their allies in syria

the warning came after the united states on saturday said russian warplanes had struck an sdf position, where u.s. soldiers were present

niki ashton on out-lefting trudeau, the allegations against wab kinew and the media’s coverage of her pregnancy

ashton wants to pull the ndp to the left, attract millennials and talk policy over pregnancy. she recently spoke with the post's maura forrest