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why do border deaths persist when the number of crossings is falling?

government policies funneling illegal immigrants into more dangerous crossing areas have contributed to fatalities.

in monuments report, a skewed view of protections

under the antiquities act, landscapes like the grand canyon count as ‘objects’ that can be protected.

abq public financing system should be updated, not undermined

there is no question that the city’s public financing system needs to be overhauled.

with visa renewal denied, border journalist says farewell to las cruces

commentary: i recently disappeared from las cruces and the airwaves. here's why.

the rubble, remembrances and reverberations of mexican september

ironically, today's political and economic landscape in mexico, which was battered by an earthquake tuesday, looks hauntingly similar to 1985, when another quake caused devastation on the same september day.

in indian country, obamacare repeal is a life-or-death issue

the u.s. government is poised to limit funding for indian health services.

people, groups should stand proud when they make political donations

there would be no need for new disclosure rules if certain tax exempt organizations weren’t electioneering and acting like political campaigns.

the path to civility is not the easiest way, but it is possible

the cutting of deals where all sides get something (but not everything) has become an art that seems to be as dead as latin.

remembering pete domenici

my grandfather loved to tell me the story about a young pete domenici coming into my family’s drugstore.

state’s uninsured rate is half what it was in 2011

fewer than 1 in 10 new mexicans had no health insurance in 2016 compared to 2 in 10 in 2011.

zinke doesn’t recommend shrinking two new mexico monuments

but the u.s. interior secretary is recommending changes in how the organ mountains-desert peaks and rio grande del norte monuments are managed.

don’t let martinez politicize science education

we should all work hard to make sure students learn science as it is, not how martinez and trump want it to be.

remembering pete domenici

commentary: my grandfather loved to tell me the story about a young pete domenici coming into my family’s drugstore.

realtors and developers give big money to abq mayoral candidates

no other sector even comes close in its giving power, according to an nmid analysis.

dark money rearing its head in abq elections

as of last friday, when the latest campaign finance reports were filed, such committees had raised a combined total of $824,441.

farewell to an extraordinary border journalist

marisela ortega lozano, who died earlier this month, is one of the unsung heroines of border journalism.

former u.s. sen. pete domenici dies

domenici, a republican, was new mexico's longest-serving u.s. senator, holding that office from 1973-2009.

former u.s. sen. pete domenici dies

pete domenici, a republican who served new mexico in the u.s. senate from 1973-2009, has died, the albuquerque journal is reporting.

nmpolitics.net asks ag to investigate spaceport’s secrecy

the news organization's recent investigation found serious transparency problems at spaceport america.

relatives of undocumented children caught up in ice dragnet

in a shift from how it operated during the obama administration, immigration and customs enforcement is cracking down on relatives who let undocumented kids stay with them after entering the u.s.