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safety problems at a los alamos laboratory delay u.s. nuclear warhead testing and production

a facility in new mexico that handles the cores of u.s. nuclear weapons has been mostly closed since 2013 over its inability to control worker safety risks.

when resisting trump, let’s all try to do better

our motto should always be, when they go low, we go high.

new deportation rules claim mother, with no chance for goodbyes

jeff taborda and his parents are among a growing number of undocumented immigrants being targeted under recent guideline changes from the trump administration.

black man swept up in atf sting wins legal victory, but stiffer prosecution looms

a federal judge in albuquerque has concluded the methods used by federal agents in a 2016 undercover sting operation made it likely they would arrest a disproportionate number of minorities.

mexico’s june elections may foreshadow stormy presidential transition in 2018

controversy marred the june 4 elections in four mexican states that analysts consider a possible dress rehearsal.

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over the next few months, i’ll be working on several journalistic and other projects i think you’ll be excited about.

a near-disaster at los alamos lab takes a hidden toll on america’s arsenal

repeated safety lapses hobble los alamos national laboratory’s work on the cores of u.s. nuclear warheads.

feds created organ mountains-desert peaks monument at community’s request

the suggestion that the feds imposed a national monument on doña ana county in an act of oppression turns history on its head.

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in nmpolitics.net's recent survey, some of you asked for ways to financially support our work other than paypal. here you go.

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trump administration quietly rolls back civil rights efforts across federal government

previously unannounced directives will limit the department of justice’s use of a storied civil rights enforcement tool and loosen the department of education’s requirements on investigations.

rep. pearce ‘alright’ after shooting; another congressman injured

u.s. house majority whip steve scalise was shot during a house gop practice for a congressional charity baseball game.

university fundraising orgs need transparency, public scrutiny

there’s endless potential for abuse and corruption in our public universities’ secretive nonprofit fundraising foundations, as the university of new mexico community is discovering.

black community wants answers on atf’s albuquerque sting

the sting netted a highly disproportionate number of black defendants.

nm should use lottery to fund math education

the new mexico lottery, under the guise of raising money for education, preys upon math-challenged people.

we need the blm to protect otero mesa

otero mesa deserves to be protected. we’re looking to the blm to help make that happen.

long-term change requires talking about patriarchy, colonization and structural racism

these topics are seldom at the heart, or even at the margins, of mainstream political discourse. they should be.

university fundraising orgs need transparency, public scrutiny

commentary: there’s endless potential for abuse and corruption in our public universities’ secretive nonprofit fundraising foundations, as the university of new mexico community is discovering.

the ripple effects of the president’s budget cuts

commentary: the harmful effects will ripple into every small business in your community.

politician’s callous comment doesn’t match with people’s experiences

people have been dying through lack of access to health care, and it doesn’t look like the situation is going to get any better.