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trump has secretive teams to roll back regulations, led by hires with deep industry ties

an investigation found many appointees with potential conflicts of interest, including two who might personally profit if particular regulations are undone.

a plea to washington from a disabled new mexican: give me a chance at a healthy life

commentary: my name is david alcon and i am a disabled son of a disabled veteran.

nm high court rejects albuquerque ballot-access challenge

the decision let stand a lower court ruling that only people whose petition signatures were disqualified -- not stella padilla, the potential mayoral candidate whose forms they signed -- had standing to sue.

behold, the american political monopoly

the behavior of the democratic and republican parties closely parallels the collusion observed among corporations when they conspire to fix prices, control markets and smash startup competitors.

newspaper enabled governor’s behavioral health tragedy

when government acts destructively, journalists have a duty to question, to dig, to find truth and speak it. some of us did. the albuquerque journal's editorial board did the opposite.

pearce to run for governor instead of seeking re-election to u.s. house

u.s. rep. steve pearce has decided to run for governor instead of seeking another term in congress.

secretary of state’s power grab on nonprofit privacy

we should be cautious about proposals that restrict or chill charitable giving.

fracking boom leads to tension in navajo communities

a recent listening session provided a glimpse into tensions in several small navajo communities near chaco canyon over an uptick in fracking in recent years.

election experts see flaws in trump voter commission’s plan to smoke out fraud

the commission told propublica that states’ voter rolls will be run against federal databases to find potential fraudulent registrations — a move experts say will result in thousands of errors and could distort fraud.

new mexico behavioral health care system gets federal review

the review comes roughly four years after gov. susana martinez’s administration disrupted care for tens of thousands of new mexicans.

the medicaid threat that isn’t getting much attention

as republicans in congress work to roll back the affordable care act, they and some states are proposing major changes to the medicaid program. researchers say these changes would cost millions their health coverage.

newspaper enabled governor’s behavioral health tragedy

commentary: when government acts destructively, journalists have a duty to question, to dig, to find truth and speak it. some of us did. the albuquerque journal's editorial board did the opposite.

ice officers told to take action against all undocumented immigrants encountered while on duty

a directive from the head of ice’s enforcement unit appears to push for tougher action than the trump administration has publicly promised.

more than 30 nuclear experts inhale uranium after radiation alarms at a weapons site are switched off

most were not told about it until months later, and other mishaps at the nevada nuclear test site followed.

the real value of our public lands

as stewards of this land, we must protect our national parks and monuments not just for ourselves, but for those who will follow us.

sen. cervantes jumps into governor’s race

the las crucen says he's not daunted by taking on heavyweight michelle lujan grisham in the democratic primary.

albuquerque’s hot summer of angst, decay and politics

as the administration of albuquerque mayor richard berry enters its final months, histories of critical times are being recorded.

state’s ‘credible allegations of fraud’ charge against health providers falls apart

no medicaid fraud was ever found. and those eye-popping estimates that added up to $36 million the organizations had overbilled medicaid? the state is seeking drastically lower reimbursements today.

better economy is key to a brighter future for nm kids

too often we center on treating the outcomes of poverty rather than curing poverty itself.

repeated radiation warnings go unheeded at sensitive idaho nuclear plant

the inhalation of plutonium by 16 workers is preceded and followed by other contamination incidents, but the private contractor in charge suffers only a light penalty.