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ceremonial measures: building camaraderie but squandering time

gov. susana martinez struck a chord when she blasted lawmakers for spending time on "meaningless bills," such as those to establish an official state dance or holiday song or hamburger.

during legislative session, rotunda is the state’s most coveted spot

the central gathering space at the state capitol building is part marketing platform, part billboard, part concert hall, part (political) theater.

bipartisan bill would reform state’s troubled guardianship system

the bill would mandate open court records, more oversight and auditing.

legislation would let spaceport hide companies’ records from the public

the bill would allow spaceport america to keep secret any information about companies or government agencies blasting rockets from the southern new mexico site.

democrats living in mexico mobilize for the 2018 u.s. election

expats don't have to be disconnected from politics in their countries of origin. that's the message of the group democrats abroad in mexico and other nations.

pre-k solutions: how other states did it

oregon, georgia and washington, d.c. all have found a way to combine state and federal funding into the same classrooms. ditto for oklahoma.

science reveals severe childhood trauma can alter brain development, creating lifetime of risk

today, more than at any other time in history, science and medicine show the vast, interconnected dance between a baby’s outside world and the core of its being: its brain.

the weight of abuse: how an obesity clinic sparked one of the nation’s most revolutionary health surveys

in 1985, a 28-year-old woman walked into vincent felitti’s obesity clinic and asked for help. she weighed 408 pounds and she wanted to get thin.

suffer the children: the devastating lifelong impacts of childhood trauma

a growing legion of experts regard childhood trauma as one of the most profound and urgent public health challenges in the country.

funding issues put pre-k providers at odds while young children miss out on early education

instead of cooperating, state and federal programs are competing.

raising new mexico: something must be done for our children. the time is now

our goal is to influence the political cycle of the 2018 elections by making child well-being the single most important issue.

an enduring crisis: decades after warnings, new mexico’s children are still in jeopardy

thirty years ago, the plight of new mexico’s children was exposed. so why has nothing changed?

adverse childhood experiences (ace) quiz

this survey is a tool to show the health risks you might or might not face.

healing from damage of childhood trauma is possible, experts say

the problems adverse childhood experiences cause -- brain impairments, mental illness and disease -- are enough to make things sound hopeless. they’re not.

the ‘bold change’ martinez promised never came. here’s why.

the governor has scorched systems that needed nuanced reform and hurt too many people.

on facebook, doña ana county commissioner goes after activist’s mother

john vasquez appeared to take personal shots at the mother of a female activist and constituent.

the ‘bold change’ martinez promised never came. here’s why.

commentary: the governor has scorched systems that needed nuanced reform and hurt too many people.

state lawmakers form hispanic caucus

the bipartisan group plans to advocate on behalf of hispanics and under-represented communities across new mexico.

children march for more early childhood program funding

lines of young children filed into the roundhouse on thursday wearing cowboy hats, bandanas and sheriff's badges for another showdown of sorts over funding for early childhood education.

democrats’ response to state of the state address, annotated

sen. howie morales of silver city gave the democrats' response to gov. susana martinez's final state of the state address on tuesday.