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chocolate pavlova with whipped cream and raspberries

chocolate pavlova

do you love show-stopping desserts? what about show-stopping desserts that are easy to make? oh, i thought so.

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meal plan for december week 3

meal plan for december week 3

this month, summer miller is back and excited to share her family’s meal plans for december. happy holidays, everyone!

some days dinner inspiration comes together without much thought, while others you stand at the kitchen counter blankly staring to a cupboard full of ingredients with no idea what to pull together.

not to worry, we’ve all been there.

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homemade eggnog

a traditional holiday drink dating back hundreds of years, eggnog is made with eggs (hence the name), milk, cream, spices like nutmeg and vanilla, and fortified with rum, whisky, and/or brandy.

we grew up with eggnog, the kind you buy in a carton, and every christmas holiday we kids drank up as much of it as we could.

i didn’t even know that eggnog was a “spiked” drink until well into my adult years!

even now, i prefer my eggnog only lightly boozed, if at all. so this recipe is only lightly spiked; feel free to increase the rum and bourbon to your heart’s delight, or omit altogether if it’s for the kids.

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10 best side dishes to serve with a holiday roast

holiday sides

you’ve got the main event covered—some kind of roasted meat, right?

but what to serve alongside? well, here are our ten best suggestions to go with lamb, prime rib, glazed ham, or turkey!

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almond shortbread cookies

almond shortbread cookie

there can never be too many recipes for shortbread, whether for holiday baking or “just because” baking. that “just because” moment could be a for teatime treat, a gift for a friend, or to finish a dinner party.

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chicken fried rice

chicken fried rice

when i was a kid, i always looked forward to days when my mother made fried rice for dinner. like most asian families, we ate regular plain rice almost every day with dinner, so any time my mother felt inspired to change up our dinner routine felt like a treat to me!

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9 baking tools that will make your life better

9 baking tools

it’s the time of year when the kitchen seems to have a permanent dusting of flour on all surfaces. i sort of give up on deep cleaning until the cookie season has ended.

sound familiar?!

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whole wheat pasta with kale pesto

whole wheat pasta with kale pesto

kale, oh kale. the craze for kale has not abated, and i, for one, am glad about it. if the general public can embrace kale, who knows what culinary boundaries we can cross together in the future?

kale has long been a popular vegetable in new england since it can be grown all year round in both the field and cold frames. luckily, its popularity has really gained traction everywhere lately, giving us plenty of new ways to enjoy it – like this pesto pasta!

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quick sausage, kale, and crouton sauté from smitten kitchen every day

quick sausage, kale, and crouton saute

the beauty of deb perelman — herself, her blog, and her books — is her sense of humor, humility and grace. she understands that cooking for a family is different than cooking for your own personal creative expression, or for a group of cherished friends.

when food meets the dinner deadlines of young children, life gets pretty intense. no one is more hardcore than a hungry toddler an hour shy of bedtime.

in her new book, smitten kitchen every day, deb addresses the reality of feeding a family — and wanting it to be a positive experience.

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mint chocolate cream pie

mint chocolate cream pie

ever since i can remember, chocolate cream pie has almost always been a part of my family’s holiday dessert spread. it was one of my grandpa’s favorites and my brother always requests it.

my grandma was the pie-maker in our family and her classic chocolate cream pie made with homemade pudding was the inspiration for this minty version.

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meal plan for december week 2

this month, summer miller is back and excited to share her family’s meal plans for december. happy holidays, everyone!

i try to feed my family a few dishes i know they will like each week, combined with a few new items i hope they will try. i’m a big believer in food love by association. so far, this approach has worked for me.

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2017 holiday gift guide

2017 holiday gift guide

hello everyone!

we hope you are staying safe and warm and enjoying the holiday spirit wherever you are.

as we gear up for the festive season, we thought we might share with you a few of our favorite ideas for holiday gifts this year.

happy holidays!

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coquito (puerto rican coconut eggnog)


every december my husband and i throw our annual christmas cookie swap. it’s a simple event that we’ve honed to turnkey tradition over the years. i throw on some hipster christmas music, set out plenty of holiday-appropriate nibbles like a cheese plate or crab dip, and put a little santa cap on our corgi because ohmygod it’s adorable.

drink-wise i keep it simple: mulled wine and coquito.

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10 best desserts to take to a holiday party

‘tis the season for holiday parties and all the sweet indulgences that come along with them. have you volunteered to bring dessert to your next gathering?

here are ten of our favorites that travel well and are sure to please everyone at the party.

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sous vide beef tenderloin with port wine and garlic

sous vide beef tenderloin with port, garlic, and thyme

this post is brought to you in partnership with joule: sous vide by chefsteps

i have always considered beef tenderloin a “high stress” meal and given it a wide berth. this is an expensive cut of meat—it’s not one that you want to mess up by trusting an untrustworthy recipe or forgetting to set a timer.

add to this, roast beef tenderloin most often appears on menus around the holidays. i’ve never quite been able to overcome the terrifying possibility of ruining both a wage-devouring cut of meat and christmas dinner.

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persimmon cookies

persimmon cookies

fall is the season for persimmons, and with persimmons you can make the most wonderful cookies!

these persimmon cookies are cake-y and filled with walnuts and dried sweetened cranberries. i’ve topped them with a sugar glaze that includes persimmon purée and tangy orange zest.

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cranberry pistachio chocolate biscotti

cranberry pistachio chocolate biscotti

if you have never made biscotti but often order them at coffee shops, you will be pleasantly surprised how easy they are to make at home.

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14 recipes to make with almondmilk

what can you make with almondmilk? what can’t you make?!

check out this round-up of recipes from almond breeze: lemon almond bread, creamy garlic pasta, scalloped potatoes, and more.

p.s. try the almond cashew blend from almond breeze to add extra creaminess to these recipes!

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potato herb tart

potato herb tart

during the holiday season, you need a few recipes that you can pull out of your proverbial back pocket – recipes that are both easy and dazzling. this potato tart fits both requirements.

there are just four main ingredients: frozen puff pastry, potatoes, olive oil, and herbs. can’t beat that.

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slow-roasted salmon with sweet chili glaze and scallions

slow-roasted salmon with sweet chili glaze

slow-roasting is a technique that can be applied to almost any fish, but it’s especially good with salmon. just turn down the oven heat and cook for slightly longer than usual.

the total time is still minimal, but the result is a true revelation: tender, silky wedges of salmon, easily cut with a spoon. serve the salmon on top of lightly seasoned greens, and you have a meal that appeals to the eyes and to the palate.

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