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watch live! now: 2017 astronaut class interviews, later: nasa budget hearing

nasa's newest astronauts are meeting the press in a series of televised interviews today through 1 p.m. edt (1700 gmt). at 2 p.m. edt (1800 gmt), acting nasa chief robert lightfoot will discuss the agency's budget in a house hearing.

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u.s. vice president mike pence gave a warm welcome to nasa's newest astronaut class at nasa's johnson space center in houston yesterday after the space agency announced their latest recruits.

what's next for nasa's new astronaut class?

nasa has welcomed a dozen more people into its astronaut family, but the new additions aren't ready to launch just yet.

don't let an old myth prevent your child from seeing the solar eclipse

joe rao's second book, "looking up!: the science of stargazing," debunks an old myth about solar eclipses and teaches kids (and parents) how to safely experience this amazing event.

a 'feel-good moment for science': volunteers spot the sun's newest neighbor

citizen scientists have spotted a failed star, known as a brown dwarf, just 100 light-years from the sun.

capricornus constellation: facts about the sea goat

also known as capricorn, this is one of the faintest constellations.

how old is the universe?

the universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old.

space webcasts: nasa tv and the 2017 astronaut class

nasa will introduce its newest space recruits, the 2017 astronaut class, on wednesday, june 7. you can watch the announcement live at 2 p.m. edt (1900 gmt).

vice president welcomes nasa's 'newest heroes' to astronaut corps

vice president pence was on hand to greet nasa's newest class of astronauts, and briefly discuss the administration's vision for the human spaceflight.

missouri team wins student mars rover competition

after three days of intense competition under the hot desert sun, the mars rover design team from the missouri university of science and technology became the first team from the united states to win the university rover challenge since 2010.

watch live now! meet nasa's 2017 astronaut class

nasa will introduce its newest space recruits, the 2017 astronaut class, on wednesday, june 7. you can watch the announcement live at 2 p.m. edt (1900 gmt).

nasa reveals 12 new astronauts for earth orbit, deep space missions

nasa introduced its latest class of astronaut candidates, recruiting 12 men and women to train for missions to the international space station and into deep space. the 22nd class of "ascans" includes six military officers, two mds, three scientists and a

spacex will launch next secret x-37b mission for us air force

the air force is preparing to launch its secret x-37b space plane aboard a spacex falcon 9 rocket later this year, the service said yesterday (june 6).

charmed existence: mysterious particles could reveal mysteries of the big bang

so-called charm quarks — ultraheavy particles that are formed in the fiery collision of gold particles at the relativistic heavy ion collider — interact more with other particles than scientists previously thought.

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a skywatcher gazes at the milky way with venus shining brightly on the horizon in this photo taken at gallagher canyon near lexington, nebraska on nov. 30, 2016.

in first, einstein relativity experiment used to measure a star's mass

a phenomenon first predicted by albert einstein has been used for the first time to measure the mass of an individual star. the finding has helped settled a century-old dispute.

mit students design mission to huge asteroid apophis

students from the massachusetts institute of technology (mit) have designed a close-range mission to analyze the huge asteroid apophis, which will pass extremely close to earth in 2029.

best space photography books

here are space.com writers' and editors' picks for photo collections and astrophotography books that will transport you to other worlds.

earth faces an increased risk of being hit by an asteroid, astronomers warn

large asteroids may be lurking undiscovered within a meteoroid stream whose particles are hitting earth, and scientists are urging a concentrated search for them.

neil degrasse tyson becomes 1st american to receive stephen hawking medal

astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson received the stephen hawking medal for science communication tuesday (june 6), becoming the first american scientist to earn the prestigious award.