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do you want to believe? government ufo search never stopped

the u.s. government has been secretly investigating unidentified flying objects — ufos — since 2007. and despite officials' claims that the classified ufo-hunting effort shuttered in 2012 after funding evaporated, the group is still active.

interstellar object 'oumuamua could be a comet in disguise

while it looks like an asteroid, the first interstellar object spotted passing through the solar system, called 'oumuamua, may be more like a comet in disguise.

ursid meteor shower 2017: when, where & how to see it this week

the 2017 ursid meteor shower will peak in the early morning on friday (dec. 22), but it won’t be a very spectacular shooting-star show.

name that star! ancient cultures lend titles to 86 suns

tahitian myth, south african nicknames, and ancient chinese and hindu titles are among the inspirations for the new names of 86 stars in the earth's night sky, astronomers said.

the search for life on mars should go underground, scientists say

the search for signs of life on mars should focus on ancient subsurface environments, not lake-bed deposits like the one famously discovered by nasa's curiosity rover, a new study argues.

surprise! new horizons probe's next flyby target has at least one moon

one or more moons may be orbiting new horizon's next target, the kuiper belt object 2014 mu69.

image of the day

a gorgeous, green meteor flies toward the northern lights in this stunning image by astrophotographer matthew skinner.

standard 'launch unit' could make it easier to send small payloads to space

the aerospace corporation wants to establish a standard "launch unit" for cargo going to space. could it help small-satellite providers save time and money?

cosmic crash that knocked uranus sideways also made its moons

the giant impact from an earth-size rock that knocked uranus sideways may have also helped create the tilted planet's moons, a new study finds.

holiday lights shine bright in nasa satellite views (video)

bright holiday light displays can be seen all the way from space, and new satellite views help nasa scientists learn more about culture and energy usage.

suprise! new horizons probe's next flyby target has at least one moon

one or more moons may be orbiting new horizon's next target, the kuiper belt object 2014 mu69.

dawn to fly closer to ceres than ever in mission's final phase

nasa's dawn mission to the main asteroid belt, granted a second extended mission earlier this year, will end later next year after a final set of close-up observations of the dwarf planet ceres.

thales alenia working with three companies on deep space gateway concepts

thales alenia space is partnering with three u.s. companies that are working on nasa studies of concepts for the proposed deep space gateway, leveraging its expertise in space station and cargo module development.

recycled spacex dragon capsule makes 2nd delivery to space station

a used spacex dragon cargo ship arrived at the international space station for the second time sunday (dec. 17) delivering more than 2 tons of nasa supplies just in time for christmas.

russian, japanese and us crew launch to space station on soyuz

three crewmates for the international space station are now on their way to the complex, where they will begin their six month stay by ringing in the new year.

moon rocket thrust! nasa tests powerful engine with 3d-printed part

an engine designed for the world's most powerful rocket underwent one last test fire for 2017 on wednesday (dec. 13) to help nasa get ready for the space launch system rocket's first flight around the moon.

space station double play sunday! watch a new crew launch as spacex dragon arrives

there's a lot of spaceflight action on tap sunday morning (dec. 17), and you can watch it all before the first nfl game of the day kicks off.

trekkie runaway beams up to hollywood in 'please stand by' trailer

the opening scenes of a new drama sound just like a traditional "star trek" episode: "captain's log, final entry," the narrator says. "spock and i are the sole survivors."

apollo 11: first men on the moon

millions of people watched as neil armstrong took the first steps on the moon.

weightlessness and its effect on astronauts

weightlessness, or the absence of gravity, has several short-term and long-term effects on astronauts.