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mid-range phones set to get camera to rival iphone 7 plus

qualcomm’s new snapdragon 450 chipset brings a host of new features to upcoming affordable smartphones and tablets.

aussie netflix subscriptions just got a price hike

netflix has received its first price hike since launching in march 2015 – here's how much it'll cost.

pandora is ending its services in australia and new zealand

with its co-founder stepping down as ceo, pandora’s streaming service will no longer be available to australian and new zealand markets.

best movies on amazon prime: 25 films to stream now on prime video

amazon prime isn't just about tv, there are some brilliant movies there too. here's our pick of the best.

nokia 6, moto e4 and more get big discounts through amazon prime

amazon may not make phones any more, but that's not stopping the retail giant from selling handsets at a discount.

qualcomm brings controller support to its standalone virtual reality headset

the chip giant pushes ahead with its vision for mobile vr, today announcing three new partners.

apple wants to hire someone to help siri be hip with the times

a new job posting hints at siri learning about social media holidays and more.

facebook's newest record: 2 billion users

the social network surpasses a major milestone as it looks to connect even more of the world.

nokia 6, moto e4 and more get big discounts through amazon prime

amazon may not make its own phones, but that's not stopping it from selling handsets at a discount.

samsung galaxy note 7 'fandom edition' is reportedly on the way

samsung is said to be launching a note 7 revival on july 7 using refurbished parts, but only in south korea to start.

petrwrap: what you need to know about today's global ransomware attack

another major ransomware attack has hit the web. here’s what you need to know about it and how you can protect yourself.

kodi box owners may face wrath of the law over illegal add-ons

intellectual property watchdogs are cracking down on not just illegal app makers, but users too.

10 classic games the snes mini is missing

from classics to curios, nintendo is missing a trick by leaving these snes mini titles m.i.a...

10 cancelled games we still want to play now that star fox 2 is finally here

cancelled snes game star fox 2 is being released for the first time on the snes mini. these are more games we’d love to see.

the best carphone warehouse deals in june 2017

get the best mobile deals on id, vodafone, o2, virgin and ee from the uk's largest phone retailer.

get a free £10 gift card if you buy an iphone 7 deal at carphone warehouse

buy an iphone 7 from carphone warehouse now and get a tenner to spend at currys/pc world, m&s, costa and more.

the best at&t phones available in june 2017

at&t phones in june 2017 have changed, meaning we've updated our ever-expanding list of the best out there.

the best at&t plans in june 2017

at&t plans have never been more complicated, but we're here to give you insight on the best data packages.

the best verizon phones available in june 2017

verizon wireless is one of the best networks in the us, and now we list the best phones for its customers.

the best verizon wireless plans in june 2017

verizon wireless upgraders who want an iphone or android should read about at these plans for the cheapest rates.