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watch this fan risk his life to get a selfie with the rock

a fan risked his life to get a selfie of his hero, dwayne "the rock" johnson, and the video footage is pretty hilarious.

who does the fbi work for?

there’s no reason to beat around the bush here: what the fbi is claiming is mind-boggling when they claim the shooter had no target in mind.

reevaluating work, talent, and the low-skill labor force in a modern economy

urbanophile aaron renn discusses american cities, the opioid crisis, and the changing labor force on this episode of the federalist radio hour.

maybe everyone overhyped georgia’s sixth district election

a republican won a reliably republican district in reliably red georgia. whoop-di-doo.

why you should consider foster care if you’re infertile

infertile couples are desperately wanting and waiting for children. foster children are children desperately wanting and waiting for parents this very moment.

court suspends 14 of 15 charges against planned parenthood human trafficking whistleblowers

a california court tossed 14 of 15 criminal charges against journalists who recorded high-level planned parenthood employees discussing trafficking the body parts of aborted babies

staying fit for your husband is one of the best gifts you can give him

living in a post-feminist culture has made women both unable to recognize what makes men happy, and unwilling to make the effort to achieve that happiness.

why democrats should think twice before seeking to end gerrymandering

the biggest current winners of a practice nearly as old as the republic are black and hispanic members of congress. do democrats want to reduce their numbers?

why being saved by a black gay woman doesn’t delegitimize steve scalise’s politics

some pundits refuse to talk about rep. steve scalise as a victim of last week's violence. instead, he's a bigot whose life was saved by a gay black woman.

trans activists don’t want compassion. they want science denial and heresy

to many trans activists, compassion and respect requires something those bound by either scientific or judeo-christian beliefs cannot give.

what i learned about american culture by binging on ‘gunsmoke’ and ‘house of cards’

both 'gunsmoke' and 'house of cards' encapsulate an american ethos, but one humanely and the other in a brutal, disturbing way.

almost 40 years ago, christopher lasch diagnosed the rise of trump and anti-trump as narcissism

the historian and social critic knew that the political and cultural movements of the sixties would have long-lasting consequences for american democracy.

data shows media covered gabby giffords shooting twice as much as steve scalise shooting

in the week after each shooting incident, newspapers nationwide ran more than twice as many articles mentioning rep. gabrielle giffords as they have rep. steve scalise, according to lexis nexis's news database.

the fbi’s briefing on the gop baseball shooting couldn’t have been more bizarre

the fbi tried to claim that the shooting at the baseball field was spontaneous and had no target, despite all evidence to the contrary.

jon ossoff proves you can’t buy an election

jon ossoff's loss in georgia's sixth district is what happens when democrats believe their own hype about the power of money in politics.

the 10 most hysterical liberal responses to karen handel’s win in ga-6

karen handel's win in a georgia special election yesterday sparked a flurry of tweets from democrats seeking to rationalize the loss, bash the new congresswoman, and even blame the weather.

christina hoff sommers on feminists, eradicating men, and campus culture misery

do feminists exaggerate the oppression of women and ignore the misfortunes of men? don't miss christian hoff sommers on the federalist radio hour.

it’s time to allow concealed-carry permits in washington dc

if any area of the country should expand gun laws, it’s washington dc, where power is centralized, crime is rampant, and more guns will save lives.

supreme court strikes law banning sex offenders from much of the internet

the temptation to remove fundamental liberties from an unpopular minority is exactly why the constitution protects such liberties from the legislature’s whim.

supreme court refuses to let government determine what trademarks are ‘offensive’

in a unanimous ruling tuesday that splintered on its reasoning, the high court correctly held that the “disparagement clause” of federal trademark law violated the constitution.