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27 joyful and somber pictures from friday’s march for life in washington dc

for me, the highlight of the march for life is always the ordinary americans who fill the streets, and the stories they have to tell.​

joe scarborough’s latest single is the protest song no one was waiting for

when you want a small cornucopia of protest non-sequiturs strung together in musical form, you want artisanal mediocrity from a human.

democrats threw children’s health care under the bus

after all their talk about its importance, it was democrats who left a 6-year funding package for chip on the table, not republicans.

10 things we saw at the 2018 women’s march in washington dc

thousands of women marched a second time in major cities across the nation on saturday. here's what we saw in washington, d.c.

court rightly denies larry nassar’s cowardly attempt to silence his survivors

the former gymnastics doctor who pled guilty to criminal sexual conduct will have to face more than 100 of his accusers in court.

mike lee’s speech on the march for life

'are all men created equal, or are some more equal than others?'

meet 4 women and their kids who stood with trump in his march for life address

these moms rejected abortion, chose life in an unexpected pregnancy, and stood with president trump during his address to the march for life.

7 things we saw at the march for life in washington dc

thousands of pro-lifers descended upon washington dc friday afternoon for the 45th annual march for life. we went to check it out. here are some of the things we saw. 

podcast: this week in congress, the white house, and political media

huffpost political reporter igor bobic joins the federalist radio hour to discuss the ever-changing relationship between president trump and congress.

mike lee’s speech at the march for life

'are all men created equal, or are some more equal than others?'

what the shutdown tells us about modern democrats

for democrats, anything the republicans do is 'undemocratic.'

ellen pompeo is now tv’s highest-paid actress. here’s her salary negotiation advice

in an interview with the hollywood reporter, 'grey's anatomy' star ellen pompeo said women need to speak up to get paid what they deserve. 

here are the media’s rules for deciding who to blame for government shutdowns

when the shutdown comes this friday, or anytime thereafter, please consult these rules to determine exactly who you should blame.

in album debut ‘starfire,’ caitlyn smith shows what songwriters can offer

'starfire' is wistful, even as it drives along. there is always hope, particularly as we learn to settle down and stop fighting.

jordan peele’s ‘get out’ is a racist version of ‘stepford wives’

‘get out’ has been chatted up for best picture, best actor, best director, and best film editing for oscar nominations. the nomination lists come out january 23.

lamar alexander wants to bail out health regulators who misjudged billions

tennessee sen. lamar alexander seems more interested in stuffing the coffers of the insurance industry than in conducting robust oversight of his state’s regulatory debacle.

shoving pc down viewers’ throats made ‘bright’ a terrible movie

netflix's 'bright' is not a movie, it’s not even a commentary—it’s a boring regurgitation of common political narratives.

why pregnancy loss should be a unifying principle in the women’s march

if organizers want to talk about reproductive rights, they need to address the widespread but completely neglected issue of pregnancy loss.

how to take control of your children’s education

in her new book, 'rethinking schools,' susan wise bauer offers a host of practical suggestions and alternatives for parents struggling with traditional education environments.

no, washington post, socrates was not a social justice warrior

social justice warriors are not the heirs of socrates; they are precisely the sort of people who had socrates sentenced to death.