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podcast: untangling charges of collusion, treason, and leaking sources

reporter lachlan markay of the daily beast talks emails, russian collusion, and media bias on this episode of the federalist radio hour.

christianity doesn’t endorse homosexuality, no matter what eugene peterson and jim gaffigan imply

these are only the latest believers who would like us to believe that god and the bible are totally cool with homosexuality. they are not.

how the viral facebook gif game got me thinking about the meaning of life

we all grapple with life being short, repetitive, hard, and lonely. i was struck that these short, repetitive video gifs, in isolation seemingly shallow, became heartfelt and imbued with real human connection in my life.

stretching war powers lets the president provoke wars americans don’t want

if military actions continue to be taken abroad by the inclinations of a single person, the nation could find itself plunged into a war it would not have chosen if its people were consulted.

why is disney fighting to stop parents from filtering kids’ media intake?

under the guise of high-minded principles, supposedly family-friendly studios keep fighting the technologies that give parents control over what their children consume.

even facebook babywearing groups are purging members who object to politics in everything

being a parent is exhausting enough. i don’t need the thought and speech police on top of it. yet here they are, in my babywearing groups on facebook.

u2 concerts would be better if the band preached less and sang more

the band's most recent concert in new jersey featured a lot of platitudes and politicizing, and not enough musicianship.

christianity doesn’t endorse homosexuality, no matter what eugene peterson and jim gaffigan say

these are only the latest believers who would like us to believe that god and the bible are totally cool with homosexuality. they are not.

does our nation still offer its youth the chance to succeed through social capital?

david brooks bemoaned elitism's effect on upward mobility on tuesday. but that isn't the only thing keeping our society fragmented and unsuccessful.

here are 5 backroom deals inside the latest senate health-care bill

another health-care bill, another pack of senators holding the nation hostage until they get special treatment.

the insufferable hypocrisy of ‘morning joe’

if you believed that your political party embodied the ideas that helped make the lives of your fellow americans better and freer, you might stick around to try and save it.

how evangelicals invented liberals’ favorite legal doctrine

john compton's book 'the evangelical origins of the living constitution' argues that some of the worst political excesses of modern liberals were created and enabled by the progenitors of the religious right.

oregon’s new abortion law proves the left doesn’t care about consent

ironically, the radical left don’t think they need your consent to bill you for a procedure you may find morally repugnant.

think tank: reconsider caring for your kids because money matters most

the center for american progress wants you to know that giving up your full-time career to care for your kids is a huge financial mistake.

gop senate bill would cover pre-existing conditions and drive down premiums

sen. ted cruz’s proposal to allow insurers to sell non-obamacare plans would turn the exchanges into high-risk pools for the old and sick. that might not be such a bad thing.

adf demands apology, retraction from abc news

alliance defending freedom demands that abc retract and apologize for a story in which they labelled the organization a "hate group."

abc news: christians who believe in the first amendment are a ‘hate group’

to characterize the alliance defending freedom—an accomplished civil rights group—as a 'hate group' is unacceptable and inexcusable.

megan mcardle on social capital, health care, and life with algorithms

bloomberg view columnist megan mcardle defends david brooks' thoughts on sandwiches and social class on this episode of the federalist radio hour.

don’t add a pitch clock unless you want to end baseball as we know it

baseball is not and has never been a timed game. adding a clock would profoundly alter its very character by changing how the game's outcome is determined.

here’s the speech jeff sessions delivered to christian first amendment lawyers

in prepared remarks before a group of christian attorneys and religious liberty advocates, attorney general jeff sessions noted that religious freedom is at the core of the american experience.