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radio: political online dating, postpartum depression, and the first day of fall

on this episode of federalist radio, mary katharine ham and gracy olmstead round all the non-political news this week that got made political.

this weekend’s ‘star trek: discovery’ needs to bring balance to the trek

with 'star trek: discovery,' the franchise has a chance to return to its tv roots and the high-concept sci-fi story-telling that made it a cult favorite.

devos ditches obama-era campus assault rules, but problems lie ahead

in place of the obama-era guidance, known ominously as the 2011 ‘dear colleague’ letter, schools will now have to adhere to 2001 and 2006 guidance from the education department.

this trial could remove a senator: you’ll believe what cnn did next

the ongoing trial of sen. bob menendez involves multi-million dollar bribery and corruption scandal with many sordid details. why aren't members of the media covering it?

is spain going to explode over catalonian secession?

the conflict reveals a deep tension between ethnic groups who want self-determination, and countries seeking to maintain their borders and sovereignty.

research: today’s american teens delay reponsibility longer than ever

whereas physical health may be on the rise among teens in the igen generation, their mental health and wellbeing has declined.

i was on medicaid for years. it’s horrible and should be cut, not expanded

since most in the media and on capitol hill come from upper-middle-class households, few seem to spend time talking to those americans on medicaid rolls.

jimmy kimmel has no clue what he’s talking about

it is not the case, as kimmel insists, that the graham-cassidy bill would throw 30 million people off their insurance plans. dishonest histrionics do not advance the cause of responsible health-insurance reform.

get out of your house to enjoy some crazy fair food

here are highlights from the list of crazy foods available at the texas state fair this year.

why melania trump should visit earthquake victims in mexico city

her presence would take a step towards mending relations between mexico and the united states while giving the first lady a chance to assert herself as her own woman.

bernie sanders in 1987: single-payer ‘would bankrupt the nation’

despite his past critiques of a single-payer, 'medicare for all' plan, bernie sanders seems to have adopted a completely different tone.

critics entirely miss the core illumination of ‘song to song’

terrence mallick uses the actors, rock stars, and models like a masterful magician who pretends one trick but does another. they are all fools for acting in their own satire.

the most millennial startup ever will front your down payment in exchange for airbnb hosting

loftium signs a revenue-sharing agreement with its clients, thus offering a new way for debt-saddled millennials to make the jump into home ownership.

these pro-lifers enter abortion centers to talk with mothers scheduled for an abortion

last week’s incidents across the country, dubbed red rose rescues, were inspired by the work of mary wagner, a canadian pro-life activist.

former disney exec: hollywood is hurting because it makes movies for ‘lowest common denominator’ 

two longtime hollywood producers say the lack of family fare is a major factor behind hollywood’s slump—and they’re doing something about it.

i was on medicare for years. it’s horrible and should be cut, not expanded

since most in the media and on capitol hill come from upper-middle-class households, few seem to spend time talking to those americans on medicaid rolls.

poll: high rates of u.s. college students support violence, shouting to stop free speech

that so many americans are merely transactional citizens ignorant of fundamental facets of the american identity is not just a sign but a root cause of our current social disintegration.

the confederate statue controversy isn’t about slavery, it’s about ending america

attacks on confederate heritage have quickly evolved into attacks on american heritage, which was always the ultimate goal.

why ‘wicked’ is a sneaky story that celebrates a free society

there is a red-pill way to view ‘wicked,’ and once you start viewing it this way, you can’t un-see it.

podcast: debating health care, tax reform, ubi, and other economic issues

staff writer at the atlantic, annie lowrey, discusses the economic policies that hit american wallets directly on this episode of federalist radio