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revisiting battlestar galactica: ‘the hand of god’ and ‘colonial day’

battlestar galactica serves up two different types of excitement in a space opera and a political thriller.

burying miscarried and stillborn babies is a policy of love, not offense

instead of discarding babies’ remains, this hospital offers parents the choice of a group grave financially covered by the hospital or a private burial at the parents’ expense.

why i deleted my bumble dating app after it advertised for planned parenthood

i honestly hadn’t opened the dating app for months, so i had no intention of 'matching' with anyone, but after i saw the message, i went ahead and deleted it altogether.

needless politics are distracting from ‘far cry 5’s’ true accomplishment

there’s a palpable disappointment among game journalists that the game didn’t fulfill its potential as a scorching hot take on the trump era.

kanye west unloads on identity politics as ‘self-victimization’ and ‘slavery’

the controversial music star unloads on race-to-the-bottom politics, proclaims ‘self victimization is a disease.’

snopes is a sneaky liar about california’s bill to ban christian lgbt talk

read the bill. there is no religious exemption. there is no restriction to mental health professionals. this is not simply a ‘gay conversion ban.’

china and india’s population control atrocities have sown a gale-force wind

even as recently as 2011 when i last visited china, my friend said one of her colleagues was eight months pregnant with her second child and was caught by the family-planning enforcers.

the problem with social media isn’t the media, it’s the social

the internet was supposed to supercharge the spread of information, but social media is actually crippling our ability to process new ideas.

5 reasons democrats are suing over their russia collusion narrative

the democratic national committee just filed a civil suit in the southern district of new york against the russian government, members of the trump campaign, and wikileaks.

bombshell: fec records indicate hillary campaign illegally laundered $84 million

the mainstream media took no notice of a federal court filing that exposes a $84 million money-laundering conspiracy democrats executed during the 2016 presidential election.

what happened when i wore a tucker carlson t-shirt for a week in l.a.

after people bought me tucker carlson t-shirts, i decided to test the bubble out and wore the t-shirts everywhere i went in los angeles for a week. the results were fascinating.

kanye west’s return to twitter is triggering the left

this week, kanye west tweeted that he loved elon musk, affirmed gender fluidity, and criticized capitalism and religion, but libs are outraged the 'yeezy' rapper is questioning some aspects of leftism.

mike pence, clinton country, and the bubbles we create with adam wren

a midwestern political reporter, adam wren, traveled to the east coast pockets of clinton supporters and shares his findings on the federalist radio hour.

christian publisher says google banned it over ‘faith we express’

google ads has refused to do business with a christian publishing house 'because of the faith we express on our website,' said ceo bruce kintz in a facebook post today.

three reasons proud americans and happy people should indulge in the royal baby craze

we fought a war for the freedom to care about what we want to care about, and this is among the things we may choose as free americans.

california continues to pioneer the war on gender while squashing free speech

assembly bill 2943 would make the selling or advertising of gay conversion therapy a violation of the state’s consumer fraud laws.

taking the environment seriously starts with shaking your fist at the kids on your lawn

i have grown to appreciate the sentiment behind earth day, and environmentalism generally, a bit more as i’ve gotten older and become a property owner, with kids and a mortgage and a yard.

if you want to torture yourself for fun, play ‘trap adventure 2’

‘trap adventure 2’ is taking gamers by storm because completing the game itself is the challenge. and it’s harder than it sounds.

now you can tell the world who funds the federalist

if you bought a t-shirt, clicked an ad, or shared a story, you fund the federalist. now, make it official!

vast asteroid’s ‘encrypted’ sings of finding grace again

it’s a song of faith, but it does not go forth to conquer the world, to enslave fans and enlist them into idolatry.