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paid loot crates are bad for gamers, and ea knows it

ea’s plan was to have people pay real money for an in-game currency that allows players to purchase ‘loot crates’ that provide random rewards. sounds like a slot machine.

hemingway and harsanyi talk sexual assault, twitter policing, and movies

david harsanyi and mollie hemingway host this episode of the federalist radio hour to discuss the sexes, social media, politics, and more.

problematic women episode 20: thanksgiving, gal gadot, and taylor swift

in this week’s episode of #problematicwomen, lisa depasquale talks about her new book and how to survive thanksgiving dinner.

why you shouldn’t buy ‘star wars battlefront ii’ today

if ea succeeds here, game publishers will feel emboldened to put more gameplay content behind a paywall/grindwall in multiplayer games.

why amazon is buying up all those cryptocurrency urls

amazon-watchers have shivered with anticipation as the company bought web domains like amazonbitcoin.com. is it brand protection? a head fake? or something else?

‘christians against masturbation’ spokeswoman in old louis c.k. video now seems surprisingly insightful

actress liz holtan portrays an earnest representative of jesus’ commandments against lust in an old louis c.k. comedy bit. today she sounds far from crazy.

the philippines’ president spurns the u.s. to flirt with china

philippines president rodrigo duterte wants to be free to pivot toward china without entirely losing the united states as an ally and as a trading partner, having his cake and eating it too.

netflix’s ‘gerald’s game’: great acting, unsuitable ending

baring a freakishly spectacular performance from another actress before 2017 ends, carla gugino deserves to win best actress in every single award committee.

how public shaming for sexual sinners exposes the world’s need for salvation

the more dirt we consume, the more of other people’s sin we gorge ourselves on, the more we want. the more we want, the more we seek. the more we seek the more we find.

reports of small-town america’s death are greatly exaggerated

michael kruse’s article is bad journalism, factually and spiritually, but it is simply the latest and sloppiest entry in a growing genre: the new american gothic.

how to enjoy art in an age of selfies

many art institutions are torn between the potential advantages of digital mass media, and the lurking dangers its use poses to both their collections and to art appreciation overall.

tom coburn has a plan to fight washington and save america

in 'smashing the dc monopoly,' the legendarily principled former senator explains just how corrupt washington is and lays out a credible plan to amend the constitution and make the reforms congress won't.

5 reforms to gun laws that would actually make a difference

unlike proposals from the left that would not have prevented recent shootings, each of these reforms would actually make a meaningful difference.

are red states tax takers and blue states tax makers?

against a national average of $1,935 in intergovernmental spending per american, red states receive just $1,879. blue states get considerably more, at $2,124 per resident.

corruption trial against sen. bob menendez ends in mistrial

after six days of jury deliberations, the felony corruption trial against sen. bob menendez (d-n.j.) has ended in a mistrial. 

‘glamour 2017 women of the year’ awards completely ignore conservative women

in all, glamour honored 10 women at a splashy brooklyn award show this week. no less than half were in part recognized for their advocacy on behalf of liberal causes.

britt mchenry talks colin kaepernick, roger goodell, and sports media

sports journalist britt mchenry discusses the struggles of the nfl and our fractured sports media environment on federalist radio.

trump is right: he should get credit for bringing imprisoned americans home

president trump's lightly reported record on fighting for americans detained abroad highlights a difference in approach and results from the obama presidency.

roy moore shows why we’re not prepared for the coming crisis

defenders of roy moore should reflect that in an era of crisis we're going to have to fall back on the strength of our values, norms, and institutions.

minnesota sen. al franken accused of sexually assaulting woman in 2006

sen. al franken (d-minn.) says he does not remember forcibly kissing a woman and groping her breasts as she slept, but he is sorry anyway.