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‘medicare for all’ could be cheaper than you think

by gerald friedman, professor of economics, university of massachusetts amherst. some of the original advocates for medicare in the 1960s hoped to eventually extend it to everyone. ap photo public support for single-payer health care has been rising in recent months amid failed republican efforts to...

retirement: what you need to know about signing up for medicare

when you turn 65, you have to master a new health care system. we have answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about medicare enrollment. q: do i need to sign up for medicare, or will i be enrolled automatically? a: if you signed up for social security before age 65 (eligibility...

bernie sanders' medicare for all is a delusional promise

bernie sanders has a health care plan he calls medicare for all. he’s underselling it. his proposal really should be called medicare for all and a pony. it’s everything you could want and then some. medicare is a giant government program that pays for health care for seniors and the disabled. its...

examining single-payer health care and “medicare for all” (4 letters)

thinkstock by getty images re: “why not try ‘medicare for all’? glad you asked,” june 9 megan mcardle column.  megan mcardle doesn’t really examine “medicare for all.”  instead she discusses, and dissects, something totally different: the option to buy into current medicare. she correctly indicates that this scheme would be plagued by adverse selection and […]

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the next generation of android wear now comes cheaper through this amazing deal from best buy.

fund investing is cheaper than ever, and it's because of you

take a bow, investors. it's never been cheaper to invest in funds, and it's largely because of you.

the benefits of medicare for all extend beyond universal healthcare

to the editor: thanks to david lazarus for reporting on a bill to replace the affordable care act with a “medicare for all” alternative that would bring us up to par with other industrialized nations. (“looking for a really good obamacare replacement? here it is,” feb. 3) there are aspects of this...

gop lawmakers slammed obamacare for medicare cuts — but trumpcare doesn’t undo t

washington – in letter after letter, republican lawmakers have reminded their constituents: obamacare cut medicare. implied, and sometimes stated outright, was that the gop’s own plan should instead bolster the program. “any reforms must protect medicare,” congressman ted poe...

the gop wants to take money from medicare's trust fund and give it to the rich

the republican plan to repeal the affordable care act, also known as obamacare, would draw on medicare's financially distressed trust fund to put money back in the pockets of some of the country's richest people. republicans would repeal the medicare tax, a 0.9 percent surcharge on annual salaries...

democrats can turn the tables on republicans with one simple move

as republicans in congress move to repeal the affordable care act, democrats are moving toward medicare for all – a single-payer plan that builds on medicare and would cover everyone at far lower cost. most house democrats are already supporting a medicare for all bill. with health care emerging as ...

why not try “medicare for all”? glad you asked

when arguing about health care in this country, those favoring some sort of government-led system always come back to one argument: medicare is great, so why not expand it to everyone?

samsung could launch a cheaper version of the galaxy note 8

a listing has been spotted for a note 8 with less ram, suggesting a cheaper model could be on the way.

medicare plans to replace social security numbers on cards

washington (ap) — the government says it’s on track to meet a 2019 deadline for replacing social security numbers on medicare cards with randomly generated digits and letters to protect seniors against identity theft. planning for the massive transition has been underway for years. medicare officials said tuesday beneficiaries and their families should start seeing […]

hhs sec. tom price: “we believe in the guarantee of medicare for our seniors”

with president trump promising no cuts to medicare and house speaker paul ryan saying it's an "open question," the new health and human services secretary weighs in

hhs sec. tom price: “we believe in the guarantee of medicare for our seniors”

as president trump promises no cuts to medicare and house speaker paul ryan says it's an "open question," the new health and human services secretary weighs in

feds sue unitedhealth over medicare payments

agency says insurer inflated medicare payments through “one-sided” chart reviews.

the other name for bernie sanders’ single-payer plan: benefits for billionaires

the non-partisan budget office found that at every income level, seniors received more in medicare benefits than they paid in medicare taxes.

now at whole foods: cheaper milk, "farm fresh" amazon echo

a half-gallon of milk was 50 cents cheaper at a whole foods in new york. ground beef was down by $2 a pound. and an organic avocado cost a buck less.

medicare for all: health care is a right, not a privilege

certain politicians decry “medicare for all” is putting the government between you and your doctor. that’s a lie. right now, insurance companies are between you and your doctor.

amazon echo price drop: $50 cheaper today only

say hello to amazon's alexa-enabled smart speaker, and do it for a little cheaper in a 24-hour amazon echo sale

gov't to report on solvency of social security, medicare

republicans in washington have been clamoring for years to address the long-term financial problems of social security and medicare.

the trump administration could help solve our medicare problems with this one ea

the government forcibly enrolls seniors—even wealthy ones—in taxpayer-funded medicare. trump should eliminate this government absurdity.

unitedhealth group whistleblower describes how insurers allegedly bilked medicar

a former well-placed executive at unitedhealth group asserts that the big insurance companies have been systematically bilking medicare advantage for years.

bernie sanders rolling out medicare-for-all plan -- live updates

sen. bernie sanders unveils his medicare-for-all bill at the u.s. capitol

the road to single-payer could go through medicare part c

billy wynne, a health-care consultant, has taken some raw numbers and figures and determined that medicare part c could cover everyone and save businesses more than $600 billion.

chocolate gets cheaper as cocoa supplies grow

about 70 percent of americans will give chocolate or candy to their valentine on tuesday, and it could be cheaper this year thanks to booming cocoa supplies.

under new gop plan, health care coverage would be cheaper, less useful for sick

health plans that are cheaper — but potentially useless to people who are seriously ill — could proliferate if the tweaks to the gop health bill being discussed by republican lawmakers move forward, several health policy experts said.

medicare fraud trial set for doctor tied to menendez probe

many of the medicare fraud charges against prominent florida eye doctor salomon melgen are complicated, but one is simple — federal prosecutors say he claimed reimbursement for treating both eyes of patients who have one prosthetic.

what you should think about before buying apple’s cheaper ipad and red iphone

apple announced several new products last week, including a cheaper version of the ipad and a new red shade for the iphone. if you've been thinking about treating yourself to something new and are intrigued by apple's announcements, here are some things to consider before you buy.

focus turns to senator with doctor guilty of medicare fraud

a prominent florida eye doctor accused of political corruption was convicted of medicare fraud friday, increasing the odds that federal prosecutors could pressure him to testify against new jersey democratic sen. bob menendez.

seniors’ out-of-pocket health costs can hit $350k

this article originally appeared on the motley fool. as you get older, your need for healthcare will increase—and your costs will rise along with your demand for services. while you may assume medicare will cover your healthcare expenditures, the truth is that medicare isn’t as comprehensive a...

opinion: next up–medicare cuts threatening seniors’ care

unless congress acts, the next health care disaster coming down the pike is random cuts to medicare coverage for seniors by a board not accountable to the public. uh oh.

kamala harris announces support for ‘medicare for all’ bill

sen. kamala harris announced wednesday that she intends to support a congressional effort expanding medicare to all americans. 

nest said to be making a cheaper thermostat and updating its home security portf

nest is currently working on a cheaper thermostat, an improved version of their security camera, a home alarm system and a digital doorbell.

dem senator warns gop: medicare for all ‘on the table’ if you rip insurance from

sen. chris murphy (d-ct) has a stark message for the republican party: if you pass a health care bill that rips away insurance from millions of americans, then it will be time to push for medicare for all. in a conversation with the new republic’s brian beutler, murphy ripped the gop for not b...