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what is ‘the disaster artist’ about and why should you be excited?

the disaster artist is becoming one of the buzziest movies of the year. we’ve seen the recent trailer and it certainly looks like a ton of fun. but, some people may be wondering exactly what true story this film is based on. well, get ready to dive into a world of unintentional hilarity with a […] the post what is ‘the disaster artist’ about and why should you be excited? appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

review: ‘disaster artist’ mines comic gold from monumental schlock

based on east bay native greg sestero's book, "the disaster artist" is a funny and heartwarming reflection on making a lovably awful movie.

when ‘the last jedi’ met ‘the disaster artist’

this article is basically just an excuse to post the following youtube clip. but with both the last jedi and the disaster artist hitting screens worldwide in december, we’re also going to take a look at just who the two titular characters are. and what they (kinda) have in common. but first, that amazing vid… who […] the post when ‘the last jedi’ met ‘the disaster artist’ appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

‘the disaster artist’ review: hilarious, heartfelt, and has to be seen

how does an outlandish film like the room come into existence? that’s what the disaster artist wants to illuminate. it tells the story of two friends, aspiring actor greg sestero (dave franco) and enigmatic egoist tommy wiseau (james franco). as they struggle to make it in hollywood, they decide to make their own movie. and thus […] the post ‘the disaster artist’ review: hilarious, heartfelt, and has to be seen appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

james franco is ‘in a bad place,’ while questions loom over ‘the disaster artist

the recent golden globe award winner is reportedly 'in a bad place,' as he deals with misconduct allegations and concerns about the fate of his film 'the disaster artist.'

‘disaster artist’: james franco’s surprise oscar contender has deep roots in bay

walnut creek native greg sestero's book about making "the room" -- aka the worst movie ever made -- led to james franco's hit "the disaster artist."

movie review: “the disaster artist”: a portrait of the filmmaker as an enigmatic

into this season of the serious movie, when every other film seems to speak to the troubled times in which we actually live, the fact-based, yet farcical "the disaster artist" blows like a fresh breeze, throwing open a window through which we may escape, briefly, from ugly reality.

watch: james franco remarkably bad in ‘the disaster artist’

james franco brilliantly awful in the first official trailer for 'the disaster artist.'

‘the disaster artist’ trailer suggests it might be the funniest film of the year

the disaster artist is a complicated film to describe. a movie about the making of the movie, it’s a behind-the-scenes look at “so-bad-it’s-good” cult classic the room. written, produced and directed by the enigmatic tommy wiseau — who also stars — the room is a drama about the tragic love triangle that develops between a banker […] the post ‘the disaster artist’ trailer suggests it might be the funniest film of the year appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

james franco's 'the disaster artist': a great movie about the greatest bad movie

james franco’s “the disaster artist” promises to make up for years of devastating reviews and late-night jeers aimed at tommy wiseau and his cult flick, “the room.” the infamous 2003 self-made, self-promoted indie flop turned midnight movie sensation is filled with bad acting, worse continuity...

watch a special screening of cult classic 'the room' this january

“you are tearing me apart, lisa!” if that line means nothing to you, it’s about time you see “the room.” everyone’s talking about tommy wiseau’s nonsensical, but glorious, cult classic thanks to “the disaster artist,” which tells the story of how the movie got made in the first place. “the room”...

south by southwest film festival to premiere james franco's 'the disaster artist

the south by southwest film festival, following up on its main program announcement last week, on tuesday released more titles for the upcoming edition of the austin, texas-based event. topping the new list is the world premiere of “the disaster artist,” directed by and starring james franco. based...

the latest “disaster artist” trailer is actually kind of heartbreaking

tommy wiseau's "the room" is, arguably, one of the worst films ever made. it's so bad that it's gained a cult following––film professors even study this movie as an example of cult following and what not to do. "the disaster artist" is the behind-the-scenes tell-all about "the room" starring (and directed by) james franco, and this film is definitely not out to poke fun at tommy wiseau. at least, not exclusively. this trailer reveals some of the darker, more emotional side of the story.  the post the latest “disaster artist” trailer is actually kind of heartbreaking appeared first on holy kaw!.

james franco in talks to play chicago author shel silverstein in biopic

“the disaster artist" director-star james franco is in talks to play the late chicago poet-author shel silverstein in an upcoming biopic he would also direct, deadline.com reports. the movie will be based on the 2007 book “a boy named shel” by lisa rogak. silverstein, who wrote “the giving tree”...

from death row, artist william noguera writes a spirit-liberating memoir

"escape artist" is the long-incarcerated artist's first book.

james franco’s ‘the disaster artist’ premieres at sxsw next month

the story about the 'citizen kane' of bad movies will premiere in austin next month.

"disaster artist" star james franco on finding a work-life balance

from a teenager acting out, the actor-director turned to throwing his energies into a breathless pursuit of art, and is only now coming up for air

james franco: my parents considered my dream of acting "foolish"

in an interview for "sunday morning," the star of "the disaster artist" talks about overcoming parental doubts, and of (finally) slowing down after doing too much, too quickly

dave franco and ‘mad men’ actor alison brie get married

franco and brie appear together in "the disaster artist," which stars and is directed by franco's older brother, james.

look what happens when you interview artist and instagram sensation guadalupe ro

artist guadalupe rosales created an iconic archive of '90s chicano youth. now she's taking over lacma's instagram; she's the first artist to helm the feed.

tommy wiseau’s “the room” returns to cinemas for one night only

film buffs insist you should see tommy wiseau's “the room” before you see james franco's hit "the disaster artist."

palo alto native james franco wins best actor golden globe

actor-director honored for his work in "the disaster artist," while daly city native sam rockwell won for best supporting actor in a film.

what's it like to be a man in hollywood these days?

jake gyllenhaal loves “the disaster artist.” gary oldman initially didn’t want to play winston churchill in “darkest hour.” but then, he also at first turned down the role of sid vicious in “sid and nancy.” “that’d be a travesty,” jeremy renner told oldman. and who wouldn’t agree with that? welcome...

an artist hated the 'fearless girl' statue - so he put this at her feet

for nearly three months, the "fearless girl" statue has stared down the "charging bull," an iconic, 11-foot, three-ton monument to "peace, strength, power and love," according to the artist. this weekend, new york artist alex gardega decided he'd had enough. while "messing around" in his studio,...

onetime outsiders, 'disaster artist' screenwriters connected to a tale of follow

we're two kids from the east coast who grew up obsessed with the movies. we dreamed of “making" them before we had any idea what that phrase even meant. but hollywood was a world away and, to us, it seemed impenetrable. the older we got, the more impenetrable it became. intense competition, enormous...

artist salvador dali’s bones to be exhumed in spain for paternity test

a spanish judge on monday ordered the remains of artist salvador dali to be exhumed to settle a paternity suit, despite opposition from the state-run foundation that manages the artist's estate.

minnesota artist returns from l.a. for austere, magnetic solo exhibit

artist nathan hylden makes mystery out of the mundane.

james franco, but not aziz ansari, showed up at sag awards amid scandals

'the disaster artist' star probably knew he had no chance of winning but showed up anyway, while 'master of none' star aziz ansari opted to skip the ceremony.

james franco's 'the disaster artist' is a hilarious, heartening celebration of f

sometime in 2003, a billboard sprang up over highland avenue advertising a new movie called “the room,” adorned with a screening rsvp hotline and the strange, looming mug of its writer, director, producer and star, tommy wiseau. unlike some of my more adventurous colleagues, i never called the...

an honest trailer for the room

"the room" has gone down in film history as one of––if not the––worst film ever made and released. it's so bad that there are still screenings of it, where "fans" get together and mock the film. almost every decision in the movie was the wrong one. it's so famously awful that a movie, "the disaster artist," has been made about it. if you don't want to watch "the room" but still want to see "the disaster artist," watch this honest trailer.  the post an honest trailer for the room appeared first on holy kaw!.

ferdinand artist’s work features discarded, forgotten items

ferdinand, ind. (ap) — you’re familiar with it: the cliché image of an artist pondering in front of a blank canvas, wielding a messy pallet and donning a colorful beret. by that measure, curt uebelhor is not your typical artist. the ferdinand man — who works as an art instructor at boonville middle school — […]

fire destroys home and works of artist known for his giant mona lisa in the gras

well-known artist will ashford says loss of many years' work opens up new opportunities for his art.

magdalena abakanowicz, polish artist behind headless sculptures in grant park, d

renowned sculptor and fiber artist magdalena abakanowicz, poland's leading visual artist, has died at age 86, the rector of warsaw's academy of fine arts said friday. abakanowicz' work was notable for her larger-than-life, headless human figures, arranged in crowds in open spaces. she primarily...

arizona artist receiving death threats over controversial anti-trump billboard

the artist behind an arizona billboard attacking president donald trump claims she is now the subject of death threats after news and photos of her creation went national. according to azcentral, artist karen fiorito knew she would get a strong reaction for her work which went up of friday and depic...

artist david hockney gives close-up look at self in exhibit

the aspiring artist was 17 when he took pencil to paper in 1954 and sketched a stunningly mirror-like image of himself as a student at england's bradford school of art.