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10 tips to motivate employees without resorting to money

nothing is better for the bottom line than employees who work for psychic benefits.

6 money tips from someone who saved $1 million by age 30

here are some tips for boosting your savings, based on what worked for a one-time slacker who saved $1 million by age 30 -- and the mistakes he made along the way.

tips for saving money on the lirr

although long island rail road fares are higher after the recent fare hike, there are still ways to save money.

travel: car rental savings tips

car rental costs vary wildly. here are three clever, money-saving tips to bring those costs down.

4 investment tips to protect your future

almost everything in our daily life revolves around money. we go to work to earn money and we use that money to pay for food, gas, our homes and all our necessities. it can seem like a never-ending cycle, especially if you are still trying to establish yourself. however, there are some smart financial choices […] the post 4 investment tips to protect your future appeared first on dumb little man.

the motley fool: useful tips on investing

following the money q: when we buy a company’s stock through a brokerage, where does our money go? a: well, it doesn’t go to the company. it’s a bit like trading cards. when you buy a pack of gum that comes with a set of cards in it, the gum-and-card company gets its money. after […]

top 7 writing tips for you to write better

feel like you need efficient tips to boost your creativity as a writer? visit this blog to find awesome tips on how to become a better writer in no time! effective writing tips for you to stimulate your creative juices writing is an art. however, the good news is that you can learn this art. […]

united airlines ceo will personally give up to $1 million to help employees hurt

united airlines ceo oscar munoz has pledged to donate up to $1 million of his own money to aid employees affected by hurricane harvey, according to a letter obtained from a source within the airline. in the letter to employees, munoz encouraged his co-workers to contribute to united's employee...

george insists comments were intended to motivate pacers

indianapolis (ap) — indiana pacers star paul george is attacking critics of his recent postgame comments. george calls the notion that he threw teammates under the bus “completely ignorant.” the four-time all-star insists he was only trying to motivate other players to perform better after losing the first two games in their first-round playoff series […]

tricks to help you save money in college

with economic times becoming tougher every day, it is prudent to find some ways of making some savings on your college expenses. but how can a student save money when bills are spiraling and the cost of living is rising day by day? the answer to the above question contains many tips and tricks that […]

5 tips to learn languages by reading foreign books

language is the mirror of our culture. it reveals a nation’s secrets, shows a people’s everyday, and expresses their attitude to life. if you want to easily speak a foreign language, you need to get to know it better. and it’s not about grammar. traveling requires a lot of time and money, but reading is free […] the post 5 tips to learn languages by reading foreign books appeared first on dumb little man.

the motley fool: useful tips on investing

mysterious purchases q: when one company buys another, where does that money actually go? a: if the acquirer pays cash, the money goes to the shareholders of the acquired company. there might also be payments to other owner classes, such as holders of preferred stock. some of the cash tendered will occasionally go to debt […]

the motley fool: useful tips on investing

who gets the money? q: when i buy a share of stock in a company, does it get the money? and what does owning some shares really get me? a: shares of stock represent real ownership stakes in companies. if a company has a million shares outstanding and you buy 100 of them, you own […]

tax refunds going toward tips, taxis and tahiti trips, travel survey finds

the average individual income tax refund will be about $3,050, according to the irs. where does that money go? according to the travel website airfarewatchdog.com, most travelers plan to use a portion of that on personal travel. the website asked more than 700 visitors about where their money would...

robber hits taco bell in pinole, steals from employees

a robber hit a pinole taco bell before it opened tuesday taking money from employees and restaurant receipts.

5 money tips for savoring your summer vacation

the science behind happiness can help vacationeers make the most of trips away from home as well as staycations

deposit "tips" that are actually fake money with bible verses in the church coll

a recurring outrage theme on the internet is hard-working restaurant servers whose "tips" turn out to be fake us currency printed with bible verses, bearing the reassurance that these are "more valuable than money." (more…)

staging your home to sell: experts share their best tips

a few well-chosen improvements go a long way toward appealing to today’s buyers, and it doesn’t mean spending a fortune. sellers often overlook small things that matter to buyers — and spend money replacing big things that really don’t, says krista wolter, a real estate agent with coldwell banker burnet. successful staging, according to interior designer and photo stylist jay nuhring, of jay nuhring house styling, makes a buyer remember your home and start to invest emotionally. that leads to second showings and, ultimately, offers. here are wolter and nuhring’s tips on where to invest time and money for best results:

denver restaurant week 2017: pro tips to get your money’s (and tummy’s) worth

with 258 restaurants and a new three-tier pricing system, you're going to need a game plan.

motivated employees contribute to a strong economy

we must raise the minimum wage for all employees and resist efforts to cut public employees' take-home pay.

tips for reading washington post stories about trump based on anonymous leaks

in the midst of an active shooter situation, we have tips for how to judge breaking news. we need similar tips to manage anti-trump breaking news.

7 ways to save money on wine

you don't have to spend a fortune on wine, if you follow the these seven great insider tips.

trump's ethics office reverses policy, will allow anonymous donors to fund white

the us office of government ethics has silently reversed its longstanding policy banning anonymous "gifts" to white house employees who have started legal defense funds after being accused of malfeasance. (more…)

sponsored: 7 car s that actually work

tricks and tips to save you money on car maintenance.

google self-driving car staff took ‘f-you’ money and ran: report

pay your employees well and they’ll stick around, one bit of conventional wisdom goes. but what if you pay your workers too much?

pros offer tips for starting your own seeds to save time and money in the garden

starting your own seeds, or dividing plants already in your garden, can save time and -- and a lot of money.

federal employees are using trump-proof technology to communicate

president trump’s election is causing mayhem amongst federal employees. politico released a report describing how government employees are using encrypted messaging apps and services to discuss the security of their positions and opinions of decisions made by trump. employees are worried trump will ...

tax tips if you drove for uber, rented out your home on airbnb, more

unlike full-time jobs, where taxes are automatically withheld from every paycheck, it's usually up to freelance workers to keep records and put aside money to eventually pay the irs.

tips for staying cool this summer

department of public health offers the following tips to stay safe during this period of excessive heat:

the motley fool: useful tips on investing

business models q: what is a “business model”? a: a business model is the way a company makes its money. razor and inkjet- printer companies, for example, sell their razors and printers relatively inexpensively and then make money on higher-profit-margin blades and ink cartridges. ethan allen and ikea both sell furniture, but while ethan allen […]

punch list: what to do in your denver-area garden, july 7-13

tips for hot-weather gardening advice, starting your vegetables and herbs, getting rid of japanese beetles and other tips.

pizza hut manager threatens employees fleeing irma

a pizza hut manager in florida threatened to punish employees who missed shifts while evacuating the state as hurricane irma approached. a picture circulating on social media monday showed a memo to employees at a pizza hut branch in jacksonville, in which the manager said employees have “resp...

three female ex-employees sue google claiming wage discriminationthree female ex

a lawsuit filed by three former employees claims google is systematically and knowingly paying women employees less than comparable male workers. google says allegations are untrue.

11 simple yet important tips to secure aws deployments11 simple yet important ti

it's important to be aware of the security challenges associated with cloud environments, in particular, amazon web services. these 11 tips will help organizations secure their aws deployments.

fired fox executive calls lawsuit against her a ‘money grab’

new york (ap) — a former financial executive at fox news channel says a racial discrimination lawsuit against her is “nothing more than a meritless and reprehensible money grab.” lawyers for judith slater, who ran the accounting department at the network but was fired earlier this year when some employees alleged she ran a racially […]