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13 career mistakes it pays to make in your 20s

the pressure to be "on the right track" in one's twenties can be overwhelming, and it's all too easy to think one setback portends bad things to come. the post 13 career mistakes it pays to make in your 20s appeared first on holy kaw!.

health myths: 10 crucial mistakes people make in getting healthy

everyone is trying to live healthy these days. pinterest is flooded with healthy grocery shopping lists and exercise infog hics. and let’s not forget those motivational pics of beautiful men and women. they seem happy and complete because they are living healthy. and, we all want to be like them. we get the impression that everyone is […] the post health myths: 10 crucial mistakes people make in getting healthy appeared first on dumb little man.

manage your career before it manages you

is there a secret as to why some individuals have successful careers and others do not? research shows that abilities or iq often have no cause and effect relationship. certainly, a socio-economic background does have a significant ociation, but no guarantee. as an executive coach and leadership trainer, i have talked to experienced senior managers and […] the post manage your career before it manages you appeared first on dumb little man.

49ers navorro bowman pays tribute to late coach: ‘i felt it was my duty to make

var _ndnq = _ndnq || []; _ndnq.push([’embed’]); san francisco — navorro bowman once recovered from a devastating knee injury. and he’s confident that he’ll come back strong from last year’s ruptured achilles tendon. but it was clear friday night that a broken heart lasts forever. wiping back tears and struggling for words, bowman saluted his […]

hail to the nasa chief - charles f. bolden retrospective | video

the fmr. nasa administrator strung together a long set of achievements in his 7 years of leading the space agency. levar burton narrates this look at his career.

landscape shooter lisa bettany shares her story of healing through p og hy

  $(document).ready(function() { samplegalleryv2({"containerid":"embeddedsamplegallery_7608234858","galleryid":"7608234858","isembeddedwidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedimageindex":0,"startincommentsview":false,"ismobile":false}) }); lisa bettany is a renowned landscape p og her whose career began as she was recovering from a traumatic injury. born in canada, she was a competitive figure skater until the age of 21 when she suffered a back injury while skating. years into her recovery it was still extremely difficult to walk and sit up, but when she acquired a era things started to change for the better. one day at a time she ventured farther and farther from home, increasing each trip minute by minute, growing stronger and learning the art of p og hy. for her, le

7 ways to make your home one you’re excited to come back to each day

when you think of your home, does it evoke a welcoming, cozy, happy feeling? our homes are a personal extension of ourselves. when we walk through the door, we should feel joy, contentment and peace. although most of us want these things for our homes, we don’t always know where to start in creating this […] the post 7 ways to make your home one you’re excited to come back to each day appeared first on dumb little man.

joe manganiello discusses playing deathstroke in ‘the batman’

fans are excited to see some one of the villains make their way into the dc cinematic universe: deathstroke. actor joe manganiello has vowed to make fans proud of his performance in the forthcoming batman film, titled the batman. “growing up an avid comic book fan, and then there were a lot of superhero roles, and […]

8 snow scenes that will make your heart stop

snow makes a great setting for some shocking moments in film and television. snow is white; it’s also often described as pure which makes it a perfect contrast to blood, gore, and grisly goings-on. it can be pretty inhospitable too, adding atmospherics and isolation into the mix. fandom delves into some of the most memorable […] the post 8 snow scenes that will make your heart stop appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

how to make fast, no-soak beans in the pressure cooker

i think that a warm pot of beans whenever you want them is at least half the reason for owning a pressure cooker. forget pre-soaking. forget hours of gentle simmering. with a pressure cooker, you can go from opening a bag of dried legumes to plump, tender beans in under an hour. how’s that for a sales pitch?! continue reading "how to make fast, no-soak beans in the pressure cooker" »

5 ways to make the most of failure

failure comes in all shapes and forms, and everyone has their own ideas about it. one thing that is certain, however, is that failure s. heck, the mere thought of failing at anything is enough to put most people off trying in the first place. but it shouldn’t. learning to deal with failure in a positive […] the post 5 ways to make the most of failure appeared first on dumb little man.

7 ways to manage difficult personalities at work

colleagues can either be constructive or disruptive! the helpful ones make work much easier and the workplace a great place to look forward going to every day. but, handling the disruptive ones requires a lot of tact or else, they can make your already difficult work atmosphere even more difficult. with some tactful interference, you can either keep […] the post 7 ways to manage difficult personalities at work appeared first on dumb little man.

ios 10.3 wants to use your info to make siri better

the latest version of apple's mobile operating system wants your help improving its products and services.

qualcomm ceo slams apple for 'without merit' lawsuits

senior executives at qualcomm slammed apple on wednesday for lawsuits filed in the last week alleging the smartphone chip-maker significantly overcharged it for licensing fees. the spat saw cases filed last friday in california and this week in beijing and were top of mind when qualcomm conducted an earnings call with analysts on wednesday. for 15 minutes, qualcomm executives criticized apple’s moves, calling the two lawsuits “without merit” and accused the iphone-maker of trying to use them as a way to reduce the royalties the iphone maker pays to qualcomm. to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

ciara starts fresh with new warner bros. record deal

the grammy award-winning singer promises to make the world dance again.

manitoba premier urged to apologize for saying aboriginal night hunting is causi

‘young indigenous guys going out and shootin’ a bunch of moose ’cause they can, ’cause they say it’s their right, doesn’t make any sense to me’

4 core american principles that can rejuvenate our country

it will take more than walls and jobs to 'make america great again.' we need to return to the philosophies that undergirded the american founding.

anonymous donor pays students' lunch debt

an anonymous donor paid off lunch debts for 148 elementary school students.       

comment on eat amazing (and healthy) for $50/month by natalia serafin

you didn't give any specific tip as what to buy exactly, just ranted about taxes and proteins. unfortunately for me this article was a waste of time. you could make an effort to write down an example of your grocery list for a week/month. it was like a clickbait; it;s a disaster dude

why is it okay for chelsea handler to make fun of melania trump’s accent?

apparently chelsea handler believes speaking english with an accent is a sign of stupidity. yet her snobbish comments betray her ignorance and intolerance.

are you more likely to get sick when you haven’t had enough sleep?

your mom wasn’t just nagging you — not getting enough sleep really could make you sick. a study in the journal sleep showed that in 11 pairs of identical twins, the halves who consistently got less sleep every night also had weakened immune systems. the researchers specifically looked at white blood...

the echi type-c power meter will keep you from frying your phone

the new echi type-c power meter has been designed to test usb-c accessories to make sure they won't fry your smartphone.

peta protests 'a dog's purpose' at hollywood theater

lisa lange said her dog's purpose is to sleep on rainy days and play with toys. it's not, she said, to be a prop in a film so "hollywood producers can make a buck."  lange, senior vice president of people for the ethical treatment of animals, was among dozens of demonstrators who gathered outside...

grand del mar no. 1 luxury el, tripadvisor reviewers say

san diego’s grand del mar, which two years ago was sold to fairmont els, is regarded as the top luxury el in the country, thanks to users of the tripadvisor website. the only other san diego county property to make it onto tripadvisor’s top 25 luxury resorts in the nation was rancho valencia...

can’t afford a h elblad? win one instead in the 2018 masters contest

natalia evelyn bencicovah elblad masters 2016winner of the portrait category h elblad is giving away 11 medium-format eras in what it’s describing as the biggest masters competition it has ever held. the 2018 contest introduces a new category for aerial p og hy in tribute, h elblad says, to the company’s roots in aerial work – its first era was an aerial era. the inclusion may also have something to do with drone-manufacturing share-holder dji. entrants need to be working professionals, with a specification that you should have been professional for three years, and any brand of film or digital era can be used. the project/21 category though is open to all p og hers who have yet to reach the age of 22. submissions should consist of three images which don’t have to be a set or re

behind closed doors, republican lawmakers fret about how to repeal obamacare

republican lawmakers aired sharp concerns about their party's quick push to repeal the affordable care act at a closed-door meeting thursday, according to a recording of the session obtained by the washington post. the recording reveals a gop that appears to be filled with doubts about how to make...

comment on 7 ways to make money from your smartphone or tablet by alaa omran

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15 questions to ask when buying a used car

upgrading to a newer vehicle can be very exciting. you probably know a few things about cars, but not knowing the best questions to ask can make the experience intimidating. below are several questions to help you get started and overcome challenges along the way. if you show confidence, stick to your budget, and ask […] the post 15 questions to ask when buying a used car appeared first on dumb little man.

diplomatic debut: trump makes uneven entry onto world stage

washington (ap) — one week into office, president donald trump was trying to clean up his first international incident. the president shifted a jam-packed schedule friday to make room for an hourlong phone call with mexican president enrique pena nieto, who had abruptly snubbed the new president by canceling a visit. trump’s team had appeared […]

virtual reality homebuying on the horizon

southern california’s home market is so competitive that some buyers make down payments on houses over mobile streaming applications.  soon, thanks to virtual reality, showing a home may become p é, too.  calgary, canada-based builder brookfield residential will offer virtual tours of model homes...

dangerous farm equipment used to make corn meal

my favorite part of this video is the hand-cranked machine that strips dried kernels of corn from the cob, then grabs the denuded cob and deposits it out of the hopper (hopefully later to be turned into corncob pipes [i had a friend in college who smoked pot in a corncob pipe.]). after that the kernels are ground into meal with a gas=powered mill that has pulleys and a belt that are just begging for a person to get their finger close enough to bite off.

adulting isn’t just instagramming your dinner – soft skills for millennials

millennials have been done a great disservice. they are told that if they go to college and earn a degree, they will make a million dollars more over their lifetime than someone without a college degree. while this statistic is true in some cases, many millennials are under the mistaken impression it is the college […] the post adulting isn’t just instagramming your dinner – soft skills for millennials appeared first on dumb little man.

hopes of kodachrome relaunch put on ice

p o by pittaya via flickr. used under cc license hold your horses, all you would-be egglestons: kodachrome probably isn't about to make a comeback. in all the excitement about the re-launch of ektachrome, the chief marketing officer of eastman kodak said that the company was going to look into bringing back the iconic filmstock. the problem was, it was the wrong kodak. now, in an interview with time.com, a senior representative from kodak alaris, the uk-based company that owns the kodak stills film division, says it's unlikely, given the need for specialist processing. dennis olbrich, president of the imaging, paper, p o chemicals and film division at kodak alaris is quoted as saying 'i would love for it to be kodachrome, obviously. but it’s a very difficult proposition to get tha

easy tuscan bean soup

the best bean soups have a lived-in quality, as if they have been simmering on the back burner for hours, just waiting for you. you can achieve this by cooking the dried beans from scratch, of course. or you can skip the long simmer and pop open a can! bean soups have the distinct a ntage of tasting terrific either way. today’s soup uses canned beans to make a 30-minute meal that tastes like it took all day. continue reading "easy tuscan bean soup" »

sridevi clicked with jhanvi and khushi at the airport

while sridevi still manages to regale us… looks like her daughters are surely following her footsteps. it was a sight to behold when we spotted sridevi at the airport with her daughters jhanvi and khushi. sridevi looked stunning in a white top and denims, jhanvi and khushi too proved to make an electric runway appearance. tell us who do you think nailed the airport look… too close a call, eh? continue reading ...

paleo cocoa

cocoa may be the most comforting beverage of all time. and while i have fond childhood memories of packets of cocoa with tiny hard marshmallows, my taste in chocolate has become slightly more sophisticated as an adult. this paleo chocolate is high on the cocoa content, lower on sugar. it’s sweetened with dark amber maple syrup and gets a flavor boost from espresso powder. make a double batch of the cocoa syrup base and store it in the fridge so you can have truly great chocolate in the time it takes to heat up some milk! continue reading "paleo cocoa" »

multiplayer high: how games help learning

listen to anyone talk about schools today: cl ical education just can't keep up. in the digital generation's world of constant change, most schooling is profoundly boring. but what else is possible? imagine an environment where the participants are building a m ive network databases, wikis and websites, and thousands of message forums, creating a large-scale knowledge economy. imagine an environment where participants constantly measure and evaluate their own performance, even if that requires them to build new tools to do so. imagine an environment where user interface dashboards are constructed by the users themselves to make sense of the world and their own performance in it. imagine an environment where evaluation is based on after-action reviews to continually enhance performance; an

the apple watch will soon get new siri powers and theater mode

when watchos 3.2 rolls out, you’ll be able to use siri to perform tasks in third-party apps on your apple watch just like you can on your iphone. this will cut down on some of the scrolling and swiping around the watch’s tiny display that you have to do to use apps like uber, runkeeper, and other siri-compatible services.the new feature, first noticed by techcrunch, will make the apple watch easier to use. i already use siri to send messages and control apple tunes on my watch, but siri’s usefulness has been restricted to apple’s built-in apps until now.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

hands on with setapp: getting started with the netflix of mac apps

macpaw, the company behind the famous cleanmymac hard drive cleaner, has launched setapp, a subscription-based alternative to apple’s mac app store. with setapp, a single subscription currently lets you access more than 60 curated mac apps for a $9.99 fixed monthly fee. macpaw says it will eventually offer up to 300 apps for that price, as new apps will be added every month.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

developer welfare: trump’s infrastructure plan

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071060'; click here for reuse options! he’s going to create a huge trillion-dollar market for wall street’s high finance. while protestors and police were clashing on the inaugural parade route in washington, d.c., the newly sworn-in president of the united states was lunching with the establishment in washington—some of the very people he called out in his inaugural address.transcript:sharmini peries: it’s the real news network. i’m sharmini peries, coming to you from baltimore.donald trump: we are transferring power from washington, d.c. and giving it back to you, the people.crowd: (applause)donald trump: for too long a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have born

apple introduces ios-style 'night shift' mode in the new macos sierra 10.12.4 de

night owls are going to love the forthcoming mac update.apple has included “night shift” mode in the first developer beta of macos sierra 10.12.4. night shift originated in ios 9.3 to make your iphone display easier on your eyes when used in the dark.similarly, night shift for macos will change the screen’s color temperature from a harsh blue to a warmer yellow, so that you will have fewer issues going to sleep after using your mac. on ios, night shift turns on automatically around sunset and resets back the next morning. you can also turn it on manually in ios’s control center, which you access by swiping up on your screen.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

the secret to outpacing your rival? competitive insights.

entrepreneurs live to innovate and to stay a step ahead. here's how to use data to keep competitors in your rearview mirror and make it happen.

podcast 543: what’s up with whatsapp

after last week's focus on security, this week glenn and susie...focus on security. specifically, we discuss the smack of controversy around whatsapp, and how to make it more secure. elsewhere, apple's fixing bugs in macos, losing employees to tesla, possibly building a manufacturing plant in the united states, and getting us excited with rumors about depth sensors in an upcoming iphone. show notes macos sierra 10.12.3 update fixes the safari bug that affected macbook pro battery life by roman loyolato read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

watch a modded hexbug perform autonomous tasks

hexbugs are cute insect-like toys with a remote control. brad knox has created a mod that harnesses smartphone technology to make them autonomous, able to distinguish colors and navigate obstaccles. (more…)

trump says he will make christian refugees a priority

president trump said persecuted christians in syria have been treated "unfairly."       

silicon valley’s false feminist idol finally makes a peep

 after an era of cowed silence, noted fair-weather feminist and facebook demigod sheryl sandberg finally spoke up! sandberg had not objected to the trump administration — clearly an affront to her values, the values that have sold more than two million copies of lean in — but late this week she posted on her platform of choice to decry trump’s day one expanded global gag rule. read more

'la la land' and the oscars: why the movie attracts haters

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071245'; click here for reuse options! opposition to the film has come from fans of the hollywood al and admirers of jazz. too bad they are wrong. the seven-awards sweep at the golden globes has been followed by a 14-nomination sweep at the academy awards. a modest, low-budget sorta- al about jazz and disappointment has now tied “all about eve” and “titanic” for receiving the most oscar nominations ever.so what happens next? the movie has now been positioned as something that only conventional, middlebrow folk will celebrate. and the cohorts that have been dogging the movie since it e out will receive a new push from intellectuals and pundits and journalists eager to establish their too-cool-for-school cred or nonconfor

throwback thursday: five era accessories you probably didn't need

five era accessories you probably didn't need plenty of useful era accessories come on to the market every year – but among them are some real duds. so let's take a look back at some of the worst offenders, shall we? the first product that comes to mind, at least around here, is the sony party-s . the party-s , introduced in 2009, was actually pretty clever. you popped on a compatible era (originally the cyber-s dsc-wx1 and tx1) and off it went. the 'personal p og her' could rotate 360° and tilt up or down 24°, and would use the era's face and smile detection features to follow subjects and take a p o at the right moment. it even used the rule of thirds for proper composition! the party-s was portable, making it the thing to talk about at parties (no pun int

iphone 7 plus survives 13 hours in icy russian river

  a video posted by fedor (@emfedor1983) on jan 20, 2017 at 11:37pm pst apple's iphone 7 isn't officially cl ified as a waterproof. with its ip67 rating it is capable of surviving immersion at a depth of one meter (3.3 feet) for 30 minutes but this is meant to protect against accidental drops into water or splashes rather than make the phone suitable for underwater activities.  however, an incident during an ice fishing trip in russia has now demonstrated that the device offers more environmental protection than its ip rating would suggest. according to russian language publication ykt.ru a fisherman dropped his iphone 7 plus into an ice fishing hole in the city of yakutsk. unable to retrieve the device, it was left in the water overnight, until the next day a diver fri

another trump lie: 'i’m smart'

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071045'; click here for reuse options! it isn’t clear if he’s trying to convince his interviewer or himself. the only two words donald trump has uttered more frequently than “you’re fired” are “i’m smart.”he did it again urday during his visit to cia headquarters. trump’s handlers staged the event so he could demonstrate his full support for the agency (despite spending the past year bashing the nation’s intelligence community) and to divert media attention away from the tens of thousands of americans who had come to washington, d.c. that day to protest trump’s presidency. but trump’s scripted remarks turned into a rambling rant that included attacks on the media and his insistence that as many as 1.5 million people att