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want to recruit and retain millennials? upgrade your office design asap

one of the things that millennials find so perplexing — and admittedly, amusing — is how hard employers are trying to figure out what makes them tick. indeed, it’s almost as if millennials are strangers from another planet (millenus? millupiter?), with a profoundly different psychology and biology. well, at the risk of blowing the lid […]

pepsi pulls garbage ad targeting garbage millennials because nothing makes them

millennials are why we can't have nice things. thank the boomers, their parents.

our first trip to mexico was so amazing it opened the way for many happy returns

travel offers more lasting pleasure than mere acquisition of things, numerous studies show, a concept that millennials seem to have made their own. before cellphones and social media and long before the word “millennials” signified a generation, my husband, phil, and i tumbled to that mind-set...

5 ways millennials can make car buying a smoother ride

as millennials shop for wheels they’re finding it’s not as easy as swiping right on their smartphone. some dealers might assume millennials don’t have enough money and show them little respect. to avoid common car-buying headaches, experts offer these five tips:

why millennials will never retire

why millennials will never retire the meaning of “work” is changing, and with life expectancies growing, the gig economy taking hold and artificial intelligence taking plenty of people’s jobs, millennials will have careers that are worlds away from those of their forebears, says dr. linda sharkey, g...

‘man up, millennials’: bootst it

i am heartened by letter writer sam oliver and those of the younger generation who aspire to #self sufficiency [“real-world education: vocational alternatives,” opinion, feb. 8]. my generation was storming omaha beach, flying b-17 multi engine bombers and getting a gi bill education. we didn’t squander our time. man up, millennials. learn to change a […]

desires of millennials reshape industrial real estate

just like apartment markets, the future of other real estate development is being shaped by a younger generation.

adulting isn’t just instagramming your dinner – soft skills for millennials

millennials have been done a great disservice. they are told that if they go to college and earn a degree, they will make a million dollars more over their lifetime than someone without a college degree. while this statistic is true in some cases, many millennials are under the mistaken impression it is the college […] the post adulting isn’t just instagramming your dinner – soft skills for millennials appeared first on dumb little man.

to some millennials, bob dylan is a complete unknown

millennials are learning about a certain minnesota troubadour through a new class at the u.

millennials are becoming options trading experts

a recent study by e-trade financial found that 40 percent of millennials execute options trades online, at least once a month. this is compared to around 25 percent of generation x. millennials did grow up in a digital world. and, there are many digital tools that make it easy and convenient to engage in options […]

why millennials are finally starting to settle down and buy homes

millennials are finally starting to show interest in homeownership.weighed down by massive student debt and job struggles, the generation brutalized by the great recession has lacked both the money and the desire to buy homes. they've been a generation of renters.but as millennials have entered...

the psychology of hating on millennials

we have all heard the complaints about millennials. they're lazy. they're entitled. they're ruining every conceivable industry. so what is the deal with everyone hating on millennials? actually, there's some science behind it. this sci show psych episodes describes juvenoia, the exaggerated fear of social change on the youth. it's a condition that has been around since, well, pretty much forever. learn more about the condition in this video, and why it's not actually that true for millennials. the post the psychology of hating on millennials appeared first on alltop viral.

when in doubt, blame the millennials

for nearly every topic, there’s a study saying generation y is ruining things.

millennials, take your first trip abroad with contiki and get a passport for fre

contiki believes millennials should travel abroad more. that’s why the tour company is offering to pay the cost of a new passport for america’s millennials, provided they take one of contiki’s international trips. the deal: the passport offer is good for the first 100 travelers who respond. you...

card companies take on a new look and tone to lure millennials

americans will spend nearly $20 billion this valentine's day and millennials are shelling out the most

why are millennials having so much less sex than their grandparents did?

a new study finds millennials are having far less sex than their older counterparts, and that the ‘marriage advantage’ of more frequent sex compared to singles has dramatically declined.

anderson: will millennials step up as hunting and angling continue decline?

many millennials aren’t hunters and anglers like their forebears — and that spells trouble.

questioning stereotypes about younger, older millennials

their money, their attention and their votes are all in big demand -- but identifying millennials is complicated by a divide within the generation

millennials: a boomer apologizes

in response to the article, “give us a break, plead seattle’s maligned millennials,” i offer all millennials a full and unconditional pardon in the face of your detractors. i am a baby boomer, born in ’57. my generation learned from president richard nixon that politics are corrupt, from big tobacco that corporations are corrupt, from […]

poll: nearly half of millennials prefer socialism to capitalism

twenty-three percent of millennials consider communist dictators kim jong un and joseph stalin 'heroes.'

4 useful tips for managing millennials in the workplace

many millennials and recent college grads are opting for remote working positions. working remotely provides a better work-life balance for them, along with the freedom to work where and how they please. it offers some great opportunities, too. millennials can be great assets to remote teams, but managing them can be a difficult task. you […] the post 4 useful tips for managing millennials in the workplace appeared first on dumb little man.

tips for selling a house to millennials

last year, millennials -- adults age 36 and younger -- made up the largest share of homebuyers, representing 34 percent of the market, according to a report by the national association of realtors.

millennials aren’t horrible people for not buying houses and liking avocado toas

at the root of criticism of the millennials’ spending decisions is a value judgement and a narrow view of the america dream.

companies seeking to attract older millennials look to the suburbs

for millennials starting families and taking out mortgages, a job in the suburbs has its own appeal.

cannabis industry “deluged” with resumes from millennials

millennials are the first generation of college graduates who can job-hunt in the legal marijuana industry, and many are showing an interest.

millennials — paying the rent, hoping for help later

about 1 in 10 millennials in the bay area get help from their parents to pay rent, according to a survey by apartment list.

millennials want more from love than hookups, study finds

it’s clear that ‘the talk’ needs to be about more than just sex. love rooted in reality is what millennials have been looking for after all.

will: there’s a success formula to keep millennials out of poverty; will they fo

a remarkable study shows a return to the pattern of getting an education, a job, a spouse and then having children can lift millennials from poverty.

for millennials in silicon valley, buying a home is pretty much a nightmare

a new report shows that home ownership among millennials in the san jose area plunged faster than anywhere else in the country.

why we all need millennials to start trying to have more

og hy and social media are disincentivizing young people from pursuing real romantic relationships. that spells trouble for them and us all.

is self-care healthy or the ultimate in millennial narcissism? yes

a new study finds a connection between millennials' high rates of 'self-care' and their obsessive use of the internet -- it's where millennials get solutions, including ones to problems they didn't previously know they have.

why it’s terrible news that millennials are having less

og hy and social media are disincentivizing young people from pursuing real romantic relationships. that spells trouble for them and us all.

darden ceo: millennials still enjoy chains like olive garden

new york (ap) — millennials may be shunning some habits beloved by past generations, but one restaurant company ceo says they still want to go to sit-down chains like olive garden. “believe it or not, millennials still want to come to restaurants,” gene lee, chief executive of olive garden’s parent company darden restaurants, said tuesday, […]

10 things millennials have been blamed for

from the disappearance of bar soap to the demise of breakfast cereal, here’s a generation fighting a big blame game.

millennials, women and college grads are most prolific library users

a pew survey found that the majority of millennials have visited a public library this year, making them the most prolific library-using generation. an ala spokesperson attributed this to the libraries' commitment to providing free, fast broadband and the ability to borrow devices such as tablets -- but the survey found that very few patrons use the libraries' apps. (more…)