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aurora launches programs aimed at helping immigrant community start art-related

the aurora cultural arts district launched the acadia project to help refugee artisans start businesses and sell their artwork

vital signs that your business could be headed for the rocks

many people earn a living by running a business or are being employed to work in a business premises. businesses exist in different stages including start-ups, small  ventures, medium sized, and the huge ones that are considered to be highly successful. every business has to start from somewhere and grow to become a force to […]

trump, gop tax plan has a lot for businesses to like, but californians could tak

the republican tax overhaul has a lot for businesses to like — and a lot of unanswered questions for everyone else. according to the plan, which republican officials outlined wednesday, many businesses would see a huge reduction in their tax bills and many middle-class americans would see tax relief....

a start-up investor used his power 'for sexual gain.' now the tech industry is c

the technology industry is built on a model where venture capitalists have lots of leverage. start-up founders, after all, regularly beg them for the cash needed to turn nascent ideas into viable businesses. but that’s a power dynamic with dangerous consequences, as a sexual harassment scandal...

pruneyard’s massive makeover off to a dramatic start

a few new businesses are moving into the pruneyard shopping center during the first phase of renovations.

on philanthropy: focused mission statements help donors decide where to direct t

when setting up a giving plan, most individuals, families and businesses begin with two basic questions: “where do we start?” and “to which organizations should we give?”

indian businesses brace for chaos amid gst tax reform

many businesses say they are not prepared for the goods and services tax that will take effect on july 1.

mpls businesses honored for cutting air pollutants

the city is in its sixth year of supporting businesses that cut health-harming pollution.

police warn of robberies of southwest side businesses

chicago police on friday released surveillance photos of one of a series of robberies in recent weeks at chicago lawn district businesses. two male teens or young men have been robbing the businesses since at least march 20, according to a police alert issued friday. in the robberies, at least...

snap acquires location-tracking start-up placed, reportedly for $200 million

snapchat maker snap inc. acquired a seattle start-up that tracks the location of smartphones to help businesses and advertisers learn more about consumer behavior. terms of the deal for placed inc. were not disclosed in an announcement monday, but geekwire reported that it was worth up to about...

west metro briefs: hennepin county targets small businesses for projects

starting this month, hennepin county is shifting some of the work it bids out for renovation or repair of county buildings from larger companies to small local businesses. from painting to small voltage electrical projects, small businesses now will get a shot at county jobs that come in under $100,000.

us businesses increase inventories by a modest 0.3 percent

u.s. businesses increased their stockpiles in february by a modest amount while their sales slowed a bit.

president trump still in position to cash in on businesses

cbs news searches through documents to see what steps president has taken to distance himself from his businesses

businesses say they need the export-import bank to sell goods abroad. will trump

firmgreen inc., a newport beach renewable energy company, is preparing to start construction on a solar project in the philippines. the job could have yielded about $180 million in contracts to u.s. manufacturers to supply most of the equipment — but the work most likely will be done in china instead....

president still in position to cash in on businesses

cbs news searches through documents to see what steps president has taken to distance himself from his businesses

editorial: trump administration doesn’t want more elon musks and sergey brins in

a new visa allowing well-funded entrepreneurs to start businesses in the u.s. is halted by the trump administration, even though half of successful startups here have immigrant founders.

lawsuit against trump’s businesses attempts impeachment by other means

while it would have been better for president trump to have divested control of his businesses before taking office, not doing so does not necessarily violate the constitution.

latest tax scams pressure businesses with emails, phone callslatest tax scams pr

news analysis: while most of tax scams have been aimed at individual taxpayers, there are some new scams aimed at businesses that will try to approach your employees.

us businesses boost stockpiles at modest pace as sales slow

u.s. businesses stockpiled more goods in warehouses and on store shelves in january, while sales growth slowed.

australian businesses must now report if they’ve suffered a data breach

big aussie businesses will soon be legally required to disclose data breaches thanks to a bill passed by the federal government

businesses borrowing more under trump, li lender says

executives are gaining confidence and borrowing more to invest in their businesses after the november election, a long island lending executive said tuesday.

medical marijuana businesses unsure about future in iowa

iowa's medical marijuana oil program will start in weeks, but obtaining the medicine will be difficult and manufacturers said it's unclear if the state's effort will be viable.

businesses get pushed out as industrial districts rebuild

many warehouses and light industrial businesses have disappeared from denver's river north art district. with real estate becoming so expensive, the few that remain will likely sell out.

l.a. businesses brace for writers' strike. one car lot is auctioning a third of

small businesses that cater to the entertainment industry are on edge across los angeles, bracing for a strike that could have a crippling effect on their operations.

shops vandalized on melrose place in beverly grove

three businesses were vandalized on melrose place in beverly grove early wednesday, police said. the windows of three businesses in the 8400 block of melrose place were smashed sometime after midnight, said lapd officer irma mota.  money was taken from one of the three businesses, mota said; the...

hoax bomb threats seeking $25,000 ransom faxed to businesses across the nation

bomb threats have been sent to businesses around the nation as part of a ransom scheme. police in north carolina said recent threats made to businesses in the asheville area appear to be linked to similar threats in north dakota and minnesota, reported the citizen-times. the threats have been made b...

interest in cyberinsurance grows as hackers target small businesses

small and medium-size businesses are hit by nearly two-thirds of all cyberattacks — about 4,000 a day, according to ibm.

two new venture capital funds in l.a.: one for gaming. one for business software

investing in start-ups trying to make video games has fallen out of favor in much of the venture capital community. they’re difficult-to-predict businesses, driven more by characters and animation than by novel technology and often have limited potential buyers if they don’t work out as well as...

thieves hit six broomfield businesses in smash-and-grab burglaries wednesday

the businesses were spread across three locations and included three nail salons, one small restaurant, a dry cleaner and a vape shop. the thieves smashed front windows or doors and took only cash.

cuomo: businesses can apply for $800 million in state aid

businesses, nonprofits and local governments can begin submitting applications on monday for gov. andrew m. cuomo's annual competition for state aid.

us businesses increase stockpiles in july

u.s. businesses increased their stockpiles in july, but at a slower pace than in june. sales also rose by a small amount.

cannabis industry orginization forms to “be ready” for national legalization

three colorado businesses are among the national association of cannabis businesses's seven founding members.

facebook messenger aims to make it easier to chat with businesses through bots

can facebook grow the number of businesses that interact with customers on messenger?

cannabis industry organization forms to “be ready” for national legalization

three colorado businesses are among the national association of cannabis businesses's seven founding members.

ted: why employee-owned businesses are what our economy needs

there are few things more motivating than ownership, so why should employees be any different? the post ted: why employee-owned businesses are what our economy needs appeared first on holy kaw!.