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2 bizarre ancient galaxies found in a colossal sea of dark matter

two enormous galaxies seen merging in the distant universe have astronomers rethinking the leading theory of how galaxies form.

in galaxies far, far away, dark matter does not matter too much

dark matter — the mysterious substance whose presence can only be inferred through its gravitational effects — dominates galaxies in the present-day universe. estimates suggest that galaxies born in the modern universe contain anything between 50 percent and 80 percent dark matter, and in some recen...

dark matter took much longer to condense than normal matter, new study | video

using the very large telescope, astronomers ‘peered way back in time’ to study 10 billion year old disc galaxies according to the european southern observatory. they found that dark matter was not concentrated around those galaxies.

hubble has found the ancient galaxies that gave the universe its first light

by using a quirk of einstein's general relativity and applying a new technique to remove obscuring light, astronomers have found an ancient population of the universe's first galaxies.

dark matter was likely a minor ingredient in early galaxies, study finds

although the invisible substance known as dark matter dominates galaxies nowadays, it was apparently only a minor ingredient of galaxies in the early universe, a new study finds.

dark matter is the real guardian of the galaxies (video)

step aside, star-lord – there's another superhero in the universe, and it's "guarding" far more galaxies than you can even fathom.

astronomers capture the first 'image' of the dark matter that holds the universe

researchers have produced what they say is the first composite image of a dark matter filament that connects galaxies across the cosmos.

ancient, bizarre microbes found trapped in crystals in mexican cave system

in a mexican cave system so beautiful and hot that it is called both fairyland and hell, scientists have discovered life trapped in crystals that could be 50,000 years old. the bizarre and ancient microbes were found dormant in caves in naica, mexico, and were able to exist by living on minerals...

the mystery of the universe's missing 'normal' matter has begun to unravel

previously undetected matter was found in the form of gas filaments between galaxies, which is a major step toward explaining the structure of the cosmos.

lack of 'dark matter' in early galaxies perplexes astronomers

it may seem like we've got the universe pretty much figured out, but there is some pretty basic stuff that we just don't have a clue about.

computer simulations bolster the case for dark matter

dark matter — the mysterious stuff that we know is there, but have no clue what it’s made of. this is because despite accounting for roughly 85 percent of the universe’s mass, dark matter is invisible — it does not absorb, reflect or emit any light. while most scientists believe that even though we ...

dark matter experiment enters final stages of construction

what is dark matter? it is believed to make up nearly 85 percent of the observable universe and yet, we know absolutely nothing about what makes up this mysterious substance. particle physicists looking for dark matter mostly fall into one of the two camps — one that believes that it is made up of w...

found them! 72 unseen galaxies found hiding in plain sight

astronomers have found 72 never-before-seen galaxies hiding in plain sight inside a vast patch of the sky previously observed by the hubble space telescope.

what is dark matter?

dark matter emits no light, and cannot be directly observed, but scientists think that it and dark energy make up most of the mass of the universe.

'we don't planet' episode 4: what's the evidence for dark matter? | video

astronomers can’t directly observe dark matter, but they know it’s there. in fact, the mysterious stuff is far more abundant than the “normal” matter we can see and touch.

the matter with dark matter

how do scientists know there's a mysterious substance called "dark matter" that dominates our universe? an astrophysicist explains.

new map of dark matter puts the big bang theory on trial (kavli roundtable)

the prevailing view of the universe has just passed a rigorous new test, but the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy remain frustratingly unsolved.

supermassive black holes found in tiny galaxies

just because a black hole is enormous doesn’t mean the galaxy around it has to be. astronomers have found two new supermassive black holes at the centers of “ultracompact dwarf galaxies” in the constellation virgo, and they think this type of system is fairly common. those black holes are so big com...

'we don't planet' episode 4: what's the evidence for dark matter?

dark matter is far more abundant in the universe than the "normal" stuff we can see and touch. learn about the evidence for dark matter in the fourth episode of "we don't planet."

oldest spiral galaxy ever seen may reveal secrets about the milky way

an ancient cosmic artifact has been uncovered 11 billion light-years from earth: the oldest spiral galaxy ever seen. this newly discovered galaxy is an ancient ancestor of galaxies like the milky way.

galactic winds halted ancient star birth, but may have started it elsewhere

galactic winds that bowled through ancient galaxies and strangled star formation may have also created reservoirs of gas where star formation could continue, a new study shows.

galaxies take wobbly path around clusters, surprising scientists

bright galaxies in the center of massive galaxies clusters wobble more than scientists anti

euclid: esa's search for dark matter & dark energy

euclid is a mission that aims to learn more about the parts of the universe we can't see — dark energy and dark matter, which are thought to make up most of the known universe.

ancient blob of glowing gas baffles astronomers

nearly 10 billion light-years from earth lies a structure that has left astronomers baffled. the blob of gas, named mammoth-1, is glowing brightly, even though there is no discernable source illuminating it. mammoth-1 is a nebula that lies in an overdense protocluster of ancient galaxies. it belongs...

hubble snaps pair of spiral galaxies | video

about 55 million light years away in the coma berenices constellation lie spiral galaxies ngc 4302 and ngc 429. “at their closest points, the galaxies are separated from each other in projection by only around 7000 light-years,” according to esa.

what happens when galaxies collide?

two galaxies, drawn together by forces that they can't see but they can feel. a mutual gravitational attraction. it's inevitable: inch by inch, light-year by light-year, as the cosmic clock ticks on through the eons, the galaxies grow closer.

neil degrasse tyson explains why dark matter matters (and is kind of our frenemy

excerpt: astrophysics for people in a hurry the collision of star clusters, seen here, help provide insights into dark matter, one of the more mysterious aspects of our universe. nasa the following is an excerpt from astrophysics for people in a hurry by neil degrasse tyson so dark matter is our fre...

the world's most sensitive dark matter detector is now up and running

the xenon1t detector hasn't detected any dark matter particles yet. but it has carried out a 30-day science run, and project scientists are optimistic about the future.

'excess' gamma-rays likely not sign of dark matter after all

a mysterious abundance of high-energy light near the milky way's core likely isn't a sign of elusive dark matter after all, a new study suggests.

the andromeda galaxy could be buzzing with dark matter

there's a powerful gamma-ray signal blasting from the massive galaxy's core, possibly revealing a compact region filled with annihilating dark matter particles.

new animated video ponders the mystery of dark matter

astrophysicist janna levin's musings on the invisible stuff called dark matter provide inspiration for artist daniela sherer's imaginative illustrations in a new animated video.

strange andromeda galaxy signal may have dark matter link | video

a gamma-ray signal emanating from the core of galaxy m31 has been detected by the fermi gamma-ray space telescope. it “could indicate the presence of the mysterious stuff known as dark matter,” according to the nasa’s goddard spaceflight center.

does dark matter exist? bold new study offers alternative model

a new study makes the bold claim that dark matter might not need to exist to explain strange observations in the universe; but scientists aren't convinced that the study holds water.

'super halos' surround milky way-like galaxies in early universe | video

two galaxies have been been observed using the atacama large millimeter/submillimeter array (alma) with halos of hydrogen gas that extend for thousands of light years.

most powerful cosmic rays come from galaxies far, far away

the highest-energy cosmic rays to bombard earth apparently come from galaxies far, far away, a new study finds.