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10 tips and tricks to get up to speed with slack collaboration app10 tips and tr

the slack team collaboration app has grown steadily to 4 million daily users. this slide show provides some tips and tricks to help new users to get up to speed with the cloud application.

‘god of war’ spoiler-free tips and tricks to apply force to the norse

the new god of war is a harder, more complicated god of war. it’s influenced by a few more modern formulas, both in story and in combat — and that means god of war tips are going to be more complicated than just “mash harder.” one of the first god of war tips people will […] the post ‘god of war’ spoiler-free tips and tricks to apply force to the norse appeared first on fandom.

how to vape safely: 12 tips and tricks

vaping has taken the world by storm with more and more people getting interested in it and buying their own vaping kits. while this can be a safer alternative than smoking, it comes with its own hazards. discover these tips and tricks on how to vape safely so you can continue to enjoy your vaping experience. […] the post how to vape safely: 12 tips and tricks appeared first on dumb little man.

arms tips and tricks – be prepared to dominate the ring

nintendo might just have a hit on its hands with arms, a brand new brawler featuring a colourful cast of characters with extendable arms (and sometimes hair). the game takes advantage of the switch’s motion controls built into the dinky little joy-con controllers. but although it’s an easy game to get into, to really succeed you’ll […] the post arms tips and tricks – be prepared to dominate the ring appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

‘they are billions’ guide: tips and tricks to cleanse the horde

they are billions is an ultra-hard rts versus an ai opponent with a swarm of zombies that fills the map. it’s also kind of a city management game with a definite end point. a good example of this is the resources. there’s an interesting mix of the static resources you’d usually see in something like sim […] the post ‘they are billions’ guide: tips and tricks to cleanse the horde appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

ghost recon: wildlands – tips and tricks to help you survive the game

ever heard of tom clancy’s ghost recon: wildlands? if you hadn’t, then you’d never be reading this. chances are you’re already hooked on the idea of winning in this upcoming game and you’re in desperate need to get the inside scoop on some great tips and tricks that will help you survive the game. teamwork […]

five top tips on how to get a great refurbished phone deal

follow these tips and tricks to upgrade your phone for less. you could get yourself an iphone, samsung and lots of other popular brands for a lot less than you’d usually spend.

how to study better – tips and tricks from famous people

most young people dream of professional success and glorious careers. what they often neglect in that regard is the importance of good studying and self-development. some of the biggest authorities in all fields of work emphasize that consistency in learning is what made them so productive and outstanding. one of the best football players in […] the post how to study better – tips and tricks from famous people appeared first on dumb little man.

homepod tips and tricks: what can apple's smart speaker do?

want to get the best out of the homepod? here are eight great tips to help you do that!

tech travel tips: 5 hacks to prevent a road trip disaster

here are five tech travel tips you need to read before embarking on your next adventure.

15 awesome tips and tricks to master apple's homepod

homepod is primarily a music playback machine. and it’s got siri, which means it can do obvious things like set timers, take notes, and tell you what the weather is going to be tomorrow. but it can do more. it’s no echo or google home in its flexibility, but homepod has a few neat tricks up its... um...power cord. here are some of the things you might not know homepod can do.to read this article in full, please click here

pubg mobile tips and tricks: how to survive and win a battle royale

want to be a winner winner chicken dinner? here are seven tips to help you come out victorious in playerunknown's battlegrounds on mobile.

times travel talks returns on nov. 12 with holiday, packing and airfare tips

travelers preparing for one of the busiest times of the year may want to take some time to bone up on tips and tricks to make their journeys easier by attending times travel talks on nov. 12. this second in a series, from 1 to 4 p.m., will focus on holiday survival tips from the travel staff, including...

tricks to help you save money in college

with economic times becoming tougher every day, it is prudent to find some ways of making some savings on your college expenses. but how can a student save money when bills are spiraling and the cost of living is rising day by day? the answer to the above question contains many tips and tricks that […]

top it job candidates seek “superior” access to tech tools, trainingtop it job c

most companies still lag behind in their digital transformation efforts and this could hurt their prospects of hiring top it professionals who expect to train and work with the latest tech tools.

10 playerunknown’s battlegrounds tips and tricks from a pro

playerunknown’s battlegrounds has been taking the gaming world by storm in recent months. the “battle royale” themed shooter pits 100 players against each other in a fast paced survival of the fittest battle to the death. harry “layton” layton, is a professional player for team kinguin – widely regarded as one of europe’s best playerunknown’s battlegrounds teams. […] the post 10 playerunknown’s battlegrounds tips and tricks from a pro appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

what puts the samsung chromebook plus at the head of the pack

the samsung chromebook plus is a two-in-one hybrid notebook-tablet with a few features that are a cut above the typical chromebook design.

14 essential tips and tricks to master the iphone x

you just got your shiny new iphone x. it’s the phone of the future, today! you got it all set up and even picked up a few new iphone x-optimized games.now it’s time to take your iphone x mastery to the next level. these tips will help you work through some of the interface quirks and point out features about which you may not have known.to read this article in full, please click here

travel tips: disembark from that cruise ship — stress-free

when thousands of people disembark from a cruise ship all at once, pandemonium ensues. or not -- if you use these clever tips and tricks.

tech travel tips

here are five tech travel tips you need to read before embarking on your next adventure.

best time to hit the road and other tips for flying and driving in and out of de

airport travel this week may be less hectic this week than the summer, but thanksgiving car travel in colorado is expected to be worse than last year. here are tips and tricks that may ease that trip.

video: 3 simple lightroom tricks you should definitely know

photographer travis transient recently put together this helpful tutorial that might just teach you a thing of two about adobe lightroom. the video outlines three simple 'tricks' that travis discovered by playing around with the sliders in lightroom and really digging deeper than most of us ever try to dig. these are the kinds of tips we usually see from adobe itself—from enabling edge detection when using the brush tool to make a selection, to finding and eliminating color fringing by using the dehaze tool to emphasize it. check out the full video above and let us know which (if any) of these tips are totally new to you.

25 tech tools, tricks and tips to get the most out of your chromebook

your web browser in laptop form can act more like a laptop than you might expect.

19 essential iphone 8 tips and tricks

from fun photo effects to safer driving, here are 19 of our top features in ios 11

asus could be planning to launch another convertible chromebook soon

online listings for the asus chromebook flip c101 have started to pop up, suggesting that another convertible chromebook is in development.

samsung chromebook pro review

does a stylus and support for android apps make a big difference to the chromebook experience ? we find out, in this in-depth samsung chromebook pro review!

7 tips to set up your nikon dslr for fast use

we're fans of steve perry's wildlife and landscape photography, but even bigger fans of his practical tips. in a recent video and article steve outlines seven great tips about how to set up your nikon dslr for quick operation, particularly when it comes to wildlife shooting. incidentally, we agree with every single one of his points for general shooting: the first thing we do when a new nikon shows up in the office is set up these very 'tricks'. they may not be news for seasoned nikon shooters, but give the video a watch: you may be surprised by what you don't know.

nokia 8: tips and tricks for content creators

how you can take your streaming game to the next level with dual-sight mode.

become an expert at safari for ios with these 8 tips and tricks

you probably already know how to search the web from safari’s address bar on your iphone, or which button enables the handy reader mode. but for every safari feature you think you’ve mastered, another is hiding in plain sight.for example, there’s an easy way to search the current page in safari, as well as customize how reader mode looks and feels. you can also nix that listing of frequently visited sites, perform spotlight searches without leaving safari, save a page as a pdf, and even close an open safari tab on another of your ios devices. read on for more of our favorite safari tips. hide frequently visited websites as you’re browsing, safari for ios keeps track of the websites you visit the most and puts them in a frequently visited panel just beneath your web favorites, which you c

we've made it to ces – here's how you can plan your own epic tech-filled road tr

want to emulate our editors' big journey across the states? here's the tech you'll need, and tips on how to use it.

on the road: tech tools for summer travel

today’s road warrior has an arsenal of tech tools at his or her disposal. here are recommendations for plugging into the digital world to enhance summer vacation.

old car, new tricks: adding safety tech to an older car

detroit (ap) — old cars can learn new tricks. for a few hundred dollars, drivers can add new safety technology — like forward collision warning systems or backup cameras — to older cars. cars are lasting longer than ever thanks to improving quality. the average u.s. vehicle is now 11.6 years old, according to the […]

you can grab the asus chromebook flip for only $150 if you act quickly

if you're looking for a really nice chromebook without breaking the bank, check out this deal. right now, you can grab the asus chromebook flip for $150!

samsung's chromebook pro now has a backlit keyboard

one of the criticisms we levelled at this excellent chromebook has now been cured.

the dawn of the 4k chromebook era might soon be upon us

we do not know if or when the mysterious atlas chromebook will launch in the near future, but at least we know google is playing around with 4k displays.