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legislators can — and should — say no to proposed pay raise

just because a new citizens panel called for a more-than-$13,000 pay raise for them, senators and house members don’t have to accept it — and they shouldn’t.

3 times you shouldn’t ask for a raise

finding the right time to ask for a raise is crucial, since it’s a request you can only make so many times.        

hax: is there hope for this cranky old man?

dear carolyn: lately i’ve noticed i’ve become an angry, suspicious, negative person. i want to tell everyone off. more so since the election, but if i think back, this has been building for at least 10 years. i’d like to blame it on the social media-twitter-outrage culture and the general coarsening of public discourse. but maybe i’m just becoming a cranky old man.

hax: wife is advised to know herself first

dear carolyn: i’m from the u.k. i’m married to a man who is a self-professed arrogant liar. he’s proud of it. i am not.

in focus: a bad year to be a snowman

we’re sure glad that we asked readers to submit photos of their favorite snowmen early in the winter. there are two things we couldn’t have predicted: one, that temperatures would be flirting with the 60s in mid-february, and two, that nearly 100 creative readers would submit photos of their snowmen. if you’re sad that winter isn’t making much of an appearance, here’s a reminder of what once was.

ask amy: she wants a baby, but he has reservations

dear amy: my husband and i got married five months ago. we’ve been together for over seven years. he’s in his mid-40s; i’m in my late 30s.

a beginner's guide to yoga classes

so, you’ve summoned the courage to try yoga but you aren’t quite sure what to bring to, or expect from, your first class. don’t fret. just follow these easy steps:

no evidence that cats cause schizophrenia, british study finds

as if parents of young children didn’t have enough things to worry about, here’s another: some scientists say they think pet cats might increase a kid’s risk of developing schizophrenia.

gamblers think trump’s a goner: 75 percent bet he won’t finish first term

when las vegas sets a betting line, the intention is to get half of the money on one side and half on the other. that’s not quite how bovada’s prop bet odds for president trump’s tenure are working out.

ordinary is extraordinary: how messy mornings are uniting women in minnesota

the waking dawn can be messy, emotional and hectic; there’s nothing glamorous about it for women. sometimes you’re stumbling through a dark kitchen trying to get a much-needed cup of coffee before rushing your kids out the door. or maybe you’re just sitting motionless in your bed dreading the day ahead of you.

kenyan becomes first man to win 3 straight grandma's marathon titles

duluth – fatigue didn’t stop elisha barno from a record-setting day at saturday’s 41st grandma’s marathon.

you shouldn't have to give up your right to sue to get a job

arbitration can be an effective tool to resolve contract disputes without going to court. but employers shouldn’t be able to force workers into arbitration in contravention of worker protections established in federal laws and regulations, and they certainly shouldn’t make getting a job contingent...

foxy tann is the block-party queen of summer

if you’ve been to a few summer block parties in the twin cities, there’s a good chance that foxy tann was the emcee. the sassy, big-haired, burlesque loudmouth has been riling up crowds since 1997. this summer, she’ll be behind the mic at barbette’s bastille day (july 16) and the red stag block party (aug. 6) in minneapolis, gigs she’s held for the past decade. “she owns that stage,” says anne saxton, director of marketing and events at the bartmann group, which runs those block parties. “she puts on a great show. we love her.”

foxy tann is the block-party queen of summer in the twin cities

if you’ve been to a few summer block parties in the twin cities, there’s a good chance that foxy tann was the emcee. the sassy, big-haired, burlesque loudmouth has been riling up crowds since 1997. this summer, she’ll be behind the mic at barbette’s bastille day (july 16) and the red stag block party (aug. 6) in minneapolis, gigs she’s held for the past decade. “she owns that stage,” says anne saxton, director of marketing and events at the bartmann group, which runs those block parties. “she puts on a great show. we love her.” 

datadrop: for all you grads, these minnesota jobs are expected to grow

ok, you’ve just graduated from high school and you’re headed to college.

video: extreme ice skating on the trails of duluth, minn.

if you like red bull crashed ice but think it’s a little too tame, there’s a new sport on the block.

catch that walleye

with apologies to hockey, minnesota really is the “state of walleyes.” minnesotans love their walleyes, and the tasty-but-elusive fish also draw anglers from well-beyond the state’s borders. catching them isn’t always a simple matter, but anglers can increase their odds by using the right lures and baits in the right areas. there is nothing better than the classic lindy rig, which includes, in order, a sinker (just heavy enough to stay on the bottom), a swivel, a 3- to 5-foot length of line called a leader, and a no. 6 hook baited with a leech, minnow or night-crawler. second best is a jig — again, just heavy enough to stay in contact with the bottom, tipped with a piece of live bait. if possible, wait for an overcast or windy day, then troll a rig or jig slow

hollywood loves itself: test your knowledge on oscar-nominated movies about holl

there’s no subject dearer to hollywood than hollywood itself. so it’s no surprise that the cinema-centric “la la land” is a favorite at sunday night’s academy awards, with a record-tying 14 nominations. how well do you know the movies about movies that have been nominated for oscars?

minnesota burglar did web research before committing crimes

there are 14 situations in which it is legal to view someone else’s driver’s license and motor vehicle registration data.

who is this hot ranbir kapoor lookalike?

  it’s yashvardan ahuja, govinda’s son! this young blue eyed boy, who bares an uncanny resemblance to ranbir kapoor was snapped at a promotional event of daddy chichi’s upcoming film, hero no 1. don’t be surprised if you read tomorrow that he’s signing a film soon.   continue reading ...

lileks: 3-d tv failed because no one wants spears and spaceships coming out of t

two major tv manufacturers announced last week that they’ve stopped making 3-d tvs. you ask: there were 3-d tvs? sure. but sales were scant; content was thin. here’s what you could get when the product launched:

needed knots

a quick refresher on some essential outdoors knots is wise, and we’re not talking about the granny. one knot worth practicing is the taut-line, which is useful for attaching guy lines to rainflys and the like. a good backup is the fisherman’s knot, which comes in handy if, say, your guy line snaps and you need to tie together two lengths of rope. lastly, the bowline is great for tarpaulins, and is another must-know knot. it allows you to pass a rope around a tree or through a ring and tie it off securely. it doesn’t slip, and it’s quick to untie. for some deep knowledge and practice with smartly told and useful diagrams, check your public library for “the book of camping knots” by peter owen. you never know when you might need a rope ladder.

gear alert: try a single-hook #4 mepps dorsal fin on smallies

many smallmouth bass anglers target lakes in the state’s arrowhead region the first 10 days of june. releasing smallies is important at this time. “stick’’ baits such as floating crankbaits are effective bass lures. but many of these carry three sets of treble hooks, making the safe release of smallies problematic. one alternative: try a single-hook #4 mepps dorsal fin. retrieve faster in shallow water than you might a stick bait. but this mepps doesn’t often get hung up on weeds — and it catches bass.

results mixed for minnesota's top manufacturers

minnesota’s largest manufacturers battled a lion’s den of challenges last year that shrunk revenue but mostly held onto profits with help from cost-cutting campaigns at nearly half the state’s 23 prime producers. many expressed hope that the soured industrial climate is at last improving for good both domestically and globally. of minnesota’s top 10 manufacturers, six saw sales decline in 2016. only hormel foods, industrial pump maker pentair, lawn mower maker toro and filtration giant donaldson co. increased both sales and profits for the year. for others, economic headwinds proved too challenging.

tesla tumbles from its perch as no. 1

tesla’s meteoric rise to become the nation’s most valuable automaker has ended, at least for now, after a reign of less than three months.

mcdonald's prepares to roll out meal delivery in united states

if the people won’t go to mcdonald’s, then the big macs must go to them.

pictures priyanka chopra does a namaste everywhere she goes

priyanka chopra represents india internationally. period. she’s slayin’ the world one oscar, one jimmy kimmel, one quantico ep, one baywatch at a time. making us indians proud for all she does across the globe… there is this gesture that melts everyone’s heart - it’s her namaste. so why not compile a photogallery of every namaste she’s done on international waters. #justlikethat continue reading ...

in focus: rainbow connection

a little rain is much easier to tolerate when it’s followed by one of these arching beauties. rainbows rarely fail to impress, and thanks to these readers who are quick with a camera, we’re lucky to get a glimpse of them — even if there is no pot of gold.

ticket sales show loons fans' excitement

if minnesota united fc’s season home opener on march 12 were happening in the team’s planned soccer-specific stadium, it would already be a sellout.

business briefs: brief wall street rally fizzles out

stocks retreated on wednesday and gave back some of their gains from a day earlier, when the standard & poor’s 500 index had one of its best days of the year. it’s the latest move lower for a stock market that’s yo-yoed since setting a record high earlier this month. the standard & poor’s 500 index fell 8.47 points, or 0.3 percent, to 2,444.04, relinquishing about a third of its big gain from tuesday. the dow jones industrial average fell 87.80 points, or 0.4 percent, to 21,812.09, and the nasdaq composite lost 19.07, or 0.3 percent, to 6,278.41. the russell 2000 index of small-cap stocks fell 1.80, or 0.1 percent, to 1,369.74.

take on minnesota's toughest

so you’re a hiker who has knocked off the superior hiking trail and you’re looking for something a bit more challenging. here are three trails considered among the toughest in the state. perhaps not coincidentally, all are at least partly in the bwca.

coach tom thibodeau, other timberwolves brass scope out talent at nba draft comb

chicago – most of the june draft’s best prospects didn’t attend the nba draft combine in may, but tom thibodeau, timberwolves coach/president of basketball operations, general manager scott layden and most of the team’s scouting and front-office staff did.

backpacking into park sites

a third of minnesota’s state parks offer backpacking campsites, generally just a short jaunt from car to campsite. they’re perfect if you’re trying to figure out if backpacking is for you, or if you just like a little more solitude than car camping affords. two state parks near the twin cities — lake maria in monticello and afton — have only backpack sites. if you don’t have a pack for your gear, 10 state parks have what are called cart-in campsites — just load your stuff in a provided two-wheeled wagon and off you go. for an interactive map that shows where backpack or cart-in sites are available, go online to bit.ly/mnback.

what you need to know about real id

 gov. mark dayton on thursday signed a bill that should finally resolve minnesota’s long-standing lack of compliance with the federal security standards known as real id. here’s what you need to know:

bookstores recommend books: moon palace on 'the annie year'

“the annie year,” by stephanie wilbur ash. tandy caide is cpa of her small iowa town, and she would like you to think of her as a person of honesty and integrity. i’ll add that she’s one of the most endearing and hilarious characters i’ve encountered. when she falls for the new vocational agriculture teacher, her dependable routines are turned upside down, and her town’s seedy underbelly is gradually exposed. local author steph ash has a “twin peaks”-y touch as she lovingly pokes fun at our midwestern affect.