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67.5% of utah students taking ap tests earn college credit

salt lake city (ap) — recent data show nearly seven out of every 10 utah high school students who take advanced placement (or ap) tests earn college credit, the fifth-highest percentage in the united states. the deseret news reports college board, a nonprofit organization that focuses on expanding access to higher education, says 67 percent […]

68,000 students participate in ohio college credit program

columbus, ohio (ap) — the state says more than 68,000 students participated during the second full year of a statewide program that allows ohio middle- and high-schoolers to earn free college credit. the ohio department of higher education says that figure for the 2016-17 school year represents a slight increase in college credit plus participation […]

arkansas advanced initiative students score high

little rock, ark. (ap) — the 61 high schools that participated in the arkansas advanced initiative for math and science program last school year produced almost half of the state’s advanced placement math, science and english test-takers and 44 percent of the scores that qualified students for college credit. students who earn college credit for […]

help on the way for washington students who lost financial aid for college-level

a group of washington public agencies, businesses and education nonprofits is working to raise $800,000 to make up for the loss of a federal subsidy that made it easier for low-income students to afford exams that allow them to earn college credit while in high school.

students offered relief from high-stakes graduation tests, as washington lawmake

the compromise would exempt students — temporarily — from passing biology exams to earn a diploma. it also would provide alternative options for high-school students who fail any of the three required tests.

500 scripps ranch high students must retake ap tests

more than 500 scripps ranch high school students had their summer vacations disrupted friday with news that they would have to return to school to retake advanced placement tests that have been declared invalid. the college board, the organization that oversees college admission tests, did not...

louisiana tweaks the rules for dual enrollment courses

baton rouge, la. (ap) — new rules will govern how high school students can earn college credit through dual enrollment courses. the advocate reports the louisiana board of regents approved the new standards monday. dual enrollment courses are supposed to mirror the classes taken by college students. but higher education officials questioned whether the courses […]

washington’s k-12 chief pitches vision of ‘very different’ school system

as part of a six-year plan to overhaul k-12 schools in washington, the state’s new superintendent of public instruction wants all students to learn a second language before they get to high school, and all high-school students to earn some college credit before they graduate.

at 25, running start is a success. now it must attract students who need it the

the dual-credit program that allows students to get college credits while in high school at little cost is proving to be a national model, but benefiting most are middle-class students who planned to go to college anyway.

san diego district will fight to reinstate invalidated ap tests

trustees in the san diego unified school district voted thursday night to pursue legal action to get the college board to reinstate advance placement tests taken by more than 500 scripps ranch high school students. the college board and educational testing services, which administer the ap tests,...

immigrant students seek access to state financial aid

university of connecticut junior eric cruz lopez is barred from applying for government student financial aid, so he's taking a year off from college to work and earn enough money to complete his education.

7 small business ideas for college students

college can be a great time to explore the plenty of business opportunities. students need to pay expenses for various things such as books, research projects, practical and even accommodation. but what if a student can earn through their small business and pay through it. then there is a huge benefit to their personal growth. […]

central washington university to offer free classes for high-school students in

central washington university has started offering a new path for high- school students to earn college credit tuition-free at a location run jointly with the city of sammamish.

500 california high school students must retake ap tests

san diego (ap) — more than 500 san diego high school students have been told they must retake advanced placement tests that have been declared invalid. the college board, which oversees the exams, said friday that it is invalidating ap tests taken at scripps ranch high because new seating arrangements established two years ago were […]

minn. proposal would give bible, qur'an classes public school credit

students in minnesota public high schools soon could earn credit for courses that teach the bible or the qur’an as infallible truth under a proposal now before the legislature.

letter: county connection buses need noncash alternative for diablo valley colle

sometimes students run out of cash and, unfortunately, buses only accept cash to pay for the ride. the most effective solution for solving this issue would be to install a bus ticket vending machine that takes debit or credit cards close to the bus terminal at the college.

joliet junior college getting partial tuition reimbursements

joliet, ill. (ap) — officials say students who attend joliet junior college are receiving a partial tuition reimbursement. the college’s board of trustees and leadership raised tuition by $19 per credit hour to make up for an anticipated reduction in state funding. however, joliet junior college president judy mitchell wrote in an email to students […]

state lawmakers advance legislation to encourage schools to make better use of s

the washington state senate unanimously passed a bill that would encourage schools to identify and support students on the verge of dropping out or who are ready for advanced courses to earn college credit in high school.

more west virginia students take college entrance exam

charleston, w.va. (ap) — west virginia education officials say more of the state’s high school students are taking the act college entrance exam. according to the department of education, new data from act show that between 2013 and 2017, the number of west virginia students taking its test has increased by 5 percent. the state’s […]

students' progress stalls on california's standardized tests

when california rolled out new standardized tests, experts said scores would improve when students got used to them. but three tests in, rather than showing strides from familiarity, their scores have stagnated — essentially flatlining in english and math. about 3.2 million students in third through...

california's students stagnate on standardized tests — but the lowest scorers ar

when california rolled out new standardized tests, experts said scores would improve when students got used to them. but three tests in, rather than showing strides from familiarity, their scores have stagnated in english and math. about 3.2 million students in third through eighth grade and 11th...

mentoring program helps first-generation college students

waukegan, ill. (ap) — a nonprofit group in suburban chicago is helping first-generation college students and minority students to be successful once they arrive on campus. the lake county news-sun reports the program called waukegan to college was launched over the summer when incoming college freshmen met with older students or former students who were […]

tribune analysis: college prep courses not preparing kids for college

a full plate of general classes — the most common courses statewide across illinois public high schools — is supposed to prepare students for life after graduation. but tens of thousands of students taking only general courses in main subjects — often labeled "college prep" in school curriculum...

washington’s running start program a national standout, study says

washington’s popular running start program, which allows high-school students to earn college credit, is a national standout — but it could be even better, experts say.

will free college offer catch fire? ny details raise doubts

albany, n.y. (ap) — some higher education experts question whether new york’s first-in-the nation free college tuition plan should be a model for other states. they say the plan, which covers tuition at public colleges for students whose families earn $125,000 or less, offers the least assistance to the neediest students, whose tuition is already […]

are college students less religious nowadays?

college comes with its experiences and some are exciting while others leave you with more to think about. life in college is a bit different than the one in high school. in the latter, teachers are strict and students often get punished for many things which can be considered petty in college. with freedom comes […]

pac-12: barefield leads utah in rout of california

sedrick barefield scored 14 and utah defeated california, 74-44, in pac-12 action thursday night.  the utes stayed alive in their pursuit of a first-round bye in the conference tournament. the top four teams in the standings earn a bye and utah (19-10, 10-7) and cal (19-10, 10-7) are now tied in...

survey: 1 in 10 female utah state students face sex assault

logan, utah (ap) — a recent survey says a most utah state university students feel safe on campus, but one in 10 women say they have experienced unwanted sexual contact. university administrators released a report wednesday highlighting the results of an april campus climate survey. forty-five percent of the student body responded. among the students […]

l.a. trade-tech algebra innovations spark uproar — and an internal investigation

faced with dismal success rates, los angeles trade-technical college was desperate for new ideas to help some of the city’s most underprepared students gain the math skills needed to earn a degree or transfer to a four-year university. the college, like many of its california peers, had fallen...

program aims to help virginia students apply to college

richmond, va. (ap) — every public four-year college and university in virginia will participate in a program aimed at helping thousands of high school students apply to college. during virginia college application week — nov. 13 through nov. 17 — participating students are encouraged to submit at least one college application. this year, 66 high […]

kansas technical colleges skeptical of dual credit proposal

topeka, kan. (ap) — technical colleges in kansas are skeptical about gov. sam brownback’s plan to offer 15 credit hours of dual-enrollment college courses at no charge to the state’s high school students. ben schears is president of northwest kansas technical college in goodland. he told the kansas board of regents wednesday that technical colleges […]

how to boost cal state graduation rates without cheapening the degree

california state university officials vowed in 2014 to more than double the system’s four-year graduation rate by 2025, but their own policies for bringing students up to college-level speed were getting in the way. students who were assigned through placement tests to remedial classes in english...

ask kim: who qualifies for the retirement savers' tax credit?

q: i retired from my career a few years ago but still earn a little money working part-time at a golf course. can i qualify for the retirement savers' tax credit? a: you may qualify for this frequently overlooked tax credit. however, the type of income used to determine eligibility for the savers'...

education: free college

for low-income students, access to affordable higher education is paramount to obtaining an equal footing in society. the costs of a college education have been increasing. most students who take out student loans come from low-income families who cannot afford it. when those students graduate, despite having a college education, they still will have less […]

educators: for first generation college students, getting accepted can be the le

for students who are first in their families to attend college, often getting accepted is easy compared to the goal of actually graduating. downtown college prep is working on ways to better prepare kids to succeed.