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faced with fear of a despotic government or apathy, i'll take fear

dystopia is in the air these days. george orwell’s “1984” is selling like hotcakes – if hotcakes still sold well in this low-carb world. is the president to blame? i think historians, no doubt working from their subterranean monasteries, bunkered from the radioactive wasteland above, will note...

yes, pro dart players do exist, and they’re about to descend on vegas. they're s

let’s get right to the point: if you want to attend one of the summer’s big sporting events in las vegas — the darts championship — you probably should act fast. stop smirking. darts is hugely popular around the world. that explains why tickets are reportedly selling like hotcakes for the world...

from 'trump survival guide' to 'hillbilly elegy,' book publishing turns to all t

the business of publishing and selling political-themed books moved front and center with the dawn of the trump era in washington.

t.j. maxx tells employees to hide ivanka trump merchandise and toss signage in t

things are spiraling downward for first daughter ivanka trump’s fashion business. in the past week, several retailers have announced that they will no longer be selling her clothes, and now the new york times reports that retailers t.j. maxx and marshalls have both decided to stop making trump...

a historian explains what putin, le pen and trump are selling — and why it is so

“the easiest way to win votes these days is by selling the past.” so says “politics goes back to the future” (3/02/2017) in britain’s the financial times (ft). and it links the “nostalgic nationalism” of donald trump’s “make america great again” with brexit’s “take back control” and “vladimir putin’...

‘snipperclips’ review – the switch game you need to play after ‘zelda’

the nintendo switch might be selling like hotcakes, but there’s no denying that the launch line-up isn’t exactly stellar. many gamers have bought the switch exclusively to play the legend of zelda: breath of the wild, but when you’ve defeated calamity ganon and nabbed the master sword, what should you be playing next? well, our answer is snipperclips. […] the post ‘snipperclips’ review – the switch game you need to play after ‘zelda’ appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

hudson’s bay faces canadian protest over selling ivanka trump merchandise

a group calling themselves the “peeved beavers” is gearing up to protest hudson’s bay department store’s continued offering of ivanka trump’s brand, an escalation of what’s coming to be known online as #baycott. the group, an offshoot of the u.s. #grabyourwallet boycott of retailers selling ivanka...

icahn selling trump taj mahal casino to hard rock

billionaire carl icahn (eye'-kahn) is selling the shuttered trump taj mahal casino in atlantic city to hard rock international and two new jersey investors.

editorial: why selling health insurance across state lines won’t work

donald trump's simplistic notion that selling insurance across state lines is a panacea is ridiculous. for one thing, insurance companies don't want to do it. it's too costly and complex.

the htc u11 is selling better than its predecessors

htc might finally be headed in the right direction: according to a company exec, the htc u11 is selling better than the htc 10 and one m9.

fox & friends attacks t-shirts promoting ‘journalism matters’ for ‘cashing in on

fox news accused newspapers of “cashing in on anti-president trump rhetoric” for selling t-shirts that promote journalism. during tuesday morning’s fox & friends program, newsreader heather childers reported that the washington post is selling a shirt with the slogan “de...

trump promised he’d have a full report on the russian hack today — he doesn’t ha

as a candidate, president donald trump promised to do a lot of things. there was an extensive list of things he intended to do on “day one” as well as plans and reports he intended to order. one deadline for a trump promise has come and gone. as the intercept notes, it was jan. 13 when t...

icahn selling trump taj mahal casino to hard rock

atlantic city, n.j. (ap) — billionaire carl icahn (eye’-kahn) is selling the shuttered trump taj mahal casino in atlantic city to hard rock international and two new jersey investors. the sale comes four months after icahn closed it amid a crippling strike. a sale price was not revealed. president donald trump opened the casino in […]

cnn panel goes off the rails as trump booster blames state department plug for m

a cnn discussion on trump’s first 100 days took a wild turn monday night when trump-backing former congressman jack kingston defended the trump family for cashing in on the presidency. after cnn regular ana navarro criticized first daughter ivanka trump for selling “trump shoes and trump handb...

lakewood crime blotter: he took it out

on sept. 4, lakewood police responded to call claiming a man had exposed himself to a woman who was selling things door to door.

trump: wiretap covers a lot of different things

president trump told fox new channel's tucker carlson tonight his administration will submit 'certain things' linked to his claim that the obama administration wiretapped him. he also insisted the white house did not leak his tax documents.

forget nuisance and statesmanship — here are 6 times donald trump goofed up the

he gets the big things wrong—and also, the little things. ...

everything is a distraction. that includes this russian collusion nonsense.

focusing on the terrible things team trump did during the campaign and transition conveniently distracts you from all the terrible things team trump is doing during the presidency.

united, american begin selling cheaper economy-class fare

american and united have started selling cheaper "basic economy" fares as they battle discount airlines for the most budget-conscious travelers. american announced early tuesday that it began selling the new fares for flights starting march 1 on 10 different routes from its hub airports in dallas,...

top-selling greek daily out again after court ruling

greece's top-selling ta nea newspaper has resumed publication 5 days after running out of newsprint due to its parent lambrakis press' acute financial problems.

middle schooler accused of selling marijuana gummy bears

a bonita vista middle school boy was arrested wednesday on suspicion of selling marijuana gummy bears to other students, some who were sickened, officials said. the unidentified eighth-grader is suspected of selling the drug-laced candy to several other students during school hours at the otay...

illinois lottery stops selling powerball tickets after lawmakers fail to cut dea

cash-strapped illinois has begun turning off one of its most lucrative cash spigots as a casualty of an unprecedented budget stalemate. as of 9 p.m. wednesday, the illinois lottery stopped selling powerball tickets, and by 9:45 p.m. friday it will stop selling mega millions tickets — unless and...

here are 6 things trump does not understand about his job

for president trump’s admirers, his disregard for the traditional ways of washington is just his way of getting things done. “to the new president, washington niceties are cobwebs on a summer porch, distracting, inconvenient, in the way of his higher purposes,” writes robert charles on town ha...

challenges of selling a home that's in 2 places at once

selling a historic home that straddles the u.s.-canada border isn't as easy you might think

how can the htc u11 be selling so well already?

the new htc u11 is apparently selling better than the htc 10 and one m9... but what sales?

the greatest common denominator of trump’s lies is that he grossly exaggerates t

president donald trump’s long list of lies since taking office has been chronicled by the new york times in a new list that shows the claim and the fact. other than the lies themselves, one thing seems consistent: trump lies most about the size of things. since his inauguration on jan. 20, tru...

a pastor, rabbi and imam walk into a church

there are a lot of basic things christians, jews and muslims don't know about each other. for example: is the quran printed in english? "it is here and i'm selling it for $39.99," said a smiling imam amir toft. on sunday, members of the three faiths came to st. andrew united methodist church in...

simple things every company needs to succeed

every company is different, and that’s what makes the buying and selling of products so interesting. however, with a 50% startup failure rate, there’s no telling who’s going to survive. although no business is the same, there is a simple recipe most companies should follow for success. find them listed below. customers you can’t run […]

biz break: with kkr’s help, pandora may be on the selling block

oakland-based internet radio company pandora might have taken a step closer to selling itself as it brings in leveraged buyout firm kkr with its $150 million investment.

trump says ‘things will work out fine’ between us and russia

u.s. president donald trump said on thursday “things will work out fine” between the united states and russia, a day after he said u.s.-russian relations may be at an all-time low. “things will work out fine between the u.s.a. and russia. at the right time everyone will come to the...

this mother voted for trump to curb the opioid crisis. she’s not happy with how

leigh ann wilson hoped that president trump would improve a lot of things in her home state of west virginia, particularly an issue close to her heart: expanding treatment for people addicted to opioids. wilson lost her daughter, 21-year-old taylor, to an opioid overdose last year. weeks later, she voted for trump, won over by […]

boycotts, trump's tirades part of new business landscape

uber's ceo quit president donald trump's business council. nordstrom stopped selling ivanka trump's fashion. boeing, lockheed martin and toyota, meanwhile, suffered through the discomfort of being on the receiving end of trump twitter tirades.

start your day off right: our favorite pancake recipes

sometimes, nothing beats a stack of hot pancakes. they’re one of those simple culinary marvels: ladle some batter on a hot griddle and watch them slowly puff up, fresh and golden. we’ve compiled 18 of our favorite recipes, including classic hotcakes, whole wheat, cornmeal, dutch babies, pancakes...

you can’t govern by id

donald trump was elected to do politically incorrect -- and needed -- things like withdrawing from paris. he was not elected to do crazy things, starting with his tweets.

trump’s immigration order triggers left’s cultural totalitarianism

are there any things walled off from politics? or are all things open for politics-driven social coercion and manipulation?