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a look at the three women gov john hickenlooper will choose from to serve on the colorado supreme court - Search

a look at the three women gov john hickenlooper will choose from to serve on the colorado supreme court Searched from all News and Articles Resource. All information is from reliable sources Search with direct source link. If you would like to know the full content information, Click on the link source.

a look at the three women gov. john hickenlooper will choose from to serve on th

colorado gov. john hickenlooper has less than two weeks to decide on one of three women nominated to fill an empty seat on the colorado supreme court.

exclusive: here’s how colorado gov. john hickenlooper really feels about marijua

colorado gov. john hickenlooper to talks about ag jeff sessions and fed enforcement, state pot clubs legislation, being the parent of a teen, and more.

john hickenlooper’s no. 2 sounds like his no. 1 pick for colorado governor in 20

colorado gov. john hickenlooper pledged to remain neutral in the democratic race to replace him, but one candidate appears to be his favorite to win: donna lynne, the state’s lieutenant governor, who will launch her campaign thursday with the governor’s blessing.

hickenlooper orders halt to fight over court oil-gas ruling but ag coffman moves

colorado gov. john hickenlooper has ordered state authorities not to fight a court ruling requiring protection of public safety, health and the environment by the state as a precondition before allowing oil and gas drilling.

what’s next for john hickenlooper, the people’s governor?

john hickenlooper has the common touch. after six and a half years as colorado’s governor and almost eight before that as denver’s mayor, he hasn’t lost it. where does he go from here?

hickenlooper suggests democrats would be justified in delaying gorsuch supreme c

"the politics are distorted right now," hickenlooper said.

no, colorado governor john hickenlooper is not running for president in 2020

colorado gov. john hickenlooper’s is not running for president in 2020, he tells the denver post, despite what you may hear.

trump pick for supreme court is out of step with colorado, demonstrators say

a group of activists condemned president donald trump's nomination of colorado resident and u.s. 10th circuit court judge neil gorsuch to the u.s. supreme court, saying his appointment would threaten hard-won constitutional protections for women, minorities and workers.

colorado governor: not considering clemency for killer of 4

denver (ap) — colorado gov. john hickenlooper says he is not considering clemency for convicted killer and death row inmate nathan dunlap. hickenlooper said monday that he has no plans to revisit dunlap’s case. the term-limited governor is set to leave office in january 2019. hickenlooper addressed the case during a news conference in which […]

john hickenlooper, ohio gov. john kasich release their bipartisan plan to addres

colorado gov. john hickenlooper and his republican counterpart from ohio, john kasich, on thursday morning released their bipartisan plan to stabilize the individual health insurance market.

colorado exhales after sessions meeting

attorney general jeff sessions’ may not be in a rush to impose federal marijuana laws on states with legal pot, according to colorado governor john hickenlooper. after meeting with sessions in washington, d.c, recently, hickenlooper told the cannabist that the former alabama senator seemed unlikely ...

hickenlooper argues colorado is a better home for outdoor retailer trade show

gov. john hickenlooper picks up the beat that black diamond founder pete metcalf and his colleagues began, advocating for colorado as a new home for huge outdoor retailer shows.

hickenlooper: trump’s budget proposal threatens colorado’s “hard-earned progress

colorado gov. john hickenlooper on tuesday slammed president donald trump's budget proposal, calling it a "devastating" plan that would benefit the rich at the expense of the poor.

colorado police, sheriffs say if hickenlooper doesn’t veto civil asset forfeitur

law enforcement and local government groups across colorado are urging gov. john hickenlooper to veto legislation seeking to make changes to how officers and sheriff's deputy seize money and property suspected of being linked to crimes.

gov. hickenlooper explores colorado-cuba ties, says officials there open to trum

gov. john hickenlooper said he sees vast possibilities in a relationship between colorado and cuba -- from the energy sector to agriculture -- following a weekend trip to the country amid uncertainty about the island nation's relations with the u.s. under president donald trump's administration.

colorado supreme court affirms conviction of woman who killed two in dui crash n

the colorado supreme court has reversed an appeals court decision that tossed out the conviction of a woman who caused an accident in 2009 that killed two women and injured a taxi driver on peña boulevard near denver international airport.

hickenlooper calls backing out of paris agreement a “serious mistake,” echoing s

gov. john hickenlooper called president donald trump's decision to withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate agreement a "serious mistake," saying that colorado's efforts to improve air quality and use renewable energy will continue.

hickenlooper: it’s unclear whether trump could stop legal marijuana

a guest on nbc's "meet the press" sunday, colorado gov. john hickenlooper downplayed the possibility that the trump administration would take aim at the state's recreational marijuana industry, saying legalization's inclusion in colorado's constitution makes it unclear whether the federal government could shut it down.

no special session to address transportation funding in colorado this year, gov.

gov. john hickenlooper said friday he will not call a special session of the colorado legislature to address transportation funding, despite his frustration with a lack of sufficient progress on the issue at the statehouse this year.

the kasich-hickenlooper 2020 speculation just won’t die.

the bipartisan bromance between colorado gov. john hickenlooper and ohio gov. john kasich on health care is continuing to fuel speculation of a 2020 presidential bid.

john hickenlooper and john kasich set to talk on cnn about their health care bil

colorado gov. john hickenlooper is slated to join his republican counterpart from ohio, john kasich, on cnn monday night to talk about their concerns with the pending federal health care bill.

colorado supreme court refuses to hear longmont airport noise case

the colorado supreme court on monday denied citizens for quiet skies' request for the high court to review the colorado court of appeals' decision... in favor of local airport business mile-hi skydiving.

colorado supreme court upholds state’s dui laws

the colorado supreme court has upheld colorado's drunken driving statutes in three cases in which lower court judges had thrown out evidence in warrantless blood draws, including a case in which a suspect had five times the legal limit of alcohol in his bloodstream.

new adviser to governor john hickenlooper will focus on aging-related issues

a grant from a new nonprofit group will allow colorado gov. john hickenlooper to hire a senior adviser focused solely on issues related to aging.

the hickenlooper-kasich health care plan: here’s what you need to know

colorado gov. john hickenlooper and ohio gov. john kasich presented a bipartisan proposal to address the health care gridlock in washington. here's what you need to know about the proposal and its prospects in congress.

kudos to hickenlooper for executive order on climate targets (2 letters)

thank you to gov. john hickenlooper for joining state and municipal efforts to address climate change. transitioning to a carbon-free economy is in the best interest of colorado for both the short and the long term.

gov. hickenlooper signs bill paving way for colorado fallen heroes memorial

a permanent memorial to the state's fallen soldiers is a step closer to fruition with gov. john hickenlooper's signature wednesday of sb 17-122.

colorado gov. hickenlooper joins kasich, others, in bipartisan letter opposing g

colorado gov. john hickenlooper and six other governors on friday sent u.s. senate leaders a letter urging congress to scrap the gop health care bill and work toward a bipartisan solution.

neil gorsuch and allison eid set dominoes falling

with allison eid all but certain to replace neil gorsuch on the 10th circuit, her open colorado supreme court seat gives gov. hickenlooper the chance to put his stamp on the court.

john hickenlooper, ohio governor john kasich to discuss health care bill tuesday

colorado gov. john hickenlooper will join ohio gov. john kasich in washington, d.c., on tuesday to brief the press on their opposition to the senate gop health care bill, the latest effort by the pair to promote a bipartisan approach to health care reform.

colorado gov. john hickenlooper declares legislative session a success, but rema

gov. john hickenlooper on thursday applauded state lawmakers for completing "the most productive legislative session" since taking office even as he remained open to calling a special session.

colorado supreme court gets it right on dui laws

my blood alcohol content measured 0.086. the legal limit for driving under the influence in colorado is 0.08. in 2010, i made a mistake and the littleton police arrested me for dui. last week the colorado supreme court reviewed dui laws in a triumvirate of cases. each case attempted to chip away at colorado’s dui […]

colorado gov. hickenlooper to arrive in india on sunday for seven-day trade miss

colorado gov. john hickenlooper will depart sunday for a seven-day trade mission to india, his first visit to the country.

hickenlooper vows to “take any necessary action” following deadly mead oil tank

colorado gov. john hickenlooper, responding to the explosion at a weld county oil and gas facility that killed one worker and injured three more, vowed friday that he will, "take any necessary action to ensure this doesn't happen again."

hickenlooper-appointed lgbt advocate still on civil rights commission despite co

a gov. john hickenlooper-appointed lgbt advocate is still on the colorado civil rights commission despite being voted down by republican state senators earlier this month, raising questions from the gop about the decision's legality.