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white house: kelly needn’t apologize to florida rep. wilson

washington (ap) — white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says chief of staff john kelly doesn’t need to apologize to florida congresswoman frederica wilson. wilson had accused president donald trump of being insensitive during a telephone conversation last week with the widow of a u.s. service member killed in niger. kelly defended trump and […]

video of frederica wilson's speech to fbi shows john kelly mischaracterized her

the white house is defending president donald trump's chief of staff after he mischaracterized previous remarks of a democratic congresswoman who is now criticizing trump's condolence call to the widow of a soldier killed in niger. john kelly on thursday derided rep. frederica wilson of florida...

video of frederica wilson's speech to fbi shows john kelly mischaracterized her

the white house is defending president donald trump's chief of staff after the aide mischaracterized remarks of a democratic congresswoman who has assailed trump's condolence call to the widow of a soldier killed in niger. john kelly on thursday derided rep. frederica wilson of florida on thursday...

white house defends kelly's defense of trump

john kelly on thursday derided rep. frederica wilson of florida on thursday as an “empty barrel.” wilson accused him of lying about a speech she gave.

rep. who spoke about trump call to soldier's widow is getting threats, office sa

frederica wilson's staff said the calls were directly related to the phone call from president trump to the wife of army sgt. la david johnsonn

rep. frederica wilson says john kelly got his facts wrong: 'this has become tota

when white house chief of staff john kelly condemned a florida congresswoman thursday for sneering at president donald trump's condolence call to a soldier's widow, the retired general recalled when the two attended a somber ceremony in miramar, fla., to dedicate a new fbi building named after...

ap fact check: kelly distorts tale in slamming congresswoman

fort lauderdale, fla. (ap) — president donald trump’s chief of staff made scathing comments about florida rep. frederica wilson, accusing her grandstanding at a building dedication in the memory of two fallen fbi agents. but an ap fact check finds that john kelly misrepresented what happened at that event. kelly says wilson bragged about securing […]

kelly made false claim about rep. wilson speech in dispute over trump call

the white house's aggressive effort to discredit a florida congresswoman who criticized president donald trump over a military condolence call ran into a new set of problems friday when a video emerged showing that the chief of staff had made false claims about her. it marked the fifth day of a...

this country has no use for john kelly's nostalgia

to the editor: i listened to white house chief of staff john f. kelly’s statement after rep. frederica wilson (d-fla.) relayed what president trump told the widow of a fallen soldier. when he spoke as a gold star father and retired military general, he was eloquent and touching. (“kelly might not...

fallen soldier's widow breaks her silence on trump condolence call

widow of fallen soldier sgt. la david johnson says that rep. fredericka wilson's account of president trump's phone call to her was "not fabricated"

after being assailed by kelly, rep. wilson says white house full of 'white supre

the white house on friday rushed to defend chief of staff john kelly after he mischaracterized the remarks of a democratic congresswoman and called her an "empty barrel" making noise. a trump spokeswoman said it was "inappropriate" to question kelly in light of his stature as a retired four-star...

fox host corners sarah sanders on john kelly’s woe: ‘he’s either holding his hea

white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders on wednesday explained a viral photo that showed chief of staff john kelly with his head in his hands during president donald trump’s bombastic speech to the u.n. general assembly on tuesday. in an interview on fox news, the hosts of fox &...

john kelly's disgraceful and frightening failure to apologize

white house chief of staff john kelly got every important point wrong last week when he attacked rep. frederica wilson, d-fla., for a speech she made more than two years ago. kelly, digressing from an effort in the white house press room thursday to rehabilitate president donald trump’s controversially...

reliever justin wilson suffers control problems in cubs' loss

cubs manager joe maddon reiterated his faith in left-handed reliever justin wilson. but maddon was forced to pull wilson with a 2-0 count on harrison bader after wilson walked carson kelly to start the eighth inning. "i did not want the game to get beyond one run right there," maddon said tuesday...

trump on obama calling soldiers' families: "you can ask gen. kelly, did he get a

trump said there was "nothing to clarify" in his comments made in the rose garden on monday; kelly's son died in afghanistan in 2010

bernie sanders calls trump ‘pathological liar’ again

vermont senator bernie sanders used president donald trump’s favorite mode of communication to call him out on his frequent attacks on the press. sanders, once again, called trump a “pathological liar” in a tweet posted saturday, and drew parallels between the trump presidency and totalitarianism. “...

congresswoman wants kelly apology as spat with trump endures

washington (ap) — a florida congresswoman is asking white house chief of staff john kelly to apologize for making false claims about her while defending president donald trump’s handling of condolences to a military family. democratic rep. frederica wilson on sunday called kelly a “puppet of the president” and accused him of character assassination, escalating […]

trump's call to one widow has dominated the news; here are the other soldiers ki

president donald trump's phone call to the widow of sgt. la david johnson has dominated the news for the better part of a week, opening up a rift with the fallen soldier's family, pulling white house chief of staff john kelly into the controversy and raising uncomfortable questions about the president's...

rep. kelly: trump press secretary wrong about chicago gun laws

when the chief white house spokeswoman again brought up chicago having a high level of violence despite its having the “strictest gun laws in the country,” u.s. rep. robin kelly and others were quick to respond. kelly, d-ill., responded monday on twitter. sarah huckabee sanders' information, mentioned...

white house says don't bash four-star generals. here are three times trump did j

as the controversy surrounding president donald trump's condolence call to a gold star widow rolled into its third day, the white house continued to play defense. much of friday's effort was on behalf of white house chief of staff john kelly, who one day earlier had criticized rep. frederica wilson,...

sisters squabble over "missed call" etiquette

dear amy: i hope you can help solve a disagreement between my sister and me about phone call etiquette. when my sister calls, and i miss the call, she expects a quick call back, because i saw her missed call pop up on my phone. i do not deliberately ignore her calls, but i don't have my phone glued...

trump unleashes himself from would-be handlers, lashing out mornings, nights and

when president trump agreed last month with democrats to strike a deal granting legal status to so-called dreamers brought to this country illegally as children, his chief of staff, john f. kelly, was all for it. another trump confidant disagreed: fox host sean hannity made clear in a phone call...

it presumes too much to say slain soldier was 'exactly where he wanted to be' wh

gen. john kelly’s emotional news conference thursday was aimed at defending president trump for the misunderstanding that resulted from trump’s phone call earlier in the week with relatives of sgt. la david johnson, one of the four u.s. soldiers killed in an oct. 4 ambush in the african nation...

a rundown of the kelly-trump-sanders-wilson phone call scandal

an isis attack in niger, a general libeling a congresswoman, a heartless phone call from trump. what is going on? white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders spent friday afternoon's press briefing playing defense, sparring with frustrated reporters questioning the facts around president trump’s consolation — or lack thereof — of the family of late sergeant la david johnson. most egregiously, when reporters asked sanders about john kelly — who had lied about the contents of a speech given by congresswoman frederica wilson in an attempt to discredit her— sanders brushed off their questions. her reasoning? any criticism of “a four-star marine general" would be “highly inappropriate.”thus ended a whirlwind 48-hour period of back-and-forth that showed the white house's penchant for

gen. john kelly "stunned" by rep. wilson

white house chief of staff gen. john kelly made an unexpected appearance to try to quell the firestorm

palestinian leader, president trump to hold first phone call

ramallah, west bank (ap) — palestinian president mahmoud abbas will speak friday by telephone with u.s. president donald trump in the first contact between the two leaders since trump took office in january. trump’s planned phone call to abbas was revealed in a white house notice. abbas has spent many hours on the phone and […]

gold star father john kelly blasts congresswoman who politicized trump phone cal

'it stuns me that a member of congress would've listened in on that conversation. . . i just thought the selfless devotion that brings a man or a women to die on the battlefield -- i just thought that that might be sacred.'

kelly defends trump's call to soldier's widow, lashes congresswoman for critique

white house chief of staff john kelly delivered an extraordinary denunciation of a democratic congresswoman thursday, accusing her of politicizing what he called a "sacred" presidential effort to console the grieving loved ones of a slain soldier. kelly, in an unexpected and emotional appearance...

will the real faulconer prototype — pete wilson or jerry sanders — please stand

when big things happen in kevin faulconer’s tenure as mayor, speculation about his political future often follows. key flashpoints: • winning a special election as a republican in a city dominated by democratic voters. • stabilizing the municipality after a paralyzing scandal. • successfully pushing...

‘new phone, who dis’: internet loses it over reports trump urges foreign leaders

donald trump, arbiter of our nation’s most sensitive intelligence information, hands out his personal cell phone number and urges foreign leaders to call it, the associated press reports. at least one foreign diplomat—canadian prime minister justin trudeau—has taken the president up on that request....

watch gop strategist rick wilson troll trump for ‘bowing down to adults mattis a

appearing on cnn, gop strategist and president donald trump critic rick wilson damned the president with faint praise for listening to the pentagon on how to proceed in afghanistan, while diminishing the president for “bowing down” to the adults in his administration. appearing with fell...

congressional leaders scramble to re ure australia after testy trump phone call

top republican figures on capitol hill sought to re ure australia on thursday following reports of a remarkably tense phone call between president trump and australian prime minister malcolm turnbull. house speaker paul ryan, r-wis., said australia was a "very essential" u.s. ally after being...

trump schedules another phone call with russia's putin

president donald trump has scheduled another phone call with russian president vladimir putin.

drawn to the news: trump’s military condolence calls

president donald trump last week began feuding with a florida congresswoman over the nature of a condolence call to widow of a u.s. soldier killed in niger, saying rep. frederica s. wilson and myeshia johnson mischaracterized the call.

kelly defends trump's call to soldier's widow, lashes congresswoman for critique

white house chief of staff john kelly unequivocally defended president donald trump's calls to the families of four fallen soldiers, on thursday using his credibility as a retired general who lost a son on the battlefield to try to help his boss contain a public relations crisis. in an extraordinary,...