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african-american unemployment hit record low in december

years of steady hiring and economic growth have delivered a cumulative benefit for at least one group that hasn't always shared in america's prosperity.

black unemployment falls to lowest level on record

black unemployment fell to 6.8 percent in december, the lowest ever recorded by the u.s. labor department since it began tracking the black unemployment rate in 1972.

african-american unemployment hits record low

the reasons range from a greater number of black americans with college degrees to a growing need for employers in a tight job market to widen the pool of people they hire from

unemployment rates hit record lows in 3 states

washington (ap) — solid hiring nationwide led unemployment rates to touch record lows in three u.s. states last month. unemployment rates declined in 10 states in april, increased in one — massachusetts — and held relatively stable in the other 39, the labor department said friday. a significant number of the job gains occurred in […]

chicago metro area hits record low unemployment in april

the chicago metro area hit record-low unemployment in april, but state officials highlighted sluggish job growth and declining labor force participation as no reason to celebrate. the unemployment rate for the chicago-naperville-arlington heights metro division plummeted to 4.2 percent in april...

unemployment rates fall to record lows in 4 us states

washington (ap) — unemployment rates fell to record lows in four u.s. states last month after months of steady job creation nationwide. the labor department says unemployment rates fell in 17 states in march and were mostly unchanged in 33. employers added a significant number of jobs in just three states last month and cut […]

don't fly on american airlines, the naacp warns african americans

citing a pattern of “disturbing incidents reported by african american passengers,” the naacp is warning african americans that flying on american airlines could subject them to “disrespectful, discriminatory or unsafe conditions.” american’s chief executive said wednesday that he was disappointed...

unemployment in california falls to 4.9%, lowest since 2006

california piled on 19,300 jobs in march, and unemployment dropped to 4.9%. it was the first time the state's jobless rate fell below 5% since december 2006.

michael twitty, the african american jewish writer, is poised to give us a new w

michael twitty, the african american jewish writer and culinary historian, known for writing an open letter to paula deen for not recognizing the role of african and african american food culture in the creation of southern food, is bringing his eye-opening rhetoric to los angeles. and he’s just...

no tears from african-americans after omarosa booted from white house

from the beginning of her tenure as the only african-american in the president's inner circle, it was clear that omarosa had no influence with the african-american community. in fact, it's probably safe to say that most blacks detest her.

edmonia lewis: an african american trailblazer

she was the first female african american sculptor to achieve international acclaim at a time when slavery was legal.

guns 'key' to african american equality: naaga

al jazeera talks to douglas jefferson, vice president of the national african american gun association, on gun control.

naacp warns african americans against travel on american airlines

the naacp is warning african americans that if they fly on american airlines they could be subject to discrimination or even unsafe conditions. american's chief executive said wednesday that he was disappointed by the announcement and that american wants to discuss the matter with the civil rights...

california unemployment rate falls below 5% for the first time since 2006

california piled on 19,300 jobs in march, and unemployment dropped to 4.9%. it was the first time the state's jobless rate fell below 5% since december 2006.

naacp issues travel warning of discrimination by american airlines

citing a pattern of “disturbing incidents reported by african american passengers,” the naacp is warning african americans that flying on american airlines could subject them to “disrespectful, discriminatory or unsafe conditions.” american’s chief executive said wednesday that he was disappointed...

arizona unemployment rate now 4.5 percent, lowest since 2007

phoenix (ap) — arizona’s unemployment rate dropped to the lowest level since december 2007 last month, falling to 4.5 percent from 4.7 percent in september. gov. doug ducey called the monthly jobs report “good news for hardworking arizonans and good news for our economy.” the rate remains well above the national unemployment rate, which fell […]

dc comics’ first african-american characters

before 1970, dc comics’ only african-american character was jackie johnson, a member of sergeant rock’s easy company. it was a substantially lower number when compared to marvel, its chief competition of that time. throughout the 1970s, dc made an overdue effort to populate their fictional universe with more black people. some of the new characters […] the post dc comics’ first african-american characters appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

naacp issues travel advisory for american airlines after discrimination reports

the naacp is warning african american travelers not to fly on american airlines after a “pattern of disturbing incidents.” the advisory, effective as of tuesday, says african american flyers reported unfair treatment by the massive airline several times in the last few months. travelers are warned...

pennsylvania unemployment shrinks as payrolls hit new high

harrisburg, pa. (ap) — pennsylvania’s unemployment rate dropped in september for the second straight month, as payrolls hit a record high and the labor force tightened again. the state department of labor and industry said friday that pennsylvania’s unemployment rate was 4.8 percent last month, down one-tenth of a percentage point. the national rate was […]

noose found inside smithsonian’s african-american museum

washington (ap) — a noose has been found in a public exhibition space of the smithsonian’s african-american museum. smithsonian secretary david skorton says in a statement that the rope was found wednesday afternoon in the segregation gallery of the national museum of african american history and culture. the statement says tourists found the noose on […]

us companies post record number of open jobs in april

washington (ap) — u.s. employers advertised the most open jobs in april in 16 years, yet hiring fell and fewer people quit work. the figures suggest that businesses are struggling to find qualified employees as the unemployment rate declines. job openings rose 4.5 percent in april to more than 6 million, the most since december […]

another solid month of hiring likely in december jobs report  due out this morni

u.s. businesses likely closed out 2017 with a strong month of hiring fueled by growing optimism among companies about the economy's momentum. economists have forecast that employers added 189,000 jobs in december, according to a survey by data provider factset. the unemployment rate is projected...

state’s unemployment rate falls to a historic low

washington’s unemployment rate edged down in may to the lowest level since modern record-keeping began four decades ago, the state employment security department said wednesday.

new jersey unemployment rate climbs to 4.5 percent

trenton, n.j. (ap) — new data shows new jersey added 200 jobs in august and the unemployment rate rose to 4.5 percent from 4.2 percent in july. the labor and workforce development department called the additions “modest.” the state rate has inched above the federal figure for the first time since december, when both stood […]

state: did we say 16,700 jobs lost? we meant 2,000 gained

what state officials described as a "troubling" loss of 16,700 jobs in december turns out not to have been so bad after all. in fact, illinois gained 2,000 jobs in december, according to revised figures released thursday with the state's january unemployment report. the state added another 1,700...

staley proud to be 2nd african-american coach to win title

dawn staley hopes to pass along a piece of her first championship net to another aspiring african-american coach — the same as carolyn peck did for her years ago.

zoo introduces endangered african painted dog pups to public

an ohio zoo says a litter of six african painted dog puppies born in december can now be viewed by the public.

like its near namesake, the african dream provides a river cruise (but with bett

cruising along the rivers of southern africa, passengers will feel as though they’re on their own private yacht once the african dream sets sail in december. they may even find themselves recalling the adventures of bogie and hepburn aboard a similarly named vessel. the african dream, being built...

colorado’s dropping unemployment rate plunges into uncharted waters

colorado's unemployment rate crossed into uncharted waters in april, dropping to a record-low 2.3 percent, a mark visited only four other times by any state in recent u.s. history.

eurozone unemployment rate remains at 8-year low

brussels (ap) — official figures show that unemployment across the 19-country eurozone remained at an eight-year low in may. eurostat said monday that the unemployment rate was unchanged at 9.3 percent. that’s the lowest since march 2009, when unemployment was rising markedly following the global financial crisis. over the month, the statistics agency said the […]

african-american gis of wwii: fighting for democracy abroad and at home

until the last decade, the contributions of african-american soldiers in world war ii barely registered in america’s collective memory of that war. the “tan soldiers,” as the black press affectionately called them, were also for the most part left out of the triumphant narrative of america’s “greate...

architect shapes nation's view of african american history

the national museum of african american history and culture was a long time coming, but for architect phil freelon it was right on time.

review: 'beyond caring' is about the work, done right in your face

a man — older, african-american, sad — walks into this industrial space. he goes straight to the washroom. a woman — a bit younger, african-american, sox cap — walks into this sausage factory. she paces. her eyes dart. a woman — backpack, sneakers, latina — walks into the break room. she seems...

zimbabwe says nearly 250 killed in flooding since december

for months, they pleaded for rain. now they're dying from the downpour. floods in zimbabwe have killed nearly 250 people since december in regions that were recently suffering from drought. this southern african country this week appealed to international donors for $100 million to help those affected...

his art centers on silent-era race films with african american actors, names tha

the california african american museum is teeming with ghosts. they haunt its lobby atrium, which is airy and still, bleached out from sunlight seeping in through a canopy of skylights onto stark white walls. five soaring murals pop against this blinding palette, jet-black chalkboard surfaces bearing...