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alexa scores some super bowl skills for next week’s big game

 this time last year, amazon made it clear just how big it expected alexa to be with its first ever super bowl commercial, starring alec baldwin and jason schwartzman, along with a motley crew of celebrity eos ranging from dan marino to missy elliot and, of course, its voice controlled speaker. it’s been a heck of a year for the line. amazon muscled its way connected homes everywhere… read more

property: business as usual?

we've already seen a lot of real estate activity in 2017 and we're not even up to the super bowl, which traditionally kicks off the start of the sales season here in southern california. if our prognosticator skills are intact and january is any indication, we're in for another busy housing market...

nasa touches down at super bowl festival

are you ready for some space football? nasa and spaceflight companies have a major presence at a nine-day festival in houston that will lead up to the 2017 super bowl.

dan quinn must match up with bill belichick in super bowl 51

seattle's defense had taken charge, and the seahawks led the 2015 super bowl by 10 points. then tom brady torched that unit in the fourth quarter — a unit coordinated by dan quinn.

as falcons return to big game, remembering the dirty birds

the last time the atlanta falcons made it to the super bowl, they put on quite a show.

as falcons return to big game, remembering the dirty birds

atlanta (ap) — the last time the atlanta falcons made it to the super bowl, they put on quite a show. just not when it mattered. the team known as the “dirty birds” capped off a remarkable season in 1998 by doing almost everything wrong once they claimed a spot in the big game. “i […]

japanese craft leaves space station to conduct space-junk experiment

a japanese cargo ship undocked from the international space station today (jan. 27) and will spend the next week doing a science experiment in orbit before burning up in earth's atmosphere on super bowl sunday (feb. 5).

california chrome-arrogate showdown makes pegasus racing's 'super bowl'

there is no overstating the magnitude of urday’s inaugural pegasus world cup. the $12-million prize purse is thoroughbred racing’s richest ever. the winner will receive $7 million, also an all-time high. big purses often fail to attract fields worthy of the reward. the pegasus has drawn north...

adulting isn’t just instagramming your dinner – soft skills for millennials

millennials have been done a great disservice. they are told that if they go to college and earn a degree, they will make a million dollars more over their lifetime than someone without a college degree. while this statistic is true in some cases, many millennials are under the mistaken impression it is the college […] the post adulting isn’t just instagramming your dinner – soft skills for millennials appeared first on dumb little man.

week in review: trump's first week | state of the state | bulls in disarray

here are recaps of the week's stories (sunday through friday) to catch you up on what's been happening. chicago front and center in trump's first week the city's leaders got a crash course in how donald trump will govern after the president tweeted he would "send in the feds!" to solve chicago...

5 video game to anime adaptations that don’t

based on all known evidence, movies based on video games usually . they’re either made by people who don’t understand the source material’s appeal, or alter the subject matter so drastically they might as well go by a completely different name. thankfully, one medium has a relatively high batting average when it comes to video […] the post 5 video game to anime adaptations that don’t appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

winning numbers drawn in 'mega millions' game

atlanta _ the winning numbers in friday evening's drawing of the "mega millions" game were:

liangelo ball goes for 52 as chino hills wins its 57th consecutive game

there was a 10-year-old boy dressed in a ucla jersey who in the first row near the chino hills bench on friday night at laverne damien. he kept shouting to lamelo ball to “shoot from half court.” that’s what happens when there’s a youtube video of ball pointing to the half-court line in a game...

windows 10 game mode has arrived ... in insider preview build 15019

microsoft’s unleashed windows 10 game mode via its latest windows insider preview build, but not without issue.

watch 'war of the worlds,' our new no-holds-barred, news-talk game show

macworld’s oscar raymundo has iphone battery problems. they’ve been a h le—but at least he parlayed his troubles into 10,000 points on war of the worlds! please enjoy our new weekly video series. it’s part talk show, part game show, and part cross-platform debate. in this premier episode, oscar goes head-to-head with jon phillips, our editor-in-chief. topics include: iphone battery problems the mobile apps no one should use the sad vine shutdown facebook’s bid to become the next netflix esports go mainstream name that old computer! to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

q&a: rams general manager les snead talks rookie coach sean mcvay, draft needs a

for the second time in two years, the rams are in the midst of major transition. in 2016, the franchise moved from st. louis to los angeles. the rams drew more than 90,000 to the coliseum for an exhibition against the dallas cowboys, but fan interest waned by the end of a 4-12 season that included...

the week in ios accessories: batteries, cases, earbuds, and more

new gear of the weekimage by idgthis week's roundup features a whole range of accessories—whatever you need for your iphone or ipad might just be right here.atechimage by a techto read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

what to expect from apple’s q4 2016 earnings call next week

it’s that time again–time to tie that tie and tighten your money belt. next week, apple will once again reveal its quarterly earnings report, leading to a lot of kremlinology, the parsing of numbers, and a bumping up or down of the apple stock price.the results will arrive on january 31 at about 1:30 p.m. pacific, followed at 2 p.m. by the usual phone call between apple execs (generally ceo tim cook and cfo luca maestri) and a collection of analysts.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

comment on 16 websites to super charge your english vocabulary by spencer

this looks like a great list of resources/apps. i'd like to recommend one i didn't see on this list. it's called word pash. it is a new app for ios that makes learning vocabulary a breeze. its fun and its free. here is a link for anyone interested. any feedback is greatly appreciated. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/word-pash/id1057735478?mt=8 wordpash.com

wanna bet? once gambling-shy nfl plans move to vegas

once upon a time, the thought of gambling on a pro football game brought gasps of indignation from the nfl offices. and swift action if it was a player who actually placed a bet.

the week in ios apps: brown sugar offers movie fun

the week's best new appsthis week’s roundup includes a new app that lets you watch great 1970s movies like “shaft” and “foxy brown.” read on!brown sugarimage by brown sugarto read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

7 power habits of great leaders, business icons and inspirational achievers

“we are what we repeatedly do. excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” aristotle our never-ending quest towards self-improvement is a long journey of small steps. small habits we repeat day after day, week after week, year after year. small habits that have turned us into who we are today can also determine […] the post 7 power habits of great leaders, business icons and inspirational achievers appeared first on dumb little man.

samuelson helps no. 10 stanford ease past washington state

although stanford took an early lead and quickly put the game out reach, coach tara vanderveer saw plenty she didn't like from the 10th-ranked cardinal.

bossaball / the game with bounce

what do you get if you combine volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, and the brazilian martial art of capoeira, and play it on an inflatable court with trampolines? it's bossaball, the latest rage in team sports in spain and belgium.

concentration p themed escape room a bad idea

some brilliant entrepreneurs decided to open an aushcwitz themed escape room. i don't even want to ing know what happens if you don't get out in time. in america nazis are as likely to get attacked by shia lebeouf as they are appointed senior advisor to the president. via fake news site cnn: a czech company has stopped selling tickets to its auschwitz-themed "escape room" after facing fierce criticism for casting as a game the experience of holocaust victims in one of world war ii's most notorious concentration ps. in a statement posted friday to the prague-based dostaň se ven's website, the company said it originally designed the game to draw attention to the atrocities of auschwitz. but it acknowledged that the backlash is "understandable" -- and said it would stop selling tickets im

this week in weird twitter, volume 85

the welsh corgi’s origin story is much more complex, and ancient, than you may realize. like most things, it all started in the cretaceous period.

some mystery remains about lakers' last three lottery picks

brandon ingram’s serene, heavy-lidded look rarely changes, and neither does the quiet speech he’s learning to amplify to better lead an offense. the lakers rookie's demeanor thursday night after a 96-88 loss to the utah jazz — in which he was scoreless for the second consecutive game — betrayed...

nhl names 10 blackhawks among its top 100 players of all time

amid the palm trees, glitz and glamour that are synonymous with los angeles, the nhl unveiled its list of the top 100 players of all time during a slick, made-for-tv ceremony friday night. though thrilled to be included with legends of the game such as gordie howe, wayne gretzky, bobby orr and...

fight your way through flying space debris in hyperburner

these days, keeping up with games can be a full-time job. so how do you separate the signal from the noise, the wheat from the chaff, the temple runs from the temple jumps? allow us to help by regularly selecting a game you should play. space-flying fanatics take note: hyperburner lets you take a trip to a galaxy far, far away, where you can dip, dive, and barrel-roll your way through futuristic space highways.the first thing you’ll notice about hyperburner is that it’s beautiful and unique—this isn’t some cobbled-together endless runner full of procedurally-generated geometric obstacles. the game features smooth, high-resolution g hics and six visually stunning (and distinct) zones. each zone has its own unique atmosphere and obstacles—one zone is orange and cloudy and full of rocks and

nhl honors 100 greatest players ahead of all-star game

no matter when they played, no matter which team they played for, many players selected as members of the top 100 of the nhl’s first 100 years had a similar reaction to winning that honor. “i never really expected it,” hall of fame goaltender billy smith, who won the stanley cup four times with...

two unique new games get very meta by being about smartphones

two new independent android games this week, a normal lost phone and strange smartphone, use mobile phones as their main theme.

suspect arrested in double killing at chinatown social club

tiles clacked at the mah-jongg tables in the main hall of the hop sing tong, the slow cadence of a typical afternoon at one of los angeles’ oldest institutions. the quiet broke when an intruder entered the chinatown building and started to argue with a man in his 60s playing the game at a felt-covered...

bulls have team meeting, try to move on from two days of bickering

typically, the morning shootaround on the day of a bulls game lasts 45 minutes to an hour and takes place on the court. there was nothing typical about friday's shootaround. two days after dwyane wade and jimmy butler questioned their teammates' commitment and one day after rajon rondo posted a...

bannon takes control

one key question of the trump presidency in its first week is: who is actually going to perform the tasks ociated with the job? while the liberal comedians and right-wing pundits agitate themselves about crowd sizes, odd tweets and imaginary voter fraud, politico and the hill supply some data poi...

snap will reportedly file publicly for its m ive ipo late next week

 snap — the makers of snapchat — had confidentially filed for its ipo late last year, but it looks like we’ll be getting a look at the inner guts of the company’s financials and workings as early as late next week. the company will file publicly for its initial public offering late next week, according to a new report from kara swisher over at recode. this is yet… read more