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alphabet’s long bets start looking better: it’s the daily crunch

 every monday, wednesday and friday our daily guided tour of the biggest tech stories from the past 24 hours will appear here on techcrunch.com. to get the daily crunch in your inbox every day of the week, sign up here. alphabet’s ‘other bets’ start looking like better bets, microsoft ascends to the clouds and trump enlists more titans of tech. all that and more in the… read more

crunch report | galaxy s8 coming in march

the trump administration names its manufacturing council, tesla is suing an ex-employee for reportedly stealing proprietary autopilot information and poaching talent, samsung galaxy s8 is reportedly launching in march and apple is using icloud to improve siri. all this on crunch report! read more

'astronauts' start 8-month mars simulation in hawaii

another long-term space simulation is underway at the mauna loa volcano in hawaii, where six crewmembers entered a small, isolated dome one week ago (jan. 19) as a part of the hi-seas mission.

5 exercises to improve posture and mobility for seniors

are you looking for posture exercises for seniors? poor posture can affect moving around, walking and daily activities. in the long run, bad posture can lead to back pain and joint pain in your hips and knees. seniors can perform many posture exercises during leisure time with the istance of a respite caregiver from home care. […] the post 5 exercises to improve posture and mobility for seniors appeared first on dumb little man.

long island school districts add, study more religious holidays

long island families are celebrating lunar new year on urday with traditional foods and plump red envelopes -- and no worries about children having to miss school.

chrome, firefox start warning users when websites use insecure http logins

the war on insecure webpages has begun, and mozilla fired the first s . recently, mozilla rolled out firefox 51 to its mainstream user base. with the new release comes an insecure warning on any page that offers a login form over an http connection instead of https. chrome plans to follow suit with version 56, expected to be released to mainstream users on tuesday, january 31, as ars technica first pointed out. http uses an open, unencrypted connection between you and the website you’re visiting that could be intercepted by anyone monitoring traffic between you and the site. for that reason, it’s never a good idea to share login or credit card information over an http connection. most major sites offer the encrypted version—https—but every now and then you’ll come across a site that doe

of the day: avira free antivirus

our daily pick the best free windows software – the finest free virus and malware protection for your pc

how does having more guns in schools increase safety?

a gun attack in a rural school is unlikely, so why introduce the possibility of having students exposed daily to the known risks of having guns in their schools?

hpi to replace batteries in notebook pcs due to overheating hazard

daily video: hpi has samsung-like problem: overheating batteries; iphone production volume slid 11.5 percent in 2016; google says it blocked 1.7 billion ads for policy violations in 2016; and there's more.

property: business as usual?

we've already seen a lot of real estate activity in 2017 and we're not even up to the super bowl, which traditionally kicks off the start of the sales season here in southern california. if our prognosticator skills are intact and january is any indication, we're in for another busy housing market...

with california's 'sanctuary cities,' trump might be starting a fight he can't w

trump's recent executive orders put cities and counties on notice that they would lose federal funding if they didn’t start cooperating with immigration agents

daily news homepage for friday, jan. 27

coming up • the palo alto city council will evaluate progress on priorities for 2016 and set new goals for the upcoming year at an annual “retreat” on urday. the council will meet from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the mitchell park community center, 3700 middlefield road. public participation is encouraged. the council focused […]

miracle survivor larry desjarlais points to gideon bible in hospital room for jo

larry desjarlais was looking to end his life when he jumped from a moving vehicle nearly 3-1/2 years ago and now discusses his relationship to god and conversion in the hospital. “this story has to be told,” said desjarlais in the interview published by minot daily news, explaining that he thought death was the answer, […]

judicial watch’s tom fitton explains why trump may be right about illegal immigr

on tuesday’s breitbart news daily, siriusxm host alex marlow asked judicial watch president tom fitton about a study from the center for immigration studies that revealed that “there could be as many as 43 million non-citizens in the united states right now.” fitton had previously spotlighted this study on twitter as evidence of potential voter fraud issues. […]

local backlash over trump's order to temporarily halt visas, start 'extreme vett

abdul “lucky” manan spent years working as an interpreter for u.s. special forces in afghanistan, helping military troops navigate the language, culture and “rules” of his homeland. it was a dangerous job that e with the promise of a special visa, which took three years and landed him in san...

friday's recap: heat 100, bulls 88

coach fred hoiberg benched dwyane wade and jimmy butler for the start of the bulls' 100-88 loss to the heat friday night, punishment for their critical comments of teammates two nights earlier. butler, who for the first 5 minutes, 7 seconds, missed 12 of 13 s s and scored a season-low three...

corey seager still hopeful dodgers can re-sign chase utley

corey seager had a locker next to chase utley for the duration of the 2016 season. as he raced toward the national league rookie-of-the-year award, seager leaned on utley, a 14-year veteran, for advice. utley helped seager develop a daily routine, and teamed with him in the middle of the dodgers...

comment on how positive writing will help you to live a happier life by shashank

hi steve, i kind of got motivated towards writing... i just started writing and i'm actually enjoying it. i can feel it. it's like telling what we feel to everyone and that's why i even started a blog. if you would like to check, here's is the link. https://thebrainylad.com/why-started-blog-you-should-start-blogging/ and, keep doing the great work man. thanks :)

trump signs order to temporarily shut nation's door to most refugees and start '

president trump signed an executive order friday that temporarily halts the nation’s refugee program and ushers in the most sweeping changes in more than 40 years to how the u.s. welcomes the world’s most vulnerable people. the order blocks all refugees from entering the u.s. for 120 days and suspends...

comment on 7 ways to make money from your smartphone or tablet by alaa omran

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brain trauma test to be conducted by san diego biotech subsidiary

a subsidiary of san diego’s aethlon medical will soon start a clinical trial of a test for a potentially deadly brain trauma. the trial by exosome sciences of houston is expected to begin in the second quarter, said james joyce, aethlon’s president and ceo. up to 200 former professional football...

oil from garbage / modern-day alchemy

as long as we have garbage, we'll never run out of oil, thanks to a new technology called thermal depolymerization process (tdp).

7 ways to make your home one you’re excited to come back to each day

when you think of your home, does it evoke a welcoming, cozy, happy feeling? our homes are a personal extension of ourselves. when we walk through the door, we should feel joy, contentment and peace. although most of us want these things for our homes, we don’t always know where to start in creating this […] the post 7 ways to make your home one you’re excited to come back to each day appeared first on dumb little man.

lenzo underwater housing for iphone 7 is rated for 100 meters

sure, your iphone 7 plus can probably stand up to a little water, but if you'd like to dive deep you might not want to press your luck. that's why valstech is seeking funding for a new lenzo underwater housing designed for the iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus. as with the iphone 6/6s version, the iphone 7 housing is rated for depths down to 100m / 328ft, and features an optical dome lens, total phone control while under water, a selfie lens, and dual tripod mounts. unlike the previous lenzo housing, though, the iphone 7 variety is also buoyant. lenzo is designed for recording videos and snapping p os underwater, and includes different color correction filters to compen ion for various bodies of water. the case has a wake/sleep on for the phone, a era start/stop trigger, swing ar

pictures show how badly earthquakes damaged sony’s kumamoto sensor factory

p o via sony if you wondered why it took sony so long to get back on its feet after an earthquake hit its sensor fabrication plant in kumamoto, this picture taken in the aftermath might give you a clue. the halt in production at the factory had a devastating effect on large sections of the era industry in 2016 as it was the provider of sensors for a huge range of products – from the ni dl eras to the 100mp backs for phase one and h elblad medium-format bodies. this picture of the chaos inside the plant emerged in october last year as sony announced plans to ensure such natural disasters would only knock out production for a maximum of two months. the earthquake that hit in april 2016 kept the kumamoto business silent for over three and a half months, and it took until september fo

hail to the nasa chief - charles f. bolden retrospective | video

the fmr. nasa administrator strung together a long set of achievements in his 7 years of leading the space agency. levar burton narrates this look at his career.

counter: ramen weather

if it’s been an unaccountably long week for you too, then maybe it’s time to head to the mall. not kidding, at least if you love ramen as much as most of us do. because not only is din tai fung at the mall in glendale, there’s now a branch of one of the best ramen shops in southern california there...

un says migrant resettlement programs benefit us

two united nations agencies say long-standing u.s. support for resettlement programs has offered a double benefit, "first by rescuing some of the most vulnerable people in the world and second by enabling them to enrich their new societies."

‘perry mason’ actress barbara hale dies at 94

barbara hale, a movie actress who found her most famous role on television as steadfast secretary della street in the long-running "perry mason" series, has died. she was 94.

celebration of women filmmakers triggers heated debate between salma hayek, jess

“is your coat wool?” alfre woodard asked as she at a long, flower-filled table d d with purple paisley italian linen. “i’m allergic to wool. i can never wear anything nice.” under the cavernous, vaulted ceiling of a mountain mansion, where the driveway was heated, an indoor stream trickled...

as cops keep going after pot, the three deadliest drugs are all legal

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071128'; click here for reuse options! can you say "misplaced priorities"? while certain members of the mainstream media are fixated on president donald trump’s tweets, one story written by msm may have flown under the radar. the free thought project has consistently reported the safety of marijuana, its uses, and its benefits. however, the federal government, state governments, and local governments, all continue to lock away otherwise law abiding citizens for using, and sharing marijuana. now, one member of the mainstream media is starting to sound a lot like the free thought project. vox, in its article “the 3 deadliest drugs in america are legal”, written by german lopez, tells the truth about legal subst

former pennsylvania mayor sentenced to probation in museum case

a former long-time mayor of pennsylvania’s capital was sentenced to two years of probation on friday after pleading guilty on charges related to the theft of artifacts purchased with public funds for a museum that was never built in the city. stephen reed, a collector of american west memorabi...

‘this is the birther conspiracy all over again’: carl bernstein nails voter frau

cnn host john berman hammered conspiracy theorist gregg phillips friday not long after he received the same treatment from morning host chris cuomo. phillips has alleged that he has evidence of 3 million to 5 million undocumented people who voted illegally in the 2016 election. his claim has been qu...

us no longer has geog hy as defense, ally in cybercombat

washington (ap) — the united states has long relied on its borders and superior military might to protect against and deter foreign aggressors. but a lack of boundaries and any rulebook in cyberspace has increased the threat and leveled the playing field today. it’s unclear how president donald trump, who has emphasized an “america first” […]

astonishingly absorbent towel

i take at least two daily showers and have problems with cotton towels getting damp, smelly, and yucky because they can’t dry quickly enough in the hours between. i recently turned to an item i’ve had for a year and used for the opposite intended purpose — the ergodyne chill-its is designed to keep someone cool on a day by absorbing a lot of water and evaporating gradually. but, since it’s moisture-absorbent, it can also be used for the effectively inverse purpose: get you dry fast! (more…)

7 things the google play store does better than the apple app store

apple versus android is a long running debate, but here are 7 things google play store does better than apple's app store.

we are all salespeople. use these 3 techniques to become a better one.

all of us, regardless of job title or influence, do some type of sales on almost a daily basis.

weekend preview for january 27

your weekend time is valuable and at the end of a long week, the discretionary time must be spent to its maximum value. to help narrow down your choices on the film, television, and gaming fronts, every friday, the weekend preview gives you the rundown of your options and an educated guess as to which […] the post weekend preview for january 27 appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

5 things you need to know this weekend

the biggest news to start your morning.       

secret recording reveals gop is freaking out about repealing and replacing obama

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071283'; click here for reuse options! there appears to be no path forward at this time. a secret recording obtained by the washington post reveals the gop is freaking out about its obamacare repeal. republicans have spent the last years boasting of repealing former president barack obama’s affordable care act, and with donald trump now in the white house, that goal seemed promising for republicans — except they haven’t decided on a replacement.the recording of a closed-door meeting on thursday revealed gop lawmakers’ concern about moving forward with a quick repeal. “we’d better be sure that we’re prepared to live with the market we’ve created [with repeal],” said california rep. tom mcclintock. “that’s going to be ca

the goal standard challenge: clearing the clutter to help start you on the right

in a facebook live, strategist, author and producer natalie macneil challenges us to clear our mental and physical clutter for the goal standard challenge.

easy tuscan bean soup

the best bean soups have a lived-in quality, as if they have been simmering on the back burner for hours, just waiting for you. you can achieve this by cooking the dried beans from scratch, of course. or you can skip the long simmer and pop open a can! bean soups have the distinct a ntage of tasting terrific either way. today’s soup uses canned beans to make a 30-minute meal that tastes like it took all day. continue reading "easy tuscan bean soup" »

7 power habits of great leaders, business icons and inspirational achievers

“we are what we repeatedly do. excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” aristotle our never-ending quest towards self-improvement is a long journey of small steps. small habits we repeat day after day, week after week, year after year. small habits that have turned us into who we are today can also determine […] the post 7 power habits of great leaders, business icons and inspirational achievers appeared first on dumb little man.

farro, mushroom, and spinach soup

if you haven’t met farro yet, let me introduce you. farro is an ancient grain with long-ago origins in western asia. it has an earthy, nutty flavor and a chewy texture that works well in everything from winter soups to hearty salads. italian cooks have enjoyed this grain for years, and it’s beginning to catch on here, too. give it a try in this hearty, but easy, meal of cooked farro, sautéed mushrooms, and greens! continue reading "farro, mushroom, and spinach soup" »

bannon takes control

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071201'; click here for reuse options! while trump lies, the former breitbart chief seizes the reins of power. one key question of the trump presidency in its first week is: who is actually going to perform the tasks ociated with the job?while the liberal comedians and right-wing pundits agitate themselves about crowd sizes, odd tweets and imaginary voter fraud, politico and the hill supply some data points about the all-important paper flow in washington. steve bannon, the former goldman sachs executive-turned-breitbart news chief, is running the government, while the president argues with actresses.politico reports that the executive orders trump has been signing were prepared and coordinated by bannon. various cabin

relax with this jazzy cover of tove lo’s “habits”

postmodern jukebox always creates great covers, but tove lo’s “habits (stay high)” proves to be a particularly perfect match for the concept. this vintage 1930s take on the song is incredibly soothing and perfect for unwinding after a long week.

trump executive order sows fear among refugees in ariz.

refugee advocates say the order harms vulnerable families and goes against this country's long history of protecting refugees fleeing persec...       

amped wireless range extender - send wi-fi to your home's weak spots

my cable modem and wifi router are on one end of our long house. the signal peters out before it gets to my daughters’ bedrooms, and because they like to do their homework in their rooms, i needed to come up with a way to extend the range. the amped wireless sr20000g range extender did the trick. i placed it in our dining room and it greatly extended the wireless signal. setup was trivial and h le-free. the speed of the data transfer did not noticeably diminish (i.e., my kids don’t complain when they watch netflix on an ipad). i recommend this quick solution for spreading wi-fi around your house. -- mark frauenfelder amped wireless high power wireless-n 600mw gigabit dual band range extender, model sr20000g $140

watch: david bowie's first tv appearance at age 17 was a delightful prank

in november 1964, 17-year-old david bowie (then jones) appeared on 's "tonight" to talk about his new society for the prevention of cruelty to long-haired men, a pr stunt cooked up by his dad. bowie was already a veteran rocker, having played with the rads,tthe king bees, and the manish boys. from wendy leigh's bowie: the biog hy: he might have been part of the manish boys, but inside, david had always seen himself as a star who stood on his own. so he was heartened when his father e up with a masterstroke.... john jones swung into action and, applying his well-honed pr skills, along with david's input, concocted a cause designed to thrust david into the limelight.... consequently, in november 1964, at john jones's behest, the ever-obliging leslie thomas [a columnist and former barna

#calexit paign for california to secede from the usa marches on

californians have long been upset to find fewer tax dollars enter their state than leave. it was once a big part of recalling their governor and installing a governator. funding the great and failing center of our country, all while being told you are too "crunchy" and "granola" apparently gets tiresome! citizens of the bear republic are now cleared to seek signatures supporting an amendment to the state constitution. the amendment would remove text both declaring california inseparable from the union, and respecting the u.s. constitution as the "supreme law of the land." (more…)