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android emoji – everything you need to know

trying to get into the emoji world? our plan here is to take you through an extensive guide on the android emoji experience.

emoji all the things! whatsapp beta gets new android 7.1 emoji

whatsapp has added the new emoji from android 7.1 and ios 10.2 to its beta app, featuring gender equality and new professions.

android pay description updated to add instructions on using android wear for pa

google has updated the listing of the android pay app on the play store that shows us how to use the mobile payment service on an android wear watch.

android version distribution: the calm before the nougat storm

android nougat is now on a measly 1.2% of android devices. the most popular android version remains lollipop, which lives on one third of active devices.

5 android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – android apps weekly!

welcome to the 176th episode of android apps weekly! this week we talk about a surprise pokemon game, the re-release of myst, and more android apps news!

android security scares are all hype, no substance, suggests google engineer

android's security director recently discussed android threats and said there have been no “confirmed” cases of infections caused by stagefright.

here’s how you'll pay with android pay on your android wear 2.0 watch

some android wear watches will soon be capable of mobile payments when upgraded to the new software.

10 best new android games of january 2016!

android gaming is getting bigger and there are always awesome, new games coming out! check out our list of the best new android games from the last month!

phones with unlocked bootloaders don’t mix with android pay on wear 2.0

a new report says that the android pay app for android wear 2.0 won't work if the phone that's paired with the watch has an unlocked bootloader.

which smartwatches will get updated to android wear 2.0?

here's the list of android wear devices that will receive the big android wear 2.0 update.

best android smartphone eras (february 2017)

curious about what the best era phones are in the android world? join us as we round up the best android smartphone eras!

all the android wear watches getting android wear 2.0

a lot of existing android wear watches are being updated to android wear 2.0. here's the complete list.

emoji marketing startup inmoji raises another $1.5m

 emojis — not just a fun way to avoid writing actual words, but also an opportunity for  ? well, inmoji, a startup that creates emoji-focused marketing paigns, is announcing that it has raised an additional $1.5 million, bringing its total funding to $9 million. this comes a week after announcing a self-serve platform that should make these emoji paigns accessible to a… read more

5 best psp emulators for android

there are tons of emulators on android for various systems. there are even options for those who loved the psp. here are the best psp emulators for android!

5 android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – android apps weekly

welcome to the 177th edition of android apps weekly! this week we talk about xposed coming to nougat, fire emblem heroes, beme's death, and more apps news!

10 best android phones 2017: which should you buy?

these are the top android smartphones right now, just in case you don't fancy apple's iphone 7.

10 best android phones 2017: which should you buy?

not taken with the iphone 7? these are the top android handsets money can buy right now.

5 android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – android apps weekly!

welcome back to android apps weekly! this week we talk about mozilla getting cut in half, a boy and his blob, google now launcher, and more apps news!

15 best android launcher apps of 2017

the android launcher is among the most customizable and powerful apps on your device. check out these amazing android launcher apps and customize now!

does android use more memory than ios? – gary explains

android flagship devices tend to have more memory than their iphone equivalents. why is that? is it because android uses more ram than ios? gary explains!

google details android security model at rsa conference

google's android security chief adrian ludwig tells the rsa conference how security actually works in android.

it’s not you, it’s your android: confession of singles with iphones

according to a survey conducted by match.com, iphone users are 21 times more likely to judge someone negatively for having an android phone.

10 best android phones in australia: which should you buy in 2017

the android smartphone ecosystem is hotly contested, so we've ranked the devices to make your buying decision a bit easier.

n.o.v.a. legacy will soon take android gamers to the stars

gameloft has announced n.o.v.a. legacy, a revamped version of its original n.o.v.a. 1 mobile sci-fi shooter, for android.

google patches android for 58 vulnerabilities in february update

stagefright android mediaserver and qualcomm flaws are once again being patched by google.

android wear 2.0 announced – everything you need to know

after spending some significant time as a developer preview, android wear 2.0 has just launched as a public release today.

best android phones (february 2017): our picks, plus a giveaway

not only have we rounded up some of the best android phones on the market, we're also giving one away every month! read through for all the details.

how to add fingerprint authentication to your android app

enhance your android apps with single-touch identification, by making use of marshmallow's new fingerprint recognition feature.

new & upcoming android phones (january 2017)

in this article we aim to highlight the most action-packed new android phones coming to the market in the relatively near future. let's take a look!

the first zte smartwatch running android wear may have just leaked

with android wear 2.0 nearly here, a smartphone maker might finally be dipping its toes into google's wearable os.

google just gave web apps a big boost on android

an update for web apps makes your favorite sites more readily accessible on your android device.

10 best new android apps of january 2017!

are you looking for something new? check out this list of awesome new android apps that were released over the last month!

it’s not you, it’s your phone | podcast 099

josh, joe, jonathan and david use aa podcast 099 to talk iphone/android in the dating world, galaxy s8 fingerprint reader, android wear 2.0 and more.

top 10 best antivirus apps for android in 2017

keep your android device safe from malware with these awesome apps.

best android apps 2017: these now

fill up your phone or tablet with the best android apps around – now with 100 to pick from!