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going smart: the best smart devices for the homegoing smart: the best smart devi

the “smart home” has become big business, with larger firms joining the space, making choosing the right product more difficult. here is a guide to the best smart-home products available.

another trump lie: ‘i’m smart’

the only two words donald trump has uttered more frequently than “you’re fired” are “i’m smart.” he did it again urday during his visit to cia headquarters. trump’s handlers staged the event so he could demonstrate his full support for the agency (despite spending the past year bashing the nation...

column: trump's daca decision may be cruel, but it's a smart political move

i have to hand it to president donald trump. i think tuesday's announcement that his administration will "wind down" a program that protected nearly 800,000 residents from deportation is a brilliant political move. i disagree with trump's decision, but i think it's a smart one. i don't buy attorney...

tado smart ac control review: an even better way to make your dumb air condition

connecting your a/c to your smartphone and smart home will save you smart money.

best smart sprinkler controller

whether you’re motivated by water conservation, saving money, a drive to render every aspect of your home smart, or all the above, a smart irrigation controller will scratch that itch.

trump tells us to ‘get smart’ after paris machete attack

president donald trump said friday that the united states must “get smart” after a machete-wielding man attacked security forces at the louvre museum in paris while yelling “allahu akbar” (“god is greatest”). trump said the attacker was a “radical islamic te...

wemo mini smart plug review: compact, smart, and inexpensive

this smart plug works over wi-fi and with the amazon echo, google home, and—come this fall, belkin says—apple’s homekit ecosystem.

crowdfunding project of the week: gobylivi makes any bike, scooter or motorcycle

why build smart bikes when we all carry powerful machines that can turn any experience into a smart one? this is exactly by gobylivi products try to accomplish.

for irma vs. mar-a-lago, the smart money is on trump's house

hurricane irma is likely to test president donald trump's longtime boast that his mar-a-lago mansion can withstand any storm. if history is any guide, the smart money this weekend will be on the house. strikes by four major hurricanes have done little damage to mar-a-lago in the 90 years since...

build and program your own smart home system

smart home technology is pretty cool, but it's built for the average consumer. unlock the full potential of your smart home with these learning kits.

‘is this how a smart person behaves?’: conservative columnist rips trump as ‘too

in a new foreign policy column, conservative columnist max boot claims that president donald trump may not be intelligent enough to hold office. “the evidence continues to mount that he is far from smart,” boot wrote. “so far, in fact, that he may not be capable of carrying out his...

geeni energi energy-tracking wi-fi smart plug review: an affordable smart plug w

this smart plug will track and report on your energy consumption, and it’s compatible with the amazon echo and google home, too.

researchers say that smart phones can help cure depression

when smart phones first hit the market, no one fathomed the extent of their success. once considered a luxury device, it has morphed into a universal device with an omnipresent status. the new generation is entering a world already glued to its smart phone. entire conversations without looking at an...

ge’s new smart lamp is also a smart assistant, thanks to alexa

the newly revealed c by ge sol smart lamp is the first such device that includes support for amazon's alexa voice command assistant.

smart city, smart opportunities

today, canadian firms are finding new opportunities in asia as governments around the region focus on developing smart and sustainable cities for the future. they see hong kong as the ideal springboard to new markets.

thank you for always listening to me, smart tv

you, smart tv. you’re there. you listen. and now i know you really hear me. so much that you record my thoughts and pass them on to third parties.

best smart speaker: which one should you buy?

we stack the best smart speakers against one another in a battle royale for the right to reside on your bookshelf.

google and levi's smart jacket shows what's coming next for wearables

google and levi's showed off last week a new joint project: a $350 smart jean jacket. while this jacket literally puts tech on your sleeve, it does it in a subtle way that doesn't require putting another screen on your body. in doing so, it offers a glimpse of what smart fabrics can do and of the...

"smart" std is getting even harder to treat

the bacteria that cause this infection are "particularly smart," experts say, and are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotic treatments

best smart thermostat

there are so many smart thermostats to choose from today. we'll help you pick the right one.

a scanner darkly: how your flatbed could be at risk from a smart bulb

makes you wonder whether connected light bulbs are really a smart idea.

intel and hp to get smart with cortana-powered devices

microsoft takes its first steps towards its goal of dominating the smart home.

ikea’s smart lightbulbs will soon gain google home support

starting at just $17.99, ikea’s affordable smart lightbulbs will soon work with smart speakers like google home and amazon echo.

hitachi rolls out updates to its smart cities iot toolsethitachi rolls out updat

new features extend hitachi’s smart city portfolio by providing enhanced situational awareness, workflow automation, distributed intelligence and the ability to perform real-time computing and analysis at the network edge.

switchmate bright review: the quick and easy path to smart lighting

you’ll spend more time downloading the app than installing this smart switch.

trump's downward spiral

when donald trump was elected president six months ago, his supporters thought he’d soon grow into the job. he’d surround himself with smart people, listen carefully to their advice, and run his administration with the efficiency of a successful businessman. that seems a long time ago. trump hasn’t...

cia wikileaks traitor manhunt underway

leak exposed thousands of top-secret documents that described cia tools used to penetrate smart phones, smart tvs and computer systems

ikea gets into smart lighting with massive new range coming in april

the flat-pack giant is releasing a number of smart light bulbs and remotes.

the best smart home devices for 2017

looking to go full-on smart house? check out our list of the best smart home devices for 2017.

ikea gets into smart lighting with massive new range coming in april

the flat-pack furniture giant is releasing a number of smart light bulbs and remotes.

samsung is working on a smart speaker to rival amazon echo

the tech giant is breaking into smart speakers, possibly powered by its bixby digital assistant.

wiz connected lights color a e26 light kit review: wi-fi smart bulbs on a budget

this new smart lighting player offers plenty of flexibility at a price that makes sense.

samsung is working on a smart speaker to rival amazon echo

the note 8 maker is breaking into smart speakers, possibly powered by the bixby digital assistant.

amazon’s streaming software powers new smart tvs

new york (ap) — amazon’s streaming tv software will appear on a new line of smart tvs designed to blend streaming tv services and over-the-air channels, but not cable packages. the tvs from element electronics will be sold under the element and westinghouse brands and will cost more than regular smart tvs from either brand. […]

best amazon echo and echo dot accessories: 6 you shouldn’t miss

we take a look at the best amazon echo and echo dot accessories, including the best smart bulb, smart plug, smart thermostat and more.