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5 android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – android apps weekly

welcome to the 177th edition of android apps weekly! this week we talk about xposed coming to nougat, fire emblem heroes, beme's death, and more apps news!

5 android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – android apps weekly!

welcome to the 176th episode of android apps weekly! this week we talk about a surprise pokemon game, the re-release of myst, and more android apps news!

best free iphone apps 2017

techradar wants you to have the best apps going – so here's our regularly updated list of the top free iphone apps around.

best ipad apps 2017: these now

you've got yourself an apple tablet, and you're bewildered by the sheer volume of apps. just these, and your life will be better.

best iphone apps 2017

got yourself one of those fancy new iphones? these are the apps you should be shoving onto it.

15 best android launcher apps of 2017

the android launcher is among the most customizable and powerful apps on your device. check out these amazing android launcher apps and customize now!

10 best dog apps for android

dogs are man's best friend because they rock. it's become easier to take care of your pupper in the 21st century and here are the best dog apps to prove it!

want to make your own apps? here’s a starting place

in a recent survey, we discovered that nearly half of our readers would be interested in making their own apps, they just don't know where to begin.

10 best android diet apps and android nutrition apps

one of the most difficult battles many of us will face is our diet. let's look at the best nutrition apps and best diet apps for android!

progressive web apps, or webapks, are live on chrome beta for android (updated)

the web apps act similarly to those from google play but can operate without the same demand on resources, storage space and battery life.

google just gave web apps a big boost on android

an update for web apps makes your favorite sites more readily accessible on your android device.

10 best new android apps of january 2017!

are you looking for something new? check out this list of awesome new android apps that were released over the last month!

top 10 best antivirus apps for android in 2017

keep your android device safe from malware with these awesome apps.

best android apps 2017: these now

fill up your phone or tablet with the best android apps around – now with 100 to pick from!

best apple watch apps for your smartwatch in 2017

here are all the top apps for your iphone-compatible smartwatch.

dozens of popular ios apps leave user data vulnerable to attack

dozens of ios apps that are supposed to be encrypting their users’ data don’t do it properly, according to a security researcher.will strafach, ceo of sudo security group, said he found 76 ios apps that are vulnerable to an attack that can intercept protected data.the developers of the apps have accidentally misconfigured the networking-related code so it will accept an invalid transport layer security (tls) certificate, strafach claimed in a monday blog post.   tls is used to secure an app’s communication over an internet connection. without it, a er can essentially eavesdrop over a network to spy on whatever data the app sends, such as login information.  to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

biz break: ordering vocally, and remotely, comes to starbucks apps

starbucks rolls out voice ordering via its mobile apps and amazon's alexa device. also, lego launches a new social network for kids to share p os of their creations.

10 best p word manager apps for android

p word manager apps can be a life saver. making a good p word is hard enough and remembering it is even worse. why not have an app do the work for you?

best free ipad apps 2017

we've dug out some real s for your apple tablet - ipad apps so good you won't believe they're free.

best free android apps of 2017: 100 you must

there are way too many free apps out there - so we've trawled through and found the top free ones to .

10 best cat apps for android

cats are everywhere on the internet. did you know there were some awesome helps to help you care for one? here are the best cats apps for android!

10 best drawing apps for android

drawing is fun and it's something humans have been doing since before recorded history. doodle on your mobile phone with the best drawing apps for android.

how to avoid fake apps and keep your online data private

we're all internet users, so we all must know how to spot fake apps and how to keep our own data safe and private. it can be done.

inside google play: these were the top trending apps and games in january 2017

in the month of january 2017, tons of new apps and games hit the google play store. here are the top trending apps and games of the month.

10 best streaming apps and must streaming services for android

streaming has grown a lot since its inception and is now among the best ways to listen to tunes. here are the best streaming apps for android!

hands on with setapp: getting started with the netflix of mac apps

macpaw, the company behind the famous cleanmymac hard drive cleaner, has launched setapp, a subscription-based alternative to apple’s mac app store. with setapp, a single subscription currently lets you access more than 60 curated mac apps for a $9.99 fixed monthly fee. macpaw says it will eventually offer up to 300 apps for that price, as new apps will be added every month.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

10 best adult coloring book apps for android

coloring books have been around for ages and you can use your phone or tablet to do them on the go. here are the best coloring book apps for android!

the best free iphone apps 2017

our pick of the best free iphone apps for everything you'd ever want.

the apple watch will soon get new siri powers and theater mode

when watchos 3.2 rolls out, you’ll be able to use siri to perform tasks in third-party apps on your apple watch just like you can on your iphone. this will cut down on some of the scrolling and swiping around the watch’s tiny display that you have to do to use apps like uber, runkeeper, and other siri-compatible services.the new feature, first noticed by techcrunch, will make the apple watch easier to use. i already use siri to send messages and control apple tunes on my watch, but siri’s usefulness has been restricted to apple’s built-in apps until now.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

the future of ios is 64-bit only: apple to stop support of 32-bit apps

ever launch an app on your iphone and then get a pop-up warning that says the app may slow down your iphone? (i have old versions of certain apps, so it shows up for me every once in a while.) that warning usually appears when you’re using a 32-bit app. you can still run the app, and you probably don’t even notice the slowdown you’ve been warned about (at least in my personal experience). your ability to run that 32-bit app is coming to an end. as several other mac sites have reported, apple has updated the pop-up warning in the ios 10.3 beta to say that the 32-bit app you’re running “will not work with future versions of ios.” the warning goes on to say that the “developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility.”to read this article in full or to leave a comment, p

a good deal: apple offers special pro apps bundle for the education market

apple’s imovie and garageband are great apps for the general consumer to edit video and audio recordings on a mac. however, if you want to take your production to the next level—we’re talking professional level—you need the tools found in apple’s pro apps: final cut pro x, logic pro x, motion, compressor, and mainstage. those apps also have prices that reflect the professional-level tools they provide (in other words, they’re expensive).to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

marbotic smart letters and smart numbers review: toys + tablets = educational fu

where kids are concerned, pairing an ipad with apps is second only to the unbeatable combination of peanut er and jelly. thanks to the app store, a new world of learning and entertainment is available at the fingertips of a new generation. one thing missing from most educational apps is the tactile feel of real-world objects. although most of us have adapted to the gl surface of smartphones and tablets, nothing beats the touch and feel of holding a toy.interactive education french developer marbotic e up with an ingenious compromise: a series of six tablet apps for ipad or android devices that work in tandem with wooden letters and numbers children hold in their hands. when stamped against the screen, the apps respond accordingly with spoken words as well as animation, sound effects, a

adobe brings android cc apps to chromebooks

google opened up its play app store to select chromebook users last year, and now adobe is offering versions of its android creative cloud apps for the company's browser-based notebook computers. the following apps will be available 'in the coming weeks' for certain chromebook users: p oshop mix lightroom mobile illustrator draw p oshop sketch adobe comp cc creative cloud mobile the apps have been optimized for use on chromebooks. they're free to and use without a creative cloud account, but certain features (such as exporting raw files from lightroom mobile) are available only to cc subscribers. the apps can be ed to any chromebook with access to the google play store (here's a list of compatible devices,) including a group of chromebooks being offered specifically

wine 2.0 helps pc games, office 2013, and other windows apps run on linux pcs an

it’s a new year, and a new future for the wine (wine is not an emulator) project. the group recently released wine 2.0 with over 6,600 changes, including support for microsoft office 2013 and the ability to use 64-bit apps on macos. wine 2.0 is part of a planned annual release cycle for the compatibility layer that allows linux and macos users to run some windows applications on their machines.wine 2.0 follows the release of wine 1.0 way back in 2008, though various iterations of wine 1.0 have rolled out since then. the first release candidate for wine 2.0 be e available in december.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

the week in ios apps: make your pictures and videos look like paintings

new apps of the weekthis week’s roundup features a couple of apps that add artistic flair to your pictures and videos. read on!bec oimage by bec oto read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here