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ask amy: feminist wonders about husband’s exploitation

i am a 40-year-old woman married to a 30-year-old man. he is sweet, intelligent, funny, passionate, hardworking and kind.

feminist wonders about husband's exploitation

dear amy: i am a 40-year-old woman married to a 30-year-old man. he is sweet, intelligent, funny, passionate, hardworking and kind. when we were still dating, i became aware of his porn habit and interest in prostitutes. i've never had an issue with nudity or porn that wasn't abusive toward women....

is kellyanne conway anti-feminist?

white house counselor kellyanne conway said thursday she does not consider herself a feminist in the “classic sense” and criticized those who don’t think women in power are as powerful as men. “it’s difficult for me to call myself a feminist in the classic sense because it seems to be very ant...

ask amy: wife wonders how to cope with husband’s cancer

i love my husband and want to state at the outset that i will never leave him.

ask amy: grandmother wonders if she is obligated to babysit

lacking the energy and creativity needed to babysit her grandchilden, one woman wonders: is she a bad grandparent?

carolyn hax: my husband’s parents tease me, and i’m sick of it

wife wonders if her husband should speak to his parents about their comments or if she should.

ask amy: why they think i’m sleeping with her husband

plus: groom wonders if there a polite way to tell fiancee’s family there is no room for them.

ask amy: i was wearing the pants and the skirt, but my divorce still depresses m

wonders if she should continue to be friends with ex-husband.

ask amy: couple wonders if time will ever be right for a baby

my husband and i got married five months ago. we've been together for over seven years. he's in his mid-40s and i'm in my late 30s.

colorado’s untenable child exploitation challenges

when it comes to child exploitation, colorado faces untenable challenge that demands correction.

judge dismisses sex exploitation charges against former employee of colorado spr

a federal magistrate judge dismissed child pornography and sexual exploitation charges against a 34-year-old colorado springs man after prosecutors did not show up to present evidence at his preliminary hearing

child exploitation, free speech and net neutrality tangle in fervent documentary

mary mazzio’s documentary “i am jane doe” is a whirlwind primer on the case of backpage, a cl ified ads website with a serious problem: the exploitation and trafficking of minors conducted in the escorting and adult section of the site. backpage is now the center of a legal drama that has proceeded...

sister wonders about forcing confession

dear amy: after more than 20 years of marriage, my husband and i divorced. during the marriage, my husband had a brief sexual affair with my sister. i did not find out until several years after the event. my husband confessed to the incident because he was feeling guilty. he confessed to other...

hemingway and harsanyi talk cnn, trump’s tweets, and feminist outrage

mollie hemingway and david harsanyi discuss issues of anonymous sourcing, feminist outrage, and political rhetoric on the federalist radio hour.

twins' santiago wonders if wbc injury bug hit him, too

twins lefthander hector santiago wonders if pitching in the world baseball classic is the reason why he has landed on the disabled list for the first time in his seven-year big-league career.

exploring orion's wonders using mobile astronomy apps

your favorite mobile astronomy app can help you find the wonders of the orion constellation and see what they look like — even if you don't own a telescope.

activist, feminist angela davis talks prisons and politics in chula vista

it should surprise no one to hear that angela davis, the feminist, scholar and radical social activist, is no fan of the current u.s. president. but she stresses the point anyway. “of course, i did everything i could to prevent donald trump from being elected because of the danger it could do for...

ask amy: sister wonders about forcing confession

after more than 20 years of marriage, my husband and i divorced. during the marriage, my husband had a brief sexual affair with my sister. i did not find out until several years after the event. my husband confessed to the incident because he was feeling guilty. he confessed to other incidents, and after much counseling, we divorced.

see the wonders of the northern lights on a winter tour of alaska

see and photograph the aurora borealis on an eight-day "alaska winter wonders” tour that includes seven opportunities to view the northern lights. john hall's alaska trip transports participants from fairbanks to bettles, just north of the arctic circle, and then south through talkeetna and girdwood,...

kate millett, feminist author of 'sexual politics,' dies

kate millett, the activist, artist and educator whose best-selling "sexual politics" was a landmark of cultural criticism and a manifesto for the modern feminist movement, has died. she was 82.

mpls. council oks demolition of 20th century feminist writer brenda ueland's hom

vote overrides efforts to preserve home of 20th century feminist writer.

douglas county teacher arrested in child sex exploitation case

a douglas county high school teacher has been arrested on suspicion of sexual exploitation of a child.

oak park man charged with sexual exploitation of child: police

police said an oak park man has been accused of sexually abusing a child. police said joshua clark, 37, of the 500 block of harrison street, has been charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of a child in connection with an incident alleged to have taken place on feb....

5 most badass feminist game characters

for all the progress made in how women are portrayed in games now still a long way to go for games to be completely inclusive and representational. yet, even among the industry’s early humble attempts to diversify female character archetypes, we can find and praise charismatic and inspiring women and speculate where we can proceed […] the post 5 most badass feminist game characters appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

wife wonders how to cope with husband's cancer

dear amy: i love my husband and want to state at the outset that i will never leave him. we were happily married for 18 years when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. it has been five years since the cancer, and i feel i'm married to a different person. he is now often odd, quirky, weird and annoying....

'i don't feel at home in this world anymore,' 'crown heights' headline feminist-

a sundance film festival that was colored, gripped and sometimes overshadowed by the early days of the donald trump administration saw a slew of feminist films win big at the gathering's awards. multiple female filmmakers nabbed top prizes, while a tale of a woman re- erting control over her...

feminist lawyer and conservative judge take eye-rolling, trash talking to next l

if there's one place where good manners are still expected in "locker room talk" america, it's a federal courtroom — even when a leading feminist lawyer clashes with a crusty conservative judge. so imagine the rush to the fainting couch at a chicago mortgage fraud trial last spring when attorney...

'hypocrite preaching feminist ideals': director joss whedon's ex-wife accuses hi

joss whedon made his name directing cult television shows such as "buffy the vampire slayer" and big-budget action movies, which often featured women in empowering roles. many applauded him for being a champion of women, a feminist in an industry accused of misogyny and sexism. that image was challenged...

staying fit for your husband is one of the best gifts you can give him

living in a post-feminist culture has made women both unable to recognize what makes men happy, and unwilling to make the effort to achieve that happiness.

kellyanne conway says she's not feminist in 'classic sense' due to views on abor

kellyanne conway, the first woman to run a successful u.s. presidential campaign, said thursday that she doesn't consider herself a feminist "in a classic sense" because the term is associated with being "anti-male" and "pro-abortion." conway, who now serves as white house counselor to president...

elisabeth moss and stylist karla welch on creating a feminist red-carpet story f

“the handmaid’s tale,” margaret atwood’s dystopian feminist manifesto, which makes its debut as a 10-episode series on hulu on april 26, couldn’t be any more tailored for our times. its star, elisabeth moss, is also the perfect foil for the message. most audiences know moss from her seven-year...

the getty acquires miranda july's feminist diy video archive for 'joanie 4 jacki

before there was youtube, there was “joanie 4 jackie.” in 1995 artist miranda july, who was steeped the portland riot grrrl scene at the time, created a feminist “chainletter tape,” a diy effort to spark and distribute new video work by women nationwide. she handed out pamphlets asking budding...

pitchfork day 1: madame ghandi sets early tone with set steeped in feminist poli

reports from friday, day one at the pitchfork music festival in union park, from greg kot (gk), and bob gendron (bg): 1:25 p.m.: madame gandhi reads lines from "the feminist utopia project" book as wordless vocal loops spiral in the background. part activist, part singer, part drummer, part dancer,...

joss whedon’s ex-wife: ‘buffy’ creator is the worst kind of male feminist

joss whedon's ex-wife describes him as the worst kind of male feminist: the man who preaches his 'love' for women while allegedly being a serial adulterer.

sheila michaels, feminist who popularized 'ms.' courtesy title, dies at 78

sheila michaels, a feminist and civil-rights activist in the 1960s who has been credited with popularizing the courtesy title "ms.," has died in new york of leukemia. she was 78. rabbi sharon kleinbaum of new york city's congregation beit simchat torah was at michaels' bedside when she died june...