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astonishingly absorbent towel

i take at least two daily showers and have problems with cotton towels getting damp, smelly, and yucky because they can’t dry quickly enough in the hours between. i recently turned to an item i’ve had for a year and used for the opposite intended purpose — the ergodyne chill-its is designed to keep someone cool on a day by absorbing a lot of water and evaporating gradually. but, since it’s moisture-absorbent, it can also be used for the effectively inverse purpose: get you dry fast! (more…)

trump supporter tells npr: ‘if a muslim woman moves here, she needs to leave her

two brothers who support president donald trump argued over the weekend that the president was right to place a ban on travel from seven majority-muslim countries because jesus christ is “the reason this country is here and safe today.” in an interview with npr that was published on sund...

national enquirer's "special investigation" exposes the truth within the trump w

at last, the darkest scandals of the trump family are revealed. "melania and ivanka trump's private lives!" promises the cover of this week's 'national enquirer' in a "special investigation." the standard 'enquirer' exposé would dig up old boyfriends to dish the dirt, scour criminal records, probe melania's murky eastern european origins and revel in ivanka's lap-of-luxury childhood of spoiled excess. what scandal does the 'enquirer' dig up? "the pain and persecution they overcame to finally stand beside the seat of american power!" as if. the 'enquirer' claims that its two-month investigation "in a manner never accomplished before" concluded, in the words of an unnamed source, that melania and ivanka "will restore grace to the white house and guide this president in a way that likel

doctor claims to know the weird secret behind trump's hair

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071563'; click here for reuse options! dr. harold bornstein says the president famous for his distinctive hairstyle takes prostate-related drug that stimulates growth. the secret to donald trump’s hair has finally been revealed. the us president takes a prostate-related drug that stimulates hair growth, his longtime doctor has said.dr. harold bornstein told the new york times during a series of recent interviews that trump, who at 70 is the oldest person to become us president, takes a small dose of the drug finasteride, which lowers levels of prostate-specific antigen, or psa, and is marketed as propecia to treat male pattern baldness.bornstein, 69, said he also took the drug to maintain his own shoulder-length hair. “

what, exactly, is going on in syria?

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071513'; click here for reuse options! the world's media is lost in the twists and turns of factions and evolving geopolitics. developments in the syrian war are not easy to follow. disunity amongst the armed opposition groups means that there are lists and lists of brigades and local outfits that are meaningful in their areas but hard to remember if you are not focused on the war. what these groups believe is not easy to fathom. most of them fly the flag of religion, and many of them are guided by clerics who are influenced by saudi arabia. even if the fighters do not have fealty to hardened religious ideology, their guns are pointed in the service of these agenda. at the center of them is al-qaeda, formed in afg