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bad people do bad things in not particularly interesting ways in 'mcmafia'

the eight-part drama "mcmafia," premiering monday on amc, is one of those productions that regularly wash up on our shores, with exotic locations and multinational casts involved in international skulduggery. the title, which comes from misha glenny's 2008 nonfiction book, "mcmafia: a journey through...

is denver finally getting … interesting?

a city gets more interesting in ways that sneak up on you. it happens when things come along that push trends just a bit farther than you thought they would go, or when they put a spotlight on just how varied people and their tastes can be.

reasons for bugs infestation in the mattress and ways to prevent them

bed bugs are one of the things that irritate people while asleep. as these bugs are quite adaptable to new ambiance, it has become very tough to efficiently exterminate them. they have the tendency to spread easily and fast from one place to another. learning about them and ways to prevent their spreading will keep […]

things to see while choosing a rehab facility

drugs and alcohol are on the rise and people aren’t stopping from abusing them. every day we get to hear about new cases of drug addiction and also ways that people are trying to normalise it. often people fail to realise that their recreation can easily change into a bull blown addiction if they do […]

the two most interesting ways to die in space, according to neil degrasse tyson

space exploration is a risky business. there are many ways to die in outer space, like being exposed to the vacuum of the universe, getting hit by an asteroid or accidentally floating away from your spaceship and drifting until you starve to death. but what would be the coolest way to go? in an “ask...

super bowl patriots make things interesting with another td

super bowl live updates: patriots, falcons head to overtime feb. 5, 2017, 7:18 p.m. the new england patriots and the atlanta falcons play in the final nfl game of the season today at nrg stadium in houston. follow all the action below. feb. 5, 2017, 6:45 p.m. super bowl patriots make things interesting...

three ways fast internet speeds have changed how we work forever

with the arrival of 3g and 4g mobile internet, along with fast wireless broadband, thanks to things like fibre optic technology, the ways in which we work have slowly shifted. things that are now the norm were unheard of or quite difficult to do just over a decade ago or were simply emerging technologies or […]

10 interesting things we learned playing ‘prey’

after playing through the initial hour of prey at an earlier event, we were hooked. its story, full of themes around family, questionable morals, trust, had the potential to be ranked alongside the greats of sci-fi storytelling, from system shock to half-life. so we went back and played some more, courtesy of bethesda, but this time it was all […] the post 10 interesting things we learned playing ‘prey’ appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

there are better ways to test new lawyers than having them pass the bar exam

to the editor: your interesting analysis of the california bar exam stated that there is no evidence that higher scores produce more competent lawyers. but you did not suggest ways that better lawyers might be produced for our legal system — now more critical than ever in maintaining the stability...

things you can enjoy only in london

london city, an experience in itself, is home to some world class destinations like marylebone, knightsbridge, kensington and more. it has the london eye, big ben, buckingham palace, tower bridge, a total treat for eyes. the city is also the home of interesting people who are terrifically friendly and welcoming. most people visiting london has […]

5 things i learned from the red carpet

red carpet interviews are all about fashion. most people watch to see who has the best dress, but not me. i watch to see how many jokes the internet can make at once, while my friends and i sit around in our pajamas eating too much food. but tonight, something changed, and i learned a few interesting […] the post 5 things i learned from the red carpet appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

3 interesting ways to get more brand recognition

if you’re a small business owner, one of the best ways to get more business and become more well known within your area or industry is to work on your brand awareness. however, when you’re just starting out, it can be hard to know where to even begin with looking to get more brand recognition. […]

tv tonight: kelly clarkson joins ‘the voice’

also, new shows include 'good girls,' 'living biblically' and 'mcmafia'

5 interesting twists at justin vernon's third annual eaux claires music fest

how justin vernon & co. are keeping things interesting in their music fest’s third year.

alphabet’s outline lets you build your own vpn

alphabet’s cybersecurity division jigsaw released an interesting new project called outline. if i simplify things quite a lot, it lets anyone create and run a vpn server on digitalocean, and then grant your team access to this server. i played a bit with outline and it’s an interesting product. there are two components, a managing […]

6 new things we learned from california’s cannabis czar

lori ajax, chief of the bureau of medical cannabis regulation, talked to us on friday at the international cannabis business conference in san francisco. she told us six interesting things about pending regulations and licenses.

29 best things breakfast queen ina pinkney ate in 2017

statistics for year-end lists can be interesting, and sometimes a little shocking. like this one. i wrote about 32 breakfast spots in 2017. but i ate at 49! seventeen didn’t measure up in food, service, cleanliness or hospitality. sometimes i went back twice to see if things had changed. and if...

4 ways to share groups of photos on the mac and ios

there are better and easier ways to share photos with several people than by using email. here are the most common ways i do it from my mac, iphone and ipad.

4 ways becoming sober can change your life

most people will agree that alcohol is enjoyable.  it tastes good when mixed in a variety of different ways.  not only is it an activity which is accepted as a social activity, it lowers a person’s inhibitions and is known for being a standard way to celebrate. what many people don’t keep in mind when […]

nine things to know about chickens

new series explores some basic tips and interesting tidbits about animals.

the most exciting new android phone is… an android one?

i have a confession to make. i think flagships are cool, but i don't think most flagships are truly interesting. you know what’s interesting? great phones that most people can afford. the new mi a1, the first android one phone from xiaomi, is exactly that.

5 things to eat, drink, do this weekend

spend the weekend after valentine’s day doing some interesting things around town with your friends and family. from restaurant week in the suburbs, to brunch, to giving back, don’t let your weekend go to waste. 1) elmwood park is hosting its first restaurant week with two dozen restaurants participating...

petcams catch your pets ... sleeping?

when james lileks tried his first petcam, he discovered his pup was up to some interesting things in between naps.

girls' night out needs better offerings than 'snatched'

why is it so hard to find a good girls'-night-out movie? it's not rocket science. (although rocket science can certainly draw people to the movies, as "hidden figures" deftly proved.) it just needs an ensemble cast of women doing and saying things that are funny, interesting and vaguely relatable....

andrew yang is running for president to save america from the robots

tom goodwin contributor share on twitter tom goodwin is evp, head of innovation at zenith media and the co-founder of the interesting people in interesting times event series and podcast. more posts by this contributor the battle for consumers gets physical (instead of virtual) in the new age of ubiquitous connectivity the message is the […]

matt nagy: 10 things to know about the new bears coach

matt nagy took an interesting path to becoming the new bears’ head coach. here are 10 things to know about the plainfield, n.j. native. family man (no, really) nagy, who grew up in lancaster, pa., has four children with his wife, stacey — all boys: brayden, tate, jaxon and jett. “we tried for a...

trump says tax return leak was "illegal" and a "disgrace"

also says "very interesting things" will be revealed over next two weeks concerning his so far unproven claim that he was wiretapped by obama

tipping off: learning from how players see big-time games

a look at some interesting things as we head into sunday, when the ncaa tournament will finalize its sweet 16:

trump says tax return leak was "illegal" and a "disgrace"

the president also says that "very interesting things" will be revealed over the next two weeks concerning his claim that he was wiretapped by obama

matt nagy: 10 things to know about the new bears coach

matt nagy took an interesting path to becoming the new bears head coach. here are 10 things to know about the plainfield, n.j. native. family man nagy, who grew up in lancaster, pa., has four children with his wife, stacey — all boys: brayden, tate, jaxon and jett. “we tried for a girl and got...

scruples and stones / a pebble for your thoughts

the words scruple and stone can both refer to units of measurement, and their metaphorical meanings intersect with those concrete meanings in interesting ways.

tv tonight: twisty crime drama 'mcmafia' debuts on amc

what’s worth watching, and what might not be, in prime time.        

five ways to be more green every day

these days it is important to do what you can to be green and do stuff for the environment. being green not only helps the environment but it also helps you and future generations. it’s also really not that difficult to do more environmentally friendly things on a regular basis. here are a few ways […]

wondering how to care for your skin in the best ways possible?

the skin and skin care products are among the things that you cannot overlook. the skin being literally the first thing that one sees upon looking at you should be in its best condition always. there are one too many skin problems that people have and try everything and anything in their capacity to treat […]

bored of your phone? give it a makeover

if you're a bit bored of your current smartphone, there are plenty of ways to make it interesting again without having to buy a new phone.