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ben carson: homeless shelters shouldn’t be ‘comfortable settings’ or else people

ben carson, the secretary of the housing and urban development, is reportedly obsessed with making sure low-income residents living in government-sponsored housing aren’t enjoying themselves too much. a new report from the new york times reveals that carson this week visited a homeless shelter...

ben carson says homeless trans people make others uncomfortable

he claims transwomen in shelters make cis women uncomfortable. housing and urban development (hud) secretary ben carson has defended the removal of training materials for housing providers to prevent lgbt discrimination, arguing that the presence of transgender people in homeless shelters makes others feel uncomfortable. responding to a question by illinois democratic representative mike quigley during a house subcommittee hearing, carson said: "there are some…{c} /* >  related storiesben carson just made a frightening change to the hud mission statementben carson's department spent $31k on his dining room, despite plan to cut homeless housing budgetdonald trump is exploiting the parkland shooting toward a truly sinister end

most people think they could never be homeless. that's why the problem is so har

to the editor: warren olney posed a thought-provoking question on christmas day: if homeless people make us feel unsafe, what are we really afraid of? (“the cowardly way l.a. perceives its homeless only makes it harder to get them help,” opinion, dec. 25.) most people think of themselves as being...

ben carson alludes that he doesn’t want homeless shelters to be too comfortable

too much compassion is not a good thing, according to ben carson.

homeless people with disabilities sue san diego over rv parking law

a group of disabled homeless people filed a federal lawsuit on thursday against san diego, challenging its enforcement of laws that prevent homeless people from living and sleeping in recreational vehicles. the nine homeless men and women say they have no choice but to live in their rvs and park...

counting homeless people — and hoping to get the number right

we have ventured out into the night in van nuys armed with flashlights, clipboards, maps — and our best judgment — to count homeless people. “ok, i see two people in sleeping bags,” says a sharp-eyed counter as we stride past an office building with a little courtyard where homeless people have...

l.a. lawmakers tentatively back proposals to ease the way for housing homeless p

los angeles lawmakers tentatively backed a pair of proposed ordinances tuesday that are meant to get homeless people into housing more quickly. a city council committee decided to move forward with the two proposals, which would make it easier to build permanent supportive housing and to temporarily...

counting america's hidden homeless

an annual count of the homeless in los angeles exposes the difficulties of reaching homeless women and young people.

why are city so benches so uncomfortable?

cities are meant for people on the move, not for people to lounge in. so city benches tend to be very uncomfortable––intentionally so, as a matter of fact, so that people don't get too cozy. benches have arm rests to prevent people from laying down, for example. that's called defensive design. defensive design applies to all sorts of things, for example, those metal rivets on planters to prevent skateboarders from sliding across them. but defensive design is also called hostile design. why? because it's hostile to particular populations, especially the homeless and the disabled.  the post why are city so benches so uncomfortable? appeared first on holy kaw!.

why arresting people for being homeless is a terrible way to provide services

to the editor: the times editorial board’s suggestion that “officers need to have the resources to offer a homeless person an alternative to a citation or arrest on the spot” perpetuates the notion that homeless people who are arrested are service-resistant, or that there are services that can...

northern california hospital is housing the homeless: will it make a difference?

hospitals in sacramento and around the country are taking steps to help homeless people find housing. doing so, they say, will limit unnecessary er visits and reduce wasteful health care spending.

what if this homeless woman were your mother — would you keep moving or step in

you’ve seen them. i’ve seen them. everyone has. you’re walking or driving in downtown los angeles, hollywood, venice or one of the dozens of other places where homeless people gather, and you see someone who stands out. someone who’s not just homeless, but is clearly ill in more ways than one. ...

today: who are l.a.’s homeless? not who you think

a closer look at l.a.’s homelessness crisis. top stories who are l.a.’s homeless? not who you think at last count, there were 58,000 homeless people in los angeles county. who are they and what can be done to help them? a new series of times editorials will be examining the issue and offering solutions....

l.a. lawmakers can block homeless housing projects by simply withholding a key l

los angeles lawmakers say the city must act urgently to help tens of thousands of people get off its streets. they have vowed to build thousands of units of homeless housing with supportive services and pushed for a new law that would make it easier for them to get approved. but so far, members...

no, ben carson, slaves weren’t immigrants — they were property

ben carson's impulse to homogenize our diverse origins lumps everyone together, without making important distinctions about the different pathways that dictated people's arrivals.

seattle homeless: compassion, cleanup

i also have a homeless camp in the greenbelt in the back of my home. i have never felt threatened by the homeless people camped there. last christmas, i gave out secondhand coats to the campers. my problem with this situation is the mess, not the people. cleanup is more expensive than preventing the accumulation […]

university refuses research on growing numbers of trans people who want to go ba

all expressed they were convinced by trans activists that transition was the answer and now they live with the negative consequences of that decision.

angelenos want housing for homeless people — just not in their neighborhoods

to the editor: it is sad to realize that los angeles residents want permanent supportive housing for homeless people, but apparently only if it is in someone else’s neighborhood. (“if l.a. can’t even approve one small homeless housing project, how will it build thousands of units?” editorial, aug....

we're working on the homeless problem, but don't expect instant results

no one in los angeles was surprised to hear on wednesday that the homeless population had ballooned yet again. everywhere one looks one sees people sleeping on sidewalks, in tents and recreational vehicles. the homeless are now a part of our urban and suburban landscape. but there’s no reason to...

selle: sparse lake county homeless numbers might not tell the whole story

on a chilly january night that turned into morning, 86 volunteers rummaged through lake county looking for homeless people without shelter. they discovered 25 people spending the night outside. it was the annual point-in-time homeless count in which folks scour the county and try to persuade those...

hud: annual count shows fewer homeless people in indiana

indianapolis (ap) — a federal agency says indiana had an estimated 360 fewer homeless people during this year’s annual count of the nation’s people without homes. the u.s. department of housing and urban development said wednesday that indiana volunteers counted about 5,400 homeless people during a single night last january. that’s a 6.2 percent drop […]

the biggest barrier to opening a homeless shelter in l.a.? location, location, l

it’s a twist on the usual not-in-my-backyard story: a group in hollywood is desperately trying to open a homeless shelter. until july 2016, outreach workers could steer people camping out in the area to a 65-bed shelter on sunset boulevard. but the shelter’s operator, people assisting the homeless...

carson would like to see hud’s name changed

washington (ap) — housing secretary ben carson wants to change the name of the sprawling federal agency he leads. carson says he’s has “a plan for eventually changing the name from housing and urban development to housing and community development.” he made the remarks in an interview with armstrong williams on siriusxm. carson says he’d […]

letter: let’s build community for homeless outside our cities

some of the homeless are genuinely good people, victims of bad luck. but most are drug addicts or alcoholics incapable of looking after themselves or living among productive people. they don’t belong on our city streets. they need to go.

atlanta’s homeless are flocking to airport atrium overnight

atlanta (ap) — the world’s busiest airport has increasingly become a refuge for atlanta’s homeless, especially during cold weather. the atlanta journal-constitution reports that the domestic terminal is sometimes filled with homeless people overnight and into the early morning. there have periodically been some homeless people at hartsfield-jackson atlanta international airport, a public terminal open […]

homeless people dont just need housing – they need services to get and stay hous

for homeless people to rebuild their lives, they need permanent housing. but that’s just one of the building blocks to a new, functional life. homeless people need services to help them leave behind the isolation of life on the streets, get housed and stay housed, and those services are as varied...

denver launches downtown-area storage unit pilot program to help homeless get ai

denver has launched two pilot programs to provide storage units for the city's homeless in what it says is an effort to make it easier for people living on the streets to access social services through safe spaces to keep their belongings while they seek help.

thanksgiving help for the homeless: 'we haven't seen numbers like this since the

thanksgiving meals will be served to thousands of homeless and near-homeless individuals today on skid row and in pasadena and canoga park amid calls for donations and volunteers for the rest of the year. the midnight mission will serve thanksgiving brunch to nearly 2,500 homeless and near-homeless...

these two videos reveal trans ideology’s goals: ending sex and normalizing abuse

trans ideology is positively sex-hostile, in both senses of that term. this is not what most people binging on the sexual revolution and its aftermath were expecting.

county authorizes aid for homeless evicted from camp

santa ana, calif. (ap) — local officials have approved a package of emergency aid for people who will be removed from a southern california homeless camp. the action by the orange county board of supervisors on thursday will fund short-term shelter and food vouchers for up to 400 homeless people living on a trail alongside […]

there must be a better way to house homeless people now than by building $500,00

to the editor: my fellow apartment owners need to be part of the homelessness solution. (“los angeles’ homelessness crisis is a national disgrace,” editorial, feb. 25) one of the least expensive ways to house homeless people is with rent subsidies. with the average cost to build a new “affordable”...

federal judge takes 4-hour illuminating walk through california homeless encampm

word spread swiftly before dawn wednesday among the homeless people camped along the litter-strewn santa ana river trail: a federal judge who had brokered the apparently imminent end to orange county’s largest homeless encampment – while also securing short-term shelter for the people displaced in that eviction – was on foot and headed their way.

everyone knows we can't arrest our way out of homelessness. so why is l.a. still

as the number of homeless people has risen dramatically in los angeles, so has the tension between those living in squalor on the sidewalks and the residents who have to walk past their encampments, the smell of urine in the air. city officials struggle to balance the rights of homeless people...

money for homeless services should go to the homeless, not sheriff’s deputies

on tuesday, the los angeles county board of supervisors is expected to vote on the allocation of more than a billion dollars to fund much-needed services for homeless people over the next three fiscal years. the funds, generated by the measure h sales tax increase, will go toward rapidly housing...

2017 homeless numbers in loveland show increase

the final numbers are in, and this year’s loveland point-in-time homeless count seems to confirm that the number of homeless people in loveland is rising, with a 35 percent jump from the 2016 count. volunteers, city staff and partner agencies participated in the count on jan. 24-25 this year and found 134 people within the […]