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best nd filter: 6 top models tested

a neutral density (nd) filter enables you to extend your exposures and capture a range of creative effects.

best circular polarizer filter: 5 top models tested and rated

a circular polarizer filter can help you boost the color and contrast in your images.

sony digital filter camera app merges parts of three images into one

sony has announced the release of a new camera app called digital filter, giving photographers a way to merge parts from two or three different images into a single photo. it adds greater flexibility to a similar existing app called sky hdr. digital filter is priced at $29.99 or $19.99 as an upgrade to sky hdr. though they offer similar functionality, the biggest feature difference between sky hdr and digital filter is that the new app supports merging sections of up to three different images, whereas sky hdr only allows for two exposures. sony merely states that, 'the digital filter application offers functionality, ease of use and image quality that go beyond the features of sky hdr.' digital filter supports the following camera models: alpha a7 alpha a7 ii alpha a7

professor tells midway battle story with ship, plane models

providence, r.i. (ap) — a u.s. naval war college professor is using models of ships and aircraft that he spent 20 years making to tell the story of the battle of midway. about 20 models were displayed at the college in newport, rhode island, on friday. professor angus ross said he finally has enough models […]

french luxury giants sign charter to ban size 0 models

two of france's biggest luxury conglomerates, lvmh and kering, have joined forces with a charter to ban unhealthily thin models and protect models' wellbeing.

the most accurate climate change models are the ones predicting the most alarmin

the models generally predicted a higher level of warming than models that did not capture these conditions as well

video: removing a stuck lens filter... with a band saw

what do you do when your cheap lens filter is so badly stuck on your very expensive canon 24-70mm f2.8l ii usm lens, that even a specially-designed filter wrench won't get it off? if you are former mythbuster adam savage, you take that puppy to your band saw and scare the crap out of the lens owner. that's what he did for one of the latest videos on the tested youtube channel, when fellow host norman chan got yet another filter stuck (the second one in 6 months) on his $1,800 lens. the footage is a bit terrifying for gear lovers, but have no fear: no lenses were hurt in the making of this video. what savage does is cut two small notches into the rim of the lens filter, one on either side. then, after expanding those notches with a file, he slots in a solid metal ruler and uses it to torqu

sony unveils an in-camera graduated filter app

sony's digital filter app lets you break the scene up into three sections and set the exposure and color balance for each.

the a to z of photography: low-pass filter

what is a low-pass filter, and why is not having one on the camera sensor regarded as a selling point?

french luxury giants sign charter to ban size 0 models

paris (ap) — two of france’s biggest luxury conglomerates, lvmh and kering, have joined forces with a charter to ban unhealthily thin models and protect models’ wellbeing. according to a statement wednesday, the charter incorporates a new french law coming into force oct. 1 that requires all models to provide medical certificates proving they are […]

report: many wisconsin children not getting tested for lead

a wisconsin department of health services report says less than a third of toddlers on medicaid in the state were tested for lead poisoning last year, despite a federal rule that requires all children on the social health care program to be tested.

new ipad models being tested around cupertino, logs show

 several new ipad models have been spotted being tested in cupertino and nearby locations — potentially confirming earlier rumors of a planned ipad refresh arriving this spring. read more

new ipad models being tested around cupertino, logs show

 several new ipad models have been spotted being tested in cupertino and nearby locations, according to mobile marketing firm fiksu – potentially confirming earlier rumors of a planned ipad refresh arriving this spring. according to reports, a leaked investor note from kgi securities analyst ming-chi kuo indicated that apple is expected to update its 12.9-inch ipad pro model, as well… read more

twitter users can finally filter out “egg” accounts

it's finally possible to filter out accounts with the default "egg" profile picture, so that they don't appear in your notifications.

tried and tested camping tips for first timers

don't be discouraged to take a camping vacation, here is a guide that has been tested by a newbie

new ipad rumors: four new models may be announced next week

spring is just around the corner, which means we’re likely getting close to another apple event—and the rumor mill is starting to churn. as first spotted by macrumors, japanese site mac otakara recently claimed that apple will host an event in march with its new ipad pro lineup in the starring role. from now until then, rumors about that lineup will swirl, and we’ll collect them all here and add our two cents, right up until the moment the new models are unveiled onstage.what’s the latest? the rumor: apple is testing new ipad models around cupertino, according to fiksu, a mobile marketing firm that tracks app usage. according to fiksu’s data logs, some of its client apps are being installed on four new ipads with different model numbers. before the launch of the ipad pro, fiksu spotted

why microsoft is likely to introduce new surface models in octoberwhy microsoft

microsoft is planning its next future decoded developer event in the london at the end of october, where it’s expected the company will unveil new surface pc models.

north korea says it tested hydrogen bomb

state-run media said the country successfully tested a hydrogen bomb meant for an icbm

test results show 7 percent of tested deer infected with cwd

the state department of natural resources says a little more than 7 percent of deer tested last year were infected with chronic wasting disease.

no one named eric tested for dna in woman's fatal burning

an investigator says no one named eric or derek was tested for dna evidence in the case of a mississippi woman who was fatally burned, even though she mentioned those names to firefighters who treated her before she died.

alito: us's dedication to religious liberty being tested

the u.s. is entering a period when its commitment to religious liberty is being tested, supreme court justice samuel alito told an audience wednesday at an event sponsored by a catholic lawyers' organization.

it's called the 'supermodel workout'

on any given morning in los angeles, you’ll find actresses, models (and those that just look like models), hitting boutique fitness studios to get their sweat on. but at modelfit on 3rd street, the newest outpost of the popular new york studio, you’ll probably find more of them per square foot...

car2go adds mercedes models to seattle fleet

car2go will replace 200 smart cars with mercedes cla and gla models.

french fashion giants ban ultra-skinny models

two of the world's biggest luxury goods conglomerates will stop working with unhealthily thin fashion models, as part of a joint charter signed wednesday that aims to protect their health.

amazon adds new echo models to next-generation smart home lineupamazon adds new

amazon has introduced an updated echo smart home device along with three new models, the echo plus, the echo spot and the echo look hands-free camera, all controlled by the alexa digital assistant.

netgear expands its orbi wi-fi system into a product family, adding two less-exp

netgear’s orbi rbk50 is one of the best wi-fi systems we’ve tested, and now the company is expanding the brand into a broader family of products with today’s introduction of the orbi rbk30 and the orbi rbk40. like the original orbi, both of the new models are tri-band routers that dedicate one 5ghz wi-fi channel for data backhaul from satellite access points.both of the new systems will use the same router, but will have different satellites. the router is an ac2200 model supporting two spatial streams up and down on each frequency band to support one 2.4ghz network with to 400mbps of bandwidth, a 5ghz network with up to 866mbps of bandwidth, and a third 5ghz network dedicated to data backhaul with up to 867mbps of bandwidth. the original orbi rbk50 is also a tri-band router, but it oper

tesla model s, bmw i3 electrics fall short in crash tests

two luxury electric vehicles — the tesla model s and the bmw i3 — have come up short of the highest safety ratings in crash tests by the insurance industry. the insurance institute for highway safety tested 2017 models of both vehicles. neither earned the institute’s “top safety pick” award, which is given to vehicles […]

flint residents must start paying for water they still can't drink without a fil

residents in flint, mich., are about to start paying the full cost of their water again, even though what’s flowing from their taps has yet to be declared safe to drink without an approved filter.

tesla, bmw electrics fall short of highest crash-test rating

detroit (ap) — two luxury electric vehicles — the tesla model s and the bmw i3 — fell short of getting the highest safety ratings in new crash tests by the insurance industry. the insurance institute for highway safety tested 2017 models of both vehicles. neither earned the institute’s “top safety pick” award, which is […]

every drinking fountain and sink in every colorado school would be tested for le

colorado lawmakers want every source of drinking water in colorado schools to be tested for lead. but some worry that the cost of cleaning up the contamination will hurt cash-strapped schools.

north korea claims it tested first intercontinental missile

north korea claimed to have tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile in a launch tuesday, a potential game-changing development in its push to militarily challenge washington — but a declaration that conflicts with earlier south korean and u.s. assessments that it had an intermediate range.

uk: all building cladding samples tested failed fire safety

britain's government said local officials across the country sunday should urgently submit samples of exterior panels from apartment towers after authorities found that all samples tested so far have failed fire safety standards.

varun dhawan and neha dhupia have fun shooting for no filter neha

  neha dhupia as we know is busy lately shooting back to back for her chat show, no filter neha for which her latest guest was varun dhawan. but before the duo began shooting, they posed candidly for the shutterbugs. neha made the most of the flashes, posing in all possible way.s varun too joined neha for some really crazy pictures.   while neha kept it simple and chic in a stripped dress from mint blush, varun looked uber cool in a maroon t-shirt and ripped denim shorts. continue reading ...

huge samsung galaxy s8 models are popping up all over the uk

samsung uk is promoting the upcoming launch of the galaxy s8 by placing huge models of the phone at many iconic locations in the country.

clippers! team's mental toughness is being tested early this season

hi, my name is broderick turner, and welcome back to the los angeles times’ clippers newsletter. the clippers’ fortitude is being tested. constant losing will do that to a team. and the clippers have been losing and losing and losing, to the tune of six consecutive games. the path they take forward...