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black lemonade

jen, an instructables community manager, has combined regular ol' fresh-squeezed lemonade with capsules of activated charcoal to make her black lemonade. refreshing, and goth af.she writes that activated charcoal has several health benefits but, (from what i gather from commenters on the recipe's page) not everyone can tolerate it. so, please, don't serve this to anyone without their knowledge. (sorry, the mom in me totally just came out.)still, it looks really cool. recipe(foodiggity) previously: no matter how cool superblack activated charcoal food looks, it's a bad idea

angry about beyonce's grammy snub? smash 8-bit car windows with video game 'lemo

fans upset about queen bey's loss can now blow off steam by playing this hilarious "lemonade"-inspired computer game.

911, lemonade emergency! officers visit wannabe cop’s stand

kansas city, mo. (ap) — dozens of thirsty police officers responded to an “emergency” call to visit a lemonade stand run by a 3-year-old aspiring cop in kansas city, missouri. the kansas city star (http://bit.ly/2qp4nqg ) reports that hannah pasley set up her lemonade stand last friday and saturday to raise money to buy her […]

review: lemonade, urban plates and tender greens

the sudden rise of fast-casual, new wave cafeterias has brought lemonade, urban plates and true food kitchen to the bay area. the big question: how's the food?

beyonce to fund scholarships for black women at 4 schools

beyonce is marking the anniversary of her album “lemonade” by announcing scholarships for black women to attend selected colleges. the singer announced that her formation scholars award will go to a single black woman student at four schools. the schools are boston’s berklee college of music, new york’s parsons school of design and two historically […]

911, lemonade emergency! officers visit wannabe cop's stand

dozens of thirsty police officers responded to an "emergency" call to visit a lemonade stand run by a 3-year-old aspiring cop in kansas city, missouri.

girl's lemonade stand isn't stopping at $65,000

what started as a 7-year-old girl’s lemonade and homemade cookie stand nine years ago has mushroomed into a festive block party. on may 28, sophia pruden, now 16, will hold her 10th and final “cookies for a cure” sale from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. outside her house at 6821 roland knolls drive in la mesa....

beyoncé tops 2017 bet awards nominations

beyoncé is the leading nominee for this year’s bet awards, the network announced monday morning. the pop star, who is the most nominated and winning artist in the show’s 17-year-history, scored seven nods for her “lemonade” — including album of the year. the ceremony celebrates black excellence...

black lawmakers dismayed by trump’s invite to black reporter

members of the congressional black caucus expressed bafflement and dismay thursday after president donald trump asked a black reporter to set up a meeting with them.

black lawmakers dismayed by trump's invite to black reporter

members of the congressional black caucus expressed bafflement and dismay thursday after president donald trump asked a black reporter to set up a meeting with them.

apnewsbreak: beyonce, bruno mars lead bet awards nominations

beyonce dominated last year's bet awards with "lemonade," but there's more juice in her cup.

black holes are even stranger than you can imagine

our love of black holes continues to grow as our knowledge of these celestial bodies expands. the latest news is the discovery of a rare "middleweight" black hole, a relative newcomer to the black hole family.

herhold: willow glen kid raises $400 for flood victims

the end of february isn't a time when people naturally yearn for lemonade. so nick rubino persuaded people to give $1 for his fund even if they weren’t sampling the drink.

beyonce delivers a moving acceptance speech at the grammys

opting to read a prepared speech, beyonce explains why she created "lemonade" and what she hopes her music will inspire in others.

beyonce wows at grammys, davie bowie wins 4 awards

in glittery gown, gilded crown and gold choker, a pregnant beyonce took the grammy stage sunday in a lengthy performance of two songs from her critically acclaimed album "lemonade."

study: for black boys, just one black teacher may make a big difference

early results from a new study suggests matching black students to at least one black teacher in elementary school increases their high school graduation rates and intent to go to college.

10 years later: a definitive ranking of the music videos on the ‘b’ day video an

before she wowed us with her self-titled visual lp and 'lemonade' hbo release, beyonce had already set the wheels in motion with 'b’ day video anthology album.'

first black aviator to be chief pilot at a major airline retires

louis freeman, southwest airlines' first black pilot and later the nation's the first black chief pilot — a management job — has made his last commercial flight and is retiring at 65. he's hoping more black pilots can find their way into u.s. air transportation.

stars form in winds from supermassive black holes

supermassive black holes may take away light, but they also give it — these enormous black holes at the centers of many galaxies are pushing out gas in which new stars are forming, according to researchers working with the aptly named very large telescope in chile. black holes look the way they do b...

premiere: chauntae pink serves up black man magic with “black boys”

the budding singer's ode to black love is just what we love to see.

supermassive black holes found in tiny galaxies

just because a black hole is enormous doesn’t mean the galaxy around it has to be. astronomers have found two new supermassive black holes at the centers of “ultracompact dwarf galaxies” in the constellation virgo, and they think this type of system is fairly common. those black holes are so big com...

on the rox podcast: the bud black interview

the denver post's rockies beat writer patrick saunders sits down for a lengthy interview with incoming manager bud black. they discuss the team's potential, its bullpen, black's managerial style and more.

journal criticized for not consulting black scholars on black lives matter movem

a leading journal of political philosophy took up the black lives matter movement in its june issue without a single contribution from a black academic, triggering an outcry from african-american scholars.

is penumbra's 'girl shakes loose' the stage equivalent of beyonce's 'lemonade'?

an all-female team writes a new chapter at penumbra theatre with the world premiere of a musical, “girl shakes loose.”

more than pot brownies: edibles are gobbling up california’s marijuana market

the edibles market is exploding as california prepares for recreational marijuana sales, with companies offering everything from cannabis-infused granola to pot lemonade.

strange signals from space and black holes: astrophysicists in canada tackle lin

'black holes don't suck. black holes are not vacuum cleaners. they do not walk through the galaxy sucking'

‘we love you’: trump ‘honors’ black history month by having black people shower

president donald trump honored black history month on wednesday by meeting with a number of his african-american supporters, attacking the media and congratulating himself. “this is black history month. so this is our little breakfast, our little get together,” trump announced from white...

loveland bikers to guzzle lemonade to support longmont special needs trike

a loveland man's wish to host a good-natured sober motorcycle ride and a longmont man's desire to get a special needs trike on the road this summer will intersect on sunday.

from the archives: kids sell lemonade for the times camp fund

the may 23, 1954, caption identified the girls, left to right, as wendy earl, barbara zeman, betty alexander, 11; barbara powrie, 11. the boy to right of stand, is martin capune, 11. the boy with his foot on curb is richard siegel, 6. on a bicycle is eric stromberger, no age given. the caption...

beyonce to fund scholarships for women at 4 colleges

beyonce is marking the anniversary of her album "lemonade" by announcing scholarships for women to attend selected colleges.

documents: after shooting, roof went toward 2nd black church

a south carolina pastor who canceled a bible study at his church because he was late leaving his day job may have averted a second round of deadly shootings shortly after nine black worshippers had been killed at another black church.

this black hole is being pushed around its galaxy by gravitational waves

black holes are the big bullies of space. they're so massive that their gravity doesn't let any light escape. the biggest black holes - called "supermassive" - weigh as much as a billion suns. looming at the center of seemingly every galaxy, including the milky way, they control the formation of stars and can deform the fabric of space-time itself. it takes a lot to push a black hole around.

black coaches vanish from big ten men's basketball

once a national leader in the hiring of black coaches, the big ten is now the only major conference without one. the last black coach hired in the conference was tubby smith at minnesota - 10 years ago.

black harvard students holding a graduation of their own

boston (ap) — black students at harvard university are organizing a graduation ceremony of their own this year to recognize the achievements of black students and faculty members some say have been overlooked. more than 700 students and guests are registered to attend harvard’s first black commencement, which will take place two days before the […]

‘you never wrote us back’: congressional black caucus calls out trump claiming h

president donald trump on thursday raised some eyebrows when he asked a black reporter to help him set up a meeting with the congressional black caucus, as he seemed to assume that she was already friends with them. the congressional black caucus quickly hit back at trump, however, and pointed out t...