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cards against humanity for her is brilliant, and worth the extra $5

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disney-themed cards against humanity leaked and it’s absolutely brutal

cards against humanity is a well-known card game to play at parties that’s always guaranteed to be a little politically incorrect, shock a few grandmas and maybe ruffle a few feathers. it’s certainly not for the innocent. and now that same game is about to touch the most innocent thing of all – disney. yes a […] the post disney-themed cards against humanity leaked and it’s absolutely brutal appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

‘cards against humanity’ creator sends a message to ‘cruel idiot’ republican wit

a co-creator of the party game “cards against humanity” is launching a campaign to mail thousands of potatoes — each marked with the words “hold a town hall” — to republican sen. ron johnson (wi). the guardian said on friday that game creator max temkin is targeti...

review: from stewart copeland, 'invention of morel' a brilliant piece of musical

as the notion of "alternative facts" gains currency in today's theater of politics, it is worth reminding ourselves that alternative realities have held sway in the world of opera since time immemorial, and still do.those realities are in fact the beating heart of "the invention of morel," a brilliant...

review: from stewart copeland, 'invention of morel' a brilliant piece of musical

as the notion of "alternative facts" gains currency in today's theater of politics, it is worth reminding ourselves that alternative realities have held sway in the world of opera since time immemorial, and still do. those realities are in fact the beating heart of "the invention of morel," a brilliant...

dual cameras are a boon for manufacturers, but are they worth the hype?

dual cameras are expected to appear in many more smartphones in 2017, but are the benefits for consumers really worth the extra cost?

everything's coming up primroses and poppies and ranunculuses, but these blooms

spring flowers have had a tough go of it in the past few years. california's climate isn’t the most hospitable, and the gods have been extra stingy with rain in recent years. but this is the year that everything changed. thanks to extra precipitation and some luck, the show should be worth seeing....

actors co-op's fine revival of moisés kaufman’s '33 variations'

moisés kaufman’s “33 variations,” now playing at the actors co-op’s david schall theatre, glows with the kind of radiant intellectualism that might seem showy if not for its resonant humanity. the central character is a brilliant academic, katherine brandt (nan mcnamara), who is suffering from...

star wars galaxy cards review: price guide, inserts and cards for sale

the star wars galaxy cards: series 1, 1993 and then series 2 and 3 in 1994, 1995 respectively. while the base set of cards from topps were common, many of the most popular characters and artists became the most collected. the entire 1993 topps star wars galaxy set is dedicated to art — 140 cards […]

elena ferrante's juggernaut 'my brilliant friend' heading to hbo

elena ferrante’s bestselling book “my brilliant friend” is headed to the small screen, courtesy of hbo and rai, italy’s national public broadcasting company. set in naples, “my brilliant friend” centers on elena greco, as she recalls her lifelong relationship with dear friend — and dear enemy —...

over time, the l.a. times saw conrad aiken as brilliant, misunderstood and disho

how is a writer’s reputation made — and how does it change? in 1939, we called conrad aiken “brilliant and misunderstood”; in 1963, “brilliant but dishonest.” here’s a sample of our reviews of aiken’s work, over time. 1920, "scepticisms: notes on contemporary poetry" mr. aiken intensely admires...

will closing high-interest cards hurt your credit score?

dear liz: i have a few credit cards with very high interest rates — in the mid-teens. my fico has improved (805 to 830) and i carry little or no balance on the credit cards. i have contacted the issuers asking for lower interest rates but they won't budge. i have other credit cards with single-digit...

bill nye’s view of humanity is repulsive

bill nye has some detestable ideas about humanity. this shouldn’t surprise anyone. many environmental doomsdayers have a soft spot for eugenics.

meet 'the mars generation': in documentary, it's red planet or bust

a new clip for the netflix original documentary "the mars generation" — which focuses on the potential for today's teenagers to go to mars in 20 years if humanity plays its cards right — highlights the legacy of apollo in setting up aspirations for mars.

brilliant fireball streaks over milwaukee, wows skywatchers (videos)

a brilliant, bright-green meteor blazed through the sky just north of milwaukee early this morning (feb. 6), and likely sprinkled space rocks into lake michigan.

pope francis: "future of humanity" at risk in north korea crisis

the pope warned that escalating tensions on the korean peninsula could mean the destruction of "a good part of humanity"

‘it all went up his nose’: prison for dnd employee who stole nearly $1m in compu

if andrew heggaton doesn't pay back what the intel core processors, hard drives, motherboards, and graphics cards were worth he could be sentenced to a total of 6 1/2 years

'every brilliant thing' approaches suicide with touching comic sincerity

something miraculous happens in “every brilliant thing.” something you might want to include on your own list of life-enhancing pleasures should you follow the lead of the protagonist, who inventories all that makes the world worthwhile for him. first produced by paines plough and pentabus theatre...

is mcdonald's made-fresh quarter-pounder worth the extra minute wait?

in today's amazon world of push-the-button-and-get-it-now, fast-food giant mcdonald's is asking customers to cool their heels for a single extra minute. that's what it will take to cook its fresh-beef quarter-pounder designed to woo back millions of customers that had left the golden arches for...

‘destiny 2’ ditches grimore cards once and for all

destiny 2 is looking better and better the more we see, and the latest news is definitely another move in the right direction. in a new interview, bungie has admitted that its ditching grimore cards for destiny 2. grimore cards were collectables found in the original destiny that unlocked additional story lore or other content that you could […] the post ‘destiny 2’ ditches grimore cards once and for all appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

habitat for humanity welcomes first family in new open market program

the family becomes the first locally to pick their own habitat for humanity home.

sandisk is currently offering prime day discounts on flash drives and sd cards

if you’re looking for extra storage on the go, check out the prime day deals from sandisk.

heads up, commuters: now you can reload your rtd myride cards online

the regional transportation district announced wednesday that commuters can buy myride cards, reload existing cards and check their balance and transaction history online starting may 24.

stephen hawking just moved up humanity’s deadline for escaping our ‘increasingly

in november, hawking and his bulging computer brain gave humanity 1,000 years to find a new planet to call home. his new deadline comes much, much sooner

'oh, the humanity!' 80th anniversary of the hindenburg disaster, broadcast marke

"oh, the humanity!" it was 80 years ago saturday that a radio announcer from chicago stood at lakehurst naval air station in new jersey and uttered those words into a microphone as the german airship burst into flames, killing 35 of the 97 people on board and one on the ground. word went out as...

nasa funds 2 new research institutes to help humanity explore deep space

nasa will spend up to $30 million over the next five years to set up and support two new research institutes dedicated to helping humanity extend its footprint out into the solar system.

matt paradis again leads broncos in performance-based pay

paradis, 27, received an extra $306,002.71, worth nearly 60 percent of his $525,000 base salary for the 2016 season.

why so many brilliant, talented people are so unhappy and dis isfied

this question originally appeared on quora. answer by mira zaslove. being brilliant and talented isn’t going to make you happy or isfied. in fact, the reverse may more often be true: people who have the most, are often the least isfied. seems like common sense that a fancy education, great car...

'sneaky pete' didn’t get picked up by the network, and that’s when things got go

was it an unintentional bait-and-switch? “sneaky pete,” the show bryan cranston co-created with “house” builder david shore, was meant to be a procedural drama to fit right in with the cbs slate. the twist was the protagonist wouldn’t be some brilliant crime investigator but a brilliant criminal...

stephen hawking now says humanity has only about 100 years to escape earth

in november, stephen hawking and his bulging computer brain gave humanity what we thought was an intimidating deadline for finding a new planet to call home: 1,000 years. ten centuries is a blip in the grand arc of the universe, but in human terms it was the apocalyptic equivalent of getting a...

a few extra bucks for first class fishing is well worth it

minnesota is a great place to fish and hunt but the legislature needs to pass a license fee increase to enable the dnr to keep it that way. here's hoping that long-term planning wins out over short-sightedness.

why we need the horror of ‘house of cards’

house of cards has returned for its fifth season. the diabolical frank underwood and his cunning wife claire are leading the nation into an era of terror. it seems fitting since the show is returning during one of the most politically divisive periods in america’s history. heck, it’s not just the united states; the entire […] the post why we need the horror of ‘house of cards’ appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

cleveland cavaliers donate $875,000 to habitat for humanity

the cleveland cavaliers have donated $875,000 in proceeds from nba finals watch parties to greater cleveland habitat for humanity.

joshua cohen's novel 'moving kings' is brilliant

joshua cohen’s third novel, “moving kings,” is a brilliant book whose brilliance comes via a bait and switch. it opens as a comic portrait of a midlife crisis, but concludes as a somber cautionary tale frothing with cataclysms, including fire and gunplay. it starts tucked deep into a subculture...

habitat for humanity homeowners in greeley duped into buying water softeners

at least five north-greeley families living in habitat for humanity homes have incurred thousands of dollars in debt buying unneeded water-softening systems. they all say they are victims of false and misleading tactics.