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christie blatchford how is it that mcguinty staff had not a single document on cancelled gas plants - Search

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christie blatchford: how is it that mcguinty staff had not a single document on

the answer may lie in an aug. 9, 2012 email livingston sent to miller and others at the top of the mcguinty office. it was a how-to on permanently deleting emails

christie blatchford: mcguinty liberals ‘not in compliance’ with gas plants discl

'i am quite frankly very concerned that the office of the premier had not understood or wilfully ignored the legal requirements' of the committee order, wallace testified

christie blatchford: bureaucrat says gas plant warning to mcguinty staffer wasn’

the opposition was baying for documents and blood; a committee demanded disclosure of records; gas plants was all anyone at queen’s park was thinking about

christie blatchford: mcguinty aide was warned not to delete gas plants emails, t

meanwhile a defence lawyer appeared to set up what could be called the mike duffy defence — there were so many conflicting rules that, in effect, there were none

christie blatchford: mcguinty’s statement on gas plants was untrue, key witness

in his exquisitely even-handed manner and in his usual careful language, ontario’s former top public servant called the former ontario premier a big fat liar

christie blatchford: ex-cop’s impartiality as expert witness questioned as gas p

in the same courtroom where lawyer marie henein once tossed bombshells in her successful defence of jian ghomeshi, her law partner delivered one of his own

christie blatchford: nigel wright deserves better than this

it is in the finest traditions of the state to punish harshly those on the periphery of a thing while the main players skate

christie blatchford: toddler was left to die slowly over three days

prosecutors argue joel france should go to prison for another five years. the defence wants a sentence of time served

christie blatchford: disgraced senator don meredith should be expelled, and swif

a senate report finds meredith engaged in a calculated effort to both woo a 16-year-old and wear her down. he needs to go

christie blatchford: why did the crown waste resources prosecuting woman who gav

however one sees krajnc’s cause, the fact is that the impoverished justice system allowed this prosecution to eat up seven full days of court time

christie blatchford: bill to make sex-assault training for judges mandatory gets

even the language used is the lexicon of advocates, who prefer the term ‘survivor’ to ‘victim.’ that’s fine for them but not for the criminal justice system

christie blatchford: the uncomfortable questions once again being asked of ontar

dr. michael pollanen assumed the top forensic pathologist job to clean up the mess left behind by the disgraced dr. charles smith

christie blatchford: complacency is the culture in courts and a little shock tre

in four decades covering the courts, i’ve encountered only a handful of judges who displayed even the slightest inclination in not wasting time

christie blatchford: neglect isn’t the word to describe what emil and rodica rad

his parents had created this monstrous fraud that somehow had alex at the centre of the family as a sort of plucky, invalid baby boy

christie blatchford: the real mistake of the judge facing a judicial hearing aft

did he really do something so terrible that he should be removed from the bench, or did he just speak from the wrong side of the wrong issue?

christie blatchford: to truly ‘own’ his mistake, defence minister sajjan has to

pretending to answer questions in the house of commons on monday was a shameful performance. he stood 11 times to take questions, but he failed to answer any

christie blatchford: jury in murder trial hears how a password scribbled on a st

trial opens in the murder of a toronto man and the prosecutor's first lesson for the four defendants is in social media smarts

christie blatchford: sexual assault verdict overturned from judge who called acc

the decision came wednesday and h found ontario court judge stephen brown used 'intemperate and insulting language' towards the accused man

christie blatchford: summary of the gas plant trial defence — ‘how were we to kn

there was nothing, anywhere, that suggested that having an outsider come in to wipe clean computer hard drives was wrong. nothing!

christie blatchford: judicial nightmare ends in $25,000 award to wrongly accused

the judge’s decision also reveals the local police investigation of the complainant’s allegation was sloppy, if not outright inept

christie blatchford: videos don’t tell whole story in violent death of lovely ga

the driver the night jayesh prajapati was killed didn’t pay for $112.85 worth of gas. how little it takes to snuff the brave immigrant’s dream

christie blatchford: conrad black is not dead and a juvenile attempt at an obitu

black has his acolytes and detractors, equally rabid probably, and is well able to defend himself, but canadaland's fake obituary of him was petty and unfunny

christie blatchford: the anomaly of julie payette — a private person in this wor

payette wasn’t hiding anything dark and awful in the divorce files, just the usual wounds and hurts, self-inflicted and otherwise, common to most adults of 53

christie blatchford: a team of guards, an interpreter, two prosecutors, a lawyer

'you are all infidels. i do not worship what you worship,' said the woman accused of 14 terror-related charges after a bizarre episode at a canadian tire store

christie blatchford: what if they modernize the sexual assault laws and nobody c

the federal government’s purported modernization of canada’s sexual assault laws may make lucky white women feel better, but it appears to accomplish little else

he’s new to government: chris christie defends reince priebus for pressuring fbi

new jersey gov. chris christie dismissed reports that white house chief of staff reince preibus reached out to the fbi and other intelligence officials for help in pushing back on claims of russian involvement in the u.s. election by saying he and other trump staffers are new to governing. appearing...

could ‘beachgate’ drive christie down to single digits in polls?

trenton — gov. chris christie was already the most unpopular governor in the history of new jersey polling. then came photos earlier this week that showed he’d hit the beach at island beach state park at a time when the park was closed to the public because of a government shutdown. when...

christie blatchford: entitled terror suspect pleads not guilty, re-affirms love

dughmosh’s charges came after a bizarre incident where she allegedly swung a golf club at canadian tire employees and customers, while wearing an isil headband

‘the trump before trump’: pundits wonder if chris christie’s spectacular fall fo

after gov. chris christie (r-nj) had his luxurious weekend, shutting down state beaches that he was then able to enjoy with his family, cnn guests noted that he is the trump before trump. christie got defensive when reporters posted photos of the day in the sun and questioned christie about whether ...

how nj feels about christie after those beach photos

trenton — gov. chris christie’s poll numbers continue to remain at a record low, but he avoided dropping into single-digit territory in the aftermath of the controversial photos showing the governor at the beach during the recent state government shutdown. the monmouth university poll, r...

christie associates to be sentenced for new jersey bridge scandal

two former associates of new jersey governor chris christie are scheduled to be sentenced on wednesday for their roles in the “bridgegate” lane closure scandal that eventually torpedoed the republican’s white house ambitions. bridget kelly, 44, a former deputy chief of staff to chr...

another poll shows christie is the lowest-rated new jersey governor in modern hi

trenton — gov. chris christie’s poll numbers continue to remain at a record low, but he avoided dropping into single-digit territory in the aftermath of the controversial photos showing the governor at the beach during the recent state government shutdown. the monmouth university poll, r...

did christie turn down another job offer from trump — it’s complicated

did christie turn down another job offer from trump? it’s complicated. trenton — did president donald trump suggest gov. chris christie take another top job in washington, only to be rebuffed again by his friend from new jersey? cnn reported tuesday that trump asked christie in an offhan...

thailand revokes passport of fugitive red bull heir

travel document is cancelled for vorayuth yoovidhya, who fled before arrest warrant was issued for killing policeman.

christie, legislature facing murky path beyond shutdown

new jersey gov. chris christie and the democrat-led legislature are set to return to work to try to resolve the state's first government shutdown since 2006 and the first under christie.