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from the archives: saucer sorcery in steven spielberg's 'close encounters of the

“close encounters of the third kind” is being rereleased in a digitally remastered 4k edition of the director’s cut. this review was originally published nov. 18, 1977. charles champlin was a former times’ arts editor, film critic and columnist. steven spielberg’s “close encounters of the third...

'close encounters' turns 40: why its legacy has endured for ages

mashed potatoes are one of the most enduring memories for seti institute senior astronomer seth shostak as he thinks back to his first viewing of "close encounters of the third kind" four decades ago.

spielberg’s ‘close encounters’ is a masterpiece, but incomplete

‘close encounters of the third kind’ is when spielberg switched from his early career, which was heavy on horror and terror, to the genial magician america has come to know and love.

‘close encounters of the third kind’ reimagined in 8-bit for 40th anniversary

 close encounters of the third kind is 40 years old, which is a bit hard to believe, so this ‘retro’ 8-bit recreation of the seminal steven spielberg sci-fi movie is actually modern compared to its actual release date. i think. still, it’s a fun homage from fan christopher harrison, and one that close encounters is using to promote its 4k uhd and blu-ray release. both those… read more

here are five racist quotes from modern us presidents

five racist quotes from modern u.s. presidents president donald trump’s alleged “shithole countries” remarks during a bipartisan meeting on immigration thursday have led a wide array of americans to label him a racist. “why are we having all these people from shithole countri...

is trump a racist or does he just say racist things?

donald trump saying something racist “isn’t exactly news anymore,” observed michael che, of “saturday night live.” yet trump’s former wife, ivana trump, offers these kind words of support for her ex: he’s not a racist, she says, he just says racist things. “i don’t think donald is racist at all,”...

the moviegoer, dec. 29-jan. 6

midnight screening richard dreyfuss is the heart of the 1977 sci-fi classic close encounters of the third kind as an ordinary man obsessed with his otherworldly encounter. steven spielberg’s follow-up to his first blockbuster, “jaws,” is as beautiful and mesmerizing today as it was 40 years ago....

l.a. movie openings, sept. 1

a trio of reissues, all 4k restorations, highlight the labor day weekend film offerings: steven spielberg’s 1977 mashed-potato-stacking sci-fi classic “close encounters of the third kind,” with richard dreyfuss; merchant-ivory’s 1983 india-set drama “heat and dust,” starring julie christie; and...

close encounters with chuck berry, as a fan, musician and journalist

“chuck berry doesn’t give interviews.” my first encounter with berry didn’t go so well. in four decades as a music journalist, i’ve seen berry many times — concerts that ran the gamut from pedestrian to thrilling. along the way, i also had three direct encounters with one of the original architects...

indie focus: taking off with fall sneaks and 'close encounters of the third kind

hello! i’m mark olsen, welcome to another edition of your regular field guide to a world of only good movies. as summer turns to fall at the movies, we spent the week looking back. ryan faughnder took at the look at how things went for the studios this season. (a: not well.) steve zeitchik looked...

ask amy: sibling wants coming-out guide for “modern family”

there isn't exactly a pamphlet on how to go from awkward to "modern family" status when a loved one comes out.

your holiday wine guide for hosting, gifting, and drinking

david white is one of the world’s leading wine writers and author of the book, “but first, champagne: a modern guide to the world’s favorite wine.” read more

what the dna of the zika virus tells scientists about its rapid spread

a family tree can reveal a lot, especially if it belongs to a microscopic troublemaker with a knack for genetic shape-shifting. dna sleuthing can outline the route an emerging pathogen might take once it makes landfall in the americas and encounters a wholly unprotected population. it’s a modern...

the modern man’s guide to beards: how to choose a beard that fits you perfectly

beards have made a comeback lately and they’re the ultimate fashion fad. the wail of those who cannot grow one can be heard from light-years away but sadly, there is no cure in sight as of yet. those who can easily grow a beard have their own problems: the difficulties that arise in choosing the […] the post the modern man’s guide to beards: how to choose a beard that fits you perfectly appeared first on dumb little man.

top considerations prior to renovating modern bathroom

you are probably thinking about remodeling and renovating your modern bathroom this season. bathrooms are a center of focus for many people when they are renovating their houses. so what is a modern bathroom? a modern bathroom is classified according to its modern design look. some of the modern design features of include; the geometric […]

in california's 34th district, maria cabildo is a new kind of candidate for a ne

if history is any guide, turnout for the april 4 special election to replace xavier becerra in the central los angeles congressional seat is likely to be low — even lower than the dismal 11.5% turnout in last week’s l.a. county election. and that’s a shame because what’s at stake in this race is...

biggest space movies to watch in 2018

here's space.com's guide to some of the most exciting space movies of 2018, including encounters with outlandish creatures to missions to deep space and the long-awaited alliance between the avengers and the guardians of the galaxy.

app informs st. paul police of disabilities in encounters

st. paul police are testing a phone app that aims to de-escalate encounters with those who have disabilities not easily visible, such as autism or mental illness.

trump says 'i'm not a racist,' denies making vulgar comments

president donald trump is defending himself anew against accusations that he is racist, this time after recent disparaging comments about haiti and african nations. "no, no. i'm not a racist," trump said sunday, after reporters asked him to respond to those who think he is. "i am the least racist...

watch: confederacy fan insists the flag isn’t racist — then launches racist rant

a supporter of confederate statues told reporters on thursday that it was unfair to paint the monuments as racist — and then almost immediately went on a racist rant about martin luther king. spectrum news charlotte reporter yoojin cho posted a video interview of russell walker, a resident of ...

l.a.'s boutique jails for the rich belong in 18th century england, not modern-da

cushier jails for the rich and grittier ones for the poor are the kind of thing you might expect in a third world dictatorship or perhaps 18th century england, but not modern-day america, land of equal justice under the law. but the two-tiered, wealth-based system of criminal punishment is alive...

dillon ranger district set new rules requiring campers to use proper food storag

after two years of increased bear encounters around summit county, the local u.s. forest service office has issued new orders about food storage practices at its designated campgrounds and other popular sites.

trump's anti-press rhetoric brings flashbacks to encounters with dictatorship

maybe i'm taking it too personally, but with president donald trump calling the press "the enemy of the american people" i'm having flashbacks to my personal encounters with a dictatorship. among them was a nagging sense of being watched. it was unshakable, even by turning around and seeing no...

'i, tonya' review: blades of glory, and then ...

naked on piles of money in “the wolf of wall street,” popping in for a brief explanatory cameo in “the big short,” the australian-born actress margot robbie has had several close cinematic encounters with a distinct brand of peppy, fact-based cynicism. it’s the tone, fashionable these days in black...

the jeff sessions that i know is no racist

i know jeff to be a kind, caring and polite man who is concerned about the dignity of every human being, regardless of race or creed.

carolina (north) your tour guide for this year’s final four

phoenix (ap) — consider north carolina the tour guide at this year’s final four. the tar heels will be making their record 20th trip, and most of the players on this year’s roster were on hand last season to find out all about the agony of coming oh-so close to winning it all. for the […]

‘they are billions’ guide: tips and tricks to cleanse the horde

they are billions is an ultra-hard rts versus an ai opponent with a swarm of zombies that fills the map. it’s also kind of a city management game with a definite end point. a good example of this is the resources. there’s an interesting mix of the static resources you’d usually see in something like sim […] the post ‘they are billions’ guide: tips and tricks to cleanse the horde appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

mr. midcentury modernism is ready for his palm springs close-up

you don’t have to have a midcentury modern home in palm spring to get that look, says interior designer christopher kennedy. you can draw design inspiration from modernism week — the celebration of midcentury modern architecture and design and preservation running through feb. 26 in palm springs,...

playing a cowboy while working with anthony hopkins on 'westworld'? yes, please,

louis herthum has had his share of close encounters with prominent british actors. he starred as deputy andy bloom opposite angela lansbury on “murder, she wrote” for a good seven years. (“she’s exactly like you think she is, the sweetest, most approachable...”) he occasionally still catches an...

american f-22s fired warning flares at russian planes in close call over syria:

one of the u.s. pilots also performed an aggressive maneuver to avoid a midair collision. dangerous encounters are occurring with more regularity

an island you have to see to believe

just off the scottish coast is a unique island that's one-of-a-kind and a light year from the hustle of modern life

sibling wants coming-out guide for 'modern family'

dear amy: earlier this year my youngest brother "came out." the fact that he is gay isn't exactly shocking, but it's something we are all still adjusting to. he is the youngest, so he is spoiled, and acts very emotional when he doesn't get his way. some months back he informed me that he was seeing...

an island you have to see to believe

just off the scottish coast is a unique island that's one-of-a-kind and a light year from the hustle of modern life; steve kroft reports sunday at 7:30 p.m. et and 7:00 p.m. pt

fashion: helmut lang has that bra-shaped handbag you wanted

as new york fashion week headed to a close, shayne oliver, guest designer at helmut lang, injected a jolt of energy into the proceedings with a raucous and sexy show that included leather bras of every kind, as in tiny leather "bralettes" and huge, brassiere-shaped handbags. the young designers at oscar de la renta seemed to be taking the luxury label in a more casual direction with denim and other relaxed garments. and carolina herrera, who showed previously at the frick collection, found another stunning venue for her runway show: the museum of modern art.

see the spectacle of a rolling pin throwing competition from 1979

before state fairs became best known for krispy kreme doughnut burgers and other artery-hardening delights, they made the news for such compelling athletic activities as a rolling pin throwing competition. this clip is from the 1979 iowa state fair. special bonus points for the soundtrack of a disco-ized theme from close encounters of the third kind. (via r/obscuremedia)