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colorado lawmakers should oppose the dismal trump tax plan

sen. cory gardner represents a crucial vote for republicans. he can and should ask more of his colleagues than a fiscally irresponsible tax cut for corporate america.

colorado lawmakers greet cbo score on republican health care plan with scorn, su

colorado lawmakers feuded wednesday night over the release of a new report that showed the republican healthcare plan that passed the u.s. house in early may would lead to a loss of insurance for 23 million americans by 2026.

few cheers for gop healthcare plan in colorado

a republican plan to overhaul the affordable care act landed with a thud on tuesday in colorado, as several gop lawmakers said they were reserving judgement even as it came under attack from democrats and hardline conservatives.

colorado lawmakers, both republican and democrat, have concerns with gop healthc

three days after republicans introduced their plan to re-do the affordable care act, reaction among members of colorado’s congressional delegation generally has split along partisan lines.

as u.s. house tax reform vote nears, colorado’s ken buck could be the rare repub

among the republicans in colorado’s congressional delegation, u.s. rep. ken buck is the one most likely to oppose a far-reaching tax plan that’s scheduled for a vote thursday in the u.s. house. the two-term lawmaker from windsor was one of just 20 republicans to oppose a related budget bill that passed the house last month, and buck said he might vote against the tax measure for a similar reason -- its impact on the national debt and deficit.

colorado medical leaders speak out against republican health care bill

several colorado medical leaders this week have spoken out against the better care reconciliation act, the senate's version of the gop's health reform plan, and new polls show that colorado voters support keeping medicaid coverage for kids while colorado doctors oppose the republicans' approach.

10 colorado lawmakers rethink how state pays for public schools

ten colorado lawmakers, many with longstanding ties to the education community, are set to begin debating the future of colorado’s school finance system.

in reversal, colorado lawmakers look to decouple salaries from judges, revisitin

bowing to public pressure, colorado lawmakers are pushing to partially reverse a 2015 law that gives lawmakers a raise every time the judicial branch receives one.

gop lawmakers gang up on trump’s cyber security plan

gop lawmakers criticize trump’s cyber security plan donald trump’s plan to form a “cyber security unit” with russia have been questioned by a number of republicans, who suggested it was unwise to develop such a partnership given moscow’s alleged role in hacking the u.s. election. following tru...

environment groups in colorado and beyond mobilize to oppose trump order to dism

trump's order would overhaul the clean power plan crafted under president obama to control carbon pollution from power plants and is expected to open the way for leasing rights to mine coal on federal public land.

search for solutions intensifies at schools, statehouse after another colorado c

two colorado lawmakers plan to introduce legislation next year aimed at helping schools try to prevent suicides.

colorado, new mexico lawmakers alter sex misconduct policies

denver (ap) — lawmakers in colorado and new mexico began revising their sexual misconduct policies friday, joining other legislatures that are facing questions about whether they are doing enough to deter predatory behavior and protect victims. in colorado, lawmakers voted unanimously to hire a consultant to review the legislature’s sexual harassment policy. it came as […]

colorado lawmakers move closer to reaching deal for transportation money

colorado lawmakers are poised to introduce legislation as early as wednesday to raise the sales tax to pump as much as $3.5 billion into improving the state’s roads and traffic congestion.

trump said he fully supports the new gop health plan — and house republicans pla

president trump said tuesday that he was “proud” to support house republicans’ plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act, asserting that his party was committed to seeing the plan through. "obamacare is collapsing," trump said in remarks at the white house to republican lawmakers responsible...

colorado lawmakers remain divided on whether you can smoke marijuana on your fro

the question about where you can consume marijuana in colorado continues to stress lawmakers, even as the state approaches five years of legalization.

colorado lawmakers reach sweeping deal to stave off $528 million cut to hospital

colorado lawmakers on thursday announced a major agreement that will avert potentially catastrophic cuts to the state hospitals.

colorado lawmakers make final push for hospitals bill, others ahead of adjournme

colorado lawmakers are poised to deliver one of the most expansive spending bills of the legislative term just before the wednesday deadline for adjournment.

with session one-third over, colorado lawmakers inch toward deal to improve road

colorado’s top lawmakers continued to tout agreement tuesday for a measure to fix the state’s crumbling roads and traffic congestion even though they remained far apart on the solution.

stapleton’s plan for pera is (a little) too extreme

colorado treasurer walker stapleton's plan to reform pera contains ideas we hope lawmakers adopt, but his approach to curtailing cost-of-living increases goes too far.

colorado lawmakers wash hands of regulating pot clubs

colorado lawmakers have backed off plans to regulate marijuana clubs, saying the state would have invited a federal crackdown by approving pot clubs.

with rising youth activism in donald trump era, colorado considers lowering age

colorado lawmakers will hold a hearing to consider a 2018 ballot referendum to lower the minimum age for state legislators from 25 to 21.

in response to trump, a new resistance forms

minnesotans seek out others who oppose trump — and they have a plan of action.

at last, colorado lawmakers get serious about our besieged roads

colorado’s lawmakers deserve praise for crafting bipartisan legislation that would ask voters in november to help the state finally get serious about upgrading our besieged roads.

big assignment for group of colorado’s education leaders: rethink the state’s ed

a newly constituted group of educators, lawmakers and state officials led by lt. gov. donna lynne will be charged with creating a sweeping new strategic plan for education in colorado.

it’s halftime. what colorado lawmakers have — and haven’t — done at the session’

colorado lawmakers reached the midpoint of the 2017 legislative session saturday -- but don’t worry if you missed the first half.

colorado’s transgender students will still get to use the bathrooms they choose

colorado lawmakers in 2008 passed a law that forbids discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in public places — including schools.

colorado lawmakers and activists vow to fight daca decision

about 17,000 colorado residents face deportation after the trump administration announced tuesday that it would end an obama-era program that protected them and other young immigrants brought illegally to the u.s. as children.

why colorado’s special legislative session on pot-tax error left everyone empty-

colorado lawmakers' abbreviated special session ended tuesday in political finger-pointing without resolving a mistake by lawmakers that is costing rtd and other entities across the state millions of dollars.

colorado schools face an uphill battle as lawmakers wrestle with budget

colorado lawmakers learned friday that balancing the state budget just got about $135 million harder. that’s the increase in the shortfall between available money and spending obligations according to a new estimate from the governor’s office. in total, that gap between revenue and demands is nearly $700 million.

colorado’s opioid abuse problem draws state lawmakers’ attention

the spike in opioid overdose deaths in colorado is prompting state lawmakers to take action to expand access to substance abuse treatment and addiction prevention.

trump said he fully supports the new gop health care bill — and house republican

president trump said tuesday that he was “proud” to support house republicans’ plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act, asserting that his party was committed to seeing the plan through. "obamacare is collapsing," trump said in remarks at the white house to republican lawmakers responsible...

colorado lawmakers kill bill targeting “sanctuary” cities

colorado lawmakers have killed a bill to withhold state funds from so-called "sanctuary cities" that protect immigrants from deportation.

a dead end for colorado transportation measure?

colorado lawmakers are letting partisan politics derail key chances to fix colorado's chronic transportation budget problems. they ought to come together and hash out a compromise.

california lawmakers take anti-trump stance as session ends

california lawmakers will vote on whether to become a so-called sanctuary state and tussle over hot-button environmental issues including a long-shot plan to wean the power sector entirely off of fossil fuels as the legislative session winds down on friday. the majority democratic lawmakers will hea...

no across-the-board cuts, dayton warns the gop

gov. mark dayton has issued a warning to republican lawmakers finalizing their budget proposals, telling them he will oppose any plan that includes across-the-board cuts to state agencies or attaches nonbudget-related items.