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cosmic crash that knocked uranus sideways also made its moons

the giant impact from an earth-size rock that knocked uranus sideways may have also helped create the tilted planet's moons, a new study finds.

planet uranus: facts about its name, moons and orbit

learn about the history of uranus (and how it got its name) as well as the physical characteristics of the planet including its rings and moons.

how to use mobile apps to see the solar system's ice-giant planets

in this edition of mobile astronomy, we'll show you how to use your favorite mobile astronomy app to find uranus and neptune, and even see some of their moons!

what cassini's daring ring-dive around saturn could tell us about uranus

the narrow rings of saturn behave in similar ways to those of uranus, which might not be surveyed by a probe until the 2020s or 2030s.

here are 5 of our solar system’s most important moons

5 of our solar system’s most important moons there are dozens of moons in earth’s solar system, but not one of them is the same as the next. and because there is so much variety, some of these moons are more important than others, especially for people who are trying to find aliens. saturnR...

after 13 years at saturn, nasa’s cassini spacecraft is ready for its grand final

what do you do with a 20-year-old spacecraft that has spent 13 years orbiting saturn, logged 4.1 billion miles in space and is about to run out of fuel? you could crash it into one of the dozens of moons that orbit the ringed planet. or you could let it hang out in a wide orbit around the gas giant...

it rains solid diamonds on uranus and neptune

consider this your daily reminder that the solar system is even more awesomely bonkers than you realized: on uranus and neptune, scientists forecast rain storms of solid diamonds.

ghostly cosmic neutrinos are stopped cold by planet earth, new study shows

scientists searching for ghostly subatomic particles called neutrinos from cosmic sources made an important stride in understanding how to catch these slippery specters.

auroras on uranus dazzle in new hubble telescope views

bright auroras light up uranus' atmosphere in two newly released photos, which combine observations by nasa's hubble space telescope and the agency's voyager 2 probe.

cassini captures saturn and its moons

stunning images of the sixth planet from the sun and its moons from nasa's cassini spacecraft mission

juice: exploring jupiter's moons

the european space agency is planning a 2022 mission to explore three of jupiter's moons.

trappist-1 planets have no large moons, study argues

the conditions for habitable exoplanets in the trappist-1 system might depend on the presence of large moons — and earth reveals clues to why.

2 moons orbit giant asteroid that buzzed earth (video)

the huge asteroid that cruised past earth last week in a record-breaking flyby has two moons, radar images reveal.

cassini spacecraft photos reveal the secrets of saturn's strangest moons

the weird and wonderful saturn system is home to some truly strange moons. here's an image gallery of some of the strangest satellites in the bunch.

spacecraft galileo: to jupiter and its moons

galileo was the first space probe to spend years observing the planet jupiter and its moons

‘super mario odyssey’: what the hell are power moons?

alright, listen up muffins. some of you are new to the super mario series — and if you are, where have you been? most of you are not. and yet a large majority of you appear to be confused about one thing in particular in super mario odyssey: power moons. what? in previous super mario games, […] the post ‘super mario odyssey’: what the hell are power moons? appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

police investigation finds driver at fault in fatal des plaines crash was drivin

the driver at fault in a fatal crash that killed three members of an arlington heights family in february likely was driving 135 mph at the time of the collision, creating enough force to push the victims' vehicle backward and sideways 195 feet, des plaines police said thursday. after the collision...

police investigation finds driver at fault in fatal des plaines crash was drivin

the driver at fault in a fatal crash that killed three members of an arlington heights family in february likely was driving 135 mph at the time of the collision, creating enough force to push the victims' vehicle backward and sideways 195 feet, des plaines police said thursday.after the collision...

saturn's icy moons are a little less mysterious thanks to cassini's long mission

the spacecraft's mission will come to an end next week when it plunges into saturn, but over the last decade it has helped to expand understanding of saturn's moons.

driver, passenger killed in fiery car crash in morgan hill

the driver lost control of a chrysler sebring on santa teresa boulevard, drifted sideways into oncoming traffic and crashed into a toyota camry, according to police.

jupiter and two of its biggest moons loom in stunning juno photo

two of jupiter's largest and most intriguing moons hover near the giant planet in a striking photo snapped by nasa's juno spacecraft.

planet jupiter: facts about its size, moons and red spot

jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and is known for its many moons, its dangerous radiation belt and its iconic great red spot.

planet saturn: facts about saturn's rings, moons & size

learn about the physical characteristics of saturn and its famous rings, what we know about saturn’s moons and saturn’s roots in greek mythology.

cassini’s scrapbook: amazing photos of saturn, its rings and moons

since 2004, the cassini spacecraft has provided more than 453,000 pictures of saturn, its rings and moons. here’s a look at some of those otherworldly images.

planet again? pluto, most moons count under proposed definition

a group of planetary scientists is making the case for a new definition of a planet; this one would include pluto and most moons. here's why these researchers think the new definition is better.

harvest moon bathes seattle in moonglow

while many people call all the full moons of september and october “harvest moons,” scientists say it’s the full moon that falls (or rises) closest to the autumn equinox.

'what happens next' to cosmic rocker joe satriani? an all-star lineup!

cosmic rocker joe satriani recruited red hot chili pepper's chad smith and deep purple's glenn hughes for his new solo album, "what happens next."

gop lawmaker stuns cnn’s kate bolduan: ‘deep state’ trying to trick trump into w

a kentucky republican knocked cnn’s normally unflappable kate bolduan sideways by suggesting president donald trump was being played for a pawn by “deep state” forces eager for conflict with russia. rep. thomas massie (r-ky) appeared friday morning on cnn’s “at this hou...

most powerful cosmic rays come from galaxies far, far away

the highest-energy cosmic rays to bombard earth apparently come from galaxies far, far away, a new study finds.

'cosmic welcome mats' aim to bring aliens in

a potential solution to the fermi paradox is getting a test this week, with the debut of a suite of "cosmic welcome mats" designed to let intelligent aliens know that earth is happy to receive them (as long as they wipe their tentacles first, of course).

police blame drunk driver in accident that knocked out power

decatur, ga. (ap) — power was knocked out to two college campuses and a high school in dekalb county when a mini-van flipped and hit a utility pole. wsb-tv reports that the monday morning crash happened in front of georgia piedmont technical college. police say a high school student was driving drunk when it happened. […]

preview: ‘moons of madness’ a darker take on a ‘martian’ experience

“moons of madness” reminds me a lot about of “the martian.” both games are set on the red planet. both have a hard science-fiction edge, meaning that they’re both driven to be scientifically accurate. there are no spaceships that jump into light speed or super-advanced alien technology. the one difference between the novel and this […]

scientists witness huge cosmic crash of collapsed stars, find origins of gold

it was a faint signal, but it told of one of the most violent acts in the universe, and it would soon reveal secrets of the cosmos, including how gold was created.

5 gravity-assist flybys will get esa’s juice to jupiter | video

the jupiter icy moons explorer (juice) mission will study the jovian moons europa, ganymede and callisto. gravity-assist flybys of earth (3 times), mars and venus will be used to get it to the jupiter system in november 2029.

cosmic cocoon spawned by powerful neutron star crash

for the first time, astronomers have detected evidence of a cocoon of material blasting out from a pair of merging neutron stars.