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these are the colorado counties where seniors living off social security can bes

custer, mineral and ouray counties are the places in colorado where social security incomes are best able to cover living expenses, according to a study from smartasset.

tackling living costs in addition to tuition, assembly democrats announce plan t

assembly democrats introduced a sweeping college affordability plan monday that aims to make cal state and uc educations debt-free for nearly 400,000 students. the proposal would be the first in the nation to cover living expenses such as books, transportation and housing, in addition to tuition...

the case of the cover-up in search of a crime

it's a watergate-era cliche that the cover-up is always worse than the crime. in the mike flynn affair, we have the first recorded instance of a cover-up in the absence of a crime.

punch list: which crops to cover on frosty nights; cover crops, cuttings from th

betty cahill covers gardening in colorado. this week: knowing which crops to cover on frosty nights; cover crops, or green manure; taking cuttings from the garden.

the fight for a living wage in the uk

cinema workers are leading the campaign for a living wage as they say low salaries leave them living "precarious" lives.

healthy living: can fitbits make us healthier?

healthy living through better habits: how changes in sleep, stress and diet can lead to a happier you feb. 23, 2017, 5 a.m. there's nothing especially magic about living well: the steps we need to take are logical and pretty well-known. but that doesn't mean a health overhaul comes easy. too often,...

healthy living: muscle mass declines with age. here's what you can do about it

healthy living through better habits: how changes in sleep, stress and diet can lead to a happier you feb. 23, 2017, 5 a.m. there's nothing especially magic about living well: the steps we need to take are logical and pretty well-known. but that doesn't mean a health overhaul comes easy. too often,...

comic book company pulls cover showing lynching and castration of man of color

image comics has apologized for cover art that showed the violent lynching of a man of color. gizmodo reported that the cover of issue 4 of the divided states of hysteria shows the lynching of a pakistani man who has been castrated. a racial slur can be seen on a name tag on the man’s shirt. i...

two wa democrats on time magazine cover for being part of female-run, rebuke of

seattle mayor jenny durkan and congressional candidate kim schrier are among about 50 women on the magazine's latest cover that spotlights the nationwide surge of women running for public office.

radiation alarm prompts order for workers to seek cover

radiation warning alarms sounded thursday at a former plutonium production plant in washington state, prompting a take-cover order that sent about 350 workers seeking cover indoors during the demolition of a plant that for decades had helped make nuclear weapons.

managing revocable living trusts: what and why?

“i had an inheritance from my father, it was the moon and the sun. and though i roam all over the world, the spending of it’s never done.” –  ernest hemingway, for whom the bell tolls what is a revocable living trust? actually, what is a living trust and why should it be revocable? these […]

how tyler vaughns went from the bench to a sam darnold favorite and stabilized u

tyler vaughns’ second touchdown catch against arizona state was designed to work against most coverages. in practice and in offensive meetings, offensive coordinator tee martin had discussed it as an attractive red-zone option against cover-zero, cover-3, cover-4. watching from the booth, martin...

contemporary home in bucktown: $3.7m

1848 n. paulina st. in chicago: $3,675,000 listed on nov. 30, 2017 custom built in 2013 and designed by award winning osterhaus mccarthy architects, this home blends interior and exterior living spaces. unique features include over 7,500-square-feet of living space on three living levels and over...

ny daily news leaves little to the imagination in their post-comey hearing cover

known for their attention-grabbing covers, the new york daily news left little to the imagination on their latest cover after fired fbi director james comey’s testimony before congress. the cover features a portrait of president donald trump with the word “liar” superimposed over h...

how to create a cozy living room

most people spend the majority of their time in the living room when they’re at home, so it only makes sense that you’d want to be comfortable in yours.  there are some things that you can do to make your living room cozier. stop the leaks for your comfort in the winter, it is absolutely […]

california introduces nation’s first ‘free college’ program

california lawmakers unveiled a plan monday to create the country’s first college aid program that would not only cover the cost of tuition for low-income students but also the living expenses for those with student loans attending public colleges and universities. roughly 55 percent of all co...

‘daddy won’t like this’: internet mocks trump jr. for making time cover for all

president donald trump is very fond of time magazine covers — so much so that he has a fake time cover of himself hanging in several of his golf clubs. but it’s very unlikely that time’s latest cover will be hanging on the walls of any trump-branded building in the future, as it fe...

why melania trump covers her head one day and not the next

washington (ap) — to cover up or not to cover up? melania trump wore a veil to the vatican on wednesday to meet the pope, but no head covering a few days earlier to meet the king of saudi arabia, a religiously conservative country where most women cover themselves up from head to toe. why […]

'ecstasy in living': kate fry is a perfect emily dickinson in creaking 'belle of

“i find ecstasy in living,” wrote the american poet emily dickinson, “the mere sense of living is joy enough.” so let us begin with that, dear reader, let us just let that sentence lie there, in the hope that it might improve your day at a moment when being existentially ebullient is neither fashionable...

at age 63, christie brinkley makes a splash on the cover of sports illustrated

the cover s with her two daughters has the internet talking.

'heal the living' is a heartfelt, surprising story that resonates with life

unusual in its story, unexpected in its structure, made with an unerring instinct for emotional connection, "heal the living" wallops us without ever overplaying its hand. co-written and directed by france's katell quillevere, "heal the living" reveals a gift for joining skillful visual filmmaking...

kate upton three-peats as si’s swimsuit queen

new york (ap) — she’s once, twice, three times a sports illustrated swimsuit cover lady. kate upton is once again gracing the cover of the annual issue, becoming only the fourth woman to do so three times. this year, she’s making the splash with three different covers. other women who did the cover three times […]

travel troubleshooter: why won’t my travel insurance cover me?

what happens when axa assistance usa promises a customer that it will cover the cost of a delayed flight snafu and then fails to deliver?

eminem and paul rosenberg cover ‘billboard’ magazine

billboard took a trip out to detroit for their new cover story.

serena’s latest shot: pregnant and nude on magazine cover

new york (ap) — serena williams is showing off her pregnancy with a nude photo on the cover of the august issue of vanity fair. the tennis superstar is seen in profile with her right arm covering her breasts and her pregnant stomach prominently on display. the magazine unveiled the cover tuesday. serena announced her […]

young adult author jason reynolds on coming late to writing

he was 17 when he read his first novel cover-to-cover; now he's the new york times bestselling author of 8 novels, including "long way down"

fans are divided by the choice of fifa 18 cover star

ea sports has announced that real madrid and portugal star, cristiano ronaldo, is the new fifa 18 cover star. he’ll feature on the cover of this year’s edition of the game, but a special fifa 18 ‘ronaldo edition’ will also be released alongside the standard edition. the portuguese forward’s involvement with fifa 18 goes as far as ea […] the post fans are divided by the choice of fifa 18 cover star appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

sandra allen on writing her uncle's story as a cover song in 'a kind of mirracul

in 2009, sandra allen’s uncle sent her a typewritten manuscript of his life story in all caps. bob had been living alone in a trailer in northern california for years, was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, and his text, suffice to say, was not an easy read. but allen was transfixed. in her...

off the grid and in style in a polished topanga retreat

crowning a 5-plus-acre promontory in topanga, this contemporary retreat allows for living in quiet seclusion with whole-house solar and water filtration systems as well as a private well. but off-the-grid living doesn’t come at the expense of style. open-plan living spaces feature artful mosaic...

alitalia promised to cover my lost luggage, but the check never arrived

after john nealon’s bags go missing, his airline sends him shopping. why won’t it cover the bill?

the graphic designer behind kendrick lamar’s ‘damn’ cover art explains how it ca

vlad sepetov took to twitter wednesday night (april 12) to speak on the creative process surrounding the 'damn' cover art.

we’re not ready for the ‘silver tsunami’ of older adults living with cancer

by keith m. bellizzi, associate professor of human development and family studies, university of connecticut. the number of adults living with cancer will likely triple in size by 2030. ruslan guzov/shutterstcok.com in the next few decades, the number of adults living with cancer is expected to trip...

the 'mother teresa of hometown' feeds and cares for the homeless

they call her the mother teresa of hometown, this soft-spoken mom of six who arranges haircuts for the homeless, raises funds to cover rent for people on the verge of losing their place and who brings meals to the "forgotten" people living under south suburban bridges. sarah galvan says her heart...

russia investigation can explore possible white house cover-up; comey will testi

even as members of congress were mulling the possible expansion of the case into a cover-up probe, the scandal appeared to grow.

yemen war: surviving winter without a home

many families, whose homes have been destroyed, are now living in caves as a result of the war - they are facing harsh living conditions, especially the ferocious cold.