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daniel brühl hopeful baron zemo could return in future film, maybe ‘black panthe

captain america: civil war star daniel brühl, who portrayed the villainous helmut zemo, believes that his character could make a return to the marvel cinematic films in the future. during an interview with screen rant to promote his latest film, 7 days in entebbe, brühl hopes zemo could pop up somewhere in the future. “well i hope […]

‘black panther’ featurette: kevin feige and stan lee examine ‘from page to scree

black panther is not only the first big blockbuster film on the 2018 schedule, but is one of the most anticipated films of 2018. now fans can join kevin feige and stan lee as they look at the origins origins of black panther and his future in the marvel cinematic universe in “from page to […]

who are black panther’s enemies?

black panther has all manner of enemies in the comics, from wakandans white wolf and tetu, to villains from further afield, like dr. doom and morlun. in his big-screen debut — captain america civil war — helmut zemo gets on the wrong side of t’challa by killing his father t’chaka. but t’challa eventually tracks him down […] the post who are black panther’s enemies? appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

'black panther' breaks another record, becoming the most tweeted-about film of a

for "black panther," the hits just keep coming. the film earned 35 million tweets.

why the black community needs ‘black panther’

being black is tough right now. no matter where we go, it feels like the odds are stacked against us, and the world of film is no different. the lack of black representation in film has become a sensitive issue — and for good reason. look back at the highest-grossing movies of the past few years. […] the post why the black community needs ‘black panther’ appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

'black panther' has solid debut in china on its way to $1 billion in global tick

marvel studios’ “black panther” premiered in china on friday, marking the completion of its international tour and helping the film reach the milestone of a billion dollars in ticket revenue. the first superhero film with an all-black cast had a strong opening in the world’s second-largest film...

angela bassett, yvonne orji and more talk ‘black panther’ on the abff honors red

it was black panther season at the 2018 american black film festival.

marvel's 'black panther' becomes most tweeted movie of 2018

even before it has hit theaters, "black panther" has become the most-tweeted about movie in the world this year. breaking the twitter record for 2018, "black panther" has amassed more than five million tweets on the social platform revolving around the marvel movie. "black panther" is the top tweeted-about...

what ‘black panther’ means to black actors in the mcu

fandom recently sat down with jessica jones actor eka darville to discuss his role in season 2. eka also shared his experience attending the world premiere of black panther and the impact the film had on him, as well as other black actors in the mcu. “it was really incredibly moving to be honest. it was […] the post what ‘black panther’ means to black actors in the mcu appeared first on fandom.

‘black panther’ review: a breakthrough film in the ‘wonder woman’ mold

what is black panther? the latest standalone offering from marvel, black panther tells the story of the catsuited superhero, first introduced as t’challa (chadwick boseman) in captain america: civil war. after the death of his father, king t’chaka (john kani), t’challa returns to his homeland of wakanda to accede to the throne — at the same […] the post ‘black panther’ review: a breakthrough film in the ‘wonder woman’ mold appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

2018 american black film festival honors overcome with 'black panther' fever

despite the movie being ineligible for this year's awards, "black panther" fever took over the american black film festival honors on sunday night. at the beverly hilton hotel, host cedric the entertainer was introduced as "actor, comedian and original king of wakanda.” but he reintroduced himself...

incredible: 8-year-old inspires touching ‘black panther’ hashtag

black panther is inspiring a lot of good on social media — from campaigns to help people see the movie to celebrations of its cultural significance. a key part of the social media outpouring sparked by director ryan coogler's film is the hashtag #whatblackpanthermeanstome, which celebrates the release of black panther by opening a dialogue…

‘black panther’s profit reportedly on track to surpass ‘the avengers’

this feat would mark black panther as the highest-grossing superhero film ever.

‘pacific rim: uprising’ dethrones ‘black panther’

new york (ap) — it took six weeks but “black panther” has finally been unseated as the top film at the box office. the monsters vs. robots science-fiction sequel “pacific rim: uprising” has dethroned “black panther” with an estimated $28 million in weekend ticket sales. according to studio estimates sunday, “black panther” slid to second […]

‘black panther’ is boring as heck until the villain shows up

the screenwriters somehow managed to make the character seem smaller and weaker inside a film that was supposed to be all about the black panther.

'black panther' and nine other movies we could be talking about at the 2019 osca

given the number of times oscars host jimmy kimmel mentioned “black panther” last sunday, you’d think the wildly successful marvel movie was among the best picture nominees. nope. but it will be next year. the oscars need “black panther” way more than “black panther" needs validation from the motion...

‘training day’ director antoine fuqua developing film about black panther fred h

the film will be based on a book entitled "the assassination of fred hampton: how the fbi and the chicago police murdered a black panther.”

the big marvel problem ‘black panther’ must overcome

black panther is gonna be a big, big hit. advance ticket sales are the highest for any marvel cinematic universe film and the general response to all of the marketing has been extremely positive. fans are pumped for t’challa‘s solo adventure, but one element of the film has me worried. and it’s been one of the marvel […] the post the big marvel problem ‘black panther’ must overcome appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

the black panther pilgrimage

you think the black panther film is about "blackness"? no, it is about rage.

trolls take to twitter to lie about being attacked by black people while going t

as marvel’s latest superhero movie “black panther” draws praise and rakes in millions of dollars at the box office, twitter trolls have emerged across the country attempting to stoke racial division by spreading false reports about the film’s largely african american fans. over the past few days,...

angela bassett praises ‘black panther’ as ‘very rewarding’ and can’t wait to see

during angela bassett’s appearannce on a television critics association panel for new her fox drama 9-1-1, she spoke with reporters further and /film asked her about her experience on the film black panther. “it’s got the big [feeling] but yet it doesn’t feel out of control,” bassett said. “it still feels like we’re making a good movie. it […]

black caucus leader virgie rollins taps into her black panther path to call for

the chairwoman of the democratic national committee’s black caucus, virgie rollins, admitted at a small town hall in detroit saturday that she is a former black panther, a radical protest organization that was formed in the 1960s. “i’m a former black panther and, when we talk about the movement , as a former black panther […]

'black panther' will break box-office records. but could it change the movie bus

"black panther," marvel's african-oriented comic book adaptation, is shaping up to be the most successful movie at the box office ever for a film with a primarily black cast. and it's raising hopes for a new wave of broad-interest commercial films featuring black actors and stories. "that a predominantly...

does 'black panther' have a real shot at becoming the biggest superhero movie ev

"black panther" may have just topped $1 billion globally, but the year's highest-grossing film has a larger target in its sights: can the marvel movie become the biggest superhero release ever? ryan coogler's smash just achieved an in-house milestone, becoming the first film in the marvel cinematic...

first ‘black panther’ poster channels ‘game of thrones’

black panther will be the first marvel cinematic universe film to kick off 2018. we’ve already seen t’challa in action during the events of captain america: civil war. now, we’ll get to check out how the king of wakanda fares when he flies solo. we’ve got our first look at the film thanks to the teaser […] the post first ‘black panther’ poster channels ‘game of thrones’ appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

watching black panther in harlem

black panther is a deeply satisfying, and a deeply troubling film, for what it delivers and what it does not.

lake county moviegoers excited for 'black panther' and its positive representati

moviegoers flocked to theaters thursday for preview showings of the highly-anticipated disney and marvel superhero film "black panther" before its official debut friday. the film with a mainly african-american cast and lead character who is a king of a fictional east african nation called wakanda...

‘black panther’ stays strong with $108m in second weekend

new york (ap) — “black panther” has scored one of the best second weekends ever with an estimated $108 million in ticket sales. studio estimates sunday say “black panther” is still performing as one of the top blockbusters of all time. this weekend’s result makes ryan coogler’s marvel sensation only the fourth film to earn […]

what 'black panther' director ryan coogler can teach hollywood about making the

when ryan coogler first signed on to co-write and direct marvel’s “black panther,” the potential for history-making was evident. after all, a black person would be helming a major studio film in the superhero cinematic universe starring a predominantly black cast with a massive budget, a feat that...

‘black panther,’ erik killmonger and the disconnect within the african diaspora

harlem’s magic johnson theater was an epicenter of black excellence on an exceptionally frigid sunday evening (feb. 18). throngs of beautifully hued families decked out in dashikis, tribal face paint, elaborately braided hairstyles or just plain all-black-everything rivered their way into auditoriums playing marvel’s highly lauded black panther film. it was a stark visual display…

‘black panther’ becomes first film to premiere in saudi arabia since 35-year cin

the cultural impact of black panther has continued to increase in magnitude since its feb. 16 release.

what looks hot for 2018 arts? ‘black panther,’ ‘angels in america,’ dancing with

east bay director ryan coogler's "black panther," a revival of "angels in america" and sf opera's return to wagner's epic "the ring" have us excited.

‘black panther’ blows away box office with $192m weekend

new york (ap) — already a much-celebrated pop culture milestone, “black panther” is now a record-setting smash at the box office, too. studio estimates sunday say the marvel superhero film blew past expectations, with $192 million in ticket sales over the weekend. that makes “black panther” the fifth-biggest opening weekend ever, not accounting for inflation. […]

trolls on twitter make false claims of being assaulted while seeing 'black panth

as marvel’s latest superhero movie, “black panther,” draws praise and rakes in millions of dollars at the box office, twitter trolls have emerged across the country attempting to stoke racial division by spreading false reports about the film’s largely african american fans. over the last few days,...

no, ‘black panther’ wasn’t filmed in africa, but does it matter?

black panther is the mcu’s most significant cultural endeavor to date. marvel studios went to great lengths to ensure the film felt authentic and representative of the essence of africa and its people. with hollywood under such intense scrutiny for its historical pattern of whitewashing in films, it’s exhilarating to see a mainstream project featuring […] the post no, ‘black panther’ wasn’t filmed in africa, but does it matter? appeared first on fandom.