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deal: writing/project mana ent suite scrivener 50% off

scrivener, the popular suite favored by professional writers, novelists, and project managers, is currently on a flash sale for half off!

here's how to get certified as an amazon web services administrator

managing servers is complex and expensive—that’s why countless businesses have switched to amazon web services over in-house infrastructure. with so much demand for this cloud platform, mastery of aws administration has become a valuable skill set. this certification training course can be your first step towards proficiency.this extensive course packs everything you need to know about the aws management console in just 7 hours of instructional video. you’ll learn all the necessary terminology and capabilities of amazon’s storage and computing options to help make the right hosting choices for applications and organizations. as you progress, you'll deploy two actual projects with managed services like the amazon relational database, and test your accumulated knowledge with simulated certif

recycle your used glass bottles into cost-effective candles with this kit

instead of throwing out all the empties after your next party, why not transform them into some new diy glassware? cut back on waste and add some home ambiance with the kinkajou bottle cutter and candle making kit.the kinkajou is designed as a clamp-on scoring blade to make precise cuts. just slide a bottle in, tighten the grips, and rotate slowly to cut a straight lip line. then, just carefully pour hot and cold water along your line to cleanly remove the bottleneck and prepare for finishing.with the included wicks and soy wax, you can easily turn the new glasses into charming candles that are perfect for gifts or sprucing up your home. for a limited time, get the kinkajou bottle cutting and candle making kit for just $59.99, 31% off the usual price.explore other best-sellers in our store

12 apps that will bring your mac into the future

as mac users, we know the joys of a simple yet powerful operating system, free from bloatware and constant security checkups. but sometimes i need some functionality beyond the included apps. here are 12 apps that helped to maximize my productivity and simplify my workflow. they are all available in this pay what you want mac superstar bundle.this bundle includes 12 mac apps from a variety of reputable publishers. wordpress bloggers will love wilde’s native writing environment. commander one pro offers a robust alternative to finder, and helpful utilities like launchbar, archiver, renamer, and unclutter will help sort through the chaos.mac screen recorder makes screen capture easy, and when it’s time to take a breather, look up reminds you to take your eyes of the screen every so often to

protect your identity and online activity with this secure vpn

covering your download tracks isn’t the only reason to invest in a vpn service—high-profile hacks and data dumps in recent years have shone a brighter light on online security issues than ever before. it's not just public figures who are at risk, and vpns have increased in popularity even for casual browsing due to reported extreme government surveillance. whether it's securing your connection at the cafe down the street, or protecting your local network from prying eyes, private internet access is one all-encompassing solution to your online safety.like most leading vpn services, it masks your location and ip address, encrypts browsing activity, and lets you bypass regional content locks - a tool that is especially valuable while traveling. but where private internet access excels is in a

google upgrades security controls for g suite business customers

google says its updates to the g suite applications are designed to bolster access controls and data leak prevention capabilities.

icm buys tv news and sports talent agency headline media mana ent

talent agency icm partners has acquired headline media mana ent, a new york-based firm that represents on-air personalities and producers in tv news and sports. in the equity deal announced wednesday, headline chief executive lou oppenheim and its president, michael glantz, will join icm as partners...

60% off yocou 5-channel cable mana ent system, 6-piece - deal alert

twisted, tangled cords and wires are an eyesore. organize your space with this simple 6-piece cable mana ent system that works for power cords, charging cables, usb cords, phone chargers, audio cables, headphones, or any other wire up to 1/4-inch diameter. the cord organizers are made of a soft, flexibile material, will not damage your desk and cables, also you can remove it easily without damage or residue. the bundle includes four 5-channel clips (two black and two white), one single-slot clip and one double-slot clip as well. its list price of $20 is discounted to $8. see it on amazon.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

comment on how positive writing will help you to live a happier life by shashank

hi steve, i kind of got motivated towards writing... i just started writing and i'm actually enjoying it. i can feel it. it's like telling what we feel to everyone and that's why i even started a blog. if you would like to check, here's is the link. https://thebrainylad.com/why-started-blog-you-should-start-blogging/ and, keep doing the great work man. thanks :)

master full-stack web development and be your own boss

these days, websites are much more than collections of html pages. web developers have moved to the forefront of the tech industry, and there has never been a better time to learn to code with this complete web developer course.in this intensive course, i was able to quickly learn the fundamentals of web development by building 14 functional websites. it starts with html, css, and javascript, which are all great languages for understanding the foundations of any webpage. once i mastered the basics, i studied tools like jquery and bootst in order to understand how to get interactive webpages up and running. i even learned to created complex, updatable sites with wordpress, and to communicate with remote servers using the php programming language and mysql database mana ent. all these skills

mailbutler gives apple mail an overhaul for just $14.99

apple mail is a sensible default mail client for anyone interested in managing their inbox outside of a browser. but sadly mail hasn’t matured as much as i would have hoped over the past years. enter mailbutler, a plugin for mail that adds a host of productivity improvements.with mailbutler, you can treat emails like to-do list items to keep them from getting buried. when i get a message while i’m in the middle of something critical, i now snooze incoming emails to stay focused. i even schedule memos for later delivery to stay ahead throughout the day. my favorite feature is being able to see when my recipients open messages with email tracking.since mailbutler integrates with my existing mail client, i get to keep the same familiar, native interface. i appreciate that i don’t need to send

giveaway alert: a trio of google’s top devices

google pixel phone, google home, virtual reality headset...all items on my personal wish list (and probably yours too). that’s why i highly suggest entering the google hardware giveaway and getting the chance to win them all for free.the pixel is google’s answer to apple’s tightly integrated mobile ecosystem. bringing high-end refinement to an android without any of the typical manufacturer-installed bloatware, the pixel aims to give the iphone a run for its money.to pair with your new smartphone, this giveaway also includes the daydream view vr headset to take full a ntage of the pixel’s flagship specs. rounding it all out, the google home upgrades your wi-fi network experience with voice control and compatibility for smart tvs, lights, and other connected home devices.these new devices a

learn to code with one of the highest in-demand languages

python is one of the most popular and most ver ile programming languages in use today. powering a wide variety of web software, it’s also one of the simplest languages for data scientists to master, thanks to readable syntax and powerful scalability. without any prior coding experience, you can even learn to code in this multifunctional language online. the all-level python programming bundle is the simplest and most affordable option i've found for doing so.featuring two courses with 14 hours of content, this bundle will get you acquainted with fundamental concepts like variables, functions, and object-oriented programming. after mastering the basics, you can test your skills with a nced lessons in g hic user interfaces and multimedia creation.with a wealth of knowledge and several projec

you can back up your vhs tapes with this digitization kit

aside from taking up considerable space and being horrifyingly out-of-date, vhs tapes degrade with every play. but what about home movies or lesser-known titles that didn’t survive the digital transition? with this video digitization device and editing software package, you can save your old tapes from analog oblivion.the conversion dongle connects to any composite video source, including vcrs, dvd players, and crt tvs. just plug the usb end into any windows pc and capture any analog video or audio source easily with the included software editor. high-speed rendering ensures you get a verbatim copy of your original source preserved forever.once you’ve recorded your media, use the software to trim off unwanted preview sections and blank screens. burn your projects to dvd, or export a mobile

this raspberry pi starter kit is your p port to the internet of things

for less than the price of a dinner for two, raspberry pi offers a full desktop experience on a board the size of a deck of cards. with just this small device and an online course, i learned to build crazy projects like robots. you can do the same for just $99 with this complete raspberry pi 3 starter kit.this kit includes the raspberry pi 3 board as well as a collection of accessories to get you up and running quickly, including a protective enclosure, wifi adapter, and all the necessary cables. aside from the base hardware, this kit includes essential training and a python programming course tailored specifically to the pi.once i  learned the basics, i could use the pi board as a brain for network-connected electronics projects. if you love computer science and inventing new electronics,

capture awe-inspiring footage with the world's smallest era drone

era-equipped drones have revolutionized aerial p og hy, but have contributed to a major price spike that makes drone p og hy a serious luxury hobby. however, airborne video novices shouldn’t have to shell out hundreds for equipment, and thanks to the world's smallest era drone, they don't have to anymore.this palm-sized whirlybird is equipped with a 0.3 megapixel era that's ready to take high-quality video right out of the package. employing the time-tested design of a conventional quadcopter, this drone retains all the omnidirectional maneuverability of its larger siblings in a simplified package that is easy for even first-time pilots to fly. with a 2gb memory card included, you'll be able to start recording and storing video immediately.for a limited time, you can get the world's small

here's how to start building awesome multi-player games

making great games has never been more accessible, thanks to a variety of development tools like unity3d. but getting your idea off the ground still takes a fair amount of a nced programming skills. fortunately, i've discovered that learning to make games online with the master game development bundle is incredibly easy (and not costly).in addition to gaining familiarity with a wide array of game engines and development environments, this bundle gave me a foundational knowledge of programming real-time applications on game platforms and the web. using tools like construct 2 and phaser, i quickly learned to build single- and multi-player browser games. i can also now make console-grade experiences with unity and unreal engine, and even monetize via in-app purchases if i so choose.these comp

sheldon adelson exits deal to help fund stadium for nfl's raiders in las vegas

billionaire casino magnate sheldon adelson abruptly pulled out of a deal to help fund a $1.9-billion stadium for the oakland raiders in las vegas and threw into question the financing behind the team’s possible relocation. adelson, who had earlier pledged $650 million toward the project, said in...

the eco-friendly future of sleep is on bamboo sheets

sheets made from hard bamboo might seem like bedding for masochists, but recent a ncements in textile manufacturing have allowed soft threads to be extracted from wood pulp. bamboo is known for its fast growth and positive environmental impact, and current production methods recapture all chemical solvents used to break down the tough fibers. for an eco-friendly, extremely comfortable night's sleep, check out these bamboo fiber sheets.blending bamboo yarn and ultra-soft microfiber, these sheets have a silky-smooth, wrinkle-free feel. the breathability of the bamboo mitigates that heat and itchiness you get from cheap synthetic sheets to help maintain body temperature and give you a sound sleep. additionally, the fitted sheet in this set has an extra-deep pocket to fit easily around thicker

a special tail and the author as debutante: one way publishers sell books

“writing novels is so much more isfying than writing television,” says sarah dunn. it’s an expertly tossed-off bon mot that practically defines the aphorism “know your audience.” the author of “the arran ent,” a novel that won’t be out for months, is seated between two bookstore owners at...

casino mogul sheldon adelson pulls out of raiders-vegas stadium deal

billionaire casino mogul sheldon adelson pulled out of a deal monday to build a $1.9 billion domed stadium for the oakland raiders in las vegas. the move comes on the heels of a team proposal to pay $1 a year in rent and operate the stadium, and it deprives the project of a chief financial backer...

casino mogul adelson pulls out of raiders-vegas stadium deal

las vegas (ap) — billionaire casino mogul sheldon adelson pulled out of a deal monday to build a $1.9 billion domed stadium for the oakland raiders in las vegas. the move comes on the heels of a team proposal to pay $1 a year in rent and operate the stadium, and it deprives the project […]

maxime bernier says opponents are ‘afraid’ of his policies on equalization and s

the conservative leadership hopeful told the national post he is the only candidate who will reform equalization, end supply mana ent and stop corporate welfare

suniel shetty mandira bedi attend mana shettys exhibition

mana shetty's exhibition araaish, a fund raiser for p.r.i.d.e. india (planning rural-urban integrated development through education), was held in mumbai recently. p.r.i.d.e. india is an ngo that was started by the late social worker and mana's mother, vipula kadri. it tries to improve the lives of the marginalised. the exhibition was attended by her husband suniel shetty, mandira bedi, soni razdan and more.    continue reading ...

rubrik updates its cloud data mana ent platform

platform manages physical windows servers to obtain actionable insights from data visualization of the entire data mana ent platform and secures data at rest.

sunnyvale: eir approved in ‘mathilda monster’ interchange project

some hurdles have been cleared for a project aiming to bring traffic relief to a notoriously congested part of sunnyvale. the environmental impact report has been approved for the mathilda avenue interchange improvements project, which proposes to reconfigure the u.s 101 and sr 237 interchanges along with pieces mathilda avenue. according to the valley transportation authority, the project […]

if bulls mana ent stays, start roster blowup with jimmy butler trade

if you're a bulls fan looking for change — a change of the roster, a change of mana ent wonks, a change of dynamic proportions — then you need to look elsewhere. or just wait. because our bulls guru k.c. johnson is reporting that ownership-level sources tell him executive vice president of basketball...

tenable brings vulnerability mana ent platform to the cloud

new tenable.io cloud based vulnerability platform provides web application scanning, container security and vulnerability mana ent features.

per the game receives probation, community service and anger mana ent in two aul

the per the game was sentenced monday to formal probation, community service and anger mana ent in connection with two violent encounters in 2015. the 37-year-old compton native, whose legal name is jayceon terrell taylor, pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor count of criminal threats and...

cognizant shares jump on deal for new board members

teaneck, n.j. (ap) — facing pressure from an activist investor, cognizant technology solutions agreed to appoint three new independent directors to the board and launch an aggressive effort to return cash to investors. as part of an agreement with activist investor elliott mana ent, cognizant said wednesday that two of the directors will be named prior […]

highland votes to end town theatre project

the final curtain was brought down on the town theatre monday night. the highland town council voted 3-2 to stop the project, save for salvaging the marquee and box office. councilmen mark herak, i-2nd, made the motion to terminate the project, taking no further action or devoting funds toward...

aetna, humana call off $34 billion deal

aetna and humana are calling off a $34 billion deal to combine the two major health insurers after a federal judge, citing antitrust concerns, shot down the deal.

cigna sues anthem after massive deal falls apart

cigna sued its merger partner anthem after ending their $48 billion agreement, a deal that had been blocked by a u.s. judge. anthem, minutes later, said cigna had no right to terminate the deal.

3 tricks to make your bathroom the best room in the house

sprucing up the throne room might not have been the resolution you told everyone about on new year's eve, but it's definitely not a bad idea. take a ntage of the new year’s promise by adding some flare to your bathroom with the following deals—all available for under $50.#3 illumibowl 2.0 – $19.99 this motion-activated toilet bowl nightlight will add some colorful illumination to the least glamorous place in the house. no need to fiddle with a lightswitch in the dark—these vibrant leds are a great help for potty-training youngsters and sleepy parents alike. get the shark tank-featured illumibowl for just $19.99.buy now for $19.99#2 freshetech splash tunes bluetooth shower speaker – $19.99keep the tunes playing while you wash up with this waterproof speaker. attaching easily to bathroo

download of the day: openoffice portable

our daily pick the best free windows software – a whole office suite that fits on a usb stick.