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dear silicon valley: america’s fallen out of love with you

 dear silicon valley,  you used to be the envy of the world. over the last decade i’ve seen countless cities try to become you, from the silicon savannah to the silicon bayou. at last year’s global entrepreneurship summit on stanford’s campus, hundreds of entrepreneurs from mongolia to south sudan came to listen to president obama and mark zuckerberg and get a touch of… read more

commentary: warning signs silicon valley cannot ignore

a report produced by the silicon valley leadership group and silicon valley community foundation shows that immigration, housing, transportation and education are four issues that silicon valley’s leaders need to address

how ‘silicon valley’ and ‘the circle’ help explain our love-hate-can’t-live-with

if it hadn't happened in real life, the hbo comedy "silicon valley" surely would have invented juicero.

pizarro: san jose shows its geek love for silicon valley comic con

dressed in "star trek" costumes, the san jose city council welcomed this weekend's return of silicon valley comic con.

silicon valley firm compiling a blacklist of investors who harass women

faced with a burgeoning sexual harassment crisis, leaders in silicon valley have come up with a very silicon valley solution: use technology to create a blacklist.

silicon valley firm compiling a blacklist of investors who harass women

faced with a burgeoning sexual harassment crisis, leaders in silicon valley have come up with a very silicon valley solution: use technology to create a blacklist. one of the region's most prominent firms recently emailed an online reporting form to 3,500 entrepreneurs, encouraging them to blow...

h-1b: nearly three-quarters of silicon valley tech workers are immigrants, repor

immigrants are wrecking america, some say, but new data suggests that silicon valley would be lost without them.

man who ran silicon valley hub for al qaeda terror operatives has u.s. citizensh

a silicon valley man who ran an al qaeda communications hub from his santa clara apartment has had his u.s. citizenship revoked by a federal judge. khaled abu dahab, 57, an egyptian-born naturalized u.s. citizen and former silicon valley car salesman, was arrested in 1998 on terrorism charges in...

santana row’s evolution as a magnet for silicon valley shoppers

santana row, along with valley fair, has become part of silicon valley's dominant retail node, says jeffrey berkes of federal realty.

higginson: the wonders of wonder woman

dear sally, why do you love wonder woman so much?signed,batman, superman, harry potter, scout finch, nancy drew, snow white and cinderella dear heroes on a mission to prove your worth despite not having a mother to guide you,i love that wonder woman's mother is alive. dear sally,what's going on...

silicon valley property: where taxes are growing fastest – and not as fast

while the numbers are flattening a bit, silicon valley counties are still swimming in a sea of tax revenue

in silicon valley, the house next door may not be full of people

some companies are using silicon valley homes to test and show off their tech products.

the falstaff of ‘silicon valley’

we will miss t.j. miller 's character, erlich bachman, when he leaves hbo's 'silicon valley.'

silicon valley homes routinely sell for $200,000 or more over asking price

what’s the deal, silicon valley? six months ago, there was widespread talk about the flattening of the housing market. that conversation is ancient history.

2016 punctured the silicon valley hype about social media and diversity

since trump's election, our facebook and twitter feeds have become fountains of anger. silicon valley needs to wake up to human nature.

the ghost of peter thiel haunts mike judge’s ‘silicon valley’

'silicon valley' shows the toxic culture of conformism that crushes innovation—and suggests, both by wit and vulgarity, that our best ally is the people.

from ghana to silicon valley: one entrepreneur’s journey

abe ankumah, co-founder and ceo of palo alto-based software company nyansa, was in college before he laid hands on a computer for the first time. now he's running a silicon valley success story.

silicon valley now reeling in the wake of sexual harassment storm

more than a dozen women have come forward, forcing the resignation of several high-level executives and investors. experts say it's a big change in how silicon valley responds to inappropriate behavior.

silicon valley leaders leave d.c. trip with some optimism

many silicon valley leaders and executives were headed back to the bay area on wednesday after meeting with u.s. lawmakers.

silicon valley comic con: what worked and what didn’t

silicon valley comic con's organizers learned a lot from last year's problems, and it showed with a much improved experience.

‘troublemakers’ helped build silicon valley’s tech industry — now what?

leslie berlin, author of a book about the legendary bob noyce, is back with "troublemakers," which follows some of silicon valley's less well-known, but equally important pioneers.

silicon valley realtors urged to find solutions to housing issues … and fast

'we can either whine, or win and do it together and be much more competitive,' the head of silicon valley leadership group recently told local realtors.

sponsored: live like a king or queen of silicon valley with this 10-acre parcel

a 10.17-acre parcel of land in san jose provides panoramic views from the santa clara valley to san francisco bay. the beautiful parcel provides the opportunity to create your perfect oasis in silicon valley.

pet insurance latest trend in silicon valley perks

some palo alto companies have extended pet insurance as an employee benefit as businesses look for more ways to attract and retain workers in competitive silicon valley.

hbo’s ‘silicon valley’ in cocktail form

menlo park's madera at rosewood sand hill -- which appears in hbo's "silicon valley" -- has created a cocktail for the series lead, richard hendricks. guess what kind of gin is involved?

silicon valley: ‘proud parent’ on google transit village’s potential

the silicon valley leadership group has chalked up notable accomplishments with carl guardino at the helm of the organization, but guardino is restless and hopes for more successes.

silicon valley comic con 2017 in photos

couldn’t make it to silicon valley comic con this weekend? here’s what we saw at the show.

sunnyvale cyclist to bike through death valley

a member of the sunnyvale bicycle and pedestrian advisory commission will demonstrate his love of cycling next month by pedaling 250 miles through death valley. tim oey, the advisory commission’s vice chairman and a member of the silicon valley bicycle coalition, will brave the desert heat from feb. 24 to march 1 when he rides […]

why ‘silicon valley’ was perfect for mike judge

i was late to the party on silicon valley. i was intrigued by the first episode when it hit hbo’s youtube channel and saw potential in the show’s first tentative steps. i’d been a fan of creator mike judge’s past work, especially idiocracy, but couldn’t really see how judge’s inclination for unabashedly goofy toilet humor and […] the post why ‘silicon valley’ was perfect for mike judge appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

alleged cia hacks rekindle security fears over silicon valley tech products

new wikileaks documents, which allegedly reveal cia efforts to hack into devices made by some of silicon valley's biggest tech companies, are renewing cybersecurity concerns.

r&b's brightest pay tribute to their moms at vh1's 'dear mama' special

"hi, mommy. i love you so much." aww. that’s how mary j. blige kicked off saturday night’s taping of vh1’s “dear mama” special, what the channel calls a "celebration of love and gratitude for mothers everywhere,” recorded on the grounds of san marino's huntington library. the special is to air...

here’s how trump is killing silicon valley

close if you want an ominous warning about the impact of the trump era on silicon valley, look at a former american behemoth of innovation: detroit. by 1908, when henry ford started building the model t in a factory there, the automobile was the most important new technology in the world. the indust...

symphony silicon valley new season taps several star soloists

symphony silicon valley new season features guest performances by cellist lynn harrell, van cliburn-winning pianist jon nakamatsu and others.

silicon valley comic con: see what celebrities are coming

william shatner, buzz aldrin and john cusack lead a parade of names coming to downtown san jose for silicon valley comic-con this weekend.

march 2 letters: silicon valley must address automation issues

advancement of automation, such as self-driving cars and trucks, creates an employment issue silicon valley must address