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here lies santa claus

the remains of proto-santa may have been found. an intact tomb has been found beneath the church of saint nicholas in demre, a popular site for pilgrimages due to the belief it is the final resting place of the christmas phantom. via bbc: an intact tomb has been found underneath saint nicholas church, in the demre district of turkey's south-west province of antalya. demre was built on the ruins of myra, where st nicholas was thought to have lived in the 4th century. until now, the bones of st nicholas were believed to be in bari, italy. it had been thought they were taken by italian merchants in 1087 when myra - at the time a greek town - was invaded by the seljuk turks. by then st nicholas was already revered among christians for his generosity, in particular to children, and his humil

santa’s tomb possibly found, christmas ruined

no need to lie to your kids about why santa claus didn’t come this year since turkish archeologists believe they know where his dead body lies. archeologists discovered a temple underneath saint nicholas church in the turkish province of antalya and believe it may be the site where the 4th-century saint could have been buried, according to hurriyet daily news. “we have obtained very good results but real work starta now,” said cemil karabayram, antalya director of surveying and monuments. “we will reach the ground and maybe we will find the untouched body of st. nicholas.” karabayram told the turkish newspaper ct scanning and geo-radar were used to survey the church, and excavations will begin after preserving the church’s mosaics. via hurriyet daily news: karabayram said there had been ma